Baser Instincts and The NFL

9/10/2014 0
Rush Limbaugh hit on the heart of the matter yesterday when he said the outrage over the Ray Rice videotape proves that feminism is "artificial." The bottom line is when we see a woman get punched, we see it differently than a man getting punched. Thus, proof that men and women are not the same...they are different in the eyes of all human beings.

This is what I believe happened with the NFL. They knew what happened with Ray Rice and they may have seen the video beforehand, but once the video went public, they knew what the reaction would be. Forget the feminism malarkey, they knew people would be outraged at seeing a woman get her clocked cleaned. If it had been a guy, we'd still be outraged but not in the same way. Despite what our pop culture tries to dictate, you can't change baser instincts. Women are the vessel of the species and we revere them. You don't hit a woman if you are a civilized man. Men hitting men has a lot of extenuating circumstances (especially if it's over a woman), but hitting a woman, not so much.

The NFL brass knows this and that's why they panicked and handed down the indefinite ban of Ray Rice. The release of the video to the general public screwed up their initial plan to just ban Rice for two games to protect a talented player from having his career destroyed and the Baltimore Ravens season from being ruined. Let's face it, there are a lot of Ray Rice's in the NFL. "Protect the Shield" also means don't ban the NFL out of existence. This is the quandary the league faces.

So that's what I believe happened. And now the NFL is trying to figure out how to explain themselves without resorting to the cold, hard truth.


Joni Ernst and Company You Keep

9/06/2014 0
Some are speculating that Joni Ernst may be the first Senate candidate to do a quasi-Akin as it was revealed that she supported a bill in Iowa that grants "personhood" to an unborn child at the moment of conception. It's theorized that this is a bridge to far for the general public which is split on the issue of abortion.

To me, it points out an important facet of the human condition. We like to tell ourselves that we love our fellow man and have compassion for all living things and, in a sense, we do, but when it comes to riding to the rescue, human beings only really care about those they live with. Blood isn't even accurate enough in this scenario. "Family" are the people that you live with, eat with and are part of your daily life. After that, it's not really your problem.

I'm not saying this is great, I'm saying this is the way it is. I feel bad for homeless people, but I'm not out building them houses. If my brother was homeless, then I'd be building a house. That's natural...that's the human condition.

The abortion issue splits a lot of people, but I suspect most are agnostic. The more you know about the procedure, the more disgusted you are, but how many people are prepared to stop it at all cost? Only if it's in their family.

That's why I laugh when liberals claim to be horrified that so many Iraqis died in the Iraq War "thanks to George W. Bush." Don't see that much bleating from the left about the Iraqis dying at the hands of ISIS (ISIL?) or even way back in the day when Saddam was doing the gassing. It's all politics. Nobody really cares about anybody except their inner-circle. 

That's a pretty damning statement, but I've yet to hear a good counter-argument.

A Rare Smart Move By The White House

In between rounds of golf (and part of me doesn't care he golfs so much...less time governing), President Obama and his team of mutants have decided not to illegally grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants via executive order. As Ace aptly pointed out a while back (hat tip: @redsteeze), the idea, no, the FACT, that this act would be illegal doesn't even come into it with the MSM and they merely worry about Obama's Odysseus-like journey through life rather than the rape of the Constitution.

Anyway, they've decided not to do anything until after the elections in 2014. A good move. This election, to paraphrase Harry Reid, is lost from the Democrat's point of view. There's still time for the GOP to blow the Senate, but they will make some gains regardless (Montana, South Dakota, West Virginia) and definitely hold onto the House, so why make things worse and guarantee (maybe) the Senate flips by granting amnesty now?

Simple solution is to wait until after the election when the next ballot box is two years away which gives the public plenty of time to forget and the Democrats plenty of time to get these amnestied folks on the voter rolls either legally or illegally. Simple. Easy.


See? Journalism!

9/01/2014 0
When in doubt, what do you do? You get younger. Obviously you can't do that for yourself, but you can with your NFL team, your company, your news organization.

With Diane Sawyer leaving the anchor desk for ABC's World News Tonight, the network decided to to turn the seat over to a young hotshot named David Muir. Forty-years old soaking wet, Muir has served his time overseas and as Sawyer's fill-in, so the network decided, hey, why not put a young guy in there and see if we can get a younger audience, especially women, and if and when the numbers tick up we can say, "See? Journalism!"

It's no secret that the evening newscast, once your only source of up-to-the-minute news, are as good as dead in the age of the Internet and 24-hour news. However, networks like ABC will cling to the old format as long as they can and continually scratch their heads wondering what's wrong?

What's wrong? Stop me if you've heard this, but the major networks, sans Fox News, have made the decision they'd rather die than serve the interests of the non-liberal populous. MSNBC and CNN are glad to be a distant second and third in the cable race. It's a far better fate than hiring people who do actual journalism and give conservatives a fair shake.

So congratulations to David Muir. It's a cushy job and I'm sure he worked hard for it. The Correspondents Dinner will be fun, joking with the president while the world burns. Kudos.


First Openly Gay NFL Player Treated Like Any Other; Cut

8/30/2014 0
Michael Sam has been cut by the St. Louis Rams. After competing for a spot with the team he came up just short. Coach Jeff Fisher treated Sam like any other player. He had his opportunity (and still may have one with another team) and it didn't happen; the same scenario that played out for thousands of other heterosexual players before him.

In the face of it, he was all class:

Again, he was treated like anyone else. Isn't that the definition of tolerance?

Not for the culture warriors:


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