A Dead Medium II

Sometimes rumors are true. More trouble at the Chicago Sun Times as initial estimates of the inflated circulation figures prove true.


Bagman Bagged and Tagged

Another Watergate figure has passed on...and no word from Woodward. No surprise there...there is no deep throat.


A Dead Medium

I won't let up on this topic. Newspapers are a dead medium...much like journalism itself.

Prime Bad Ass

I've been saying that Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi seems like a bad ass to me...if this story is true, I've been vindicated.


John Kerry's America

Andrew Sullivan caught an interesting blog entry from Mickey Kaus in which he discusses why he'll vote for Kerry even though he really doesn't like the guy. The most telling passage:

"I think a)we need to take a time out from Bush's strident public global terror war in order to prevent it from becoming a damaging, lifelong West vs. Islam clash--in order to "rebrand" America and digest the hard-won gains we've made in Iraq and Afghanistan (if they even remain gains by next January). Plus, b)it would be nice to make some progress on national health care, even if it's only dialectical "try a solution and find out it doesn't work" progress."

This is the cornerstone of the battle that I am fighting and will fight for the rest of my days. Why was Bill Clinton such a popular president? The answer is that Bill Clinton gave us freedom from worry. We didn't have to worry about things like truth and consequences. Lie under oath? Hey, we all lie. Failed to fix Social Security? Hey, our intentions were good. Evil? Can we really say who's good and who's evil? In Bill Clinton's America, this was the way. It would be the same in John Kerry's America. Everyone just relax...no need to worry. Enemies are imagined and we all just need to have good intentions. God help us.


Fuck For Forest II

**WARNING: You might catch a glimpse of a woman's nipple!**
UPDATE: Those randy environmentalists won't be made political prisoners by Norway...even if the usually liberal Norwegians are a little taken aback by their "performance." But what can you do? Like the song goes, "You can go your own way."

Michael, Can You Hear Me?

The Fahrenheit 9/11 media war continues, and of all people to be brought into the fold...Rock Legend Pete Townsend. On his website he recounts the situation involving Michael Moore's request to use The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" for his mockumentary. Turns out Moore is just as much a liar in his business dealings as he is in his films. Move over Tommy...that deaf, dumb and blind director sure plays a mean pinball.

Bush Wins the Follicle Vote

Don't worry about the war on terror, or the economy...let's get to the important stuff. Despite what John Kerry tells us, the American people say Bush has the best hair. Who says we don't vote on issues?


Fuck For Forest

**WARNING: Graphic photos...help, police, fire, death (yawn)** You cannot make this shit up. Finally, an environmental organization I can believe in!

United Socialist States of America

If this report is true, it's official...we are a socialist state. My criteria: if you have to spend one-half or more of the year working just to pay all your taxes (fed, state, local, et al) then you live under socialism. (Hat Tip: Andrew Sullivan)


Here's Where's Johnny?

Someone inform me. Can anyone in their recollection, since the dawn of the television age, remember a candidate from either major party announcing his running mate without the running mate being there for a photo op? Something ain't stirring the kool-aid.


Herrings, Red or Otherwise...

Lot's of speculation flying all over the Internet about John Kerry's pick for Veep running-mate. Here are Jim-Rose.com we're all about the use of media for trial balloons and propaganda and right now, the time is ripe. AP is floating the idea that John Edwards cancelling part of his Disney World vacation is a big sign while some leftists blogs like Archpundit are hearing "rumblings" of Dick Gephardt. Take it from me, gentle reader, these could all be red herrings put out by the Kerry camp. Don't get too excited until you see it on Drudge.

Journalism is Dead

I've said it many times...Journalism is dead, and this is just another sign that it's gasping it's last breath.


Mao 9/11

Weeelllll! China is finally going to allow a foreign documentary to be imported into the country. And look what documentary it is. Why, it's Fahrenheit 9/11! I wonder why this is the first documentary to be allowed in China by its tyrannical, communist government? I'm stumped. Anyone out there have any ideas?

Called It!

As you humble blogger pointed out, Saddam is taking the Moveon.org defense thus far in his pre-trial hearings. Money quote: "You know that this is all a theater by Bush, the criminal, to help him with his campaign."

Michael Moore couldn't have put it better himself.