Reform This!

I've decided my new favorite word is "reform." For example...Hugo Chavez, fresh off his recall victory in Venezuela is now going to try and put all courts, police and broadcasting under federal control. According to the headline in this AP article, this is called "reform." It never ceases to amaze me how people will vote in a hard-core authoritarian as long as he talks the talk about the poor.

Johnny's Crib

Possibly a huge archeological find in Israel. Evidence of the life of John the Baptists complete with cave drawings and broken pottery.


The Ultimate Defense Strategy

Here's the real story of the Jim McGreevy fiasco that you won't hear discussed: This guy was corrupt to the bone. Everyone knew it when he ran for governor, but they elected him anyway, as is New Jersey's wont. So now you have a governor with all kinds of corruption and illegal activity in his closet...the heat is closing in...and what does he do? He comes out of the closet. He's a gay American. He cheated on his wife (and if you will, his two children) with another man. He'd struggled with his sexuality all his life, but he couldn't face it...being a gay man in America. Now, he's a martyr. You can't pick on man who's had to suffer so much for so long. Anyone that tries to bring him to justice for wrong-doings is nothing more than a homo-phobe. The things some people will do to avoid picking up the tab at the Piper's Bar & Grill.

No Dictator Left Behind

Everyone should be aware of who these people are and what they represent. Jesse Jackson, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Ed Asner and Howard Zinn (and others) are all showing their support for Venezualan President Hugo Chavez. Like Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Saddam Hussein before him, he was elected via a democratic process. And like these three, he is taking control over his country, hoping to eventually make elections a thing of the past. Check out an old Lowell Ponte column for a look at what Jackson, Asner, et al are supporting.

Here's another good article on the Chavez "Utopia."


Unity Journalists Discover Media Bias

Stop the freakin' presses! Several attendees at last weeks Unity Convention (minority journalists gathering) discover that there were strong partisans amongst the crowd during the speeches of President Bush and John Kerry. Amazing. Now tell us what life was like before microwave popcorn.


A Dead Medium III

Add the Dallas Morning News to the list of dinosaurs.

Harry Potter and the Capitalist Pig

Well, wouldn't you know it. The French Intellectuals are having a "lively discussion" about the meaning of Harry Potter...and surprise, they think he's an evil capitalist. I'm sure Sartre would be proud that the boys on the Left Bank are still fighting the good fight for Uncle Joe Stalin.

Pravda Parlance

Words mean things. Read this statement from John Kerry at the Minority Journalists convention:

“But look at the conventions, I thought Barack Obama (the Democratic senatorial candidate in Illinois) gave a brilliant speech -- America missed it. ... Ron Reagan speaking on stem cells. My wife, I think, gave a superb speech, but the networks chose not to (broadcast live) that night. These are issues for a strong democracy.”

Yes, the networks did choose not to air all of the speeches. That's part of our democracy...a news media that isn't controlled by the government. (At least, not too much). Issues for a strong democracy? Absolutely, but not in the way John Kerry means it.