ShAheen & EmAd...At The Movies!

As one Iranian put it: "...out of all the films people would love to see, the authorities had to go for this one -- just because this film is in line with the view of the Islamic regime." How true. Iranians got to see Fahrenheit 911 and their reviews of the film are priceless. But humor aside, this article shows just how intellectual the Iranian people are...especially compared to their Middle East brethren.


It Just Keeps Getting Better!

The Dallas Morning News digs up the secretary at the National Guard office in Houston during the Bush period that typed all the memos. She hates the president, but says, nope, I didn't type those, they're forged. She then talked warmly about her typewriters. I haven't seen this big a deal made about typewriters since Alger Hiss' Woodstock.

Republicans for Ralph

This is pretty big if it holds. Florida will probably still be the major swing state in the election. Though, here in Nevada we're getting a visit from both Bush and Kerry this week, and Nader is on our ballot too.


The Revolution Will Be Blogged

I've been saying for a long time that Journalism is dead...and when I do, I speak of the old media...the major networks, CNN, the NY Times and other newspapers and magazines. But Journalism lives and breaths on the Internet, especially, it seems, in the Blogs. The story of the Bush National Guard documents (or Rathergate, if you will) and the blogs that exposed the hoax...FreeRepublic, Power Line, Talon News, along with the help of the Godfather of the Internet, Matt Drudge...may prove to be a watershed event not seen in journalism since Drudge broke the Lewinsky story in 1998. Dan Rather is pretty much throwing away his career, ending it on a very sour note. He'll be protected by the old media guard, but those of us in the 21st Century know better. Viva la Revolution!


The Putin Doctrine?

Well, well, freakin' well! After the horrible events in Russia last week, Putin's Chief of Staff says they will make pre-emptive strikes against terror bases anywhere in the world if necessary. Has Jacques Chirac heard about this?! The Bush Doctrine is spreading..to of all places Russia! The horror, the horror.


Undecided My Ass

Drudge is reporting that the Washington Post will run a story in the bulldog editions that President Bush only wants two debates rather than three, skipping the middle debate which is the town hall setting with "undecided" voters. President Bush and his team think partisans will pretend to be undecideds so they can get in on the debate and help Kerry. No doubt the media buzz tomorrow will be how Bush is "dodging" the debate while the truth of the matter will be lost in the story...that he is exactly right. Town Hall debates are and always have been a sham.

Anything But Terrorists

Daniel Pipes has a really good article in today's FrontPageMag. It's amazing how the liberal use of the English language allows us to avoid reality.


Putin Says He Chopped Down the Proverbial Cherry Tree

This is one of those stories that is bigger than it appears. The Russian government and President Vladimir Putin admit that they lied to the public about the scope and some of the details of the hostage standoff with the Chechnyan thugs. Normally, they would go into full Orwell mode, but not this time. I knew when the standoff began that it was going to end badly. The Russians don't have a great track record in handling these kind of situations. Though, in fairness, no one, not even the United States could have come out of this without a significant loss of innocents. But the bottom line is, the Russians are about 40-50 years behind us and much of the western world in most aspects of life. That's why it's all the more revealing for Russian government to not only admit it lied about certain details, but to admit that it simply wasn't ready for this kind of situation. I've said before that democratic growth is a game of baby steps. This, however, is actually a full stride forward.


A Socialist By Any Other Name...

So Austria is mad at Arnold Schwarzenegger for saying he was living in a socialist country in 1968 when at the time they had a "conservative" government in power. Okay, time for a quick civics lesson from Professor Rose: All countries on planet Earth are socialist countries...even the USA. The so-called conservative parties in Europe are usually pretty much in line ideologically with our Democratic Party (which is socialist). Tax rates are usually the best barometer to measure socialism. In the United States, the most liberal democratic country in existance, we still have to work until May 30th to pay off the government before we can start keeping money for ourselves. That's 5 out of 12 months spent working to pay for government. Welcome to the Socialist State.

Is It Live or Is It Memorex?

More stellar reporting from the AP. But after going to the audio tape (or mp3, if you will)...they backed off what now appears to be a damned lie.(Hat Tip: Drudge)

Latest Rassmussen Poll

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Bringing Down The House

Zell Miller served up all the raw meat the GOP could handle last night in New York. My favorite line: "U.S. forces armed with what? Spitballs?"