Older Than God

The fruits of a democratic Iraq are already being picked in the world of archeology. A German-led team of history diggers believe they may have found the Tomb of Gilgamesh. The Epic Of Gilgamesh, written by a Middle Eastern scholar 2,500 years before the birth of Jesus commemorated the life of the ruler of the city of Uruk, from which Iraq gets its name. It is the oldest known book in human history. Funny this should be discovered the same week Iraq has it's first democratic election its long history. As Seymour Skinner would say, "The times, they are becoming quite different."

Monroe Doctrine, Part IV: The Bush Chapter

Tom Wolfe writes in the New York Times that Bush's Inaugural Speech was the fourth collorary of the Monroe Doctrine. The dapper one is never afraid to bristle his liberal intellectual counterparts with praise for pro-American movements and he doesn't disappoint here.

Giving The Terrorists (and Massachusetts) The Finger

It's a very happy day in Iraq, and a sad day in Massachusetts. Turnout looks to be above 60% and the Sunni turnout has been better than expected. Iraqis are crying tears of joy and reporters on the ground are awestruck...Geraldo Rivera even saying he wishes he could kiss every Iraqi voter. Meanwhile, as Uncle Ted is no doubt sleeping one off...his soul mate John Kerry is showing himself to have all the class of a hyena.


Ted Kennedy Stays True To His Philosophy

If you don't already, make reading the Iowahawk a daily habit. He has a "guest" column from Ted Kennedy that is so good it makes me crazy I didn't think of it. Enjoy.


Contrast and Compare

And while we're at it. All these comparisons to past events or evil doers is getting way out of hand. First that idiot Ted Turner compares Fox News to Hitler (remember, if you're not a socialist, you must be a nazi), now we have Chappaquiddick Ted calling the Iraq War, "George W. Bush's Vietnam."
Here's are some quick facts:

Vietnam War (or Police Action, whatever)
Length: 23 years
Combat Deaths: 58,000 (approximately)

Iraq War
Length so far: 2 years
Combat Deaths: 1400 (approximately)

Your witness!

We Will Accept Nothing But Total Failure

Give Ted Kennedy credit, he is back as the voice of the Democratic Party, and he is plainly stating their anti-Churchillian position: America is the problem. Days away from Iraq's first democratic (notice the small "d") election since God knows when and he's calling for a troop withdrawal, or put another way...he wants Iraq to fail. I've just got to believe that someday this man will get his.


You Say You Want A Revolution, Well...Alright Then

Yes, the international media is in a tizzy over Bush's call to end tyranny in the world. But not surprisingly, Israel seems a bit giddy:

At precisely the moment when critics claim he is stymied, Bush, in his second inaugural address, has just set out to liberate the entire world. And our region is at Ground Zero, so to speak, of his new, revolutionary vision... In laying down his revolutionary gauntlet, Bush must know that he will be derided as a hypocrite and a reckless dreamer. No American can be against the ideal of spreading democracy, but to stake national security on it, that's another matter. In front of the Capitol on Thursday, Bush called not merely for a remaking of other nations' foreign policy, but that of his United States. 'Hold on to your hats, this may be the most ambitious second-term - or any term - presidency ever'.

Israel's Jerusalem Post

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

You Won't Fool The Children Of The Revolution

Continuing with the theme of my previous post, you won't find this in the MSM either. While President Bush's Inaugural Speech has led to so much hand wringing in America and Old Europe that we're on the verge of a international lotion shortage, his speech has sent ripples of joy through the people of Iran...and I'm not talking about the Mullahs, but the other 98% of the country. Thursday night in Iran is the equivalent to our Saturday night, and instead of going out and having as much fun as the Ayatollah will allow without a beheading, most Iranians stayed home to watch Bush's speech like it was the Super Bowl. While Barbara Boxer is crying, the Student Movement in Iran is emboldened. This is not an accident either. Inaugural speeches are not just for American consumption, they're for the world. It is possible for Iran to have a regime change without war, and George W. Bush is doing everything his can to nudge things in that direction.

You Don't Need To Be Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows

Thank God for the Internet and all the members of the Vox Blogoli. You won't see a lot of this in the MSM. King Hussein of Jordan, just hours after Bush's Inaugural Speech, announces a plan for democratic reforms in his country. Naturally, he denies this had anything to do with Bush's direct call in the inaugural speech for his majesty to do just that:

Abdullah unveiled what he said was his "vision" for the process of political, economic, social and administrative reform in a speech broadcast hours after U.S. President George W. Bush urged the Jordanian monarch, a key US Arab ally, to "make sure that democracy continues to advance in Jordan."

Jordanian government officials, insisting on anonymity, stressed that Abdullah's announcement was not linked to Bush's call because the monarch had recorded the speech much earlier.

Now of course one wonders, are these real democratic reforms or just lip-service? What we have to realize is that it doesn't matter. While we hope that these reforms are real and will eventually lead to true democracy in Jordan, just the fact that King Hussein is speaking of such notions is great news. He knows which way the wind is blowing, and he knows why: George W. Bush.

There's a line in the movie Miller's Crossing (one of my all-time favorites) where right-hand man Tom Reagan says to his mob boss Leo, "You run this town because people think you run this town. The minute they stop thinking it, you stop running it." Truer words we never spoken. Cultural change takes time, and it is moments like these that plant the seed. It was brilliant men like Eisenhower who knew when Khruschev disavowed Stalin that it was the beginning of the end for the evil empire. This could be the beginning of the end for Islamofacism. As Eddie Dane says, "...ever notice how the snappy dialogue dries up, once a guy starts soiling his union suit?" Truer words, never spoke.


Protocols of the Elders of Zion Revisited

Anti-Semitism is back in vogue in the Eastern Hemisphere...but this time it's not the French leading the way, but the Russians. A groups of nationalists and Communists in the Duma sent a letter to the Prosecutor General calling for a ban on all Jewish groups. I think my favorite part of this is that the group of "nationalists" led by Vladimir Zhirinovsky call their party the Liberal Democratic Party. George Orwell, wherever you are...are you getting this?


Best Ever?

Everyone is saying that if the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl, they will officially be a dynasty and may be one of the best teams in history. Screw if...screw maybe. The Pat's are one of the best teams in history and in this age of free agency and the salary cap, they are a dynasty. Watching their players play and their coaches coach is the football equivalent to the perfect opera. It almost brings one to tears.


God Help Me, I Do Love It So

It's a really, really, really bad time to be a leftist/anarchist/communist/anti-globalist/all-around annoying git, as President George W. Bush took the oath of office for a second term today and in his speech spoke of the goal of nurturing freedom around the world. To make matters worse, the pro-western leader of the democratic opposition in Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, will take the oath of office of the presidency on Sunday. And to make matters even worse for the Ramsey Clark crowd, there will be a free, democratic election in Iraq in 10 days. God I love being on the winning side.


At Least Nixon Resigned

Ron Rosenbaum takes a page out of Barry Goldwater's book and makes a trip to Dan Rather's bunker. His case for Rather's resignation is a masterpiece. There's nothing like the writing of a socialist turned (sort of) conservative.


It's The Defense, Stupid!

Well, the Steelers got away with one, while the Patriots proved they're the team of the decade. The Pat's have proven, once again, it cannot be said enough...offense sells tickets, defense wins championships. The Colts (and for that matter, the Chiefs) were out to prove this football commandment a fallacy, but to no avail...and it may behoove the Colts to rob the offensive Peter just a little bit to pay the starving defensive Paul. Without solid defense, they will never get to the promised land. New England and Pittsburgh understand this...that's why the winner of that game will have earned the fruits of victory. I'll stand by my prediction of Atlanta v. Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl, but New England is still the team to beat.


Keep On Diggin' That Hole

Our good friend Matt Drudge makes like a Las Vegas sports book and has the latest handicapping on the race for CBS News Anchor to replace Dan "I am not a crook" Rather. According to Drudge, Katie Couric has been approached by CBS about the job. Looks like I have a long afternoon of retching in front of me...and I had sushi last night, dammit!

Winning Is A Skill

Atlanta showed it's ready for the big time, while Pittsburgh got away with one, but that's what the good teams do. I've said for years that it doesn't matter how you win. Winning is a skill, not just a happenstance. Pittsburgh didn't get to 15-1 by being completely dominating every week...they got there by knowing how to win when the chips are down. Meanwhile, Jim Mora, Jr. has already outdone his father in the playoffs. My prediction: Atlanta and Pittburgh in the Super Bowl.


Sex Bomb, Sex Bomb, You're My Sex Bomb, Ow!

Absolutely classic. Turns out during the Clinton years (ironically) the Pentagon may have been working on some chemical weapons with less than lethal effects. (Hat tip: Drudge)


Skate To Where The Puck Will Be

So the WMD team has given up their search in Iraq for WMD's. They say it's too dangerous to be looking and they're just not finding anything. Thus, the news articles, like this one, subtly bash the President as this was "cited as a justification for overthrowing Saddam Hussein." Okay geniuses, that's enough. The WMD's are in SYRIA! Everybody knows this! No, we don't have concrete evidence, but as I pointed out in Rathergate I: The Proof Is In The Pudding, there's enough circumstantial evidence to choke a camel!

Rathergate III: A Party No More

Howard Fineman (of all people) has an interesting take on the ramifications of Rathergate. Though you can tell he's not overjoyed by the consequences, at least he acknowledges them.


Rathergate II: The Curse of Murrow

This is a bit of a stretch, but bare with me. The New York Times talked to an insider at CBS who said he can see them out of the news business in 5 years. (hat tip: Drudge) "We have no juice," he says.

Let's go way back in the long ago. Edward R. Murrow had his controversial television show See It Now cancelled after Bill Paley said it "gave me a stomachache." Wounded, Murrow soon left CBS to work for JFK. He then died in 1965 of lung cancer. After Murrow's death, the Vietnam War hit its stride. Cronkite, Rather, Safer and the new generation of CBS News hit the jungle and news became political. It's been political ever since...from LBJ to Nixon to Reagan, Clinton and the Bush Dynasty. It was political before, but never so openly...and now it had a much larger audience. It was the salad days of the liberal media and the beginning of their monopoly. But now, it's over. The Wall has come down. A Murrow Curse a la the (now defunct) Curse of the Babe in Boston? Well, Murrow was quite political himself, but I doubt he'd care much for the shape of the house he built.

Or maybe I just think too much.

Rathergate I: The Proof Is In The Pudding

Like a blind date that disappoints with the very first glance, the Rathergate (or Memogate) Report is here...all 224 frickin' pages! The good people at Ratherbiased.com, HughHewitt.com, Powerline, FreeRepublic and the rest of the gang have extensive analysis. I will be posting my thoughts little by little as I leaf through this monstrosity. And so, a beginning: Let's first look at this priceless line from the report on the subject of bias:

The question of whether a political agenda played any role in the airing of the Segment is one of the most subjective, and most difficult, that the Panel has sought to answer. The political agenda question was posed by the Panel directly to Dan Rather and his producer, Mary Mapes, who appear to have drawn the greatest attention in terms of possible political agendas. Both strongly denied that they brought any political bias to the Segment. The Panel recognizes that those who saw bias at work in the Segment are likely to sweep such denials aside. However, the panel will not level allegations for which it cannot offer adequate proof. (emphasis mine)

Here's the thing about this argument: In his book, Helter Skelter, Vincent Bugliosi details how he gathered every little piece of evidence he could to build a "circumstantial" case against Charles Manson. Circumstantial evidence is defined as a fact that can be used to infer another fact. Thus, it is not evidence from a witness who saw or heard something. And, as Bugliosi points out, most murder cases are based on circumstantial evidence. Because after all, how often do you get an eyewitness to a murder? In this report, there is a mountain of circumstantial evidence that Rather and his producer Mary Mapes were motivated by their bias against George W. Bush. It is a cop-out when people say, "I can't tell you what's in his mind, I'm not him." etc., etc., etc. If we followed that philosophy to the letter, we could never make any arguments about anything except physics. Wouldn't that be fun!

Bottom line...Thornburgh and Boccardi (mmm Boccardi and Coke) didn't have the guts to state the obvious. Rather and Mapes wanted to hurt the President and help Senator Kerry, and they tried to use their powerful positions in the Fourth Estate to do so. All the evidence, all the proof we need is right there. Deal with it.


Na Na Na, Gonna Have A Good Time!

Well, it wasn't exactly Janet Jackson, but it was enough to get our attention. The Minnesota Viking's Randy Moss did a simulated mooning of the crowd at Lambeau Field in Green Bay in their playoff game today. Moss said he was, "Just having a little fun." I am reminded of what my friend Russell told me at a party at Fat Albert's house. "Randy Moss is like school in summertime," Russell grumbled. "How's that?" I inquired. "No class!" Boy, I walked into that one.

Photograph courtesy Reuters News Service

Tick, Tick, Tick....

Rush has some great analysis of the Gonzales hearings on the torture issue. Arlen Specter is an enigma. Most of the time he makes me so angry with his moderate idiocy...then once in a while, he has a moment of brilliance. Like they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Oh Thornburgh, Where Art Thou?

Looks like CBS threw us a red herring Thursday when they said the Rather Report was ready to hit the streets. However, RatherBiased.com reports that CBS has just hired a new publicist to handle the fallout, if any. Donna Dees, who organized the anti-gun, anti-Bush Million Mom's March with Rosie O'Donnell in 2000, and has ties to Hillary Clinton, will be running interference for the network. With that resume, we know where her loyalties lie. Anywho, continue to watch this space for analysis when and if the report surfaces.


One Is A Tragedy, 70,000 A Statistic

Check out this AP story on the "upside" to the Tsunami. The environmentalists couldn't be happier that the beaches have been cleansed of the commercialism and are back to their natural state. One of many priceless quotes:

"This whole area was littered with commercialism," said the 43-year-old from Maui, Hawaii. "There were hundreds of beach chairs out here. I prefer the sand."

I prefer the sand. Four simple words that speak a thousand. There are millions of people on our planet who have no regard for mankind whatsoever. They are selfish. They are irresponsible. They are dangerous. And it is the thinking of these millions of people around the world that is responsible for the millions of dead souls lying in the grounds of China, Ukraine, Rwanda, Cambodia, Auschwitz, et al.

It is amazing how you can find the deepest, darkest side of humanity in a simple AP story.


The Thornburgh Commission (sort of)

According to Drudge, the big report on Rathergate is done and ready to hit cyber-newsstands (a.k.a. the blogs). The boys at Power Line have a good pre-game rundown. If the report is released tomorrow, watch this space (and many others) for a full analysis. The Revolution will be Blogged!


Carroll/Chow in '08

Big props to USC for their win...make that epic pummeling of Oklahoma last night in the Orange Bowl. Three points: a) The Debate over Pete Carroll, college v. pro, isn't even a debate. While I think he would be successful as a head coach in the NFL again with the right organization, he is best suited as a college coach. His unwavering optimism and enthusiasm is exactly what college kids (and their parents) need to succeed. b) Why is nobody going after Norm Chow? Auburn Coach Tommy Tuberville said it himself: "You give Norm Chow a month to get ready for somebody ... "
The "..." roughly translated as "Fahgetaboutit." He says he's happy at USC, but so what? Every team, college and pro, looking for a head coach should be on their knees begging him to work for them. He will get a head coaching job someday, it just surprises me he isn't on every short-list right now. He is obviously West Coast Charlie Weis. c) If I'm Nick Saban, I start talking to the 49ers (though after today, there's really no one minding the store) and do whatever I can to work out a deal to get that number one pick and draft Leinart. The Dolphins have to start from scratch and get a new quarterback as a sturdy foundation and build from there. Granted, I haven't asked Mel Kiper if Leinart is a number one pick, but hey, this is my blog.

Kofi "Sugar Daddy" Annan

Well, it had to happen eventually. After only a matter of days, the Bush Coalition of countries helping to aid Southeast Asia is being dissolved into the U.N. So all you dictators, terrorists and garden variety thugs that reside in the land of the Tsunami can rest easy. Kofi Annan is on the job and you'll be fat and happy in no time. Hell, maybe you'd like some oil with that care package. And as for you little people who really need help...hey, it's all about world diplomacy. We can't let the U.N. suffer now can we?


Human Rights Are For Humans Only

So everyone in Washington is getting riled up over the hearings for Attorney General-to-be Alberto Gonzales. Apparently Gonzales had a hand in the policies involving the "torture" of inmates at Abu Ghrabi. Okay, time out...Here's the problem with making this a big issue in the hearings: Yes, it might be damaging to Gonzales and Bush as more of the pictures are flashed across the screen; and yes, it could backfire on the Democrats as they appear soft on terror. But they all forget one thing...A majority of the populous doesn't give a shit! Certainly the Red states and even some in the Blue states don't really care if a group of terrorists were forced to pile up naked or beaten or even killed. It's not that we're not believers in human rights, but deep-down, most Americans know that what we're dealing with in the Middle East are NOT human beings.