Rathergate II: The Curse of Murrow

This is a bit of a stretch, but bare with me. The New York Times talked to an insider at CBS who said he can see them out of the news business in 5 years. (hat tip: Drudge) "We have no juice," he says.

Let's go way back in the long ago. Edward R. Murrow had his controversial television show See It Now cancelled after Bill Paley said it "gave me a stomachache." Wounded, Murrow soon left CBS to work for JFK. He then died in 1965 of lung cancer. After Murrow's death, the Vietnam War hit its stride. Cronkite, Rather, Safer and the new generation of CBS News hit the jungle and news became political. It's been political ever since...from LBJ to Nixon to Reagan, Clinton and the Bush Dynasty. It was political before, but never so openly...and now it had a much larger audience. It was the salad days of the liberal media and the beginning of their monopoly. But now, it's over. The Wall has come down. A Murrow Curse a la the (now defunct) Curse of the Babe in Boston? Well, Murrow was quite political himself, but I doubt he'd care much for the shape of the house he built.

Or maybe I just think too much.