And A Galloway We Go

I got to watch some of the OFF Hearings today with George Galloway...unfortunately, as many bloggers have pointed out, the news networks kept interrupting. However, I saw most of Galloway's opening rant. I do have to give him credit...he's good. He gave a powerful speech that I'm sure had the inmates at Daily Kos and the Democratic Underground wetting their pants. However, clever sophistry tends to be no match for words on paper.

Senator Norm Coleman...one of my heroes since his days as Mayor of St. Paul, Minnesota (where I once lived) was brilliant in that he wouldn't play Galloway's game. He let him spout off, then asked him a series of questions very professionally. Galloway later dismissed Coleman as "not much of a lyncher." Not the point, George. Surprisingly, it was Senate Carl Levin that seemed to lose his patience with Galloway at certain points. Galloway even goofed and accused Levin of supporting the war...a notion that Levin disabused him of in quick fashion. Thus, this proved that Galloway was just shooting into the darkness at anything that might be there.

Very interesting stuff. Check out WILLisms for a little history. I have a strange feeling about this. Maybe I'm just being hopeful, but it seems like Coleman's got something up his sleeve. Remember, Galloway was under oath. Hmmmm.....

UPDATE: I rule! Wizbang alerted us to this story from the BBC in which Coleman states:

"The theatre, the dramatics - I was not looking at that. I had one goal and it was to make a record."


UPDATE: Austin Bay puts it best:

"This confrontation will continue. I don’t see Coleman backing down because he believes he has solid legal evidence. Galloway will fight in the court of public opinion– and he’s opted for brazen and brassy. Brazen and brassy plays well on television. It won’t play well in front of a judge. Will this confrontation go to trial? If it does, the venue Galloway should fear is Iraq. If Galloway conspired with Saddam, it was the Iraqi people’s blood that paid for Galloway’s oil."