How We've Lost The Language

Politically, America and the world, has lost the language. This article in the Financial Times this morning on the upcoming presidential election in Iran is a good example. They refer to the ruling Mullahs as the "right-wing." A faction, the article explains, that prefers to call themselves, "principle-ists" or "fundamentalists."

The fact that these clowns would be called "right-winged" or even "left-winged" shows that we've lost the ability to describe people in political terms. In America, our "right-wingers" are Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, et al. These guys are hardly fundamentalists as they have fought to change many things about our system of government be it domestic or foreign policy. Even the label "conservative" that is widely used today is inappropriate, much as "liberal" is a ridiculous term to use to describe American socialists.

I think the first step to rectify this would be to stop using the terms "left-wing" and "right-wing." But there again, it's hard to not to use these terms when your peers and colleagues use them in abundance. Perhaps another way is to work to change their meaning. Either way, we've got to get the language back.