Hurricane Myths

The Iconic Midwest looks at some of the myths about hurricanes and buries them all.

"Over There" Is Truly Out There

Finally we have a review of the FX series "Over There" about the lives of soldiers in Iraq from an actual soldier in Iraq. Let's just say he wasn't too impressed. (Hat tip: Mudville Gazette)

Chuck Hagel And Cindy Sheehan

Has Chuck Hagel committed political suicide? The Ankle Biters look at Cindy Sheehan's latest claim.

UPDATE: It's looking like Sheehan was lying. Go figure.

The Political Hurricane

I guess it's no surprise that the Left is using the Hurricane to try and score political points, but this is beyond anything I've ever seen.

Bill Sammon says the Left has abandoned Cindy Sheehan for Katrina.

Little Green Footballs has the scoop on how the Kos Kidz think Katrina is worse than 9/11 and, of course, it's Bush's fault.

McQ has a nice roundup of the blame game.

And be sure to check out El Rushbo's site later today. He was fit to be tied about this during his show today.

MORE: Thomas over at RedState is fit to be tied. He has an exhaustive rundown of those that have no shame.

MORE: James Glassman takes RFK, Jr. to task for his unforgivable remarks.

MORE: Don Surber ask, "Where's Europe?"

UPDATE: It's Reagan's fault too.


Assad Talks Democracy and Economics

German paper Der Spiegel scored an interview with Syrian President Bashar Assad in which he talks about his areas of expertise: democracy, economics, human rights, etc. (/sarcasm)

SPIEGEL: Mr. President, there are tentative movements toward democracy here and there in the Arab world. But there is little evidence of that in Syria. Why not?

Assad: Well, it just happens that the Arab states develop at different rates and under different historical conditions. Egypt, for example, has not experienced as many coups as Syria. Besides, Cairo signed a peace treaty with Israel, whereas we remain in neither a state of war nor a state of peace with Israel. Incidentally, our development only began a few years ago, so of course expectations will vary widely. But the main issue is that we in Syria have at least opened up a dialogue about it.

SPIEGEL: But it's taking longer than many would like.

Assad: The pace of our development depends upon the challenges that we must face, which we cannot always influence. For example, we have to deal with foreign powers meddling in our internal affairs.

SPIEGEL: You mean the Americans' demands for more democracy and for putting an end to support for terrorists?

Assad: The more meddling there is, the slower the pace of development in Syria. After all, the democratic process should pervade the entire country. Naturally, the unresolved Middle East conflict also slows down development. And then there is the question of what should be our greatest priority -- political development or economic growth.

SPIEGEL: Are they mutually exclusive?

Assad: There is a tremendous gulf between the two objectives. To promote growth, we urgently need help from the European Union. For many of the Syrians I meet, poverty is a far greater concern than the outlook for a democratic constitution. Besides, there is also terrorism, which stands in the way of democratic development. We simply have to act as quickly as possible to keep things moving forward.

That's where your wrong, Bashar. Freedom and economic growth go hand-in-hand.

SPIEGEL: But you don't exactly make it easy for your fellow Syrians. Political parties are permitted, but they are immediately prohibited as soon as they form, while members of the opposition are arrested.

Assad: But you've been talking to opposition leaders in our country. If we were to arrest them all, there wouldn't be enough space in our prisons.

SPIEGEL: Most members of the opposition with whom we spoke have spent many years in prison.

Assad: But now they're out again. You can't simply equate the situation in the West with the situation in our country. Take religion, for example. In Great Britain, an author published a book in which he claimed that Jesus Christ had children. Such statements don't trigger civil unrest and bloodshed in Europe. But write similar statements about Islam in Syria and you might see bloody uprisings.

Unlike American media...the boys at Der Spiegel don't let him get away with that.

SPIEGEL: What does that have to do with real opposition in Syria?

Assad: When we put someone on trial, we're not trying him as a person. Instead, what concerns us is that he does not attack the population's religious and ethnic structure. The umbrella of stability must not be damaged. We gave the go-ahead for the formation of parties two months ago, and we are currently taking a very close look at these parties. I certainly don't dispute the contention that we do not have a well-developed system of political parties yet. I simply wanted to show you where we have to be cautious.

That's right Bashar, keep spinning.

SPIEGEL: Journalists, too, are prevented from doing their work and sometimes even thrown in prison. When will you have true freedom of the press?

Assad: We have never locked up anyone because of his personal opinion.

Yeah, and I'm Buck Rogers.

SPIEGEL: A correspondent for a large Arab newspaper, Al-Hayat, was recently sent to prison for several months.

Assad: That's a different issue. Under Syrian law, a journalist is not allowed to report on military matters. This may be wrong or right, but that's just the way it is.

Que sera, sera.

SPIEGEL: In many of his speeches, United States President George W. Bush has complained that freedom must all too often take a back seat to stability. Do you feel he is addressing you with these comments?

Assad: Freedom and democracy are nothing but instruments, just like stability. The goal is called progress and growth. Anyone who puts freedom ahead of stability is hurting growth. Besides, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and Iraq aren't exactly models of freedom.

Nice. More talk like this and he'll be the Democratic Party's presidential candidate in 2008.

But now, we get to the heart of things...

SPIEGEL: Do you sympathize with the insurgents who are fighting the occupation troops and the new government in Iraq?

Assad: There are terrorist operations in Iraq that claim the lives of innocent people; those we reject categorically. But there is also a resistance movement, and that's a different issue altogether -- a completely normal issue.

SPIEGEL: Are suicide attacks a legitimate weapon against the occupation forces?

Assad: Even the religious scholars disagree on that question, but I have the impression that most are in favor of these attacks. But this is a hypothetical debate. A person who is absolutely determined to blow himself up isn't about to ask you or me for our opinion. This debate is a waste of time.

A waste of time? I'm inclined to agree, but for different reasons.

Read the whole thing. It's highly educational for those of us trying to understand what we're dealing with in the Middle East. Assad is one of those guys that has a choice to either maintain the status quo or take a page out of Khadafi's book and start playing ball. It may be that he's bidding his time and amassing power in order to someday defeat the Ba'athists, but as he said, it's a hypothetical debate.

Czech President Warns Against "Europeanism"

Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus is called by some the Czech version of Margaret Thatcher. A recent speech of his lends credence to such a comparison. Klaus warned his European brethren that the continent has become a post-democratic society that is embracing socialism (and other -isms) under various different names. Will Europe heed his warning? Obviously, Schroder and Chirac are the architects of the "Europeanism" Klaus describes, but there may still be hope from the likes of Blair, Berlusconi and Merkel.

Good News In Iraq

Chrenkoff has the list of good news from Iraq the MSM doesn't want you to know.

Battle For Israel Begins

It's Sharon v. Netanyahu for Likud Party leadership and thusly, leadership of Israel. This could be a battle for the ages.

Iraqi Constitution A Lock?

It looks like the Iraqi people are pleased with the draft Constitution and ready to risk life and limb at the polls once more. Power Line has the details.

LA Times Bashes Bolton

Not surprisingly, the LA Times is unhappy with John Bolton looking after American interests at the U.N. McQ takes the Times apart, piece by piece.


The Byrd Is The Word

Don Surber has more on how Robert Byrd has to have his name on everything...even website banners.

And Now, A Moment For Me

It's been a stressful couple of weeks for me as my seemingly neverending job search was coming to a head. After four years at KLAS-TV, I turned in my resignation today in order to take a job with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority as a Video Specialist. It's a great opportunity and I'm looking forward to the challenge...as well as having a job that doesn't require me to work on major holidays. I'm also looking forward to doing more extensive blogging now that I've got some of the distractions out of the way. As Frank Bartles used to say, "Thank you for your support."

"Let Me Talk!"

The Political Teen has the video of a CNN weatherman who loses his cool and goes ape-shit on an anchor for interrupting him during his forecast. I bet the breakroom at CNN is an interesting place to be right now.

Our Freedom-Loving Brothers In El Salvador

Lifelike Pundits has a great story about the plight of El Salvadoran soldiers who served in Iraq alongside the United States, ignoring international criticism for doing so. I concur with the folks at LP that we should give thanks for Ronald Reagan's fight to help El Salvador's democratic forces in the 1980s (much to the dismay of Tip O'Neill and his band of hacks). Due to his efforts and the country's brave citizens, they've become a staunch ally of the United States and a great force for freedom. I remember hearing how some of our military commanders in Iraq were so impressed with the soldiers from El Salvador calling them some of the best in the world. For such a little country, that's really saying something.

Just Who Is Hugo Chavez?

The New York Sun has the answer.

Sharpton Flees The Scene

Little Green Footballs has the scoop on how Al Sharpton's caravan couldn't get away from Cindy Sheehan fast enough.

Did Iraq Know?

The good Captain has the scoop on how an Iraqi paper predicted 9/11 a few months before the fact. And of all people to bring it to our attention...Fritz Hollings.

Why, Indeed

Will Franklin wonders why "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos is still such a force in the politics of the country.

Sheehan Calls The Kettle Black

For those of you that say we should be respectful to Cindy Sheehan since, after all, she is a grieving mother, read this and then we'll talk.


The Show Must Go On

Cassandra caught this telling quote from KGO-TV about Cindy Sheehan. Heh.

Canadian "Torture"

Rusty Shackleford wonders why Canada isn't getting any flak from the International community over their "torture" of a terrorists.

John Bolton's Reign Of Terror III

John Bolton has done it again. Now he has the audacity to put fighting terrorism and reforming the U.N. before environmental platitudes. Patrick "Leaky" Leahy will have none of it.


Quotational Therapy

Our good friend Will Franklin has some quotational therapy featuring Patrick Henry.

Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of
chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may
take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!


The Perfect Pair

Jane Fonda and George Galloway...two restless souls that have found each other...in Madison, Wisconsin. (Hat tip: lgf)

John Bolton's Reign Of Terror II

Headline from the Guardian Newspapers: "Bolton throws UN summit into chaos". Gotta love it! Here's one of the complaints about Bolton's push to change the draft document that aims to change the U.N.:

Critics complained that the US objections had come towards the end of the drafting process, with only three weeks to go before the summit.

Well geniuses, if the Dems in the Senate had done their job instead of trying
to protect the crooks in the U.N., he would have been there a lot sooner.

The Bolton amendments, published in the US press, seek to play down the emphasis
given to alleviating poverty, and expunge all references to the millennium
development goals, including the target for wealthy countries to donate at least
0,7 % of national income to the developing world. The US currently gives less
than 0,2% in such aid.

The changes would also scrap provisions in the
draft calling for action against global warming, and remove endorsements of the
international criminal court and the comprehensive test-ban treaty -- both
of which are opposed by the Bush administration.

Instead, Washington is pushing for more emphasis on international measures against terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.


An Unfair Match

Christopher Hitchens was on The Daily Show last night debating Iraq with Jon Stewart. That's a bit like Albert Einstein debating the theory of relativity with a 5 year old, but it's entertaining nonetheless. The Political Teen has the video.

MORE: You have to give Hitchens credit for subjecting himself to such an idiot as Jon Stewart. Just listening to Stewart talk about the war on terror as though he knows the first thing about it is so painful, I'm popping Advil like gumdrops right now.


Galloway-Hitchens Death Match

Seixon has extensive analysis of the upcoming debate between George Galloway and Christopher Hitchens.

Iraq's Constitution Looks Like A Winner

Well folks, I've been pretty busy the last few days with some personal stuff so I haven't been able to blog as much as I would like. I haven't been able to read the whole Iraqi Constitution yet, but I have been able to hit some of the highlights and I have to say, it looks pretty damn good. I really shouldn't be surprised by MSM bias anymore, but yet, after reading through Constitution I was amazed at how distorted press reports have been. It says that Islam is a source of law and that no law may contradict the principles of democracy. The natural reaction to this is that those two principles tend to contradict each other in the extreme, but if I understand it correctly, this means that any law passed must satisfy both, not just one or the other. The vagaries of the language allow for enough wiggle room that should prevent Iraq from turning into Iran. Women are allowed to be a part of the political process and there is a mandate that 25% of the lower parliament must be women. There can be no slavery or sex trade involving women and there are provisions for free speech and press. I was a bit surprised to see that they are going to have a 2-house parliament just like us...thus, the talk that they were using our Constitution as a guide was true. In fact, it's really close to ours in a lot of ways. It's unrealistic for us to expect any Muslim country to have a separation of church and state...maybe in several generations, but not now. I'll opin some more on this later, but right now all I can say is I think the Iraqis have hit a home run. Nutjob al-Sadr and the Sunnis be damned...they can either get on winning team or start looking for some river-front property on the ash-heap of history.


Japan's Sexy Assassins

No one can ever say Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi doesn't have the grapes for tough political combat. In fact, he's on the way to becoming a legend. The Financial Times reports that his move to replace members of his party in the parliament is getting quite a bit of media attention due to one alluring factor:

Apart from Takafumi Horie, a rebellious young businessman who will stand as a pro-postal privatisation candidate in Hiroshima, all Mr Koizumi's high-profile assassins are women. They include Yuriko Koike, environment minister and a former newscaster; Makiko Fujino, Japan's answer to Martha Stewart though without a criminal record; and Satsuki Katayama, a former beauty queen turned budget examiner.

Mr. Koizumi's selection of attractive female assassins has ensured blanket coverage for his re-election campaign.

The media circus has been important in two ways. It has heightened interest in the election. In polls, more than 80 per cent of respondents say they intend to vote, a much higher figure than in previous elections.

Encouraging the large and volatile mass of floating voters to turn out is a high-risk strategy, particularly since non-affiliated voters have tended to favour the opposition Democratic Party of Japan. But early opinion polls suggest newly energised voters are leaning towards what they see as Mr Koizumi's determination to shake up Japan.

The second result of the glamour blitz is that the opposition DPJ's message has been all but drowned out. Under normal circumstances, a split within the LDP should have been a gift for the DPJ, presenting it with a great chance to break the LDP's half-century stranglehold on power. Mr Koizumi's female army, besides creating a media stir, carries with it the hint of more substantial change, argue some. Ms Koike, the environment minister, says tapping into female talent reflects an upheaval in Japanese politics.

"The so-called assassins being sent out are all very capable women," she says. "It has been very difficult for a woman to become involved in politics, but now the LDP has opened the door. This is a big occasion for Japanese women."

This is so good it just has to be fattening.

John Bolton Stirs The Pot

John Bolton's reign of terror at the United Nations continues as he prods member nations to get to the negotiating table to discuss reforms for the world body.

More Troops To Iraq

Just off the wire....

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Pentagon has ordered 1,500 additional troops to Iraq to provide security in advance of two upcoming votes, the military announced Wednesday.
Two infantry battalions from the 82nd Airborne Division will deploy to Iraq before the scheduled Oct. 15 referendum on the proposed constitution, and remain through the December national elections, officials said.
They will join the 138,000 U.S. troops already there. The battalions are expected to remain in Iraq for 120 days.
(Copyright 2005 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

Shoulda Finished What We Started

Radical Shiite ass al-Sadr is pulling his members of parliament as a protest over recent attacks on his office by rival Muslim factions. It just goes to show you, a lot of these problems could have been avoided if we'd have just taken him out when we had the chance. We do a huge street-fighting operation to retake Najaf, but we let him live. Stupid.

Hagel Running As Independent For President?

Pure dementia.

Freedom Fighters My Ass

Courtesy JunkYardBlog...Cindy Sheehan seems to think the people that killed her son (as well as innocent Iraqi civilians on a daily basis) are "freedom fighters."

Love It Or Leave It

God help me, I do love John Howard's government in Australia. They have made it clear to radical clerics in the country that if you want to live under sharia law, Australia is not for you, so get out. Meanwhile, like Britain, they're looking at enacting tougher anti-terrorism legislation. American, Great Britain, Australia...it goes to show you how a common language can equal common values. (Hat tip: lgf)


The End Of History Revisited

A phenomenal post over at RedState looking back at Francis Fukuyama's book The End of History and the Last Man and its relevance to the war on terror. I remember reading The End of History about 10 years ago and it changed my life. I guess you could say it's responsible for making me the wanna-be pundit I've become. I agree with Aaron that Fukuyama's overall thesis, that we have reached the end of history, is wrong...he is correct that democracy is the key to the end of history, something that George W. and his "sweet Neocons" understand. If you haven't read it, I urge you to do so.

Iraqi Constitution Debate

Paul over at Power Line puts beautifully what I've been trying to say for weeks about the Iraqi Constitution.

Ayatollah Robertson

This story has certainly picked up speed. Let's look at some basic facts. Pat Robertson calling for Hugo Chavez to be assassinated was a stupid thing to say, but he does have a right to say it. The only leader an American can't threaten is the President of the United States...all other world leaders are fair-game. Naturally, the MSM is trying to use Robertson's comments to implicate the GOP and all politicians to the right of Ted Kennedy.

To all those that are so ready to jump on Robertson to score political points, I offer this scenario...an scenario that I'm sure many on the Idiotarian-Left feel is not far from being reality: Let's say that our government stayed the same as it is now, but above it sat a council of elders led by Pat Robertson. Government functioned as normal, but if Robertson and his cronies saw something they didn't like, they had full veto power. President Bush decides to go to war, Robertson could say, no you don't. Bush and the Congress say abortion should stay legal...Robertson say no, from this day forth, it is illegal. A person reaches a high office, Robertson says no, they can't hold that office, they're Jewish, or they're a woman and then proceeds to appoint someone else to that office. The New York Times is critical of Robertson, so Robertson has them closed down overruling the Supreme Court that the New York Times has First Amendment rights. President Bush was in possession of the "suitcase" that can launch our entire nuclear arsenal. Robertson decides that it's best the council took control of its oversight.

A pretty scary scenario, isn't it? Now imagine instead of it being a council of Christian elders, it's a council of Muslim elders. That sounds an awful lot like Iran. And in Iran, it's not a hypothetical.

UPDATE: Or how about this scenerio.

Osborne Tried To Help Phillips

Congressman (and former coach) Tom Osborne says he received a call from Laurence Phillips a few months ago seeking his help to try and get back into the NFL. Osborne, however, didn't see much hope.

"It sounded like he was getting things on track," Osborne said. "I'm just really embarrassed and sorry for the people that he hurt. I did everything I could to help him, but apparently it wasn't enough."

Bush Tells It Like It Is

Finally, Bush lets loose. The president told the media today that while Cindy Sheehan has a right to protest, people of her ilk are dead wrong about what to do in Iraq and their ideas would only weaken the burgeoning Iraqi democracy. Bush needs to do more of this and stop hiding behind his "new tone." Sharp criticism needs to be met with sharp rebuke...just ask John Kerry what happens when you try and ignore criticism.

MORE: David Frum says the President has the biggest megaphone in the nation....use it!


Rumble In The New York Jungle

Move over Hulk Hogan! No room for you, Goldberg! The battle of the Titans is set. Forget Wrestlemania...on September 14th in New York City the political matchup that everyone has been begging for..."Gorgeous" George Galloway v. Christopher "The Hitch" Hitchens. One night only! Oh, if only I had the money and freedom to fly out East to catch this in person. This is gonna be fun.

Robertson Calls For Chavez Assassination

I saw this earlier today and it made me chuckle. Pat Robertson, Christian-Conservative extraordinaire called for the assassination of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. Okay, first, I am in agreement that the United States and its Gorelick-Wall free Intelligence Community should get back into the assassination business. Bush should sign an executive order rescinding the Ford executive order that banned the U.S. from participating in assassinations. That being said, we can't assassinate dictators just because we don't like them. The criteria should be that if they screw with us, i.e. attack Americans, then their fair game. Robertson's plan is fun to think about, but not practical or (not that I really care) very Christian.

Lumpy Fish, Oh My!

Tim Blair takes on environmentalists John McCain and Hillary Clinton. Place your bets!

Sharansky Speaks

Newsmax has a nice interview with former Israeli cabinet minister Natan Sharansky about the current state of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Everyone should read his book and listen to what this man has to say. George W. certainly does.

Iraqi Constitution 99% There

Well, the Shiites and the Kurds turned in the new Constitution to parliament much to the dismay of the Sunnis. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic about this whole thing, but I'm not as alarmed as most about the possibility of Islam being the "main source" for Iraqi law. It is cause for concern, but I have a lot of faith in the fact that freedom is in the air and will serve as a diluting agent to the Muslim attraction to sharia law.

As for the Sunnis, one is tempted to say to them, well, you guys had your shot at more power, but you fought against the elections, then when all was said and done you decided (very late) you wanted an invite to the party.

The MSM and the likes of Chuck Hagel will poo-poo any constitutional agreement that comes about and point out dark clouds on the horizon. It will be a trepidacious few years for the Iraqis, but it will be worth it.

Buffoon Of The Week

The Ankle Biters awarded last week's Buffoon of the Week to Russ Feingold. A well deserved "honor." I'm sure Check Hagel has a good shot this week.

Japanese Showdown

If you haven't realized it yet, I'm obsessed with this story. Heizo Takenaka, the most influential member of prime minister Junichiro Koizumi's cabinet, is stepping up the pressure on the renegade members of the LDP and the electorate as the vote nears for parliamentary elections to decide whether or not to privatize the postal service:

“The electorate has to choose between big and small government,” he said.

Why can't American politicians talk to voters like this?


Nebraska's Continued Embarrassment

First Russ Feingold, now Chuck Hagel. Complete idiots. Look Senator, I'm sorry things aren't a breeze in Iraq, but you of all people should know that war is hard...nation-building is hard. This is going to take years, yet you want to play the Vietnam card and like the MSM, ignore all the good things that are happening in Iraq. AND, like that idiot Feingold, you think setting a date for withdrawal is going to help the cause? Get out of my home state now you walking lobotomy!

MORE: Power Line disputes the notion that Hagel is a "leading GOP Senator."


Adopt A Box O'Docs, Part 2: Box 44-JGR/Pro Bono (7)

This box shows that John Roberts has indeed paid his dues to get where he is. As many of you know, Roberts worked as a White House Counsel in the Reagan White House under Fred Fielding...yes, that Fred Fielding. Once a prime suspect as Deep Throat until recently we learned (with a heavy dose of blind faith) that Deep Throat was W. Mark Felt. Nevertheless, Roberts was working for a Watergate figure, so what did Roberts learn about the Watergate affair from Fielding and when did he learn it?

Page 1: Cover page.

NOTE: These documents are not in a sequential order, so we'll be jumping around a bit.

Page 2: Withdrawal Sheet per the Freedom of Information Act covering two memos: one from John Roberts to Fred Fielding, the other from Fred Fielding to Carol Dinkins, both regarding a request for a Department of Justice Investigation. Both memos are from August 7, 1984.

Page 3: Memo from John Roberts to Fred Fielding concerning a request from a group called Small Committee for Richard M. Nixon based in Los Angeles. Their request was that President Reagan "reinstate" President Nixon to public life and "grant him the respectable status that is due him as one of the most illustrious presidents of the great United States of America." Fielding had requested that Roberts find out if the former President knew of this committee and Roberts was able to confirm that he did not. Therefore, (and with what had to be a considerable amount of restraint from using his well-known wry sense of humor) Roberts advised Fielding to let the "Committee" know that there is no official status "public life" for President Reagan to "reinstate," thus there is nothing he can do.

Page 4: This is a copy of the letter from Fielding to a Ms. Thelma Sevilla of the "Committee" explaining that there is nothing President Reagan can do, but thanking her for her input.

Page 5: Same letter to Mr. Manuel Romero of the "Committee."

Page 6: Same letter to Mr. Enrique DuQue, Jr. of the "Committee."

Page 7: Same letter to Ms. Idolina P. DuQue of the "Committee."

Pages 8-13: White House Correspondence Tracking Worksheets, recording the receiving of the letters from the three "Committee" members and replies to them.

Page 14: Another White House Correspondence Tracking Worksheet regarding the letter. This letter has a not scribbled in the top right by Roberts asking Mrs. Holland to check if Nixon had heard of this group. She notes below that she checked and he had not.

Page 15: One of the letters received from a "Committee" member.

This situation doesn't appear to offer an incite into John Roberts except to point out the kind of drudge work he had to do as a White House Counsel.

Now things get a little more interesting:

Page 16: This is a memo from Roberts to Fielding, informing him of a letter from a bartender at the Park Plaze Hotel in New Haven, Connecticut. The bartender states that organizers from a Navy League dinner and dance held at the Hotel insisted that there be no acceptance of tips by the bartenders (total of 4) during the event. One of the bartenders, Joseph H. Driscoll requested that the White House investigate "this outrageous insult to four civilian taxpayers." Roberts explains to Fielding in this memo, that as far as he can tell, the Naval officer that made the request did nothing wrong and that the bartenders' complaint is with the hotel management that agreed to the no-tipping stipulation. Roberts states in the memo that "it does not strike me as unreasonable for Meyer (the naval officer) to insist that there be no tipping." Roberts then recommends to Fielding that there is no reason to refer this matter to the Navy.

Page 17-18: The letter Fielding sent to Driscoll and the White House Memorandum Worksheet

Page 19: The letter sent by Driscoll to the White House. Driscoll states, "the bartenders were told that to accept tips would result in the loss of their jobs." Also, "In a depressed economy, every penny counts...The U.S. Navy represented by Officer Meyer has no right to stick its hand into my pockets and deprive me of my hard earned money."

Thus what we have here is John Roberts showing a reckless disregard for hard-working tax-payers and essentially being a party to taking money out of the pockets of hard-working Americans at a time when President Reagan was ruining the economy with his reckless tax-cuts.

Page 20-21: More worksheets

Page 22-25: These pages involve a letter from a citizen in Idaho asking that President Reagan support Congressman George Hansen during his time of need. Hansen had just been indicted for filing false statements to Congress and was still under appeal. Roberts suggested that President Reagan could not comment on the case while an appeal was still going on.

Pages 26-28: These pages are illegible. Are they trying to hide something?

Pages 29-44: These final pages in this box are yet more proof that Roberts spend a good amount of time paying his dues to get where he is today. These pages included correspondence with the GSA concerning the policy for a department to get furniture or "stock" furniture. Much discussion is done involving how the government purchases the furniture and the policies implemented to get said furniture. There is also a letter from President Reagan discussing government waste in how competition is the preferred method of procurement of products. In other words, it's a small battle to try and get the government to get the best products at the lowest prices. Roberts shows himself, in a small way, to be a capitalist...the ultimate crime.

Adopt A Box O'Docs, Part 1: Box 30-JGR/Judges (4)

The first box o' docs I'm looking over contains The American Lawyer Complete Guide to Federal District Judges, including Background, Major Rulings, Philosophy and Courtroom Style from the July/August 1983 issue of the magazine. This appears to be a guide that Roberts kept handy so as to know what he was dealing with when having to work a case involving a Federal District Court Judge. There's not much to say here, there are no notes scribbled in the margins or anything like that. We just have to assume, I guess, that Roberts was using this as a guide. Interestingly, listed in the guide is infamous Judge John Sirica of Watergate fame. After listing his known works and decisions it says, "Notorious temper has reportedly mellowed in recent years." I noticed as a read through the list of judges that the descriptions of each one's temperment is highly subjective. Some examples: "Generally conservative; Firm but fair; Said to be usually unsympathetic to civil rights litigants; Liberal, but does not let civil rights background affect decisions; Said to push hard for settlements; Said to be frequently rude to younger lawyers; Sometimes accused of liberal bias"; and so on.

This raises the question: who is making these judgments? The Editor at the time of publication was a familiar name to those of us who study the media: Steven Brill. According to Brill's introduction, the guide was compiled "Using more than a dozen reporters and researchers, we have interviewed litigators, judges, judicial clerks, and others in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and various U.S. territories in order to develop brief profiles of all 560 active federal district judges."

I doubt one can accuse Brill of any kind of conservative bias, but perhaps that's naive of me.

Adopt A Box O'Docs

Hugh Hewitt and his right hand man, Radioblogger are enlisted the help of bloggers to go through the boxes of documents from the Ronald Reagan Library concerning Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. Our mission is to pretend we're Paul Begala or a hack from the New York Times that's looking through these documents trying to find anything even remotely suspicious that can be spun into negative story for the MSM to run with. Look for analysis of my box "children" this weekend.

New York Times Editor Bashes Book Reviewer

This has to be read to be believed. I'd love to get Bernard Goldberg's take on this.


Truly An Odd Universe

I wanna do a little pimping for a website that's grown on me. If you get a little tired of my brainiac analysis of the Japanese economy or agenda-setting functions in the MSM...take a ride over to Odd Universe. It's a twisted take on the news with great links to some truly odd video clips. The publisher, Brick Parker, was also nice enough to give me a link on his site. Right back at ya, mah nizzle.

Hoisted On Their Own Petard

Rick Moran over at Right Wing Nuthouse has a nice column on the political battle between President Bush and the Democrats.

A Blogger Returns

After a big move, the Iconic Midwest is back!

Harry Reid Suffers Mini-Stroke


LAS VEGAS, NV -- After experiencing light headedness on Tuesday evening, Sen. Reid, at the urging of his wife Landra, sought medical attention and learned he had experienced a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA). Senator Reid feels fine. There are no complications or any restrictions on his activities. He has undergone evaluations this week, and his doctors have recommended that he take advantage of the summer congressional recess for some down time.

UPDATE: I've talked to some of Reid's people. He's doing fine and is with his family. He expects to attend his scheduled events in Nevada by the middle of next week. The Dems better hope he gets back to work soon, otherwise Dick Durbin will be in charge! A scary thought for all parties involved.

A Case Against Agenda-Setting

Rasmussen conducted a poll on peoples' opinions of Cindy Sheehan. What does it show? That their opinion of Sheehan is based on their opinion of the war in Iraq, i.e. she's not swaying people one way or the other, and this is an overblown story, period.

Now The Race Is Interesting

Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld says he will run for Governor of New York. Now I'm interested.


Sheehan Drives Blogger To The GOP

Caught this on Little Green Footballs. Scott Randolph, until now a Democrat, went through a conversion today as he succumbed to the slow water-torture that is the Cindy Sheehan story. He writes a brilliant description of his rebirth and his views on the future of the war in Iraq. For example:

Soldiers know, when they enlist, that it is entirely possible they will be shipped out and never come home. ItÂ’s part of the job. The fact that people still walk in to recruitersÂ’ offices and sign that piece of paper make them heroes. To imply that they are simple kids who didn't know what they were getting into, or even worse, that they died for no reason, or an immoral reason, does a horrible thing. It strips their sacrifice of the honor that it deserves. Even though those folks sitting out there in the Texas fields claim to honor and support the soldiers, they obviously have been blinded by their own selfishness as to the real way to support them.

Good man.

Memo To Drudge

I was sorry to hear that Cindy Sheehan's mother suffered a stroke. Sheehan's been through a lot in the past year and I hope her mother can recover. That being said, before Cindy took off to be by her mother's side, she sent a memo to the media, or more specifically, the Drudge Report, et al (quick aside: that about says it all doesn't it? There's the Drudge Report and then there's everyone else). In the memo she criticizes them for make her the issue when it's really about the war. Please. She has to learn the same lesson the Democratic Party needs to learn. Until you're ready to discuss the issues in a civil, intelligent way, you're going to get nowhere. When you say things like America isn't worth dying for, George W. Bush is a terrorists, the Taliban weren't part of the terror network, and so on, you condemn yourself to the lunatic fringe along with Dennis Kucinich and Pacifica Radio.

Sheehan's Lies

The Political Teen has a photo from Cindy Sheehan's meeting with President Bush some months ago where Bush is giving her a peck on the cheek.

Pretzel Logic

Russ Feingold is an idiot. He's calling for a pullout from Iraq by December 31, 2006. His reasoning:

... setting a clear time frame could spur actions by U-S forces and the Iraqis to accomplish the goal, while undercutting a key recruitment argument of terrorists that they're fighting a U-S occupation that has no end in sight.

Wow...just, wow.

Bolton's First Fight

Yesterday, we told you about how U.N. money was paying for protest signs in Gaza being held by Palestinians that say "Today Gaza, Tomorrow Jerusalem." New U.N. Ambassador John Bolton called this unacceptable and is looking for answers. Yep, he's out of control, folks. Who does he think he is fighting anti-Semitism? He'd better do it nicely or George Voinovich is gonna start crying again. (Hat tip: Power Line)

Which Holy Grail Character Are You?

I took the test...not crazy about being French, but I'm definitely a smartass.

Take the quiz: "Which Holy Grail Character Are You?"

The Smartass French Castle Guard
I'm French! Why do think I have this outrageous accent, you silly king-a?! You don't frighten us, English pig-dogs! Go and boil your bottom, sons of a silly person. I blow my nose at you, so-called Arthur King, you and all your silly English k-nnnnniggets. Thpppppt! Thppt! Thppt!

Saudi al-Qaeda Leader Killed

That's one for our side!


Chicken Littles Form A New Party In Japan

Some of the "rebel" members of the LDP Party in Japan are forming their own party to fight against Prime Minister Koizumi's push to privatize the post office. Good luck with that boys, you're going to need it:

The latest polls indicate Mr KoizumiÂ’s popularity continues to grow and that the public is getting behind his clarion call for reform. The Asahi newspaperÂ’s poll concluded 34 per cent supported the LDP, up 5 per cent, compared with 14 per cent for the DPJ.

That's my boy!

Meanwhile, the chicken-little Republicans are worried people aren't gonna like them because Iraq isn't a utopia yet. Idiots.

Iraqi Suffrage

Don Surber puts it beautifully:

So the Iraqis want another week to work out their constitution. Well, it took us 132 years, 11 months and 1 day to get around to giving women the right to vote, I suppose we can give them another week [end sarcasm].


Another Media Bias Study Misses The Mark

Well, for those of you who just aren't bored enough with the Cindy Sheehan piffle, here's something that will dry your paint: a new study on the effects of the "ultra-right wing" Fox News Channel on the voting public. In a nutshell, the study finds the cable news channel is not taking over our minds like in some David Cronenberg movie. As an ironic aside, note some of the wording in this New York Times story:

An appealing feature of their study is that it does not matter if Fox News represents the political center and the rest of the media the liberal wing, or Fox represents the extreme right and the rest of the media the middle.

I like the way they try to give us the impression that they believe Fox could represent the political center, yet in splitting the two political ideologies, they use the words liberal wing (it sounds so soft and harmless, like the wings of a dove) and the EXTREME RIGHT (cue the laughter of Satan here). Nice.

Why was Fox inconsequential to voter behavior?

One possibility is that people search for television shows with a political orientation that matches their own. In this scenario, Fox would have been preaching to the converted. This, however, was not the case: Fox's viewers were about equally likely to identify themselves as Democrats as Republicans, according to a poll by the Pew in 2000.

Professors DellaVigna and Kaplan offer two more promising explanations. First, watching Fox could have confirmed both Democratic and Republican viewers' inclinations, an effect known as confirmatory bias in psychology.

Cripes! I coulda told you that. That's one of the cornerstones of media theory (see the links on this page in the lower right).

Here's what I want to see before I die (though if I ever get my Masters Degree, I may end up doing it myself): I want to see a study done about the effects of what the media doesn't cover, that is to say, when a CNN, for example, covers the story of Trent Lott praising former segregationist Strom Thurmond 24/7, but doesn't cover Christopher Dodd praising former KKK Kleagle Robert Byrd. Or the near complete media blackout (expect for right-winged Fox, of course) of Senator Patty Murray praising Osama bin Laden. It's what the media doesn't cover that gives us a true picture of media bias.

Your Tax Dollars At Work

If you have any doubts that the U.N. is an anti-Semitic organization, read this.

Lileks On Sheehan Saga

I thought that Christopher Hitchens recent column on Cindy Sheehan was a work of genius...I still do. However, James Lileks column gives the Mighty Hitch a run for his money. Read the whole thing...it's brilliant. (Hat tip: Lorie Byrd)

Taft Indicted

It's been announced that Governor Bob Taft of Ohio will be indicted for misdemeanor crimes tied to not reported a few golf outings under state ethics laws. I'm not saying that he shouldn't be indicted necessarily, but doesn't this seem like small potatos? I mean, wouldn't your average Senator or Congressman chuckle upon hearing this?

Nevertheless, the GOP is suffering in Ohio and they need to circle the wagons tout-de-suite. Get John Kasich to run for governor.

Sheehan Make Chris Matthews Look Brilliant

Cindy Sheehan continues to hurt her case by simply speaking on television. On a recent edition of Hardball, she called for our troops to leave Afghanistan. The Ankle Biters have the nuts and bolts.

Kurds Riot In Syria

Publius Pundit is reporting that there have been riots in Syrian amongst the Kurdish population. Demonstrations in support of a banned political party that calls for Kurdish sovereignty sparked the violence.

You really have to wonder about the Kurdish question in the Middle East. The Kurds in Iraq are the most self-reliant ethnic group in the country and now their brothers in Syria are getting antsy, while those in Iran are getting the business from the Mullahs. A strong push for a Kurdish state seems likely in the coming decade.

Dumbest Story Of Our Age

Hat's off to Richard Cohen of the Washington Post. Usually, he's pretty idiotic, but today I salute him for giving Vanity Fair writer Michael Wolff the business about the Rove/Plame story. (Hat tip: Drudge)


Hugo Chavez Needs To Dry Out

Hugo Chavez's government is threatening to shut off the Venezuelan oil supply to the U.S. if we don't stop threatening them. Do you get the feeling that Chavez really, really, really wants us to attack his country? Every day it's some new paranoid fantasy from this guy and his gang of thugs. They're like that guy in the bar that's always looking for a fight. "What are you lookin' at? You wanna go? Don't think I won't do it!"

And just like that guy in the bar looking for a fight, Hugo Chavez is and always will be a loser.

Germany's Elections Near Final Stretch

Speaking of leadership...and lack thereof...Gerhard Schroder is going to his old bag of tricks in his reelection campaign, bashing President Bush and the United States at every opportunity. It worked last time, but this time around the German economy is so bad that its going to be really hard to divert attention away.

Meanwhile, the opposition, center-right candidate, Angela Merkel announced today that she is adding Paul Kirchhof, a proponent of flat income tax, to her campaign team. It's unlikely he'd be made Finance Minister should she win (this is Europe after all, let's not go nuts!), but it is a sign that she (like Koizumi in Japan) is ready to make some radical economic choices should she be elected Chancellor.

Japanese elections on September 11th; Germany's on September 18th. This could be fun.

Politics With Gusto

Why can't we have Congressional elections with a little gusto? In Japan, 22 candidates for parliament, dubbed the "assassins," have been named to run against LDP party rebels who are against Prime Minister Koizumi's privatization plan. This is highly unorthodox in Japanese politics and its making for good copy, but more importantly, it could mean Japan turning itself around economically for years to come.

This line in the Financial Times caught my eye:

It has outraged the rebels, many of whom are party stalwarts, such as Shizuka Kamei, former LDP policy research head, and Takeo Hiranuma, former trade minister. It has also raised concerns among some party elders, who fear Mr Koizumi's tactics will destroy the party and antagonise the public.

Do you notice a formula here? In politics, anytime a leader does something that antagonizes his political enemies, those said enemies always talk about the dire consequences of these actions. Now, why would you believe your enemy when he gives you advice on what to do? In reality, these "concerns" are actually what the detractors are hoping will happen or it's a product of their political cowardice. I suspect in this case, it's more the latter. Regardless, so far Koizumi has not antagonized the public, but has actually electrified it. People like leaders who lead.

Cindy Sheehan's Media Circus

Seixon says the Norwegian media (that's Norway, not Minnesota) is in lock-step behind Cindy Sheehan.

Meanwhile, the Rottweiler reacts with his usual verve.

Setting The Agenda

President Bush has broken a record...nearly 5 years without a single veto as president. There are two ways to look at this...either he just can't say no to anything, or he is so in control of the agenda in Washington that everything that comes across his desk is made to order. Unfortunately, either answer draws the same conclusion. This president agrees to budgets that are way too big. The GOP is rapidly losing its stature as the party of smaller government. The Repubicans and the Democrats have become mirror images of each other when it comes to spending, the only difference is the Dems would cut the military.

Let me go off topic for a minute....I always had a great idea about how to use the line-item veto until it was deemed unconstitutional in 1998. Take a budget bill, for example, and line-out the most ridiculous item imaginable...preferably one by Robert Byrd...then force them to take it to court, thus making someone like Byrd fight for funding for a golf course with his name on it. Unfortunately, the line-item test was wasted by President Clinton. Oh well.


What Bush Should Tell Sheehan

Don Surber has decided to become a speechwriter (of sorts) for President Bush. In a perfect world, Bush would use this speech...in a perfect world.

Bill Clinton Says He Would Have Attacked bin Laden

It's official...I hate this man.

Iraqi Democracy Worth The Effort

Check out my latest column on the Blogger News Network concerning Iraq's struggle to write a new constitution.

MORE: The boys at QandO offer some perspective.

Hitchens Takes Sheehan To School

The Mighty Hitch weighs in on the Cindy Sheehan story.

A great passage:

What dreary sentimental nonsense this all is, and how much space has been wasted on it. Most irritating is the snide idea that the president is "on vacation" and thus idly ignoring his suffering subjects, when the truth is that the members of the media—not known for their immunity to the charm of Martha's Vineyard or Cape Cod in the month of August—are themselves lazing away the season with a soft-centered nonstory that practically, as we like to say in the trade, "writes itself."

If only I could write like him.

Iraq Meets Constitutional Deadline

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Iraqi leaders have agreed on a draft constitution to be submitted to parliament by Monday's deadline except for two issues that the legislative body must decide, two Shiite officials said.
Nasar al-Rubaie, a member of the committee drafting the charter, said the document would be handed over to the 275-member National Assembly late Monday for a decision on the two unresolved issues, which he did not specify.
(Copyright 2005 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

The Stem-Cell Debate

I have no philosophical problem with fetal stem-cell research, but what I do have a problem with is the lies that go with it. Rusty Shackleford puts it beautifully.

Why Worry?

Caught this Reuters Headline on Regime Change Iran..."Iran Not Worred About Security Council Referral".

Well, yeah...why would they be?

Dizzy Dean

Taking a cue from Bianca Jaggar, Howard Dean says (as he has before) Iraqi women will be worse off under the new Iraqi government than they were under Saddam Hussein. Now, I will grant you that if Iraq decides to have a government ruled by Islamic law that there is reason to be concerned, however, I really don't see mass graves in their future.


We're Gonna Stick Together...

The Wild Bunch?

More Able Danger

The good Captain says Congress needs to step in and sort out Able Danger.

50 Cent Sells Music Like Drugs

Interesting blurb on Contact Music. 50 Cent says his days as a drug dealer taught him how to get the masses hooked on his music. I guess that makes sense.

Proving A Negative?

PYONGYANG, North Korea (CNN) -- North Korea's chief nuclear negotiator says Pyongyang may be willing to offer proof that it does not have a uranium-based weapons program, which the United States claims it does.


(Hat tip: Daily Pundit)

The Git-R-Done Grill

Mother of God. (Hat tip: Don Surber)

Happy Anniversary Lech Walesa!

25 years ago today, Lech Walesa took his first steps into becoming a freedom fighter for the ages. (Hat tip: Instapundit)

Protesting Mom Wants Jews Out Of Israel

At best, we have a woman who is so stricken with grief over the death of her son that it is blinding her. At worst, we have a woman who is a raging anti-Semite and a complete dolt when it comes to world affairs and fighting terrorism.

MORE: Wizbang ask, "Just what does President Bush owe Cindy Sheehan?"

UPDATE: Divorce?


The Revolution Will Be Blogged

There's a revolution taking place in Maldives. Never heard of it? That's why we have Publius Pundit.

Jamie Gorelick's Legacy

Cassandra weighs in on Jamie Gorelick and Mohammed Atta. It's amazing how people went on and on in the 70's how they had lost faith in their government after Watergate (fair enough), yet, this is greeted with a yawn. It's vindication for those of us who in the '90s were saying that someday we were gonna pay for the corruption and imcompetence of the Clinton Administration. However, I really wish I had been wrong.

Leadership 101

If you want to know the difference between a leader and a dope, look no further than the difference between George W. Bush and Blowhard Schroder. Wizbang shows us the way.

Let The Mud Fly

Jeanine Pirro's signature is barely dry on her campaign papers and already the New York press is working overtime to destroy her. Hillary Clinton claims to have nothing to do with it, and she's probably right. She doesn't need to tell her lapdogs what to do.

The North Korea Question

Jack Pritchard, a former U.S. Envoy under President Clinton, is singing the praises of the Bush Administration's recent diplomatic efforts in North Korea. I don't know much about Pritchard, so I don't know if this is a good sign or a bad sign.


Clinton Ignored Terrorism

I'm just gonna say it. Bill Clinton and his administration of half-wits and thugs share some of the responsibility for 9/11. Their ridiculous policy of a wall between intelligence agencies and Clinton's total disregard for the CIA and the dangers that terrorism posed are criminal. Now, we get word from Congressman Curt Weldon that the Clinton administration knew about the Mohammad Atta threat...and so did the 9/11 Commission. But as the Maha Rushie put it today, the 9/11 Commission, like all blue-ribbon commissions, existed to protect the status quo. Absolutely criminal.

Bianca Jaggar's Civil War

So over my lunch break today, I saw Bianca Jaggar on Fox News talking about the Iraq war. She stated the usual anti-war line that the Iraq war is causing more terrorism than it is preventing...but then she took it a step further. She said that if you look at what's happening in Iraq, it is clear that it's on the brink of a civil war. She also said that if you ask Iraqi women, they will tell you that they have fewer freedoms now than they did under Saddam.

I've always thought of myself as a very perceptive person...so for what it's worth, as I watch Jaggar interview it really came across to me that she wasn't lying, but that she actually believes what she was saying. I could be wrong, but I found it all pretty amazing.

MORE: Along similar lines...McQ wonder how we can call certain people "experts" or "professors."

Recruiting Numbers Up

You won't find this reported on CNN

Cindy Sheehan's 15 Minutes

An excellent commentary from Erick over at RedState on the Cindy Sheehan saga.

The NY Times Covers Hot-Air America Scandal

Michelle Malkin has her magnifying glass out in order to find the article in New York's daily rag.

Another Brick in Clinton's Wall

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler explains why Bill Clinton's legacy is getting worse by the day.


More Of Clinton's Legacy

Rightwing Nuthouse has some nice analysis on the story of pre-9/11 information that was bungled by the Clinton administration and its National Security Chief, Sandy Hamburglar.

If this had been in a Republican administration...well, do I have to go on?

Japan Responds to Koizumi's Challenge

I love it when my analysis is vindicated. Recently, I heaped praise on Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi for his bold move to dismiss the lower house of parliament and put his political life on the line in a September vote in order to get the MP's he needs to push through a vast postal privatization plan. We're talking about trillions of dollars being taken out of the government's hands and put into the free market. It's the kind of stuff that makes the likes of Milton Friedman giddy. Now, in the first polls taken after this decision, it seems the strategy is paying off. The Financial Times reports:

The prime minister's decision to dismiss the parliament's lower house in response to a rejection of postal privatization by the upper chamber was considered unorthodox. Members of his own party publicly branded his move eccentric and called him a "parliamentary suicide bomber".

But voters appear to approve of Mr Koizumi's decision to throw down the gauntlet. In the Mainichi survey, his cabinet approval rating rose 9 points to 46 per cent, while the Asahi showed approval up 5 points to 45 per cent.


The Asahi poll found that postal reform - of very little interest to the public before this week's upheaval - was considered important by 53 per cent of respondents and a big electoral issue by 67 per cent.

People love a leader who leads. It's very early in the game and Koizumi can't take anything for granted. He needs to hit the campaign trail like it's the biggest election in Japan's history...which, in some ways, it is.

Stop Cindy!

Cindy Sheehan's family is speaking out against her protest at the Western White House. Drudge is on it like white on bread.

MORE: Rusty Shackleford has more on the borderline anti-semitism of Ms. Sheehan. P.S. Anytime you here someone say we're doing whatever in the Middle East, "to protect Israel," you can immediately write them off. In the first place, Israel doesn't need protection...their army could easily defeat any Arab county. Not much on that front has changed since the '60s when the IAF made quick work of their Muslim neighbors.

Bluetooth Flirting

Years from now when we look back on the evolution of the Middle East toward a more democratic society, we'll look at the Bush/Blair and the Iraq War, Lebanon's Hariri Revolution and other similar events. But what we might forget is the effect of technology. This story out of Saudi Arabia is truly inspiring. The Arab Kingdom practices a very puritanical form of Islam, Wahhabism, which doesn't allow different sexes to mingle unless they are close family. However, thanks to Bluetooth technology, they can flirt to their heart's content.

C'mon King Abdullah...you're a man of the world...let your people flirt freely!

GOP Moderates Ready To Jump Ship

Today, when you find yourself complaining about high gas prices, read this article and then look me in the eye and tell me our government is doing everything it can to bring prices down.


Israel's Biggest Mistake

Atlas Shrugs gives the International Herald Tribune the fisking of their life on a story they did about the Gaza pullout.

Santorum's Fight Against Libertarians

Jon Henke over at QandO rips Rick Santorum for his anti-libertarianism.


My Late Night Rant

Nick Danger at RedState has done some analysis on an article in the Washington Post about what the future holds for the GOP and the Dems in 2006 and beyond. Nick used this passage from Dan Balz's column as a springboard:

Dissatisfaction over the war in Iraq, the economy and rising health care costs might spell trouble for Republicans, but a study by Democratic strategists warns that their party's failure to connect with voters on cultural issues could prevent Democratic candidates from reaping gains in upcoming national elections.

This is the kind of stuff that just makes my blood boil. Here's some hard truths that not even die-hard Republicans can get through their heads: First, the war in Iraq is over. I don't care that we still have troops there and that there are terrorists suicide attacks and roadside bombs. War is about the conquest of land. We've done that...Saddam's gone, Democracy is in, what's left is cleanup...it's a very important part of the process, but it's only war in the metaphorical sense of "the war on terror." Second, the economy?! The economy???!!!! These very same economic figures in the mid-90s were used to make Bill Clinton sound like a genius. And don't talk to me about the deficit. Considering our country was attacked 4 years ago and we're at war, you couldn't ask for much better. AND don't even THINK about saying, "our children and grandchildren are gonna have to pay the bill." Nonsense. It's one of those things that people always say to sound compassionate even though they have no idea what they're talking about. And speaking of footing the bill, yes, health care costs are rising. Why is that? Could it have something to do with government regulations and ridiculous malpractice lawsuit jury awards? How is that a problem for Republicans? If you study the issue for, oh, 5 minutes, you'll see that it's the party that's in the pockets of trial lawyers a la John Edwards that has more explaining to do.


Political Correctness 1, Common Sense 0

Bob Barr gives us his take on the NCAA's new rule banning Native American mascots in post-season play.

CNN Runs False Roberts Ad

Normally I wouldn't get too worked up over something like this. With any news organization running political ads, it's always dicey. You're a new organization, after all, that is (in theory) dedicated to truth, yet you also have to make money to survive and political ads are like mother's milk. You do what you gotta do.

However, in this case CNN is running an ad by NARAL about John Roberts that has been proven to be at best a gross distortion and at worst an outright malicious lie. The wrinkle here, as RedState aptly points out, is that CNN prides itself on being the foremost authority on truth in political advertising, with the likes of Brooks Jackson and that idiot Bill Snieder checking every little detail of every ad. Looks like hypocrisy has won the day.

MORE: McQ has the lowdown on the ad in question.

Chris Martin's Pretzel Logic

You know...when I first saw this headline on Drudge: SNUB: 'COLDPLAY' MARTIN REFUSES TO MEET BRITISH PRIME MINISTER... my first thought was, "okay, he's against the war, so he doesn't want to break bread with him, or he's against his economic policies or something like that...that's cool. He has a right to his opinion."

Then I read the real reason:

Martin respects the British premier, but does not want to be seen publicly socializing with the leader of the Labour party, for fear of offending his fans who may disagree with Blair's political goals and stance over the war in Iraq.

He says, "I'm not going to go. I really like Tony Blair. He's interested in the same things as I am - he plays the guitar and he always gives the impression of doing what he can to help.
"But I don't particularly want to be photographed with him at the moment."

You have got to be f*cking kidding me!

Hot Air America

Michelle Malkin is not going to let up on Air America.

Justice Breyer Defends Consideration Of International Law



The Right's Lunatic Fringe

We call it like it is at Jim-Rose.com. While much of the blogosphere is (rightfully so) ripping the group NARAL for its disgusting commercial accusing John Roberts of supporting violence against abortionists, The Political Teen rightly points out the ridiculous action of a Virginia group, Public Advocate of the United States. The conservative organization has pulled its support for John Roberts because he once worked on a case helping overturn a Colorado referendum on gays. For God's sake people, he worked for a law firm, took the cases he was given and did his job...fighting tooth-and-nail for his clients. This is the kind of reactionary nonsense that justifies the criticism of the Christian Right.

Worse Than Batista

Stefania over at Free Thoughts has a roundup of recent news from Fidel Castro's island paradise.

So this is what utopia is supposed to be?

Dr. Capitalism (or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love PM Koizumi

Will Franklin aptly points out that Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi is pushing a privatization plan that is so daring it could mean the difference between Japan becoming an economic powerhouse or an also-ran.

The parliamentary system is fascinating sometimes...Koizumi is spitting man that a handful in his party voted against the privatization measure and has vowed to purge these members:

"I will crush the old LDP and create a new one. I will not join hands with the old LDP," the Yomiuri Shimbun quoted Koizumi as telling LDP leader following yesterday's vote. "I will be merciless. I will decide (candidates) depending only on whether they are against or for the plan to privatize the postal system."

Damn! This is big stuff. Koizumi is taking a huge risk by putting the lower house of the parliament up for re-election and risking his office, but the fact that he is taking a bold stand is what's so exciting and the reason, I think, he will be successful. This is the kind of thing I vote for (and why I voted for W). We elected leaders to lead, to make bold choices and to be willing to rise or fall with these choices. Bush, Blair, Howard, Aznar, Koizumi...these men are leaders.

This is the kind of stuff you call "news." No house fire, crime in the city or hurricane compares to something like this...an event in which the outcome will have major implications on future generations.

European Cowardice

Damn! Mathias Doepfner, chief executive of German media group Axel Springer, has a powerful piece in The Australian today in which he blast his European brethren for their cowardice in the face of tyranny. Even Joan Collins is coming around to the fact that Europeans need to get their collective ass in gear. (Hat tip: Trey Jackson)

American Hypocrites

A great piece from The Mighty Hitch on supposed "neutrals" in the war on terror who revel in rating successes and failures in Iraq. He also takes American humanitarian groups to task. Money quote:

"The United States is awash in human rights groups, feminist organizations, ecological foundations, and committees for the rights of minorities. How come there is not a huge voluntary effort to help and to publicize the efforts to find the hundreds of thousands of "missing" Iraqis, to support Iraqi women's battle against fundamentalists, to assist in the recuperation of the marsh Arab wetlands, and to underwrite the struggle of the Kurds, the largest stateless people in the Middle East? Is Abu Ghraib really the only subject that interests our humanitarians?"

I think we all know the answer to those questions.

War Of The Roses

Atlas Shrugs is stoked Jeanine Pirro's entrance into the New York Senate race.

Dean Invents Word

The Ankle Biters rightly point out that if George W. Bush has said this, Paul Begala would be writing another book.

Peace Activists Hate Peace

Much to my chagrin, I missed this story about Martin Sheen's visit to the Nevada Test Site to protest 60 years without nuclear war. Fortunately, His Majesty is on the story in his own unique way.


Robin Cook, Failure, R.I.P.

I'm never one to condone speaking ill of the dead, but at the same time, I'm not a phony. British MP Robin Cook died this past weekend of a heart attack. Cook was a Foreign Secretary under Tony Blair who later resigned to protest Great Britain's entry into the Iraq War. I think it about says it all that Madeleine Albright will be giving a eulogy at his funeral. Like Albright, Cook was a diplomat from the so-called "realists" school that says you have to appease your enemies and play up your weaknesses. Blair is being bashed for not rushing back from his vacation to attend memorial services. I respect Blair more for not going. Why go and be a phony? Robin Cook may have loved his country, but he did a terrible job defending its interests. Like many in the game of world diplomacy, he was blinded by his leftist ideology. A real shame.

Welcome To 1963

Well, they're at it again...Harry Belafonte and the extreme left-wing black leaders in our government held a rally this weekend to protest the existence of George W. Bush and the American way of life. Black America has simply got to stand up to these people and say, "not in my name!" Is that a pipe-dream? (Hat tip: Drudge)

MORE: The Ankle Biters say the real news here is what wasn't said.

ANWR On The Way?

It looks like ANWR drilling in Alaska may be getting closer to reality.

Go Ask Tojo

The Rottweiler says there's no way we should apologize to Japan for winning WWII.

Iraqi Politician Throws Down

Remember the name of this Iraqi politician...Iyad Jamal Al-Din. He's not afraid to tell the Arab world how it is.


Peter Jennings Dies

Just breaking...

The MSM Times

Drudge has more on his scoop on the New York Times looking into the adoption records of John Roberts' children.

Venezuela's Joke Elections

Venezuela's municipal elections have a whopping 8% voter turnout so far. Hugo Chavez has extended voting for a few hours to he can try and get turnout into double digits. Oh, and big shock, his party is leading in the polls so far. Publius Pundit has all the sad and pathetic details.

Save The Boobs!

Before you ask, this is not a vanity posts. You can't make this stuff up. Samizdata has the story of a move by the EU to try and ban bar maids in Europe from sporting too much cleavage, believing that it creates a health hazard for the waitresses. This is the kind of sexually-represses crap I expect to see in this country, not Europe.

For all you Euros out there...unite and fight to save the Bar Boobs!!

Absolute Evel

I just saw a phenomenal documentary on the History Channel about legendary dare-devil Evel Knievel call "Absolute Evel." In this age of ours where the likes of Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock have nearly destroyed the genre of the documentary, this was a breath of fresh air. It didn't have the trite template of interviewing everyone who's ever known him talking about how great he was and his dark side and so on...it just had an interview with him and his son Robbie and lots of archival footage, including his legendary appearances on ABC's Wide World of Sports with Howard Cosell and Frank Gifford. Just really well done and extremely fascinating even if you've never had an interest in dare-devils. Catch it if you can.

Jennings Rumors

Michelle Malkin has the latest on rumors that Peter Jennings is near death in his fight against lung cancer. Hopefully, this isn't true, but if so, we should wish him and his family the best during this difficult time.

The Tale Of J. Robert Oppenheimer

As we face the 60th anniversary of the bomb being dropped on Japan, Right Wing Nut House has a nice look at the inventor of the bomb, J. Robert Oppenheimer.

32 Days And Counting

Cassandra is on the case to make sure we don't forget a very important anniversary coming up in 32 days...Rathergate.

Revenge On The Paparazzi?

A photographer trying to get some shots at a party at Britany Spears' house was mysteriously shot in the leg with a pellet gun. (Hat tip: Drudge)

Netanyahu Resigns

Things are heating up in Israel as Ben Netanyahu has resigned his post as Finance Minister with the government to protest the Gaza pullout. After shaping the Israeli economy into a well-oiled machine, Netanyahu will most likely challenge Sharon for Likud Party leadership in the next go-around.


Just The Good Ol' Boys

Saw the remake of "The Dukes of Hazard" today over at the Palms Theater. It was pretty good...not great, but worth the money. Going in, I was really curious to see how they would handle the Confederate Flag on top of the General Lee. SPOILER ALERT: They did have the flag on top of the car and in a scene where they were driving the streets of Atlanta, they were called Klansmen by a black driver and told, "The South will rise again!" by a redneck driver...much to the Duke Boys confusion. Eventually they realized that Cooter had painted it on the top...this became a problem when they found themselves in a black neighborhood and pulled over by black cops. It was pretty clever. People got to air their grievances, but the main characters didn't have to take a stand one way or another.

As for Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke...well, all I can say is, if this woman asked me to bark like a dog, I would respond, "what breed?"

Daily Kos Doing The Quality Work Of A Howard Dean

Eleanor Clift shows just what a political genius she is by saying that Markos Zuniga is a great political consultant. Rusty Shakelford is a bit nonplused by this notion.

Galloway's Worst Nightmare

Seixon's back...and George Galloway is in his cross-hairs.

Tax Cuts Pay Off

President Bush is celebrating the fact that his tax cuts have paid off. Naturally, the MSM is trying to take that away by playing up problems in Iraq. Yes, more soldiers were killed this week, that's what happens in war. It's a terrible thing, but c'mon people, somewhere around 2000 soldiers didn't even make it to the beaches of Normandy. Time to get a grip...don't let these socialists slime get you down.


I Am Not A Number

A survey in "Uncut" magazine of the Top 100 songs, movies, TV shows and books that changed the world list Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" at number 1, but for us here at Jim-Rose.com, the big news is that the most "world changing" TV show was none-other than The Prisoner, Patrick McGoohan's 1960's series about a spy held prisoner in a "village" and named Number 6. For a neo-libertarian like myself, the series says it all.

Be seeing you...


Novak's Had It With The Bullshit

I'm thoroughly confused. When the news hit of Robert Novak's incident on CNN, it was reported that it had to do with him being asked about the Plame leak story. But after watching the video on Political Teen, it looks more like he was simply tired of the insults from that idiot Carville. What am I missing here?

Rehnquist To The Hospital

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, was taken to the hospital with a fever on Thursday, the second emergency treatment for the 80-year-old ailing justice in two months. Rehnquist, who has cancer, had been taken by ambulance to Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, Va., in July and admitted for observation and tests.
Supreme Court spokesman Ed Turner said Rehnquist returned to the same hospital "for evaluation" after developing a fever on Thursday.
(Copyright 2005 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

It's Called Treason

George Galloway did an interview recently on Syrian television where he basically incited terrorists to strike at the West. This guy continues to make Jane Fonda look like a patriot.

MORE: Galloway defends his remarks.

EVEN MORE: The Rottweiler says, hang him high.

STILL MORE: Chrenkoff chimes in on Galloway's Neo-Marxism.


Must See TV!

Don Surber is on a roll as he lists out his ideas for a new sitcom for the ever desperate NBC. My favorite: "Tennessee Tuxedo."

Bolton's Sense Of Humor

From a story in the AP:

When he (Bolton) spotted an old friend standing with the media, he hugged him and then stood back saying with a big smile: "I just don't want to damage your reputation."

The man laughingly replied: "Don't worry about that."

MORE FUNNY: James Lileks (via McQ) has a rundown of John Bolton's first day on the job.

The Byrd Is The Word, Continued

West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd is running scared with a year and a half before his next election. After ads were run in his home state attacking his lousy record, he's running ads in response. The GOP should make a hard run for this seat despite the fact that the odds are against them. If nothing else, it would be a lot of fun just to give the ol' Kleagle nightmares. Don Surber has the story.

GOP Wins Congressional Seat

The Republican's dodged a bullet last night and held on to an Ohio Congressional seat in a special election. Democrats want to call it a bell-weather race, but that's being a bit optimistic. The Republican Party in Ohio is in a shambles after much corruption in the state government and the two Senators proving themselves to be textbook RINO's. By rights, the Republicans should take a pretty good hit in '06 in that state, but in light of the local problems, it would be wrong to say this is a picture of the state of the nation. With all the legislation that Bush and his posse have been able to get through this year, the time is hardly ripe for the Dems to make gains unless something catastrophic happens in the next year. But, they shouldn't rest on their laurels either. If I'm Ken Mehlman, I do whatever I can to get John Kasich to run for governor and pour some money into the election coffers for next year. Don't give up without a fight.

Meanwhile, Charles Johnson says the Democrats lose last night is Daily Kos's fault.

UPDATE: RedState concurs.

No Regrets

Journalist Albert Eisele says he has not regrets for reporting comments from Helen Thomas in which she said she would kill herself if Dick Cheney ran for president. He titles his piece, "My Affair With Helen." Ew!

Congressman Praises Club Gitmo

Nevada's own U.S. Representative Jon Porter, back from a visit to Club Gitmo says the military prison is a better facility than most prisons in Nevada. Go figure.

Blogger Killed

Free-lance journalist/blogger Steven Vincent has been killed in Iraq while doing research for a book. Power Line has more.


The (Yawn) Plame Case Revisited

One of my old favorites (not), Sydney Schanberg, has a column in the Village Voice today about his desire that the reporters involved in Plame Affair tell their stories. I gotta say, I'm surprised how utterly boring and uninspired this column is. The words do the opposite of jump off the page. I guess he writes better when he's slamming the "war machine."

Iran Nukes In 10?

McQ is highly skeptical of a new intelligence report that Iran is actually 10 years away from producing the materials needed for a nuclear bomb. Some great analysis, but another point I would add is that there are a lot of Joe Wilson types at the CIA. Different agents, different reports.

Bush Steals Health From The Poor

Via Drudge: In one of their more brilliant press releases, the DNC points out how President Bush is the most physically fit president in history and exercises 6 days a week. However, according to the Dems, this is done at the sufferance of millions of American children as they accuse the president of cutting back on P.E. programs and not dealing with the problem of childhood obesity.

Tomorrow: Environmentalists accuse Bush of using ultra-clean oxygen while others choke on corporate pollution. Stay tuned...

Bolton: Day One

If you need a laugh this morning, read this article from Der Spiegel about the recess appointment of John Bolton to the U.N. The European Intelligentsia is having a cow, as expected. Here's a telling quote:

"Bush is sending the message that the UN in general is not on the front burner anymore for the United States," said Professor Frank Unger, a professor at Berlin's John F. Kennedy School of Foreign Relations, who specializes in international relations and US policy. "It's not a message Europeans like hearing."

I'd have more respect for these guys if their opinions were based on sound reasoning. The fact that Bush sent someone like Bolton to the U.N. shows that he is indeed interested in putting the U.N. on the front burner. If Bush didn't care about the organization, he would just put one of Colin Powell's drones in there to watch the world go by as the U.N. continues to make backroom deals with thugs and pass anti-Semitic resolutions. Instead, he sends someone that is going to try and change things for the better. Get a clue, Frankie.


Up Is Down, Black Is White

Power Line has a look at the two Americas: one for the Democrats and one for Reality. You decide which one works best for you.

Jimmy Stewart: G-Man

A new book is coming out claiming that Jimmy Stewart worked undercover for J. Edgar Hoover to help root out communists in Hollywood. That wouldn't be surprising as Stewart was always aligned with Ronald Reagan politically. However, I find it interesting that in this article about the book they call it a "damning" biography. As usual, the prevailing belief that all communists in Hollywood were just innocent people concerned about the down-trodden reigns supreme. Let's just conveniently forget that many of these people, like Ring Lardner and Dalton Trumbo were not just communists but Stalinists who wanted the American government overthrown. If it's true that Stewart assisted the FBI, is that really a bad thing? (Hat tip: Drudge)

MORE: Lorie Byrd says she now loves Jimmy Stewart all the more.

Air America Scandal

Big trouble over at Air America. Looks like Al Franken may be in the middle of a scandal. Michelle Malkin is on the story like stink on a monkey.

King Fahd Dies

After nearly 10 years of poor health due to a stroke, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia has passed away. It doesn't seem this will have much impact on the kingdom as his brother Crown Prince Abdullah has been running things for the past decade and will now officially take the throne.

MORE: Get some background on Abdullah at QandO.

Here's Bolton

Finally, Bush has decided to use the power of recess appointment and put John Bolton in the U.N. Expect tons of squawking today about alleged abuse of power and etc. even though Clinton made several such appointments.

And don't forget who is against sending someone like Bolton to the U.N. Sadly, we have many, many people in our government who are content with the U.N. staying the way it is...corrupt to the bone.

CALLED IT!: Ted Kennedy says, "The abuse of power and the cloak of secrecy from the White House continues."

I shouldn't brag. It's not like that was hard to predict.