The Politics Of "Gotcha!"

Reading this story from Newsmax about recent comments from radio host Bill Bennett and the reaction from liberal critics is the kind of stuff that makes me want to move to Marlon Brando's island and paint oyster shells for a living.

UPDATE: Here's a comment left on this post by one of the Kos Kidz:

Umm... gosh and golly?

I wouldn't expect a bigot to have any problems with ol Bill's statement.
Intellectualize this all you want, and spin, forrest, spin. You're more offended by the public's (or, you'd probably call it the "media's") outrage over such an overtly racist comment? In what way could HillBilly ever contextualize such a statement "While it's true..."

Point your big foam finger at the messenger all you want, apologist, YOUR "outrage" over our outrage exposes you that much more.

You're SOOOOOOO offended.
What a fuckin joke.

Wake up goose-stepper-
This party is just getting started.

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http://www.dailykos.com/storyonl...9/29/181822/ 366

Libertarian my ass.

Roberts Is In, Now It's Time For Brown

I stand with Cassandra on the call for Bush to nominate Janice Rogers Brown to the Supreme Court. Sure, it'd be a fierce battle, but that's what politics is about. She'd be worth it. If Bush got her on the court his legacy would be intact and the court would finally swing away from its "international wing."

What The Hell?

Looks like the Democrats were right about the Katrina Congressional hearings being a sham, but I doubt they expect the Republicans to give Blanco a free pass. What cowards they all are.


Lech Walesa Looks Back

Lech Walesa, on a tour of the United States, gave an interview to the New York Sun today and gave them a line about communism that I suspect will be quoted for decades:

"For me, it was weird that communism existed as long as it did. For a hundred years people will be writing: How is it possible that communism was able to function? Everybody was against it privately, yet somehow it was able to continue and was hard to break up."

But thankfully, men like Walesa did break it up...and with a union no less. One of the greatest ironies in history.

Bad Phones? Bad Journalism

In the last few days we've learned just how wrong the media was in their coverage of the Katrina disaster. They took rumors as facts, embellished them, and when caught, looked for others to blame. Junkyard Blog has a nice write-up on what could be next. As a wise man told me, it's called "projection." (Hat tip: UJ)

Pataki Ditches Anti-American Memorial

Good news out of New York as Governor Pataki has thrown out the "International Freedom Center" from Ground Zero. The Ankle Biters have the story.

What To Say About Tom Delay

I don't have a lot to say, for I find this story rather boring, but here goes: First, if Delay is guilty, he should be punished; Second, history has shown this prosecutor in Texas has a partisan agenda, so the indictment is suspect; and third, and this is not excusing Delay, he may be guilty of "crimes" that most Congressmen are guilty of as well. Reid and Polosi have been asked about it and they get very defensive.Michelle Malkin has everything you need to know.

A Collosal Waste Of Time

McCain met with Sheehan...afterwards he was bored from hearing the same old stuff he's heard on television for months, while she called him a war-monger. Are her 15-minutes up yet?


From The Mouths Of Babes

This story is getting some play, and for good reason. A hospital in the UK has banned cooing at babies in the maternity ward in the interest of their civil rights. Who better to opine on this subject than my man McQ.

Rudy Giuliani '08

Lorie Byrd has a convincing piece about how Rudy Giuliani should be the next President of the United States.

Huey Long Would Be Proud

The whole saga of Hurricane Katrina has been an utter fiasco. The Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana proved to be incompetent when it came to crisis leadership. The federal response was blasted for being too little too late. FEMA Director Mike Brown was given the boot and the media had a field day finding new and exciting ways to blame the Bush administration and serve up juicy stories of complete Armageddon at the Superdome with reports of dozens of people raped and murdered. It turned to be nothing but lies and the MSM, when given a potentially blockbuster story, went out of their way to avoid looking for the truth, the often inconvenient truth. Dan Rather's legacy personified.

George W. Bush, in my mind, has been a great president, but he is still a politician. He is still a man susceptible to the winds of often irrational public opinion. After the disaster, he gave tepid apologies when he had nothing to apologize for. He obediently responded to critics wondering why FEMA didn't rush in and save the day; critics that seemed to have no concept (or concern) for the fact that this is not FEMA's purpose. Now, the president is responding to all the criticism by proposing that we change the laws so that the Federal Government does NOT have to get the okay from a state's governor to send first responders (i.e. military) into a state. This is wrong for so many reasons...

Read the rest of my column at the Blogger News Network.

Brown Goes Out Fighting

Maybe he was the best man for the job or maybe he wasn't, but Mike Brown stated clearly that FEMA is not a first-responder to natural disasters. It is mind-boggling how few people understand that. Before a Congressional Committee today, Brown went out in a blaze of glory by pointing out that his biggest mistake was not recognizing that "Louisiana was dysfunctional." Amen.


A Brutal Week For The NFL

I haven't seen as bad a week for injuries in the NFL in a very long. Rodney Harrison, Takeo Spikes, Willy Offord are gone for the season. David Akers has a torn groin muscle (ouch!). Donovan McNabb and Kurt Warner are hurting (as usual), and Chad Pennington is, once again, out for the season and possibly forever. The Jets are beyond screwed right now as 3 games into the season they have to seriously look at getting a brand-new "quarterback of the future." A young man named Brooks Bollinger will have a big audition this Sunday in Baltimore, and since we're talking about a New York team, anything short of a spectacular performance from Bollinger will leave the Jets fans fit to be tied.

And the most amazing thing...Steve McNair seems quite healthy.

Blackberry Blogging

Sorry about the busted links on today's earlier posts. I was blogging with my Blackberry and it's a little tricky.

Seeing Orange

Those of you that think democratic revolution in a country has no effect on neighboring states should take a look at how Vladdy Putin gets nervous whenever he sees the color orange.

"Anti-War" Or "Progressives": The MSM's Masks Of Choice

The Mighty Hitch takes the New York Times to school concerning their coverage of the "anti-war" protests this weekend.

The Big Lie In New Orleans

The American Thinker has the news of how the apocalypse in New Orleans was greatly exaggerated.


Don Surber Nails It

The "peace" protestors in Washington probably don't know it, but Don Surber just zinged 'em. They say they were able to get 300,000 protesters to march...

300,000. Isn't that the number of people found in mass graves scattered across Iraq?

Oh, that's gotta hurt.

Cassandra Celebrates 1st Year!

One of my favorite blogs, Cassandra2004, is celebrating its first anniversary with a look back at some of the major events of the past year in the Blogosphere.

Sheehan Be Damned, The War Continues

Bill Roggio has an update on how coalition forces have stepped up their campaign to kill more terrorists along the Euphrates River.

Hugo Chavez: A Case-Study Of Psychotic Behavior

  1. A psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence.
  2. An obsession with grandiose or extravagant things or actions.

Venezuelan President (dictator) Hugo Chavez is totally obsessed with the United States. He desperately wants to be the focus of attention from the Bush administration so much so that he can taste it. Newsmax has the details of his latest manic episode:

"I could deal with President Bush. I would like to transform this confrontation, this aggressive rhetoric, into a mature, serious debate on common issues. With President Clinton, we were able to sit and talk," Chavez says in an interview with Special Diplomatic Correspondent Lally Weymouth.

"But with this administration, it is impossible to talk because they want to impose things on you. Now, before the hurricane, they knew that Katrina was coming, and the government did not evacuate people. In Cuba, when they know a hurricane is coming, chickens, hens and people are all evacuated."

To where? Cuba is the size of my big toe?

In the October 3 issue of Newsweek, Chavez says that he believes that "The government of the United States, that's the empire. We have evidence that there are plans in this country to invade Venezuela."

He continues, "There is a plan called 'Balboa.' Our intelligence found this plan, and everything is spelled out there - the target is Venezuela. I hope that this will never happen because you're going to regret it. There will be such havoc in the whole hemisphere if this happens. The price of oil would shoot up and reach what - $100 a barrel?"

If Chavez weren't the dictator of a South American country, I have no doubt he'd be a barfly in Philadelphia picking a fight with every guy that looked at him.

Some Vindication For My Schroder Analysis

Just one week ago in my post "Schroder Brags About Loss," I looked at the behavior of the German Chancellor as he acted like he'd won an election that he really lost:

What is the point of all this? Is it to keep the faithful in good spirits? Yes, in the short-term, but in the long run, it makes them look like fools, or it should. We criticize the media a lot for their liberal-bias and snide comments and reporting disguised as journalism. For me, however, this pales in comparison to the media's wont to serve as a conveyance of unmistakable flummery to the public without so much as a twitch from their collective brow. Only the Financial Times, from what I can see, is willing to call a spade a spade.

Well, the German press seems to have caught up to me finally (a little patting of myself on the back). Der Speigel looks at the response this past week from all the German newspapers, including this gem for the left-leaning Berliner Zeitung which say Schroder has given Germany a new language:

"The 'loser' of an election is now known as the 'winner,' as long as he's a Social Democrat, had expected to do much worse, and is named Schroder." The editors go on to trash Schroder's main tactic for clinging to power, which would involve dissolving a traditional rule allowing Merkel's CDU to sit as a single parliamentary party with its Bavarian counterpart, the CSU. "The methods Schroder and some of his cronies have resorted to are not just dishonest but frivolous."

Why Hitch, Why?

The Political Teen has a clip from Bill Maher's show this past Friday in which he had on Christopher Hitchens, George Galloway and some BBC anchorette. Watch the video, then come back to me.

You have to wonder sometimes why the Hitch subjects himself to this postmodernist's purgatory. Galloway and Maher do what they do best, getting cheap laughs with oh-so-clever little quips. Galloway's, "Bush talks about prophets, but he really means profits," and the like. I suppose the Hitch figures if he's there, he can plant the seeds of civility that may not have any affect on Maher, but grow amongst a handful of the television viewers that feel showing a picture of Laura Bush with black-eyes may be just a bit much.

This clip, however, is educational in another way in that it shows that the Hitch has come further to the Right than many of us realize. Seeing him talk about what a wonderful woman Laura Bush is surprised even me. This is a man that fought Thatcher tooth-and-nail for years and eulogized Bob Hope as being overrated and not funny. I think Hitch really feels for the Bush's and what they've done for the world. Remember, he's very close to the Kurdish people, which probably more than anyone are responsible for his conversion...9/11 being the final push. Those of us on the Libertarian Right are in a much better way with him on our side.

Bush Trying To Avoid Burnout

Rumors are spreading, thanks to the National Enquirer, that George W. Bush has fallen off the wagon and is drinking again. The story goes that with the struggles in Iraq and the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe, the pressure is getting to the president. There is also speculation that this is part of the reason he has spent so much time at the ranch, a place where he can drink without much notice.

Certainly those of us with brains know that a president is never on vacation. No matter where he is, he's got the nuclear suitcase and a team of staff and advisors at his beck and call. However, we are also smart enough to know that when he spends a month at the ranch, it gives the wrong impression. It looks like he's not taking the job seriously enough and, in a time of war, running a free and easy presidency similar to that of Dwight Eisenhower.

I was thinking about this today and something dawned on me that I don't think anyone else has taken into consideration. Bush 43 is filled with the lessons of the presidency of Bush 41. George W. spent all of 1992 on the campaign trail with his father and saw just how grueling it was for him. Remember how Bush 41 looked in the last year of his presidency? He had aged dramatically. His health was questionable and he was, you could argue, completely burned out after one term in office. My suspicion is that George W. is going to great lengths to avoid this fate. The presidency is a 24/7 job that takes it toll. Bush is trying to do whatever he can to soften the blow. Remember too, he is an exercise addict.

I highly doubt he is drinking again. I think it's more likely he's trying to avoid being a 80 year old man when he leaves office in 2009.


No Apologies, And Why Not

We should all stop for a moment and show some recognition to Reps. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia and John Conyers of Michigan. They are the only two Democratic officerholders in Washington who have the guts to show people who they truly are. John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, Jane Fonda...none of them had the courage to be in Washington on Saturday and say proudly, "I'm anti-American!" With McKinney and Conyers you not only know where they stand, you get to see it for yourself.

Poland Tries Not To Follow Germany

It's looking like Poland is going to shift to the right in Sunday elections as two center-right parties are poised to post a victory over the ex-communists. Here's hoping.


Ron Silver Takes On The U.N.

Ron Silver, for years, has had a dubious place in the annals of conservative politics. During Bill Clinton's first inauguration, the ecstatic Hollywood liberal saw an Air Force jet flying over them. At first, he was filled with hatred, until he remembered, "Those are ours now!"

But then on September 11, 2001, America was changed forever...and so were many of its people. Christopher Hitchens, Geraldo Rivera, James Woods and some other notables had been having second thoughts about their liberal or leftist ideology; 9/11 pushed them over the brink. Another man who would never be the same was Ron Silver. While hardly a Reagan conservative, Silver's eyes have been open to the plight of freedom in the world and America's role in that fight. He took part in the production of the documentary Fahrenhype 9/11 which took Fahrenheit 9/11 to task for its lies and anti-Americanism.

Now Silver has set his sight on what used to be his childhood getaway...the United Nations. (Hat tip: Instapundit)


The Biggest Mistake

Don Surber makes a strong case that Arlen Specter may be George W. Bush's (and Karl Rove's) biggest mistake.


Bush Destroying Mars

IMAO has the story of how President Bush, not satisfied with destroying planet Earth, is now in the process of destroying Mars...and all because he refuses to sign Kyoto. Monster!

Ted Turner Covers For Murderous Dictator

McQ has the scoop on Ted Turner making excuses for the crimes of Kim Jong-Il. How can a man smart enough to build a media empire and make billions of dollars be so lost when it comes to world affairs? I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and writing him off as stupid. The only other explanation is that he condones murderous tyranny. So which is it, Ted?

Germany Struggles With Indecision, Part II

My man Will Franklin gives us an exhaustive rundown of what's going on in Germany and how the European nation may have reached the point of no return. His analysis makes mine from a few days ago look like Cliff's Notes (damn him). He also gives us a little eye-candy to keep our attention. Rrrrow!

A Little Fun For Bush 41


Voinovich Chugs The Kool-Aide

Well, it's over for George Voinovich in Republican circles. After crying on the Senate floor because that big meanie John Bolton was going to the U.N., his reputation within his own party was damaged mightily. But then, a lot of people figured, hey, he's a bit of a pussy, but he's still a Republican and still a solid vote for the GOP on most issues, right? Wrong.

MSM/Left-Wing Vexed By Afghanistan's Democracy

Ralph Peters lays into the MSM for ignoring the violence-free elections in Afghanistan last weekend.

Georgia Tells Europe To Get With It

It's got to say something when a former Soviet state is telling Europe it needs to get it's ass in gear. I'm really starting to dig this Saakashvili guy.


The Elephant In Germany's Room

Daniel Hannan of the Brussels Journal points out that the E.U. is giving the Germany people an excuse for their voter apathy. An excellent point. One could make the argument that the E.U. is doing the opposite of its true intention to serve a counter-balance of power to the United States. Instead, you've got economic powers like Germany on the rocks and France and the Netherlands saying, screw it. Oops.

Stuck On Stupid (a.k.a. A Star Is Born)

Looks like General Honore has just entered the exclusive club of legends in the Blogosphere. Why isn't this guy in Iraq? (Hat tip: Instapundit)

MORE: Radioblogger is smitten.

EVEN MORE: Will Franklin calls it the line of the year.

The German's Aren't Ready

As usual, Mark Steyn offers up a brilliant piece that explains the situation in Germany better than I ever could (damn it!).


Dan Rather: Ignoramus

Dan Rather proves that he will never, ever get it. (Hat tip: Drudge)

Germany Struggles With Indecision

I read a lot of articles on the German election today. What a freakin' mess! This is now way to run a government and it makes me appreciate our political system. At the risk of insulting the intelligence of my readers, I think it may help many (including myself) if I break it down:

The German parliament is called the Bundestag. It currently has 617+ seats (this often flucuates for reasons that will be covered later), thus a political party or a coalition of parties need to have a little more than 300 seats in order to rule. The Chancellor is chosen by a majority vote of the Bundestag, much the way our House of Representatives elects a Speaker, thus if one party doesn't win more than 300 seats, political deals become vital. So, here's what happened in this weekend's election:

Christian Democrats (Merkel): 225 seats
Socialist Democrats (Schroeder): 222 seats
Free Democrats (Free-Market Capitalists): 61
Green Party (Environmental Wackos): 55 seats
Left Party (Commies and extreme nutjobs): 54 seats

So as you can see, no one party got over 300 seats, so a coalition must be formed. The Christian Democrats and the Free Democrats get along and would gladly form one, but that's only 286. The Socialist Democrats and the Greens like each other, but together they only make 277, and all four parties agree on one thing: they'd rather die than work in a coalition with the Left Party. The Christian Democrats said they would consider forming a coalition with the Greens; the Greens said forget it. The Socialist Democrats said they would consider a coalition with the Free Democrats who quickly told them to go pound sand. Thus, the only option left is what is known as a "Grand Coalition" in which the Christian Democrats and the Socialists Democrats would join together. This hasn't happened since the 1960s and is never an ideal form of government unless you like gridlock. The problem they're running into now is that both Merkel and Schroeder are saying they deserve to be Chancellor in such a coalition.

So what now? Well, the law states the Bundestag has three tries to elect a Chancellor. If they fail after two votes, the German Constitution says the Chancellor can be elected by a simple majority vote, which in this case would give the edge to Merkel. However, the President of Germany (a figurehead mostly, but crucial in this case) has the discretion to dissolve parliament and call for new elections if he feels the new Chancellor does not have the support of a majority of the Bundestag.

HOWEVER, this is complicated by the Dresden District and Germany's obscure "second vote" system. The election in Dresden was postponed to October 2nd because one of the candidates died recently. So, in order to give the fill-in candidate time to campaign, voting has been delayed for two weeks. While, it's only one seat, under the "second vote" system, Dresden could have as many as 4 seats.

When German's vote, they vote twice: once for a particular candidate and once for a particular party. It makes sense that if you like a candidate, you also like his party, but at times people split their votes. Thus, while a political party's candidates may not win so many seats, the party itself may win enough votes that it is determined that they deserve more seats in the Bundestag. These seats are called "overhang" seats. Therefore, all eyes are on Dresden. If enough people vote for the Socialist Democratic candidate and the party, Schroeder could have a majority of one. But again, it could be a mute point if President Horst Kohler decides it's hopeless and calls for new elections. Kohler is, for what it's worth, a conservative.

Is this the mosted F'd-up thing you've ever seen? Don't even ask how long it took me to write all this. Any one of these variables could change and Merkel is currently trying to fight off a party leadership challenge. Stay tuned...


Schroder Brags About Loss

As political forces in Germany jockey for position in the near-deadlocked elections, I find myself amazed at the behavior of the German Left and its pathetic poster-boy, Gerhard Schroder. Yes, Merkel had a big lead weeks ago and it dwindled up to election day similar to Richard Nixon's shrinking lead in 1968. But in the end, like Nixon, Merkel won and the CDU won. Yet, Schroder is going around acting like he won and even has the "chutzpah," says the Financial Times, to say that he could very well remain Chancellor. I'm reminded of the special Congressional election a few months ago in Ohio. The GOP candidate won in the heavily Republican district, but not by a lot, so the Democrats went around acting like they won and that now it was just one small step to a Congressional majority and the White House. What is the point of all this? Is it to keep the faithful in good spirits? Yes, in the short-term, but in the long run, it makes them look like fools, or it should. We criticize the media a lot for their liberal-bias and snide comments and reporting disguised as journalism. For me, however, this pales in comparison to the media's wont to serve as a conveyance of unmistakable flummery to the public without so much as a twitch from their collective brow. Only the Financial Times, from what I can see, is willing to call a spade a spade.

UPDATE: The good Captain is more inclined to agree that Schroder does indeed have a chance to cling to power. *Sigh* Kinda make you appreciate our winner-take-all form of government, doesn't it?

Flat Tax Revolution

As Merkel and Schroder enter a bitter battle over who will be Chancellor of Germany and Schroder, one of the founding members of the Axis of Weasels, pounds Merkel for hanging out with flat-tax types, you may want to refer to this nifty find by Will Franklin.

Hitchens Looks Back On Debate

The first words from Christopher Hitchens since the "Grapple in the Big Apple." A passage:

Obviously I am suspect as a juror in my own cause, but put yourself the following hypothetical case. Mr A challenges Mr B, saying that he appears on the available evidence to be a handmaiden to dictators and a recipient of their hospitality. Mr B replies that Mr A is a piece of ordure, or some other unmentionable substance. The riposte is hailed as a tremendous piece of repartee, as well as a full and complete answer to the challenge. Perhaps my own professional journalistic colleagues do not wish to seem to favour one of their own, but I have always had difficulty in seeing the pith or brilliance of this.

That, in a nutshell, is why we probably won't see a rematch of this debate. It's tough (and pointless) for a man like Hitchens and his old-school style of arguing facts to participate in a format that inevitably degenerates into a highly articulate version of CNN's Crossfire.

What? Bolton Gets Praise From Peers?

Caught this story in the Houston Chronicle. U.N. Ambassador John Bolton is getting a lot of praise from his peers for his work ethic and negotiating skills. President Bush also shows us how to keep your sense of humor when you're surrounded by idiots.

When President Bush greeted Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Wednesday, he gestured toward John Bolton, the U.S. ambassador, and asked, "Has the place blown up since he's been here?"
The internal U.N. television sound boom that picked up the jest did not record any response from the secretary-general, who simply smiled.


Merkel Wins, But Tough Road Ahead

There's still a glimmer of hope for Germany as Angela Merkel will become Germany's first female Chancellor and the first Conservative Chancellor since Helmut Kohl. However, her Christian Democratic Union party and the free-market liberals of the Free Democratic Party weren't able to win enough votes to get a solid majority and form their own government coalition, thus, they'll probably have to join forces with Schroder's Socialists party and Germany's political machine will be jammed in neutral for a year or so. Now Merkel will have to show Germany, and the world what she's made of and try and lay the groundwork for an eventual Conservative takeover of the government and a chance for Germany to get finally gets its head out of its ass once and for all. First, she needs to fight tooth and nail for economic reforms; second, tell everyone to knock off the anti-American crap or else; third, stick close to Tony Blair. It's tradition for the new German Chancellor to immediately go to London and visit the Prime Minister. Listen to him Angie, he has much to teach (and he can't stand Gerhard).

UPDATE: We may be looking at a Bush-Gore scenario.


TWA 800 Redux?

Rumors are starting to spread like wildfire across the Blogosphere about an incident involving an America West flight on Thursday possibly being fired on by a surface to air missile. THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED, however Michelle Malkin, like any good journalist, is on the case and was able to get some info.

UPDATE: Michelle gets to the bottom of things. No missile, just birds.

Journalism Is Dead, Part 783

Caught this on Little Green Footballs: Time Magazine, one of the oldest and most respected (I know) news magazines in the country sat down for an interview with the new President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. No problem there, that's a good catch...a one-on-one interview with the public face of the Mullah regime in Iran which is entering an incredibly critical point in its history. Ahmadinejad's credentials are no secret. He ran in the election as a hard-line regime supporter. So, in this interview, one of the questions Time Magazine ask is if Mr. Ahmadinejad has a personal message concerning Hurricane Katrina. He responded thusly:

"Wherever people are in a difficult situation, it causes a lot of pain for us. And I think that the government of the USA should have acted much quicker. . . and if people had been informed earlier, they would have been able to help better."

What...the...f*ck! I really thought up until a few minutes ago that I was numb to some of the folly of the American media. I've saw a lot of this when I was growing up in the 1980's and the networks would have Soviet thugs give rebuttals to President Reagan's State of the Union addresses and the like. And still, this kind of foolishness continues to this day. There are many questions that could be tacked on to the preamble, "Do you have a personal message for President Bush concerning..." How about concerning Iran's nuclear arsenal? How about concerning the Iraq War? How about concerning the changes in the Middle East? Why on Earth does it matter what the President of Iran thinks about Hurricane Katrina? That has nothing to do with him in any way! The only purpose of such a question is to give an enemy of the United States a chance to give President Bush a snid, subtle jab. I'm sure the newsroom at Time had a ripping good laugh. They'll have to forgive me if I don't see the humor.

MORE: The Rottweiler reminds us of the Iranian President's past.

Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish

Jim Pinkerton breaks a story that was in front of every single journalists in New York this week. Why? Because he was one of the few that didn't want to hush it up. The headline that never ran to press: Tony Blair Abandons Kyoto Treaty. His eyes have opened. Can I get a hallaluya?

Saudi Arabia Moves An Inch Closer

The good Captain has the story of how the Saudi crown now plans to allow women to vote and require that at least some women hold political office in the municipalities. I'm sure the likes of George Galloway and Keith Olbermann will poo-poo this news as no big deal. That may be their wish, but us "neo-cons" know this is another step, a small step, but a step nonetheless toward a more democratic Middle East.

Galloway/Hitchens Debate Rebroadcast

For those of you that missed it or want to see the Galloway-Hitchens debate again...it'll be on C-Span2 today at 6pm Pacific. Set your VCR or Tivo. The Mighty Hitch has a few links on his website with some reviews.

Donna Brazile Joins The Fight

There are two ways to look at Donna Brazile's column in the Washington Post this morning. My initial reaction was to say, "Oh oh, Donna likes what the President is saying. Something must be wrong. Maybe she's excited about all the money the government's going to spend or the possibility (slim) that Bush will raise taxes." But then I thought, I'm in a good mood, let's give her the benefit of the doubt. Here's a nice passage:

On Thursday night President Bush spoke to the nation from my city. I am not a Republican. I did not vote for George W. Bush -- in fact, I worked pretty hard against him in 2000 and 2004. But on Thursday night, after watching him speak from the heart, I could not have been prouder of the president and the plan he outlined to empower those who lost everything and to rebuild the Gulf Coast.

Cheers, Donna. You may have managed to escape from the Moonbat cult's compound.

Bring It On Mary

Mary Landrieu says she doesn't take back her threat to punch the president if he criticizes Louisiana. In fact, her exact threat is that anyone, even the president that knocks Louisiana is gonna get it. That being the case, the following statement is for her:

"Louisiana is one of the most backwards states in the nation. From the days of Huey Long to the present, its state and local governments have bowed down at the feet of the socialist's doctrines, thus keeping a large percentage of its citizens in poverty and allowing the infrastructures of the state to give visitors the feeling that they've entered a third-world country. But hey, as long as important families like the Landrieu's get to wield power, that's all that really matters, right?" - Jim Rose

Let's go Mary, I'm right here.


Galloway/Hitchens Transcript

My main man Seixon is transcribing the "Grapple in the Big Apple" debate. He's already 50 minutes in. Reward him with lot's of hits and be sure to thank him!


The Bar Scene From Star Wars

Caught this over at Little Green Footballs and I think it pretty much says it all about the U.N. In his speech, Venezuelan President (Dictator) Hugo Chavez suggested that the United Nations be moved to Jerusalem:

"The proposal has the merit of providing a response to the conflict experienced by Palestine, but it may be difficult to bring about," Chavez said in a speech that earned him the heartiest applause of the 55 leaders to speak so far.

Oh, that's right, I forgot...John Bolton is the problem.

Bush Brings Message Of Hope To New Orleans

I had to work late tonight, so I missed President Bush's speech, but according to Hugh Hewitt, (whom I trust) it was a home run. If you want to watch it, the Political Teen has a link. And Lorie Byrd reports that evacuees inside the Houston Astrodome were very pleased.

Journalism Is Dead, Part 593

Well, the big news today, from what I could gather was not anything to do with New Orleans, or Oil for Food or the economy or Iraq. No, the story today was the fact that President Bush wrote a note to Condi Rice asking if a bathroom break was possible. Reuters went through the trouble of photoshopping the picture so the words were readable and Times of London even saw fit to put it on the front page. Everyone who hates the any current president is always looking for something to poke fun at. God knows when Clinton was president, those of us on the Right enjoyed it. I remember when Clinton lost it and started cussing out his Secret Service detail and it was all caught on camera. However, this was an incident of his own making. President Bush was in the middle of a conference and couldn't just get up in the middle and run to the men's room, so he discretely wrote a note. Democrats and Lefties can laugh it up, that's there right. Like I said, we would do the same, but the fact that the MSM has gone through great lengths to create this "news event" is very telling. This may in fact be journalism's lowest point. There's so much going on in the world, so much the men and women of Reuters and the AP and the rest can investigate and report, but they've lost their way. Journalism is dead.

UPDATE: It's even worse than I thought.

MORE: Now this is news.


The Time Is Now: Hitchens For Secretary Of State

Well, I just finished listening to the Hitchens-Galloway debate on the "impartial" Democracy Now show, moderated by the "impartial" Amy Goodman. By the way, if you missed it, it will be on C-SPAN this weekend. It was better than sex! And it's made me realize that the next President of the United States (hopefully Republican) should strongly consider Christopher Hitchens as Secretary of State. As the British character once said on an episode of Family Guy, "Well gentlemen, if you won't leave peacefully, I'll just have to use my superior linguistic skills and convince you to leave." Hitchens had all the facts and sound arguments. Galloway was brilliant at what he does best...making strong speeches with beautiful cliches. "You were a butterfly and now you're a slug..." etc. etc. Great argument if you watch pro-wrestling religiously, but for the rest of us, Hitchens is the man.

Why Washington Is An Evil Place

I saw this headline today and about lost it: "DeLay declares 'victory' in war on budget fat". This goes to show you how people change when they spend a lot of time in Washington, D.C. Even a firebrand conservative like Tom DeLay has been corrupted and thusly just can't spend enough. The boys at QandO weigh in.

MORE: El Rushbo says we're being fooled and DeLay's comment were a clever ruse.

Here We Go Again

Well, the 9th Circuit Court has done it again. A judge in San Francisco has declared having student recite the Pledge of Allegiance in three Sacramento County school districts is unconstitutional. This was a case brought by atheist Michael Newdow, who now has his legal ducks in a row. No doubt the Supreme Court will be hearing this case before long and no doubt John Roberts won't be answering any Pledge questions anytime soon.

Galloway And Hitch Throw Down

Listening to a live feed of the Hitchens-Galloway debate in New York. They seem to be doing a format where each gets about 10 minutes. I have to give Galloway some credit. My mother always told me, whatever you do with your life just be the best you can be. Galloway is following this credo. He is by far the best Leftist-fascist demagogue in the world today. People like Paul Begala and Cindy Sheehan and Robert Scheer are all just moving in slow-motion compared to this guy. He is the best.

Hitchens naturally is killing him with the facts while Galloway goes for, as Hitchens says, the easy "jokes." This is great stuff, and it's not too late to listen in.

UPDATE: Priceless. Hitch was asked what he thought about Colin Powell saying his U.N. speech on WMD's was a stain on his record. Hitch said he doesn't care what Powell thinks and never has and never will and that Powell is the most overrated person in the world. Amen!


It's Go Time!

Tomorrow night, George Galloway and Christopher Hitchens go mano e mano in New York City. Here is a link to live streaming audio (starts at 7pm Eastern). The Hitch invites everyone to listen in and "enjoy the fun."

Sweet Sassy Molassey! That's Classy

Don't miss this week's Carnival of Classiness.

Setting The Stage

Saw a little bit of the Roberts hearing today. Nothing too surprising, Kennedy and Biden were asses as expected. The Ankle Biters opine on Biden's arrogance here. I, however, have a rather bold prediction. The Democrats on the panel were asking all sorts of questions on abortion, and Roberts said essentially that Roe v. Wade is settled precedent. I would be willing to bet that Biden and the gang will be waiting for Roberts first written opinion on an abortion case, and when it doesn't fall in lock-step with Roe, they'll move to have him impeached for "perjury." You heard it here first.


Battle Of The Titans Preview

We're just days away from a battle for the ages: "Gorgeous" George Galloway v. Christopher "The Hitch" Hitchens. Their debate in New York is being moderated by "Democracy Now" host Amy Goodman, so, to put it mildly, the deck has been stacked against The Hitch. Even the description of the event from the Baruch Performing Arts Center in New York is absolutely priceless:

Mr. Galloway, debating against the war, is a highly respected Member of Parliament who recently electrified the U.S. with his appearance at the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations responding to charges related to Iraq's oil-for-food program. CNN's Wolf Blitzer described Galloway's speech in the Senate as "a blistering attack on U.S. senators rarely heard." He penned "Mr. Galloway Goes to Washington" based upon his recent Senate Subcommittee hearings. Mr. Hitchens, debating pro-war is a widely published polemicist and frequent radio and TV commentator. He is the author of "Love, Poverty and War," and "Blood, Class and Empire." Moderated by Amy Goodman, WBAI radio host "Democracy Now" and author of "Exception to the Rules." Presented by The New Press, International Socialist Review, Center for Research and Social Change, and cosponsored by Nation Books. Both panelists and commentator will be selling and signing their books at this event.

Classic. The second coming of Lord Haw Haw is a "highly respected" Member of Parliament while Hitchens is just some writer who's on TV a lot. Geesh!

Another Moment For Me

Well folks, started a new job today that is going to keep me very busy (and why not?). So for those of you that rightly read Jim-Rose.com on a daily basis, expect the lion's share of posts to come in the evening hours when I have the time to enjoy my intellectual pursuits.

Syria Needs A Good Lawyer

The evidence is piling up in the investigation into the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri. Publius Pundit is on the case.

Fighting The Terrorist Hurricanes

One of my favorites, Lowell Ponte, has some interesting ideas about how we should deal with future hurricanes. It's thought-provoking, if nothing else.

In A Perfect World...

In a perfect world, John Roberts would be able to act on the Rottweiler's suggestion. Heh.

Japan Enters New Era

A nice column today by Simon Tisdall in the Guardian about Prime Minister Koizumi's election victory. Money quote:

"He's serious enough about it to risk sacrificing his political life. A bit of a samurai, perhaps, but more like tokkotia - literally meaning 'special attack force', ready to go down in flames. That makes him a very unusual politician," he said.



Juan Williams: Fox News Channel's Ron Reagan, Jr.

Not since Ron Reagan, Jr. foolishly tried to debate Christopher Hitchens on the Iraq War has a pundit been so lost as Juan Williams was this morning against Brit Hume. This is a guy that works for NPR and is a regular columnists and pundit all over the dial, and yet, he is a complete dolt who apparently doesn't even read the news (except maybe the NY Times). If you don't believe me, check out the video courtesy The Political Teen.

It Just Gets Worse

From the Washington Post today, concerning the evacuation of New Orleans:

In fact, while the last regularly scheduled train out of town had left a few hours earlier, Amtrak had decided to run a "dead-head" train that evening to move equipment out of the city. It was headed for high ground in Macomb, Miss., and it had room for several hundred passengers. "We offered the city the opportunity to take evacuees out of harm's way," said Amtrak spokesman Cliff Black. "The city declined."

Pure incompetence...at the local level. (Hat tip: Instapundit)

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Senator Mary Landrieu isn't even pretending she's anything more than a political hack by going on Fox News Sunday this morning and saying the unused school buses fiasco was Bush's fault. Nice.

John Bolton's Reign Of Terror Continues

The Cox News Service has an article today on how critics are shuddering at the thought of what's going to happen with the U.N. with John Bolton around. Yes, it's true, he did say if you removed 10 stories of the U.N. building it wouldn't make a difference, and he's right. After what we've seen from the Volker report, how can anyone still see Bolton as the problem?

Koizumi Landslide

You just have to admire Prime Minister Koizumi...he's got a set of grapes the likes of which Japan hasn't seen since Godzilla. His LDP party won a crushing landslide victory in parliamentary elections today, clearing the way for his plan to privatize the postal service (something we should have done a long time ago!) and putting Japan back on economic track. I love politicians that are willing to take risks, especially when it's in the interest of laissez-faire capitalism.


Polipundit has some excellent links and analysis on the fourth anniversary of what is known simply as September 11th. America has enemies and we have to face up to that. Four years gone and in some respects, we've forgotten the severity of the situation. Never forget.


Germany On The Brink

The Brussels Journal has a story on the importance of the upcoming German elections in which Angela Merkel will most likely be made Chancellor. After that, what kind of coalition government she is able to put together will be the big test. There is some hope that the free marketeers will have some say and maybe, just maybe, a flat tax isn't out of the question. I sense this election is bigger for German than most people may think. Steps taken in the next few years may well decide if the Fatherland will return to economic prominence or remain the snotty, socialist joke Schroder has turned it into.

San Francisco One Step Closer To Independence

Officials in San Francisco who voted against allowing the USS Iowa to dock in the city by the Bay are now saying they may accept it as long as it can be turned into a Gay museum. So answer me this...if San Francisco wanted to cede from the Union, would anyone try and stop them? (Hat tip: Donny Surber)

Mike Brown Approved By Dems

While I agree with many that Mike Brown should be dismissed as head of FEMA, the Democrats are being hypocrites to when they criticize him for his credentials. Newsmax reports that Brown was approved by Senate when it was briefly a Democratic Majority thanks to Jim Jeffords (the man the Dems have conveniently forgotten and is now living in obscurity). They could have done more to vet him, but I guess we shouldn't live in the past, now should we?

Honoring The Enemy

Michelle Malkin has a roundup on the controversy surrounding the memorial planned to be built in the Pennsylvania field where the innocents of Flight 93 perished at the hands of Islamic terrorists.

Website Hijinks

Wizbang does some nifty investigative work and finds that the web domain, impeachblanco.com has been purchased by someone who may be a devout Lefty looking to shield the imcompetent governor of Louisiana.


Michael Brown Called Back

FEMA Director Michael Brown has been called back to Washington while a Vice Admiral takes over on the ground in Louisiana. Read Michelle Malkin's take.

God Bless America And It's Football Fans

Drudge reports that Kanye West was booed through most of his performance last night before the Patriots-Raiders game...and this was in Boston, no less!

Dishonoring The Dead

The Ankle Biters report that 6 Congressmen voted against a resolution honoring those killed in 9/11. Outrage anyone?


The Insurrection Act?

Drudge has a tease on his site saying that in the run-up to the Hurricane Katrina disaster, some senior White House advisers debated whether Bush should invoke the Insurrection Act which (apparently) would allow him to seize control of the relief mission from Governor Blanco.

This is a brilliant piece of media agenda-setting by the White House. I have no reason to believe it isn't true, but regardless, it's a leak worthy of Karl Rove. The evidence is mounting that Blanco was the lead buffoon in the rescue efforts and that she was way in over her head. Then a Gallup poll comes out showing that not that many people blame Bush, more blame the local governments, i.e. Blanco and Nagin. Now, we have what potentially could be the knock-out punch. Brilliant use of the press, just brilliant.

UPDATE: And it was leaked to the New York Times no less! This particular quote is priceless:

"Can you imagine how it would have been perceived if a president of the United States of one party had pre-emptively taken from the female governor of another party the command and control of her forces, unless the security situation made it completely clear that she was unable to effectively execute her command authority and that lawlessness was the inevitable result?" asked one senior administration official, who spoke anonymously because the talks were confidential.

Now that's good comedy!

Sandy Berger Gets Away With It...

...while you or I would have been thrown in prison.

Hunter S. Thompson's Suicide Note

Rolling Stone will be publishing Hunter S. Thompson's suicide note in their next issue. It confirms what we all suspected:

"No More Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking. No More Fun. No More Swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No Fun _ for anybody. 67. You are getting Greedy. Act your old age. Relax _ This won't hurt."

He knew. He knew that his best days were way behind him and he had become a caricature of himself. Writing lame columns for ESPN just couldn't cut it. It's really too bad, but all good things...

Get On The Winning Side

The good Captain has the story of how the Sunni's in Iraq are registering to vote at a break-neck pace in the run-up to the referendum on the country's Constitution. Despite the fact that they're against the Constitution in its current form, this is a turning away from Zarqawi, which is nothing but good news.

Rathergate One Year Later

It's a special anniversary for the Blogosphere. One year ago tonight, Rathergate began. Cassandra has an exhaustive look at how it's changed the news media forever.

Japan's Return To Economic Supremacy?

An interesting take by the London Times on the upcoming elections in Japan and Germany.

Place Your Bets, Folks!

I found this in my email this morning:

September 8, 2005 New York, NY – With Kanye West performing tonight during
the NFL’s opening kickoff concert, BetCRIS.com posts odds on whether or not West
will once again speak his mind and attack George Bush for his perceived lack of
effort in New Orleans. Last Friday during an NBC telethon for Hurricane Katrina survivors, West said that "George Bush doesn't care about black people." He went on to add that America is set up "to help the poor, the black people, the less well-off as slow as possible."

Odds makers at BetCRIS.com have posted the following odds on Kanye West’s upcoming performance:

Calls for the Impeachment of George Bush 10-1
Calls George Bush a racist once again 1-1
Does nothing at all/gives a basic performance 1-2
Reverend Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton joins him on stage for a duet 50-1
Wears anti-George Bush shirt during his performance 50-1
At the end of the song, Kanye declares that he is now a Republican 50-1

"Kanye West is a true artist that is not afraid to speak his mind and tell the world how he really feels," said Mickey Richardson, CEO of BetCRIS.com. "West said he does not want to detract from Thursday nights show, but at the same time he was given a script for the NBC telethon in which he chose to ignore and speak out against
Bush. Anything could happen before the NFL’s opening game."

I guess living in Las Vegas, I shouldn't be surprised.

Nagin-Blanco Feud

The Mudville Gazette has some interesting information on the ongoing feud between Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco in Louisiana. (Hat tip: MM)

Which Do You Want First?

Rusty Shackleford has some good news and some bad news.


Governor Blanco Troubles Continue

The evidence is really piling up that Governor Blanco is the lead bungler in the Katrina mess. The Political Teen has some video from Fox News Channel's Major Garrett.

Howard Dean Never Disappoints

It took longer than usual, but Howard Dean finally said something stupid about the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Caught this on Drudge:

"We must ... come to terms with the ugly truth that skin color, age and economics played a deadly role in who survived and who did not," Dean said.

He right, but for the wrong reason. Race, age and economics did play into this. Generations of people have been taught to rely on government for every single thing in their lives. Louisiana and its corrupt governments are legendary, and this is the result.

Dean said that instead of considering proposed estate tax breaks, the Senate should channel the money into disaster relief.

Moron! Have you seen the economic results of Bush's tax-cuts? Oh, that right...you looked through Galileo's telescope and saw nothing...I forgot.

Oil For Food Scandal Swept Under The Rug

Much like the Rathergate Investigation...the Oil for Food Investigation at the U.N. served its purpose: admit to some guilt or "mistakes" then move on like it never happened. But at least Rather retired.

So Volker puts out his report on the Oil for Food scandal saying that Annan had "serious management lapses." Annan responds that he accepts the criticism and that he assumes responsibility for the scandal, but when asked if he would resign, he says:

"I don't anticipate anyone to resign," Annan, whose second term as secretary general runs until the end of 2006, told reporters. "We are carrying on with our work."

There you have it. The end result of the un-vestigation. Your tax-dollars at work!

Blue Ribbon Panels Of Doom

Well, no one is happy with the response to Hurricane Katrina, so the Democrats led by Hillary Clinton are calling for a commission to look into the matter, just like with 9/11...and we all saw what a ingenious outing that was. Get Curt Weldon on the phone! While we're waiting, here's Michelle Malkin.

MORE: Cassandra dug up this quote from Justice Janice Rogers Brown that is very appropriate:

"Government is the only enterprise in the world which expands in size when its
failures increase."

And that's exactly what's going to happen with FEMA.

Roy Hallums Freed

Contractor Roy Hallums, who was kidnapped by terrorists last November, has been recovered in Iraq, alive and well. Dr. Shackleford has been a leader on this story from the get-go. Here's to his family for never giving up hope.

Landmark Election In Egypt

Well, in theory, anyway. For the first time, Egyptians are voting in a multicandidate election for President. Hose-me Mubarrak is expected to win handily (there's no way he would allow anyone to defeat him anyway). Still, just the fact that Mubarrak feels he has to put on this show is itself a step in the right direction and a sign of the times. Results are expected on Saturday.

Whoops! MSM's Plans Foiled Again

A recent Gallup Poll (which are usually skewed to the Left) says that only 13% of Americans feel Bush is the "most responsible" for Hurricane Katrina rescue efforts falling short. That's about what for the MSM? Strike 12?

The Flight That Fought Back

Chrenkoff has a review of an upcoming documentary from the Discovery Channel on Flight 93, the 9/11 flight where the passengers fought back against the terrorists and ended up crashing in a Pennsylvania field. Arthur recommends it highly, so I'm going to have to check it out.

Air Ameriscam Update

Michelle Malkin does more research on the Air America scandal before 9am then most New York Times reporters will do in a lifetime.


Bob Denver Dies

I would be remiss if I didn't mention something about the death of Bob "Gilligan" Denver. From everything I've heard and accounts I've received from friends who met him, he was a genuinely nice guy and he seemed to take his lot in life very well. In an interview about his career, he said he would always be Gilligan, but that he was okay with it. I even read today that he liked to check eBay on a daily basis to see how the Gilligan's Island memorabilia was selling.

But mostly, I remember watching reruns of the show every day after school for I don't know how many years. The show wasn't trying to teach anyone anything, it was just about having a little fun. I think the key to a good sitcom is great characters, and Gilligan's Island had 7 great characters, especially everyone's "Little Buddy."

More Tall Tales

Were the reports of violence inside the New Orleans Superdome just an urban legend. McQ is on the case.

NY Times Goes After Geraldo

The New York Times need to just join forces with the Weekly World News and get it over with. The Political Teen has the video from the O'Reilly Factor with Geraldo Rivera talking about how the Times told a lie about him and when presented with evidence otherwise, still refused to retract. Geraldo's not exactly William F. Buckley either. When he's criticizing the NY Times, you know they've got trouble.

Certified Classy (Way Unlame)

I'm honored to be a part of this week's "Carnival of Classiness" over at WILLisms.com.

Saddam Confesses?

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Iraq's president said Saddam Hussein has confessed to "crimes" including killings during his regime.

Ed. - Interesting...

MORE: How long before Ramsey Clark and the rest of his bunch claim Saddam's confession was coerced and he should be let go?

Wrong All Along

Donny Surber has a rundown on how so many bloggers have been so wrong about Katrina and the government's response.

More Blame Game

This, so far, is the column of the day. Wes Pruden looks at the blame game and dissects where it's working and where it isn't.


Japanese Elections Nearly Here

Parliamentary elections in Japan are just 6 days away and it's looking good for Prime Minister Koizumi's LDP candidates. Thus far, his risky move to have snap elections and enlist a group of "political assassins" to run against spineless members of his own party seems to be enticing the electorate. Sunday has the potential to be one of the biggest days in the Asian Island's history.

Nagin Lays It at Blanco's Feet

Charles Johnson over at Little Green Footballs ran by this interview on CNN in which New Orleans Mayor Nagin says that Governor Blanco needed 24 hours to think about President Bush's proposals. We'll have to see if this latest nugget stirs the kool-aide.

Iceland Comes Of Age

A very interesting column in the Brussels Journal about Iceland's evolution toward capitalism thanks to some young libertarians that fought the good fight for years.

Sean Penn Gives New Orleans A Reason To Laugh

Via Instapundit.

The Federal Response

Why didn't Bush issue orders for help? According to QandO, he did.


Bush Considering Roberts For Chief Justice

So reports the Washington Post. Folks, this is what you call the ol' trial balloon. (Hat tip: Drudge)

New And Improved?

Alright ingrates, and you know who you are (UJ, I'm looking in your direction)...I've decided to buckle under the pressure and give this website the ol' Michael Jackson treatment, and if that analogy confuses you, you need help.

Anyway, this will have to do until I do a complete redesign. Enjoy, cretins!

Ben Stein's Undeniable Truths

Ben Stein has some basic facts about the Hurricane Katrina situation for those that find dressing themselves a daily challenge. (Hat tip: lgf)


It All Starts Locally

D.C. Thornton has an excellent take on the failures up and down the chain of command during Hurricane Katrina.

Rehnquist Dead

Chief Justice William Rehnquist has died at his home at the age of 80.

The Bus To Nowhere

Junkyard Blog has an aerial photograph of the buses lying in ruin in New Orleans, never getting the call.

No More Hurricane Lies

For those of you interesting in the science behind our hurricane history, Seixon has a nice primer.


A Lesson For Us All From President Bush

Some things still amaze me. Those of us who spend our free time blogging have a lot to holler about, a lot to criticize. It's a chance for us to shout through a huge megaphone (some bigger than others) and have our say...might as well give 'em something worth hearing, right?

I was reading this AP story entitled: "New Orleans Mayor Calm After Talk With Bush," and I was blown away:

The cursing had stopped. The tears were gone. Mayor Ray Nagin returned from his
meeting with President Bush a picture of calm. He leaned back against a railing
in a hotel lobby that for the first time in nearly five days was devoid of stranded, sweating, and generally miserable tourists. "I feel much better. I feel like we've gotten everyone's attention and hopefully they'll continue to do what they're doing," Nagin said Friday night in the damaged downtown Hyatt hotel, where his temporary lodgings and command post have been set up since Hurricane Katrina made life in the Big Easy insufferable.

But this was the part of the story that got me:

Nagin said Bush gave him a hearty greeting and did not seem at all offended by
Nagin's earlier outburst.

I remember a few years back when Jimmy Carter said that Bush was doing a terrible job on just about everything...then Carter had to meet up with Bush at the White House and he tepidly apologized for the remark. Bush's response was something along the lines of, "Hey, don't worry about it." This is what you call confidence...a level of comfort with one's self that totally disarms a critic and helps one take control of a situation. Reagan had that ability, and it seems, so does Bush.

Racism Erupts At NBC Fundraiser

Rapper Kayne West (I know, I've never heard of him either) went on a tirade during an NBC benefit for the victims of Hurricane Katrina saying that George W. Bush doesn't care about black people and the army has been given permission to shoot them. Here's the video. This should get your motor running.

I don't mean to make light of the situation, but I haven't seen that look on Mike Myers face since he did a skit with Heather Locklear on SNL years ago where they were on an infomercial and out of nowhere she would say something racist like, "it's phony, just like the Holocaust," and he would stare at the camera in disbelief not knowing what to do. Deja Vous?

UPDATE: NBC releases a statement: (Hat tip: Michelle Malkin)

"Tonight's telecast was a live television event wrought with emotion. Kanye West departed from the scripted comments that were prepared for him, and his opinions in no way represent the views of the networks. It would be most unfortunate if the efforts of the artists who participated tonight and the generosity of millions of
Americans who are helping those in need are overshadowed by one person's

Yes, most unfortunate.

They Weren't Ready

This is gonna rub a lot of people the wrong way, but I guess that's part of being a blogger. I hit on this earlier and the evidence is piling up. God, this is bad. New Orleans, and the state of Louisiana, let's face it, are very backwards compared to the rest of the country. I have a friend that lives in Baton Rouge who told me a story a while back about how they were celebrating completion of a highway interchange...that took them 15 years to build. I'm not trying to pile on here, but there is a unfortunate price paid for poverty and corruption in a city or state. They weren't ready...it wasn't a priority. Old ways were the priority. Ignoring problems were the priority. And now it's the Feds fault for not being able to snap their fingers and fix things immediately. I wish so much I had the freedom to leave everything in Vegas behind for a few months and go down there an help. My hat's off to those that can and I hope the suffering ends soon. Then, I hope lessons are learned and Louisiana leaves behind the days of mafia-type governor's, corrupt D.A.'s, self-obsessed Klansmen and the like and joins us in the 21st Century.

MORE: The Rottweiler echoes my sentiments, but with a bit more gusto.

EVEN MORE: Talk about blowing your chance to have a Rudy Giuliani moment. Real nice, Mr. Mayor, real nice.

UPDATE: Did Bush order the evacuation?

MORE: Cassandra puts it much better than I did and with far fewer words. How Lincolnesque.

STILL MORE: Junkyard Blog gives us a look at the emergency plan on the books. Oops!

The Blame Game

The boys at QandO have a rundown of the blame game over Hurricane Katrina. Months from now, amidst the fog of Bush bashing, I think we'll find that the root cause of the problems was the rampant corruption and hopeless government in New Orleans, and for that matter, Louisiana. I take no joy in this prediction, but I don't think there are many cities that would have members of their police join the looters. Let's hope some hard lessons are learned and this catastrophe will give the people the will to rise up and demand better government, free of Jim Garrison like thugs.

MORE: RedState has an interesting timeline.

EVEN MORE: Michelle Malkin has tons of info on the blame game.

STILL MORE: Atlas Shrugs gives her take on the Louisiana governments.


R.L. Burnside, R.I.P.

I am incredibly saddened to learn that Blues musician R.L. Burnside has passed away. He was best known to most for his songs on various Sopranos' soundtracks, but Burnside was an old Delta Blues man who didn't get much notice for most of his life until he was signed by Fat Possum Records in the early '90s. A string of blues albums with a punk-rock edge followed. You may have heard all the Blues greats and thought you'd heard it all, but until you listen to R.L. Burnside, believe me, you haven't. Rest in peace, R.L.

Mark Your Calendar's For September 14th

September 14th is going to be a helluva day. Free Thoughts has the scoop on how some Iranian secularist opposition groups will be in New York to "greet" Iranian President Ahamdi-Nejad who will be attending the United Nations General Assembly. While several former embassy hostages and a former Iranian president have identified Ahamdi-Nejad as a key-player in the infamous Iranian hostage incident, Bill Quick has found that the United States' government doesn't seem too keen to call him on it.

Meanwhile, in another part of the Big Apple, George Galloway and Christopher Hitchens will throw down. Ah, to be in New York on this day.

Hurricane Exploitation

Chrenkoff has a list of the top quotes from those using Hurricane Katrina for political gain. (Hat tip: Lorie Byrd)

Clinton Defends Bush!

The good Captain caught the interview CNN had with former President's Bush and Clinton. The interviewer, Suzanne Malveaux (no stranger to liberal bias) asked several questions about whether President Bush and the federal government responded fast enough and in the correct fashion. President Clinton would have none of it and pointed out how easy it is for us to Monday morning quarterback. I'm forced to agree with Captain Ed...kudos to President Clinton. Read the transcript and see if you agree.

Pakistan Considering Full Diplomatic Ties With Israel

Per Roger L. Simon. It's good news if they can pull it off.


Well, our good friends at ANSWER (i.e. Ramsey Clark and his anti-American cronies) are back. They're planning a big anti-war protest in Washington and California, while Protest Warrior and Free Republic are planning counter protest.

Of course, in the MSM, we're never hear about how ANSWER is cozy with the likes of Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic, or that the protestors that will be there do this for a living (for lack of a better term). It's the same people, with the same anti-American, anti-freedom message every time, but yet, it's made to look like they represent a large section of the country. They don't, but the MSM is a political party, and political parties stay on message

No Answers Whatsoever

With a big hat tip to El Rushbo, this story from the Tallahassee Democrat featuring Florida Senator Bill Nelson is all you need to read to know what's going on with the politics of Hurricane Katrina.

If you want to see the truly sick side of things, all you have to do is click over to Daily Kos.

I have to say, this stuff is surprising, even to me. It makes me wonder how the general population is going to react in the mid-term elections.

UPDATE: Little Green Footballs caught this post at a Leftist's website that has to be read to be believed.