Journalism Is Dead, Part 593

Well, the big news today, from what I could gather was not anything to do with New Orleans, or Oil for Food or the economy or Iraq. No, the story today was the fact that President Bush wrote a note to Condi Rice asking if a bathroom break was possible. Reuters went through the trouble of photoshopping the picture so the words were readable and Times of London even saw fit to put it on the front page. Everyone who hates the any current president is always looking for something to poke fun at. God knows when Clinton was president, those of us on the Right enjoyed it. I remember when Clinton lost it and started cussing out his Secret Service detail and it was all caught on camera. However, this was an incident of his own making. President Bush was in the middle of a conference and couldn't just get up in the middle and run to the men's room, so he discretely wrote a note. Democrats and Lefties can laugh it up, that's there right. Like I said, we would do the same, but the fact that the MSM has gone through great lengths to create this "news event" is very telling. This may in fact be journalism's lowest point. There's so much going on in the world, so much the men and women of Reuters and the AP and the rest can investigate and report, but they've lost their way. Journalism is dead.

UPDATE: It's even worse than I thought.

MORE: Now this is news.