Journalism Is Dead, Part 783

Caught this on Little Green Footballs: Time Magazine, one of the oldest and most respected (I know) news magazines in the country sat down for an interview with the new President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. No problem there, that's a good catch...a one-on-one interview with the public face of the Mullah regime in Iran which is entering an incredibly critical point in its history. Ahmadinejad's credentials are no secret. He ran in the election as a hard-line regime supporter. So, in this interview, one of the questions Time Magazine ask is if Mr. Ahmadinejad has a personal message concerning Hurricane Katrina. He responded thusly:

"Wherever people are in a difficult situation, it causes a lot of pain for us. And I think that the government of the USA should have acted much quicker. . . and if people had been informed earlier, they would have been able to help better."

What...the...f*ck! I really thought up until a few minutes ago that I was numb to some of the folly of the American media. I've saw a lot of this when I was growing up in the 1980's and the networks would have Soviet thugs give rebuttals to President Reagan's State of the Union addresses and the like. And still, this kind of foolishness continues to this day. There are many questions that could be tacked on to the preamble, "Do you have a personal message for President Bush concerning..." How about concerning Iran's nuclear arsenal? How about concerning the Iraq War? How about concerning the changes in the Middle East? Why on Earth does it matter what the President of Iran thinks about Hurricane Katrina? That has nothing to do with him in any way! The only purpose of such a question is to give an enemy of the United States a chance to give President Bush a snid, subtle jab. I'm sure the newsroom at Time had a ripping good laugh. They'll have to forgive me if I don't see the humor.

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