"Scalito" And The Mob

It's only day-one and the Democrats have already jumped the shark in their attacks on Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito. In a document circulated among party faithful, the first talking point deals with the fact that when Alito was a prosecutor in New Jersey he lost a case involving the Lucchese Crime Family. The document hints that perhaps his Italian heritage led him to go easy on the Italian mafia. Even Chris Matthews is disgusted.

70 Million Dead Trumps All Good Points

Ralph R. Reiland has a great column today about how Nicholas Kristof, in a book review in the New York Times, tries to find "good points" to Chairman Mao despite the fact that he's responsible for nearly 70 million deaths. Mao could have cured cancer and he would still be history's greatest monster. It continues to amazes me how the "intellects" of the Left will go to any length to lionize Communist tyrants.

Site Tweaking

Regular readers may have noticed my site taking different forms over the past few days, as well as some visual anomalies. I've been experimenting with some different looks, still trying to get the site to look the way I want it to. However, I think I may just have to start from scratch and go for a completely new look until I get something I like. I'm never quite satisfied.

Sloppy Seconds? Nasty

As expected, President Bush nominated Judge Samuel Alito to be the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice. He has enough judicial experience to choke a horse, and all the conserative credentials needed to give Ralph Neas a heart-attack. However, according to Drudge, the media is calling him "sloppy seconds." Gross.


The Anti-Semitism Of The American Left

Little Green Footballs has the goods.

"Scalito" The Next Justice?

The boys over at Confirm Them are hearing that Sam Alito, derisively referred to by Democrats as "Scalito" for his alleged similarities to the hated Antonin Scalia, is going to be Bush's pick for the Supreme Court. From everything I've heard about him, he would seem to be a good choice, though I still would love to see the New Deal hater, Janice Rogers Brown on the court. Damn the torpedoes! (Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt)

Walmart And Left Wing Politics

The gang at Samizdata has some interesting news about how Walmart is pushing for a hike in the minimum wage in order to hurt its competition. What's a laissez-faire capitalist to do?

You Can Stuff Your Sorrys In A Sack!

A case against public apologies from Neo-Neocon. Bravo.

Japan's Defense Beefed Up

It's a move that's been a long time coming. The U.S. will drastically cut back it's military presence on the Asian islands and Japan will take over much of its own defense. After rebuilding the country in the late 1940s, it's time to cut the umbilical cord once and for all. With men like Prime Minister Koizumi instilling a boldness and dare I say, Bush-like swagger, into Japanese culture, I think they're ready.

Can't Rush Bad Decisions

Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco needed 24 hours to decide whether to let the Feds into the state or not. Now it seems she needed a week to decide what to do with the dead bodies. Junk Yard Blog has the scoop.

Prince Charles al Assad

So Prince Charles is going to become a spokesman for the religion of Islam and convince America to be nicer to extremists. That makes sense. In a related story, I've just been hired to be a spokesman for Louis Farrakan.

Online Fight For Freedom

A House vote on the Online Freedom of Speech Act is being held up by a California Democrat (you know, the party of freedom and the little man). RedState has more.


Mental Break For The Popinjay

Sorry for the light posting today. Took some time off from the news to rest my little grey cells. I'm also working on a rather involved piece on Francis Fukuyama's split with the Neocons. There was an interesting (though flawed) piece in The American Prospect this week that ignited my desire to tackle the subject. Ludwig Wittgenstein even makes an appearance. If this site gets any more abstract, it'll be one water-clock short of a Dali painting.


Pat Fitzgerald Meets The Press

Watching Patrick Fitzgerald's press conference trying to piece things together. Here's what I think it all means: First, Libby is being indicted for lying to the grand jury about his role in this case. However, the person who leaked Valeria Plame's name to Bob Novak, whether it was Libby or someone else, apparently didn't break any law or at least they don't feel they have enough to indict this person for such a charge. Fitzgerald would not elaborate as to whether Plame was covert or not and whether the answer to that question played a role in the decision (so far) not to charge anyone with leaking her name.

The investigation will continue, he won't say for how long, but alludes to the fact that he wants to wrap it up very soon so he can return home to Chicago. He also said that the vast majority of the work is done, which could mean that Libby is it for indictments, but that's speculation.

MORE: Lanny Davis says Rove just doing his job.

UPDATE: Just saw Lanny Davis on the O'Reilly Factor. I will give him credit for not being a hypocrite. He's basically saying, Karl Rove (and to some degree Libby) did what he used to do everyday in the Clinton Administration. The strange question here is why did Libby lie (if he did) about his role in this. Plame wasn't covert, the worst he would have got was a slap on the wrist if he'd said, "yeah, it was me, my bad." But there's so many unanswered questions, some we may never get answers to.

UPDATE: I've been reading and watching a lot of the pundits talking about this today, and starting with Rush's comment that Fitzgerald is "fishing for a rat," it would seem that maybe there's a plan in the works to squeeze Libby into implicating someone else, someone like say, oh, I don't know...Karl Rove? It's really too bad Fitzgerald wasn't in charge of the Travelgate investigation.

Winston Smith Running The Media

Winston Smith is now running the MSM. The man in 1984 who's job it was to go back to old news reports and eliminate information that was no longer acceptable to Big Brother, now appears to be the heart and soul of the media. The MSM says the Plame investigation is about Bush lying in order to get us to war. The stories from the 1990s that the media reported about Saddam having WMDs and Bill Clinton saying we need regime change in Iraq no longer exist.

Just like that. Gone.

Another "See, I Told You So"

Here's a post I published last Saturday:

It's not looking good for Harriet Miers as the White House is floating a trial balloon about a possible withdrawal. McQ has the story. I highly doubt Bush wants to pull her out, but he's checking the wind direction in case it comes to that.

Thank you and good night.

Oh, By The Way, The Economy Is Rolling

RedState reminds us that while we are swimming the in the MSM orgy of the Libby indictment, the economy is booming.

Libby Indicted, Rove Waiting

So Scooter Libby has been indicted for essentially lying to investigators conducting the investigation into who outed a covert CIA agent, who wasn't covert anyway. Thus, we don't know who leaked the name. Meanwhile, Rove will be left waiting a while longer to see what they can get him on.

So what happens now? First, take this to the bank: Libby will not be convicted. He will get a good lawyer and the weak case against him will wilt under due process. Probably the same thing for Rove, and we'll never know (until years later) who actually leaked the name (if it even was leaked) to Bob Novak. Of course, Rove and Libby are already convicted in the MSM, so it doesn't really matter to them.

I was listening to Rush and he is of the school of thought that the CIA is behind an effort to hurt Bush and Cheney. Maybe not much has changed since the 60's.

MORE: Jayson over at PoliPundit sees the media acting like drug fiends.


Iran Takes Off The Mask

As hard as it is to believe, it looks like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants to be attacked by the United States even more than Hugo Chavez does.

From Russia With Trepidation

Some very nice perspective on the current situation in Russua from Natan Sharansky.

The Strange Saga Of Fisher DeBerry

So the Air Force Head Football Coach has been reprimanded for his "Jimmy The Greek" style comments that praised black athletes. In other words, an open discussion of race-relations in this country is utterly impossible.


A Bad Week For George Galloway

The Senate Subcommittee report on George Galloway is hot off the press. It's 64 pages, so it'll take some time to go through it, but fortunately we have Seixon to do it for us. Kudos to him for his assisting the committee.

Also piping hot out of the punditry oven is Christopher Hitchens' take on the report. Galloway should have known better than to f*ck with The Hitch.

And finally, a little "I told you so" to those that thought Senator Norm Coleman was made to look the fool by Galloway: Who's the fool now?

A Quick Slap Of Reality

The day the Left has dreamed about is here as the Pentagon announces the 2000th military death in Iraq. It's a terrible thing and my sympathy is with the families of these good men. However, it's time for a dose of reality...no one wants to say it so I will: This is nothing. Two-thousands deaths in a war is nothing, especially when you consider it's been going on for over two years. We should be grateful that we've only lost this many. That's your headline. I'll say it again, and you can quote me: This is nothing.

And After All We're Only Ordinary Men...

Thomas Sowell has an excellent piece today about "true believers" that would have made Eric Hoffer proud.


Franken Fans (All 3) Take On Don Surber

Our favorite columnist from Byrdland had a little run-in with some Al Franken psychos today. Fortunately, Don knows how to throw down, bloggy-style.

The New Fed Chief

Will Franklin has a nice primer on the new Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke.

Getting The Goods On Galloway

Three cheers for Seixon as some of his investigative efforts are bearing fruit in Congress.

Koizumi Gets It

Nice piece from Bob Novak on Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.


South Park Still The Best

I just watched the latest new episode of South Park that I Tivo'ed earlier this week called, "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow," and all I can say is that this is still the most brilliant show on television. The episode parodied the reactions to the Hurricane Katrina disaster as a town called Beaverton is completely flooded due to the destruction of the beaver dam near the town. My favorite part was the reporters saying while they haven't been inside of Beaverton and the town only has a population of 8000, they estimate the death toll into hundreds of millions. There is also raping and pillaging running rampant, though they haven't actually seen any.

Favorite line: "They're gonna go help those people right?" says little Stan. His father replies, "That's not important right now son, what's important is figuring out who's fault this is."

Give The Iraqi People A Break

Don Surber has some nice perspective on the current goings-on in Iraq.

World Series Cuba Connection

Watching some of Game 1 of the World Series and Joe Buck was talking about White Sox pitcher Jose Contreras, who defected from Cuba to America. His name is not to be uttered in his native country per orders from Fidel Castro. It it also forbidden for Cuban citizens to watch him play in the World Series, but Buck pointed out that many in the country do, as they meet in secret places and huddle around radios or televisions.

It's a small point in the grand scheme of things, but it really drives home the reality of what a monster Fidel Castro is. Yet, he is treated like a god by our MSM, politicians like John Conyers and Charles Rangel and celebrities in Hollywood. How can they live with themselves?

Waiting With Bated Breath

The MSM is licking their chops as the death toll of coalition forces in Iraq has reached 1,996. Once it hits that magic number of 2,000, listen closely for the collective orgasm of Chris Matthews, the New York Times and Michael Moore.

With 2,986 killed on 9/11...do you think any media outlet in the MSM will report something like, "That brings the total number of innocents killed by terrorists to nearly 5000." (not including Afghanistan)?

Rhetorical question, of course.

Harriet Miers Trial Balloon

It's not looking good for Harriet Miers as the White House is floating a trial balloon about a possible withdrawal. McQ has the story. I highly doubt Bush wants to pull her out, but he's checking the wind direction in case it comes to that.


Let's All Compare Hands

This picture made me smile...and made me feel proud. (Hat tip: DAVIDANDLAURA)

Beginning Of The End For Assad?

I was wrong. I didn't think the U.N. Investigation into the Hariri assassination would implicate Syria to a great degree, but it has. This leads me to believe the evidence may be so obvious that even the U.N. Couldn't sugar-coat it. Bush is calling for the U.N. to convene and deal with this. Is it over for Assad?


"Please Attack My Country!"

The 2nd most self-absorbed man in the world (Bill Clinton being the first), is at it again as he continues to hope and pray that America will attack Venezuela and give him the attention he so desperately desires.

"They've Ruined It! Oh Yes They Have!"

I'm still finding it hard to believe this isn't a story from The Onion: A Middle Eastern network is broadcasting an Arab version of the Simpsons.

Sensitivity Training For The Masses

I saw this story today about how Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Tommy Maddox and his family have been harassed by fans for Maddox's poor performance in last Sunday's game.

This made me think: Isn't it time for the Ad Council to step in and produce some TV spots to fight this problem? Get someone like Keifer Sutherland or better yet, George Wendt in his "Super Fans" character from Saturday Night Live doing a public service announcement. Something like, "The next time you feel like threatening a backup quarterback, remember, he's an American just like you and me, and as Americans, we must remember that tolerance is the greatest form of patriotism."

Tom DeLay Dodges A Bullet

There's no doubt a warrant was put out for Tom DeLay's arrest so that he would have to be fingerprinted and photographed so the media could run his mugshot in the news every day until he dies. But as mugshots go, DeLay came out pretty well. There's no profile shot and the one straight shot has him with a big smile and very plain background. Nothing too criminal-looking there.

But this is small change. Sadly, no matter what happens from here on out, Tom DeLay is doomed to be the Clay Shaw to Ronnie Earle's Jim Garrison.

UPDATE: Called it!

Lebanon (And Syria) Braced For Hariri Report

Tomorrow is a big day as Lebanon will get the U.N. Report investigating the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri. Everyone is buzzing that Syria could be implicated and all hell could break loose, Bush might invade Syria, etc, etc. Let's not forget, this is the U.N. doing the investigating. I wouldn't be surprised if they covered up Syrian involvement.

They Got Off Easy

I'm sure by now Andrew Sullivan is inconsolable over the news that some U.S. Soldiers allegedly burned the bodies of Taliban terrorists and used the bodies to taunt the rest of the Taliban thugs. That sound you hear is the collective sigh of the Red States. The Taliban got off too easy. But alas, now we're going to have to suffer through weeks of insipid whining. Wake me when it's over.

Hypocrisy Berry Crunch

A brilliant column from Stephen Moore today talking about his recent tour of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream headquarters in Vermont.(Hat tip:The American Thinker)


Latest Trial Balloon

There's an interesting rumor (i.e. trial balloon from the White House) going around D.C. that Dick Cheney may resign if his aide is implicated in the Plame Affair and Bush would then appoint Condi Rice as VP. It's not going to happen, of course, but it is a good way to get Condi some attention in light of the weekly Hillary Clinton love-letter on ABC. It also makes me suspect that Bush favors her as his heir to the throne.

Shut Your Hole!

Hands up all those who are sick of Gwyneth Paltrow's whining.


Big Brother Is Watching You

Remember the job Winston Smith had in 1984? This post at The American Thinker immediately brought the Orwellian character to mind.

Chomsky Gets It Right For Once

Noam Chomsky won an online poll in The Guardian naming him the world's top public intellectual. It's a completely absurd thought, but even the anti-American MIT professor agrees:

Chomsky was unimpressed with the honour, telling The Guardian newspaper that polls were something "I don't pay a lot of attention to," adding that "it was probably padded by some friends of mine."

And then some.


Daily Anti-Bush Show

I did something tonight I haven't done in a while...I watched "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart. Is it me, or is this show now just a 30 minute Bush bash? I expect jokes to be made about the President, but isn't there anything else going on in the world that can be lampooned at least for a few minutes?

Light Posting And Guest Posting

Posting has been somewhat light recently as I've been busy at work and I also started a new workout regimen. This morning, however, exercise took on a different form as I was greeted with a flat tire on my car. So, running late for work, I changed the tire (in my work clothes), broke a blood vessel in my hand and broke out into quite a sweat. Lovely.

On the plus side, I'll be making a guest appearance on The Balance of Power early next week. Stay tuned...

Iraq Wins, Media Loses

While the MSM and the political Left are crying in their beer over Iraq voting for a new democratic constitution, The Mighty Hitch explains how their analysis is often a case of apples and oranges.

(Side note to The Hitch: I know you're talking about the Sunnis, but that last line would have been classic if you'd used "Shiite" instead)


The MSM Hates Iraqi Democracy

An historic day in Iraq as the people voted on a new Constitution. But, as expected, the MSM will have none of it and worked overtime to spin the situation into a day of disaster. Wizbang has some of the evidence.

MORE: Joe Biden hates Iraqi Democracy too.

Juan Cole Hates America

Pastorius has an interesting theory about a relationship between Juan Cole and al-Qaeda terrorist Zarqawi.

NFL Roundup: A Look At The Art Of Winning

I remember watching a documentary a while ago about the Miracle On Ice USA Hockey Team from 1980. At the time, it was thought inconceivable that anyone could beat the Soviets at hockey. But why? It happened...we beat them, what's so hard to believe? The Soviet team watched the Americans celebrating with awed looks on their faces. They didn't know what was going on. Surely, they didn't just lose? Surely?

If you read my site regularly, you know I love to quote the movie Miller's Crossing. One of my favorite lines of all time is when Tom Reagan tells Leo: "You run this town because people think you run this town. The minute they stop thinking it, you stop running it."

Winning and losing is all about attitude. You can have the best football team in the world on paper, but if they don't know how to win, all the talent in the world isn't going to do much good.

Take the Cincinnati Bengals. For years they've struggled, and for years they were convinced they couldn't win, and thus, they didn't. Today, the team improved their record to 5-1 and sit in first place in their division. Head Coach Marvin Lewis told the guys calling the game that his team believes they'll win every game. When they lost to Jacksonville last week, instead of thinking it was business as usual, they were more like the Soviet Hockey Team, wondering what just happened and how it could be. In other words, they've learned how to win, and learned how to believe.

The same can be said of the Patriots, they lost today, but not before coming back from under a huge margin to almost pull it out over Denver. I guarantee you, that every member of that team thought they would win the game up until the last play. It's that kind of thinking that won them 3 Super Bowls.

Meanwhile, a quick note on my Huskers. They beat the Baylor Bears yesterday and improved to 5-1. One more win and they're bowl eligible. Things are starting to come together in Lincoln.


Iraqi's Vote Yet Again

Another bad day for Ramsey Clark and the gang as the Iraqi people went to the polls to vote on a new DEMOCRATIC constitution. I put that in caps because I know just the writing of the word is like a Voodoo stick-pin to Charles Rangel.


Media Bias, Part 89,563

Let's get this straight right now: President Bush's talk with military troops the other day was NOT "staged." Michelle Malkin blows the lid off this transparent attempt by the media to hurt Bush.

UPDATE: Meanwhile... (Here's the video)

MORE: Swallow your food before viewing...

EVEN MORE: Don Surber gives his two cents.

The Hitch Gets Carded!

The Mighty Hitch has posted on his website the text of a speech he gave at SMU about a year ago on our sue-happy society. It's pretty hillarious, and poignant.


Why Not Capitalism?

New York Times columnist Bob Herbert (do I need to go any further) is upset with President Bush suspending the Bacon Act during the rebuilding of New Orleans. God forbid we let Capitalism work and save the taxpayers tons of money. No, more important that Depression Era Socialism wins the day.

Blogger Returns

One Billion Red Chinese and a Dog Named Liberty is back after a couple months' layoff. Go over and say hello.

But Is Saddam Registered To Vote In Florida?

Maybe it shouldn't have, but this story made me laugh out loud. (Hat tip: Bill Quick)


The U.S. Senate Is A Disgrace

Robert Novak explains why.

Gore's Torture Comments Over The Line

Gore say he won't run for President again, and after these comments in Swenden he's made any future run for office a joke. I've laughed off Gore's despicable comments in the past, but this recent barrage made on foreign soil is completely over the line and should immediately disqualify him for ANY public office in this country. Like Gerhard Schroder, Gore is showing a remarkable lack of class and statesmenship in his post-political years. Nixon would've kicked his ass for this, with Reagan finishing him off.

An Amazing Lack Of Grace

Apparently the notion of riding off into the sunset with a little dignity is lost on Gerhard Schroder. To the end he is making things tough for Merkel and Great Britain. What a complete ass this man is.

Syrian Minister Out Of The Way

Syrian Minister Ghazi Kenaan committed "suicide" today as a U.N. Investigation into the assassination of Lebabese Prime Minister Hariri closes in. Maybe it was a suicide, but it's not idle speculation to think Assad had him bumped. When I first read the story, it brought to mind the death of Arkan in Serbia about 5 years ago. His death, however, was an obvious murder.

The Uneducated Media

Tony Blankley has a must-read column today about the lack of intellectual curiousity in the MSM. That's putting it mildly...make that lack of overall intelligence.

Rove Floats A Brilliant Leak

Remember class, the are no accidents in political reporting. If word leaks out, it's because the people in power wanted it leaked out. Case in point today, we hear that in Karl Rove's conversation with evangelical leader James Dobson concerning Harriet Miers, he told Dobson several female judges on the short-list asked not to be considered because the confirmation process had become too vicious. I imagine Rove hopes this will change the subject for a while and take some heat off of Miers.


Tax The Rich? Tax My ASS!

The next time someone says to you they're tired of "tax-breaks for the rich," kick their ass. McQ over at QandO explains once and for all why this notion is a load of bull.

Louis Freeh And Me

Being a news junky and a blogger, whenever I go to the local Barnes & Noble, I head straight for the Current Affairs section. However, over the past few years, I've found the experience less and less fulfilling. They could easily change the name of it to "Pro-American/Anti-American" section. Half the books claim to explain why America and George W. Bush are evil, the others defend the country and the president as best they can. Meanwhile, you have ever word ever written by Noam Chomsky up for sale, but Eric Hoffer is nowhere to be found. It's downright depressing.

However, today I went and bought Louis Freeh's new book, "My FBI." Normally, I'm extremely turned off by these so-called "tell-all" books about life in a presidential administration or government agency, but since this is the only Clinton tell-all of any significance (no offense to Dick Morris), I decided to take the plunge. I find Freeh's story intriguing, especially the part about doing whatever he could to stay on as FBI Director until after Clinton was out of the White House. Classic...and I'm sure this move saved the agency even greater harm.

Miers And The Iraqi Constitution

Don Surber puts them both in perspective.

The Folly Of Extremism

If there are better examples of the extremism at both ends of the political spectrum than Pat Robertson and Hugo Chavez, I don't know what is. Newsmax explains.

Blondes Unite!

Finally, after years of discrimination and persecution, blondes of the world will finally get some representation with the new James Bond.


Smurf Genocide

I've been working some long hours the past two days (I had to work Sunday) so I'm absolutely wiped. I'll get back to regular blogging in the next day or two. In the meantime, I caught this story about a new anti-war ad by Unicef. Apparently, the Belgians find it troubling. I doubt they're alone. (Hat tip: Desert Rose Musings)


Finally...It's Angie

After much political wrangling, Gerhard Schroder finally let go of the his desperate death-grip on power and conceded defeat to Angela Merkel in a power sharing deal that makes her the first female Chancellor of Deutschland.

Day By Day Says It All

We Are Winning In Iraq

Make no mistake about it...the only ways America can lose a war is by having a Democrat in the White House or having a media determined to lose it for us. The Rottweiler gives a case-in-point for the latter.


The Pride Is Back

Yes, Nebraska lost a heartbreaker to Texas Tech today, but after coming back from 21 points down and wrestling with the number one offense in the country to the very last minute, Bill Callahan's team has proven they don't know the meaning of the word quit. The pride is back.


Clinton Calls The Kettle Black

It must be absolute bliss to live a life with no shame whatsoever. In a strange way, I admire Bill Clinton for this fact.

Four years out of office, we finally have the first book from a Clinton administration official telling of the endless corruption and despicable legacy of the Clinton administration. So far, the former president hasn't responded himself, but one of his flunkies spoke to the Washington Post on his behalf. This is good comedy (via Newsmax):

A spokesman for ex-President Clinton attacked a new book by former FBI director Louis Freeh that's sharply critical of Clinton's handling of the war on terrorism, calling Freeh "a man who's desperate to clear his name."


"This is clearly a total work of fiction by a man who's desperate to clear his name and sell books," Jay Carson told the Washington Post, noting that the former New Jersey judge contributed nearly $20,000 to Republicans, including President Bush, in the last campaign.

"It's unfortunate he'd stoop to this level in his attempt to rewrite history," Carson said.

Who are we talking about again?


So What Do You Think Of My New Ad Campaign?

George Will, Elitism and Pat Nixon's Wardrobe

George Will's column calling for the Senate to deny Harriet Miers has raised a lot of hackles today, including my own. Will is a very smart man and a great columnist, but he is also an elitist. For years, Republicans have been complaining about the "cultural elite" in Washington that wants to run our lives because only they are smart enough to know what's best for us. But, in Conservative circles there are elitists as well, and those that get caught up in playing the elitist's game.

Listening to the criticism of Miers has shown that many on the Right were expecting Bush to nominate a Harvard graduate that's been on a Federal Bench for years. Miers, after all, has never even been a judge, and where there's no judge, there's no written opinions. Will eloquently establishes this position:

The wisdom of presumptive opposition to Miers's confirmation flows from the fact that constitutional reasoning is a talent -- a skill acquired, as intellectual skills are, by years of practice sustained by intense interest. It is not usually acquired in the normal course of even a fine lawyer's career. The burden is on Miers to demonstrate such talents, and on senators to compel such a demonstration or reject the nomination.

I've been slowing moving towards Bush's side in the past few days, and this paragraph sealed the deal. Yes, constitutional reasoning does take some skill, but like Will, many great Constitutional scholars over the years have proven to be too "smart" for their own good.

Take the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Pretty simple and straightforward, isn't it? Yet, when you look at First Amendment case law over the past 70 years, you soon realize that many great constitutional scholars don't see it as being this simple. Of course, it is debatable whether the Founding Father's felt that all speech was protected, but one thing that is not debatable is that in writing and enacting the First Amendment, the Founding Fathers had first and foremost on their minds political speech. Yet, in 2003 the Supreme Court stunned the country by actually saying that the McCain-Feingold bill was constitutional. Many asked, how could this be? It's easy to sluff these things off as the price of liberal judges who want to create law rather than interpret the law. Yet, the likes of Sandra Day O'Connor went along with the majority on this one. Well, they say, she's not Scalia. Let's face it, finding Scalia-like judges is hard. The combination of Washington and the judiciary changes people. O'Connor, Souter, Stephens, and Kennedy all changed over the years because of the culture in which they were submerged. The Olasky's put it very succinctly:

Ah, yes, the sweet little inducements: Washington dinner parties, laudatory editorials from the nation's great liberal newspapers and, perhaps most important, praise from the smug savants back at dear old Yale or Harvard. Many leading lawyers never forget their roots in the Ivy League, where all-knowing professors throw laurels on judges who "get it" and scorn those who don't. Forget Austria: It takes a very strong (or very principled) constitution to do without that intellectual flattery.

Harriet Miers is a Supreme Court nominee that Richard Nixon would have loved. She comes from good Texas conservative stock (like John Connelly), she's not an Ivy League egg-head intellectual (like Alger Hiss), and looks like she probably wears a good, Republican cloth-coat (like Pat). Would it really be so bad to have someone who's worked in the private sector for most of her life and avoided the limelight to serve on the highest court in the land? The cultural change might just do the high court good.


Bolton Bash At Yale

U.N. Ambassador John Bolton gave a speech at his alma matter yesterday and was often greeted with a chorus of hisses and boos for his pro-American stance. I think he may have had one of the great questions of the year:

"I'm just curious, those of you who are hissing, who do you think will judge better than us?" he asked the audience.

Not surprisingly, the article didn't say whether he got an answer.

A Case For Anti-Elitism

President Bush should have Thomas Lifson do PR work for Harriet Miers. He makes a very strong case for her in his column at The American Thinker.

Bush/Miers Conspiracy Theory

Okay, here's my conspiracy theory for the day: Bush gets his good friend Harriet Miers to play along in a little game. He nominates her knowing that no one will like the choice and work to defeat it. After much flying of the fur, Miers withdraws. Then Bush picks someone of a similar vein and goes through the same process. After this failure, he nominates a Scalia-type of judge. The Left, by now, is so fatigued and has spent so much political capital in the last two fights, it concedes to the eminently qualified nominee and let's him or her be confirmed. You'll remember that by the time Reagan nominated Scalia, everyone was so worn out from the Bork hearings, they had no fight in them. Maybe this is Karl Rove's diabolical plan.

Oliver Stone couldn't have come up with this one.

Media Bias, Part 2458

Why oh why are people on the Right always complaining about media bias? Well, after a week of Tom Delay and Bill Bennett being burned at the stake, we hear ne'er a word about the exploits of Chuck Schumer's staff members. If it weren't for Michelle Malkin, we might never have heard about it. If a Republican had done this to a Democrat, he would have been forced out of office by CNN.


With Bush, It's All About The Interview

I can't remember the last time a Supreme Court pick caused so much consternation on the first day. Harriet Miers may be the next Scalia, or the next Souter, we won't know until several years down the road. So far, President Bush (and more directly, Vice President Cheney) has said "trust me," and that Miers is gonna be a strict constructionist. Again, we'll see.

The complaint the Left is trying to build up is that Bush is practicing cronyism, and let's face it, it's true. He is picking a close friend and colleague for an important position over many other well-qualified candidates. Word is that Bush learned a lot about Miers during the process of interviewing other candidates. With Roberts, he had some concerns initially, but after talking with him at length, his mind was put at ease.

This reminded me of when Bush had to pick a Secretary of Defense at the beginning of his first term. Cheney was pushing for former Indiana Senator Dan Coats and it was thought that he would be the runaway pick, but after the interview, Bush had doubts. He eventually chose Donald Rumsfeld, and the rest is history.

In short, with Bush, you don't have to wow him with a stellar resume...it's the interview that's important. Bush, I suspect, prides himself on being a good judge of character and won't pick someone unless he feels comfortable with them and they show him something, something intangible. So it isn't so ridiculous when Bush says "trust me." I think he really feels that that's what it all comes down to. He trusts himself and wants us to do the same.

After long thought on the matter, I've decided that trusting the president is my best option. If I had more faith in the Senate Republicans, I'd say we should fight to the death for Janice Rogers Brown, but if Bush led the likes of Chafee, Specter and Hagel into battle, he'd end up getting shot in the back.

Daniel Ortega's Evil Plan

The Washington Post has a very interesting and important article today on how former Nicaraquan dictator Daniel Ortega is working to get himself back into power via an unholy alliance with the country's ultra-right wing. Fortunately, the public is still very anti-Ortega. Let's hope it's enough to keep this thug out to pasture.

Harriet Miers...Who Know?

The president's pick for the Supreme Court has the Right in a tizzy. As usual, Michelle Malkin has a nice roundup. The bottom line is we just don't know what kind of Justice she'll be until years down the road. Cheney is telling Rush Limbaugh right now esentially, "trust us." Cheney vouches for her saying he's worked closely with her for 5 years. But again, who knows?

UPDATE: No sooner did I publish this post when I heard Cheney end his interview with Rush by saying, "trust us." I think that's what it's all going to come down to.

MORE: Limbaugh makes a good devil's advocate point: Bush may not be prepared to go to war for a judicial nominee when his army is the Senate Republicans. With the likes of Specter, Hagel, Grahan, Snowe, Collins, etc. he's likely to get stabbed in the back. Better he puts in a stealth nominee than lose the fight at the hands of his own troops. Again, who knows?


Schroder's Final Nail?

The vote is in from Dresden and the Conservative opposition candidate has taken the final seat in the German parliament, thus boosted Angela Merkel's (rightful) claim to the Chancellorship. Time for ol' Gerhard to exit stage left while he has a tiny shred of dignity.

Donald Sutherland Chugs The Kool-Aide

Drudge has the scoop on how Donald Sutherland of the ABC drama, "Why Hillary Should Be President" staring Geena "What happened to my movie career?" Davis, gave an interview to the BBC and in it, went on a George Voinovich-esque crying fit over the corruption of George W. Bush.

I wonder how ol' Donald took it when he saw this picture of his son, Keifer:

In all seriousness, you really have to wonder how such a great actor can be so foolish as to believe NBC editing out Kanye West's slur on the president is akin to Nazi book-burnings. It's so intellectual dishonest to make such a comparison, but I think he actually believes it. That's really frightening.

New York Times: Filthy Rag

The New York Times has run FOUR corrections on a single column. Not surprisingly, it's a column by super-hack Paul Krugman. When are enough people going to realize that the New York Times doesn't care about journalism and is just interested in being a house organ for the Democratic Party?

UPDATE: Don Surber has a nice roundup of the Blogosphere's take. (Hey Don, how 'bout those Indians?) ;-)


The Final Piece In The German Puzzle

The German elections are finally coming to a close with the final district voting on Sunday. There hasn't been this much worldwide attention paid to Dresden since Slaughterhouse-Five.

Daily Kos On The Brink

Atlas Shrugs has the scoop on how the Kos Kidz may have reached their breaking point.

Robert Bennett Taken Aback

D.C. lawyer Robert Bennett (brother of Bill) was highly annoyed on CNN the other day when Wolf Blitzer asked him a question about his brother's recent racial comments on his radio show. Bennett was there to talk about his client, New York Times reporter Janet Miller, and wasn't prepared to jump into the Bill Bennett maelstrom. National Review has the video. (Hat tip: Political Teen)