Hostage Incident In Iraq

Rusty Shackleford over at The Jawa Report has some exclusive information on the four hostages being held in Iraq.

Send Cartman To The Middle East (Kick Ass!)

Absolutely classic.

Former CIA Director James Woolsey (and his children!) have written a column for National Review suggesting that South Park could be a great weapon in the war on terror.

Maybe that would teach al-Qaeda to respect our authoritah!!

UPDATE: Busted link has been fixed. Thanks for the heads-up, A.C.

Gorgeous George Lays Down Some Dope Beats

Our man in Norway, DJ Seixon, has done it again with his latest investigation into the old school remix by George Galloway.

Pump up the volume, pump up the volume, pump up the volume, Dance! Dance!

Kyoto Fetishisation And Postmodern Politics

Another brilliant piece from Mark Steyn.


Guns Won't Protect You, Bush Trimming Will?

An interesting story out of my home state about 3 of the 4 campuses that make up the University of Nebraska. Apparently, administrators feel that campus police don't need to carry firearms and expect them to take on any armed suspects with mace and a baton. Thankfully, my campus in Lincoln (Go Huskers!) hasn't been affected by this anti-gun nonsense. (Hat tip: Johnny Sac)

Captions of Classiness

It's not too late to enter this week's caption contest over at WILLisms. I'm plugging because I helped find the picture for this one...George Bush 41 and the headphones from hell.

Is Maureen Dowd Necessary?

Jim Pinkerton has written one of the best columns I've read in a very long time...maybe ever. It's a review of Maureen Dowd's book, Are Men Necessary? but it goes much further. In short, this piece of writing will teach you more than an entire semester of college at a land-grant university.

Look Not To France

I saw a quip on Drudge about how six homeless people have died in the cold conditions of France so far this winter. This reminded me of a story from a few years back when nearly 15,000 people died in a heatwave in France because they couldn't get air conditioning.

Hmmmm...15,000 die from heat in France in 2003 and just over 2,000 American troops have died in Iraq since 2003. Sounds to me like it's the French that need an exit strategy...from France.

Ted Baiamonte has a nice perspective.

"LBJ's Biggest Mistake" For The Defense

Good ol' Ramsey Clark. If there's a murderous dictator in trouble, he's always ready to come to the rescue.


Irvin Does It Again

Michael Irvin, who was T.O. before there was T.O., is back to his old habits again. Reports have surfaced that he was pulled over by police in Plano, Texas on Friday and drug paraphernalia was found in his car. ESPN had Chris Berman share the news during halftime of their Sunday Night game...ESPN says they have no comment at this point.

So Lonely

Ever had a party where nobody came? Cindy Sheehan has. (Hat tip: Free Republic)

Not Must-See TV

There were some pretty good games today in the NFL. I'm especially impressed with what Lovie Smith has done with the Bears. Tonight, however, you have to feel for ESPN as they have to carry the Jets v. the Saints. Talk about futility. Thank God for Adult Swim.

Bruce Willis On A Mission

Bruce Willis visited the troops in Iraq and has proven that he has eyes and knows what they're for. Cuanas has the scoop on his plans for a pro-Iraq War movie.

To Bomb Or Not To Bomb...

...Al-Jazeera. A very interesting ethical question.

Le Pen And The Future Of France

An interesting take from the Brussels Journal on the 2007 presidential elections in France and the effect Jean-Marie Le Pen is already having on the race.


The Mighty Hitch v. Scott Ritter

This may be the mismatch of the century. After dispatching "Gorgeous" George Galloway, the Mighty Hitch is going to take on weapons inspector turned Left-wing shill Scott Ritter. Okay, there's your topic...discuss.

The Huskers' Cup Runneth Over

Big win for my Nebraska Cornhuskers today and perhaps more importantly, a big win for Coach Bill Callahan who has been getting a lot of criticism from Nebraska fans after a second-straight mediocre year. Those of us who are more pragmatic knew this was going to take some time. It's only the second year of a brand new system with new players and I think they're doing extremely well. We're back in the Bowl business and this gives us a lot of momentum going into next year where great things will be expected. Go Big Red!

All Hail OSM Pajamas Media

Daily readers of Jim-Rose.com may have noticed a constantly changing image in my "Honor Roll" the past week. First it was Open Source Media, then OSM with a big X, then Pajamas Media. The original consortium of blogs was born as Pajamas Media from the minds of Roger L. Simon, Charles Johnson and Glenn Reynolds among others. Along the way, they decided to give it the more corporate-sounding name with Open Source Media, but after sobering up, they came to the conclusion it was best to "dance with the one they brung," as it were, and became once again, Pajamas Media. I am a small part of this group (hopefully I will become a bigger part in the future), and I'm excited about what the future holds for this band of blog-brothers. This is truly the end of the MSM monopoly.

Colin Powell: Ignoramus

This story from Newsmax about Colin Powell to me is very telling. Powell is miffed that Congressman Murtha was "attacked" by the White House and called the action disgraceful. However, it's the last paragraph of the story that got me.

"We're not facing a world war anymore," Powell told the Post. "We have pretty much convinced the world that democracy is a better system than communism or fascism or totalitarianism."

I'd like to believe that, but I think there's plenty of evidence that shows otherwise. And for Powell to practice foreign policy with this belief is extremely dangerous.


Time For A Sexual Jihad

I was listening to Sean Hannity on the way home and he had former Democratic Congressman and head of the National Council of Churches Bob Edgar on for a discussion about the war in Iraq. Edgar talked about what a huge mistake the war is and said, as many before him have said, that we have created more terrorism than we've eliminated.

With this impeccable logic, it occurred to me that the time has come to take action. Therefore I, Jim Rose, am officially declaring war on all attractive women that want to have sex with me. According to the flawless analysis of Bob Edgar, Cindy Sheehan, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Jimmy Carter, et al, this declaration is creating attractive women who want to have sex with me as we speak.

Why didn't I think of this sooner?

UPDATE: IT'S WORKING! A matter of minutes after I published this post, Drudge broke the story of Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson breaking up. How long before she calls me? Giddyup!

MORE: Oh, it's true.

Mohammed Castro?

The American Thinker reports on the Iranian mullahs trying to woe Fidel into their fold.

John Bolton Shaking Things Up

The good Captain has a nice rundown on how John Bolton is trying to change the U.N. for the better. No easy task.

Left Wing Good, Right Wing Bad

In general, I don't have a problem with the civil rights community going after Augusto Pinochet, but one has to wonder why there isn't more fervor for a pursuit of other Latin America enemies of civil rights like Castro, Chavez or Ortega.

I'm being facetious, of course, we all know why: Pinochet killed communists while Castro, Chavez and Ortega are communists.

Unless civil rights apply to everyone they are meaningless.

UPDATE: A comment from Amos:

Pinochet's only crime is he fought fire with fire.

He exterminated the must murderous, disgusting animal the 20th century ever produced, the communist revolutionary, a creature responsible for the death of almost 100 million human beings and the enslavement of half the globe. The Bolshevik filth never got their fangs into Chile, thanks to Pinochet.

Oh, but you disapprove of his methods? Go cry me a river. Ask the millions of murdered Chinese and Russians and Cambodians what they wouldn't have given for a Pinochet at the right time and at the right place, to abort that bloody monster in it's infancy.
A very good point.

The Perfect Pair

It's a match made in hell: Hugo Chavez and Joe Kennedy. And someday both will rot in hell.


Sharon's Bold Move

While I'm a member of the Netanyahu/Sharansky camp and I think Ariel Sharon is making a mistake, I have to give him points for moxie. This is a bold move and I will always praise a politician for taking risks. I don't think it will work, but I admire his guts.

X Marks The VP, Part 2

Drudge backs up his story on CNN schananigans with more evidence.

Steyn Reports From The Arab Street

Another kick-ass column from Mark Steyn on the war in Iraq. Stop what you're doing and read it. Here's a taste:

"In war, there are usually only two exit strategies: victory or defeat. The latter's easier. Just say, whoa, we're the world's pre-eminent power but we can't handle an unprecedently low level of casualties, so if you don't mind we'd just as soon get off at the next stop."


X Marks The VP


MORE: Don Surber's take, and Wizbang's take.

UPDATE: Drudge may have jumped the gun on this one. Michelle Malkin has evidence it may have really just been a glitch.

Murtha The "Paper Tiger"

Newsmax has revealed what the MSM won't tell you: it was John Murtha who went to President Clinton after the Mogadishu "Blackhawk Down" attack in 1993 and urged a complete withdrawl from Somalia. I need not remind you what bin Laden took from that move.

John Murtha is a paper-tiger, and if we listen to him, we're in grave danger. Shame on him.

Ezra Pounding Kurt Vonnegut

James Lileks give us an amusing analysis of writer Kurt Vonnegut's recent turn toward insanity.

Chris Matthews: Postmodernism's Posterboy

Here's a quote from a speech Chris Matthews gave at the University of Toronto on the war on terrorism:

"If we stop trying to figure out the other side, we've given up. The person on the other side is not evil--they just have a different perspective."


Sharon Quits Likud

It looks like Ariel Sharon may accomplish what Richard Nixon only dreamed of and form his own coalition party.

UPDATE: Joel Rosenberg has a nice primer on the situation in Israel.

How To Lose A War

A blistering editorial in the NY Post this morning on the push to cut and run in Iraq.


Armitage The Leak?

Spikey and the Socialist over at Newsweak are theorizing that the Novak/Woodward source in the Plame Affair could have been Colin Powell's right-hand Richard Armitage. Wouldn't this just be a kick in the teeth for the Bush-haters if the leak turns out to be one of the guys in the Bush Administration that was constantly working against the president.

UPDATE: The Times of London says the Novak/Woodward leak was National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley. (Hat tip: Newsmax)

We Are Winning....Zarqawi Dead?

Despite what you hear from Congress, we are winning the war in Iraq (in fact, some argue we've won). The proof is in the pudding...or the newspaper ad in Jordan. Meanwhile, rumors are circulating that Zarqawi has been killed. I'll believe it when I see his cold, dead body.

Pelosi Backs Off

Despite all the crying over the Republican power-play in the House the other day, the move did it's job...Pelosi is backing off pushing the Murtha Plan to a vote, instead she wants to just "discuss" it. Nice.


Vietnam Revisited?

Vietnam, Iraq...is it all the same? The Neo-Neocon gives us plenty to think about on the subject.

Warhol And Pollock Paintings Stolen

...in Pennsylvania. (Hat tip: Odd Universe)

Kurt Vonnegut Abandons "Peace" And Embraces Terrorism

Courtesy Free Republic.

Democrats Going Down With The Ship

While polls show Bush at an all-time low, and nothing is more important than polls, right?...Stefania aptly points out that the Democrats are showing poll numbers even lower than the President.

Meanwhile, Hugh Hewitt wonders why only 3 Democrats voted against the cut-and-run resolution. He points out that the GOP needs to stay true to four principles:

Win the war.
Confirm the judges.
Cut the taxes.
Control the spending.

So far, they're doing well, or at least okay, on 3 out of 4.

Master Of The Inconsequential

Don Surber has a new name for William Jefferson Clinton.

Paradise Lost For Johnny Depp

Looks like France is just as bad as America, if not worse.

MORE: Zaphriel has some quotes about our favorite country.


The Democrats' Plan For Iraq

(Hat tip: Just about everyone in the Blogosphere)


Those voting Yes: McKinney, Serrano, and Wexler.
Those voting "Present": Capuano, Clay, Hinchey, McDermott, Nadler and Owens.

We'll give the 22 not voting the benefit of the doubt.

Dick Cheney Talking Points

Our man in Norway, Seixon, is taking Josh Marshall fishing...I mean fisking...whatever.


UbuWeb Is Back

One of my favorite websites is back from hiatus. UbuWeb is a bit Leftist for my taste, but where else can you hear audio of Marshall McLuhan, Gertrude Stein and James Joyce? Check it out.

The Party Of Appeasement

Don Surber puts the Democrats' stand on the Iraq War in perspective. Nicely done, Don.

Chuck Hagel Is An Idiot, Part 385

President Bush was asked by a reporter today to choose which person is right about war criticism: Dick Cheney or Chuck Hagel. Talk about a softball of a question. (Hat tip: Lorie Byrd)

I really hope Bush and Cheney keep up this new line of rhetoric. It's a long-time coming.

There Were WMDs, Now Shut The Hell Up!

Cuanas has the scoop.

MORE: Atlas Shrugs chimes in.

Vanity, Thy Name Is The Senate

Two of my favorite Senators (yep, that's sarcasm), Arlen Specter and Tom Harkin have been caught in the act of comically over-the-top conceit by the greatest living journalist, Matt Drudge.

We never would have seen this story in the MSM. It's too much to ask for journalists to cruise the Lexis-Nexis once in a while. No, they're more concerned with setting policy.

Kudos To Pennsylvania Democrat

While many will react with shock and outrage, I would like to praise Congressman John Murtha for being the first Democrat to have the guts to express his party's true position: defeat for the United States of America.

I think Roger Hedgecock said it best on Rush's show today: Bush and Cheney flushed 'em out.

Vietnam Again...In Washington

Emperor Darth Misha I points out that the war critics are right, but for the wrong reason: the war in Iraq is looking like Vietman, i.e. brave soldiers being stabbed in the back by feckless politicians.

Alito And Roe

This whole thing with Sam Alito's comments on Roe v. Wade in 1985 can be summed up easily. Most people, like myself, who favor legal abortion with common sense restrictions know that Roe is bad law. There is nothing in the Constitution to justify it and Harry Blackmun simply made it up. Daniel Flynn points out that even some great liberal legal minds agree.

Roe should be overturned by SCOTUS and then each of the 50 states should pass laws either legalizing abortion or banning abortion depending of the will of the people in each respective state. That's the democratic process as it should be.

Anti-Semitism And The New York Times

Does the New York Times have a problem with Jews? Ed Lasky opines.

Why Indeed

Louis Freeh wonders why the 9/11 Commission ignored "Able Danger." It's simple...they're all a bunch of political hacks.

George Orwell At PBS

The recent dustup at PBS over Ken Tomlinson is Orwellism at its finest.


CIA On Castro's Health

There are reports that the CIA is convinced Fidel Castro has Parkinson's Disease and could be in the early stages of a steady downhill decline in health.

Okay, let's get to the crux of the issue. When Castro dies, say within the next decade, then the major question of Cuba's future will be revealed. Right now, Castro's heir-apparent is his brother, who is just as old as he is and not as well known. Castro runs his country like Hitler ran Germany. Germany was Hitler and Cuba is Castro. When he's gone, who knows? It seems probably that in the long run, after many power-struggles, democracy may finally rear its head in the land of good cigars.

Senate Republicans Put On Notice

Hugh Hewitt is mad as hell, and he's not going to take it anymore...from the RINO'S that is.

Rocky Spilled, U.S. Soldiers Killed?

A nice piece from Matthew May in The American Thinker about what to do with Jay Rockefeller.

In Federal Court We Trust?

Michael Newdow is at it again. The man who has fought to get the Pledge of Allegiance out of schools is now going after "In God We Trust" on U.S. Currency. Speaking as an agnostic, I think most people of my ilk agree that this guy is a fruitcake. Look, America was founded by religious men based on a Judeo-Christian ethic. I don't care one iota if my money says "God." In fact, it should say God. That's part of our proud history.

Newdow's campaign is no different from that of a Pat Robertson that wants to force religion on people. Newdow's atheism is a religious movement. Think about it.

Republicans... Take Note

American conservatives should take a lesson from Japanese PM Koizumi on cutting spending.

Clinton For The War Before He Was Against It

This story is too incredible for words. Bill Clinton says the Iraq invasion was a mistake. Okay fine, he's a Democrat and it's his duty to beat up on Bush. However, we of course have to forget that he wanted to do the very same thing when he was president until the public shouted his people down at Ohio State University because they knew he'd do it "half-assed." Then he goes on to say that some good things have come out of the invasion: the removal of Saddam, a new constitution and free elections. Some good things??? THAT'S EVERYTHING!! What a piece of human excrement this man is.(Hat tip:Drudge)


Jay Rockefeller A Traitor?

It's beginning to look more and more like Senator Robert "KKK" Byrd isn't the worst thing to come out of West Virginia.

Jesse Jackson Takes A T.O.

Master charlatan, Jesse Jackson, has come to the rescue of NFL bastard-in-chief Terrell Owens saying that T.O.'s suspension is much too severe. Jesse Jackson, who has the undeserved reputation of being a man of peace who helps the downtrodden is helping a selfish, egotistical millionaire athlete. If he wants to help out people of his race, how about heading back to Maryland and deflecting some of the Oreo cookies flying past Michael Steel's ears. Oh, that's right, you're probably one of those throwing the cookies at Steel, aren't you Jesse?


Ted Kennedy Is The Enemy

Thankfully, the White House is finally fighting back against Ted Kennedy's idiotic statements, even if it's only in press release form. (Hat tip: Odd Universe)

What's The Lesson?

So Prince Charles says he wants to be an international spokesman for Islam, then al-Qaeda declares Queen Elizabeth II an enemy of Islam. (Hat tip: Free Thoughts)

al-Qaeda certainly doesn't hold a monopoly on the religion of Islam, but let's face it, people like Prince Charles are taking these positions not to help Muslims around the world but to give our enemies the impression that we're just "nice guys." And, after all, it makes him and those of his ilk feel good about themselves. Well, what has it got you, Chaz? Your mom is now on the terrorists' guano list. Nice going. Or was that your plan all along? (cue raised eyebrow)

Wrong About Being Wrong

Some brilliant analysis from our favorite columnist from Byrdland (or, if you will, JayByrdland) of John Edwards' latest take on the Iraq War.

Dean Meets The Depressed

Howard Dean is truly an odd duck. At a time, whether it be true or not, when the Democrats seem to have the upper-hand, Dean turns down the chance to appear with his counterpart, Ken Mehlman, and rub it in. And as Wizbang shows us, he's still not ready to admit there's been an racial campaign against Michael Steel.

Chirac Out?

The Astute Blogger believes that the stage is being set for a Jacques Chirac resignation. I'm still doubtful, but AB's logic in coming to this conclusion is flawless. (Hat tip: Cuanas)

Podhoretz On The Iraq War "Lies"

I'm a little late on this, but if you haven't already, you need to read Norm Podhoretz's latest column from Commentary Magazine. Good stuff.


Jim And The Hitch

As promised, here's the picture of me and The Hitch from the Reason Foundation Cocktail Party in Las Vegas last week. It was great night and The Hitch seemed to really enjoy talking to the folks in attendance (even if he doesn't look it in this photo).


If It Walks Like A Duck...

The Political Teen transcribed a piece of the Mary Mapes interview on the O'Reilly Factor:

REILLY: So, are you a liberal?

MAPES: Well I'm not sure what a liberal is, I'm more liberal than some people. I can tell you my eight year old son thinks he's being raised by the most conservative parents in the world.

REILLY: No but politically, you know what I'm talking about.

MAPES: Well I think like a lot of Americans, I'm all over the map and it's something I mean for me, like who I vote for?

REILLY: Are you a registered Democrat?

MAPES: You know, I don't know.

REILLY: You don't know?

MAPES: I don't know. I don't know if I'm Independent or Democrat, I know I'm not -- in Texas I'm not sure.

REILLY: So you know describe yourself political as .. ?

MAPES: Oh my goodness, I'm liberal on some things and I'm conservative on some things.

Oh, help me Rhonda! Here's one simple rule to remember: If a journalist says things like "I'm not sure what a liberal is" or "I'm liberal on some issues, conservative on others" it's a pretty safe bet they're just to the left of Michael Moore.

And Say Hello To Saddam's Kids

The MSM keeps trying to insinuate that Karl Rove is giving Bush bad advice so he should dump him. It would seem, however, that the one getting bad advice is Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Killing your own is going to get you nowhere chucklehead. Burn in hell indeed.

Germany On The Brink

It's Reform Thursday and our good friend Will Franklin has a look at how Germany is drowning in a sea of socialism and how their plight could be a sign of things to come for the good ol' USA.

RINO's Do It Again

With all due respect to my good friends Don Surber and D.C. Thornton...I absolutely hate RINO's.

California Embraces Corruption

The scariest result of the elections the other night was the defeat of several ballot initiatives in California. Say what you will about each, one that was just mind-boggling was the defeat of the initiative that would take redistricting out of the politicians' hands and put it in the hands of a bi-partisan three judge panel. I'm sure that wouldn't be as perfect as it sounds, but it would certainly be a step up from partisan politicians gerrymandering that has been the norm.

One has to pose a question to the people of California: Why did you guys bother to recall Gray Davis?

A Rogue Branch Of Government

As President Bush would say, "Make no mistake:" The United States' Senate is broken. It may even be undermining our country and in turn, trying to cover it up. Maha Rushie has the details.


Slow Day For Blogging

Not much blogging for me today as I was out on assignment all day and my legs are killing me. It's just as well however, I wasn't in the mood to deal with the post-election crap in the MSM. Don't tell me about it, I don't want to know. Until tomorrow...


An Odd Off-Year Election

It was definitely a mixed bag in this off-year election. Democrats held on to governorships in New Jersey and Virginia. I really feel sorry for Doug Forrester. He's carried the Republican's water in New Jersey for quite a few years and yet he keeps getting screwed. Then in New York, Mike Bloomberg smashes his opponent making it the fourth consecutive election a Republican (of sorts) has been elected Mayor of the Big Apple. It looks like Schwarzenegger may win one or two ballot initiatives in California. Unfortunately, the redistricting measure is toast, but he may win the union dues measures which would really piss off the Reds. Meanwhile in Ohio, with the GOP reeling from corruption problems, the Democrats were expecting several initiatives (sponsored by George Soros) to pass, but instead they were rejected with extreme prejudice.

What to make of it all? Well, it seems a text-book example of isolated political incidents all around, but that doesn't really matter. The two governorships will be the DNC/MSM's springboard to do a million stories about a "bell-weather" to the 2006 elections. Journalism is dead.

Democrats Win In New Jersey And Virginia

"I don't care how you want to change things. We don't want them changed."

-Pontius Pilate speaking to Jesus in The Last Temptation of Christ

Utopia Is Burning, Day 12

It one of the biggest stories out of Europe in a decade, but the American MSM seems uninterested. Why? Richard Baehr has a theory.

Move Over T.O., The Cheerleaders Own The Media Now

Despite the latest T.O. dustup in Philly, the big story around the watercooler is the one about the Carolina Panthers cheerleaders.



You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

...or your old father, especially if you're Chris Wallace.

All Hail Norm Coleman

The good Senator from Minnesota (and my former mayor) has been a one-man wrecking crew investigating corruption at the U.N. Now, he's fighting to make sure this international band of thugs does't take over the internet.

And to think Minnesota almost sent Walter Mondale back to Washington. Thank God for small miracles.

UPDATE: Don Surber seconds that emotion.

5000 Visits Ladies And Gentlemen!

Jim-Rose.com surpassed the 5000 mark for visits today. Thanks to all that have supported this site from D.C. Thornton to UJ. And it seems a big thanks also goes out to Christopher Hitchens and his enemies. Huzzah!

MSM Covers For "Youths" In France

There is an Intifada spreading across Europe. It started in France, and when they couldn't handle it, the "youths" were emboldened and it spread to Belgium and Germany. I laughed a few days ago when some predicted it spreading across Europe. No longer.


Jim-Rose.com Featured On Technorati

New York Times Covers For Chirac

Our man in Europe, Seixon, has a rundown on how Chirac is avoiding negative media coverage during the Paris Riots. If this were Bush or Blair in his place, they'd be calling for his respective head.

Europe Is Crumbling

Reading Mark Steyn's column on the riots in Paris, I suddenly was reminded of the Iran-Hostage incident in 1979 when I read this passage:

If Chirac isn't exactly Charles Martel, the rioters aren't doing a bad impression of the Muslim armies of 13 centuries ago: They're seizing their opportunities, testing their foe, probing his weak spots. If burning the 'burbs gets you more "respect" from Chirac, they'll burn 'em again, and again. In the current issue of City Journal, Theodore Dalrymple concludes a piece on British suicide bombers with this grim summation of the new Europe: "The sweet dream of universal cultural compatibility has been replaced by the nightmare of permanent conflict." Which sounds an awful lot like a new Dark Ages.

"Seizing opportunities, testing their foe, probing his weak spots." This reminds me so much of when Jimmy Carter ordered the marines at the American embassy in Tehran to not fire on the protesters, don't do anything to provoke them. We all know how well that worked. It emboldened the mullahs and led to the hostage situation. Puerile, disgusting weakness! (Hat tip: lgf)

Cheerleader Sex, And It's Not A Movie

While I try and keep this website as classy as possible, sometimes I can't resist giving in to more prurient interest. Fox Sports reports that two of the Carolina Panther's cheerleaders were arrested last night in a Tampa, Florida nightclub after complaints they were having sex with each other in a bathroom stall. They were charged with assault of a patron and resisting arrest. I'll just let you folks make your own analysis. Let me just say that the plight of Terrell Owens is no longer my favorite NFL story.

Paris Is Burning

McQ has some analysis on how France is completely bungling the attempt to end the riots. Hugh Hewitt, meanwhile, has a comparison to the infamous riots of 1968.

Believe it or not, I feel no joy in what is happening to the Chirac government, only pity. Yes, the chickens have come home to roost, but sadly I'm seeing no signs of a moment of clarity or revelation. Everyone deserves a second chance to show some true leadership. I'd love to see Chirac and de Villepin rise to the occasion, but thus far, they haven't.

Anti-War Lies

Michelle Malkin has a nice summary on how an anti-war hero has been exposed.

An Evening With Christopher Hitchens

I had a very enjoyable evening Friday night as I attended a cocktail reception at the Mirage Hotel here in Las Vegas to benefit the Reason Foundation. The main guest speaker was renowned intellectual Christopher Hitchens who spoke to the crowd of wide-eyed libertarians about the movements in this country to essentially outlaw pleasure. One is always nervous about meeting someone they admire for fear that they may not be what they appear on the television screen or in print. Hitchens, however, did not disappoint. Being in Las Vegas, he had the freedom to be himself at the podium, chain-smoking his cigarettes and sipping from his glass of brown liquid. He told us that the first question he ask in any city is where can he get a steak, a drink and an ashtray all at the same time. Vegas being one of the few cities in the country left where you can get an answer to that question, he joked he may have to move here someday. I can only hope.

After his speech, I waited patiently to meet the contrarian writer. Naturally, he was surrounded by many admirer, but was willing to discuss and debate any topic with anyone. He had a very interesting debate/discussion with a guest about Ayn Rand and Capitalism and took it all with good cheer. When I finally spoke to him, I made it a point not to bend his ear but just to thank him for coming and speaking to us. He was very polite and receptive and thanked me for having him here. I asked him if he would mind posing for a picture with me and he answered, "Not a' tall," in a tone that left the impression he would be surprised that I would think otherwise. Very gracious and unpretentious. Agree or disagree with what he says, the Hitch does something more important: he makes you think. Every time he speaks, no matter what the topic, you get a whole new perspective and are forced to reevaluate everything. That is the definition of a true intellectual.

A big thanks to a kind gentlemen from Massachusetts, Vidar Jorgensen, who took the picture and will email it to me later this week.

UPDATE: The Hitchens haters are taking me to task for acting like a little school girl in front of their arch nemesis. The green-eyed monster rears its head.


25 Years Of Reagan's Optimism

A nice piece from Jim Pinkerton today celebrating 25 years since the election of Ronald Reagan as president.

Fox Stands Up For Bush

The Marxists attending the Summit of the Americas are making a lot of noise and getting their usual lion's share of media attention due to their Bush bashing, but Gatway Pundit has info on how Vicente Fox had W's back.(Hat tip: Instapundit)

Time For GOP To Go After Pelosi

So far this week, we've had the House Democrats fight efforts to split up the 9th Circus Court (see my previous post on them)and we've had 36 House Democrats vote against the Private Property Rights Protection Act, essentially an anti-Kelo bill. One of those Democrats voting nay was House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. Even Socialist Bernie Sanders voted for the bill. For a party that is constantly calling the GOP "out of the mainstream" their House leader seems to resemble that description to a tee. With these recent moves, the Pubs should strike while the iron is hot.

Ninth Circus Court Does It Again

The Circuit Court famous for ruling the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional has now ruled that parents "have no due process or privacy right to override the determinations of public schools as to the information to which their children will be exposed while enrolled as students." Who better than the Rottweiler to opine on the subject.

Bush's Legacy Grows

Finally, after years of unnecessary environmental crap, the Senate has approved drilling in ANWAR. People poo-poo this move because it won't have any immediate impact. Well, no kidding. Things take time, but with this and the Middle East changes and the Supreme Court shifting to the right, Bush is building a legacy that makes Clinton green with envy. Legacy is about the future, not the here and now.


PBS Political Cleansing Complete

PBS Chairman Ken Tomlinson has resigned due to the criticism of his "politicizing" of public television. Yep, first time that's ever happened at PBS. Maybe now they can just be honest and appoint Fidel Castro to the Board of Directors.

A Libertarian Streak

This article about Judge Alito focuses on abortion, but buried toward the bottom is talk of Alito's interpretation of the First Amendment. A Conservative justice with a libertarian streak? That's what I call perfect.

Alito The Draft Dodger?

The Left's next attempt to scuttle Alito is to have the MSM write stories about him serving in the *gasp!* Army Reserve.

Racism Runs Rampant In Maryland

I guess you have to give the Democrats in Maryland credit for being honest: they're racist and proud of it.


If we've learned anything from the Plame Affair, it's that we need some new legislation to reign in rogue CIA agents that try and play politics. Zell Miller makes the case.


Michael Moore And Halliburton?

Peter Schweizer's new book seems to have the goods on Michael Moore and many other hypocrites of the American Left. "The Don" has more.

Godfather Of The Moonbats

Jimmy Carter says President Bush manipulated intelligence to convince the public of a need to go to war with Iraq. Here's what I'd like to see someone ask the former president: "How do you know that?"


50 Cent Makes Sense

Hats off to rapper 50 Cent for having the courage to take Kanye West to task for his "George W. Bush doesn't care about black people" comment. Finally, a little bit of sense in the hip-hop community.

Fo shizzle my nizzle!

Forrester Gets Paper's Endorsement

Wow! The Star-Ledger in New Jersey has officially endorsed Doug Forrester for Governor over presumed heir to the throne, Jon Corzine. It's a somewhat backhanded endorsement, but this liberal newspaper can't get over the corruption of the state's Democrat Party and the fact that Corzine would only exacerbate the problems. Hopefully this will be enough to put Forrester over the top. (Hat tip: PoliPundit)

Way Unlame

Be sure to check out this week's edition of the Carnival of Classiness over at WILLisms.

Lott Gives A Little Payback

Drudge is reporting that Trent Lott is the first Senate Republican to say that maybe Karl Rove shouldn't be in the White House due to the Plame Affair. Rest assured, this is just Lott having a little revenge on Bush for throwing him to the wolves after the Strom Thurmond incident. It had to happen eventually.

Playing The Italian Card?

Michael Barone believes that Judge Alito's ethnicity may be his key to confirmation.