Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all the readers of Jim-Rose.com. As you may have read, I've been a sicky for most of the week with a really bad cold. I haven't had it this bad in several years. I'm just about recovered, but my voice sounds like Wolfman Jack at the moment. Maybe it will come in handy later when I venture to the south side of the Las Vegas Strip to cut some video of tonight's festivities. Look for the world's largest toast ever, as well as a fireworks spectacular on your TV's tomorrow. It's gonna be big.


"I'm NOT Free!"

We now have an answer to Mr. Grace's question: "Is he or isn't he?"

John "Mr. Humphries" Inman entered into a civil-union with longtime partner Ron Lynch on December 27th in England not long after laws were passed allowing same-sex partnerships. The star of the legendary British series "Are You Being Served?" has been with Lynch for about 33 years. Who knew?

Bad Craziness

Sorry for the light posting this week, folks. Some kinda flu/cold bug has decided to spend the last few days kicking my ass. I tried to go to work today, but my co-workers took exception. I feel like I've just about turned the corner. Hopefully, I can join the land of the living tomorrow.


Laying The Groundwork

The Astute Blogger says the evidence that we may be planning an attack on Iran or Syria is really piling up due to the fact that a slew of diplomats from Condi Rice to Porter Goss have been hanging out in Turkey. Makes sense.


The Best Christmas Ever

It's an overused cliche on holiday specials, but this was the best Christmas in a very long time for me. I spent 2 full days at home in Nebraska, ate incredible food and spent time with all my relatives. My niece and nephew have become really great kids: Sam (8 years old) is a basketball star and has that wry Rose humor, and Hannah (11 years old) is proving to be a leader among her peers. I also got to see my closest friends from days of old. All in all, things couldn't have been better.

However, I did return to Vegas with a major cold and body aches. But, it's not enough to bring me down from such a high.


Iranian Freedom Scares Democrats

It appears that some Senate Democrats (who prefer to remain anonymous) are against the idea of a free Iran. The good Captain has the bizarre story.

Cheney Walks The Line

Johnny Cash a popular artist on Dick Cheney's iPod. (Hat Tip: Drudge)


Busy Day In Sin City

Just got home from a 12 hour day of work. Had to cover the opening of the new South Coast casino and the Las Vegas Bowl. I'm beat, to say the least. Taking off tomorrow for Nebraska to spend Xmas with the family. I'll try and post a few things tomorrow. Until then, blogging will be light until Tuesday.

Merry Christmas!


Nothing Wrong With Personal Gain

Ahhhh! Nothing soothes my libertarian soul like visiting Samizdata. They have a nice post about Mark Thatcher getting dissed by Prince Albert of Monaco...a country smaller than my apartment.

A Huge Step Toward Our Troops Coming Home

Via RedState.

Chuck "Nebraska's Biggest Mistake" Hagel Appeased

A deal has been struck in the Senate to extend the Patriot Act for 6 months with the promise that civil liberty concerns will be addressed in the next go-around.

It's really a crime how the concept of libertarianism has been perverted by this sorry episode.

That's Just Sick And Wrong...

...but hilarious! Via Samantha Burns.

Kofi Annan Blames Reporters For His Own Failings

Kofi Annan really is a piece of work. After getting grilled by reporters at a press conference at the U.N., the Secretary General lashed out at them for asking so many questions about his and his son's behavior:

"I think you're being very cheeky," Annan said. "Listen James Bone, you've been behaving like an overgrown schoolboy in this room for many, many months and years. You are an embarrassment to your colleagues and to your profession. Please stop misbehaving and please let's move on to a serious subject," Annan added.

Yes, please let's move away from the petty, unimportant issue of U.N. corruption at the highest levels and move on to something more pressing, like how we're going to destroy Israel.

Annan then made an incredible statement:

Asked about his regrets, Annan said he was sorry he was not able to avert the war in Iraq in 2003.
"If I go back in recent years, one thing I would have liked to see ... is for us to have done everything that we could have done to avoid a war in Iraq that has brought such division within this organization and the international community," Annan said.

What the f#@k?! That's his biggest regret? How about the 800,000 people killed in the Rwandan genocide? Does that ring any bells, raise any red flags?

This man belongs in jail.

The Media Wildfire Spreads

It's bedlam in the MSM over this Bush/NSA story, and it's only getting worse. I had a friend say that the Carter and Clinton executive orders are not the same thing as what Bush has done. There's evidence to the contrary, but if so, why isn't the MSM out there working to debunk it then? So far, Andrea Mitchell is the only one I've seen try and she got it wrong from the get-go. Now a former Number 3 in the Clinton Justice Department has written a column saying Bush was well within his legal rights. But the MSM is censoring history to further their agenda. I did several searches today and if it weren't for Drudge, Rush and conservative blogs, there would be no mention of the Clinton/Carter EO's.

Look, I'm a libertarian. I believe the federal government has one major duty above all others: protect the country from enemies foreign and domestic. I cherish my civil liberties as an American, but I also understand that I don't live in an anarchy where the government has no power to surveil those that intend to do us deadly harm. It's the same with the torture debate. I don't think we should torture prisoners, unless there is an imminent danger and they hold the key to stopping it. How could we not?

2006 is going to be a landmark year.

Clinton And Carter Get A Pass

If you haven't already, be sure to bookmark Drudge's page on the executive orders of Clinton and Carter allowing for no-warrant wire-taps.


Schwarzenegger Gets Results

Looks like Arnold's pre-emptive strike on his hometown paid off.

To Be In Israel

I don't necessarily approve of what's going on in Israel right now...I'm usually in the Natan Sharansky camp. However, as a political junky, I find the current state of affairs utterly fascinating.

The Legacy Of Tet

J.R. Dunn has an excellent piece today in The American Thinker that speaks volumes about MSM war reporting in Iraq.

Schwarzenegger Beats Them To The Punch

I am so impressed with Arnold Schwarzenegger right now. Instead of waiting for politicians in Austria to remove his name from a stadium, he sends a letter ordering them to do so. Brilliant!

This Will Define 2006

After sleeping on it, and waking up to see the MSM having a Watergate-style orgasm, I think we've found the central issue for the year 2006. I also think that Harry Reid is going to live to regret announcing, "We killed the Patriot Act" to a round of Democrat applause.

Meanwhile, the Republicans will quote Abe Lincoln on a daily basis: "The Constitution is not a suicide pact."

The stage is set. This is going to be big. Where do you stand?

Let Freedom Reign

There's a difference between what we think is news and what is really news. This story is true news because it affects us all.


Fasten Your Seatbelts, This One Is Gonna Get Rather Annoying

This NSA wiretap story is going to be the biggest MSM story since the Plame Affair. Michelle Malkin has a breakdown of the Blogosphere coverage. The Democrats are going to ignore the legacy of Clinton and Echelon and try and milk this for all its worth. If they get the House in '06, they'll move to impeach, but they won't get the House in '06 if they use this as a campaign issue. A delicious irony.

To Bug Or Not To Bug

Intelligent libertarians are the seeds of intelligent debate. Is President Bush right to place wiretaps on terrorist suspects without court-ordered warrants? The boys at QandO break it down, point-counterpoint.

Meanwhile, Scrappleface thinks Bush should institute a Do Not Wiretap list.

Pure Pretension

Not since the Clintons has their been a more self-indulgent married couple.


It's Black, It's White

I'm gonna do what Michael Jackson should have done a long time ago: I'm going to put it to a vote whether I should be black or white...my website, that is. You'll note the poll in the top right of the page where I usually have my pencil-sketched picture. Please vote and we'll see what "the people" have to say.

The Hitch Talks About CIA Corruption

Christopher Hitchens is getting ready for his debate with Scott Ritter on Tuesday by sitting down and talking to Newmax about the War in Iraq.

Time's Lame Of The Year

I don't doubt the Gates' and Bono have done some great work in the year 2005, it's just that there are so many other people that have done so much more. But Time Magazine is also the publication that named Mikael Gorbachev Man of the Decade in the 1980s. Need I say more?

Bush Makes Another Push For War

All in all, a pretty good speech from the President tonight. Nothing new really, except maybe more refined rhetoric. The only thing that can really be done is to stay the course and just keep swatting down the flies that keep buzzing around his head. The only thing Bush really has to worry about is cowards in the GOP.

I think this speech was important because every once in a while, the America people need to have their president speak to them directly, not through soundbites in the media, but right through the television screen. I really liked the part at the end where he addressed the critics in the public (not the cowards in Congress) about their stand against the war and asked them not to give themselves up to despair.

I don't mind him saying the intelligence was wrong, but I wish he would add the caveat that either the intelligence was wrong, or the WMD's were moved before we got there. The latter is a very definite possibility and I would bet the farm there's quite a few WMD's in Syria right now.

BREAKING: Ariel Sharon Has Minor Stroke

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was rushed to the hospital for a minor stroke today. Details are all over the place, but he seems to be doing okay. We'll know more tomorrow, probably. Meanwhile, those sick Palestinian bastards are dancing in the street over the news. He's given them almost everything they want, and yet, they celebrate his illness. How can anyone expect to to broker peace with these people? (Hat tip: Free Thoughts)

BREAKING NEWS: Media Bias Is Real!

So says UCLA. (Hat tip: the "centrist," Matt Drudge)


Back In Black, I Hit The Sack...

"I've been too long, I'm glad to be back..."

Anyway, as you can see, I've gone back to a black background, at least for now, and I've added some red and green colors in honor of the season. If it's too hard to read, please let me know and if I have to, I'll go back to white. Ugh!

Morgan Freeman Gets It Right

Not since The Electric Company has Morgan Freeman made so much sense.

Jack Anderson Dies

Legendary columnist Jack Anderson has passed away. A controversial figure in investigative journalism to say the least, his reporting in the 70s put him on Nixon's enemies list and G. Gordon Liddy's "kill" list.


Borat Off The Heezay!

Da Ali G's sidekick, Borat, is in a little trouble with his homeland of Kazakhstan. Daniel Flynn has the shizzle.

Wind Power Is For The Peasants

RFK, Jr. is a hypocrite. Typical of a Kennedy as Captain Ed explains.

NY Times Just In It For The Money

Via Drudge.

Stadium Renaming In Austria

The folks in Arnold Schwarzenegger's homeland are so mad that he let Tookie Williams die, they are going to remove his name from a football stadium. What they should do is stand by their principles and rename it Tookie Williams Stadium. After all, he was such a good man...he wrote children's books.


A Busy Week For Bush

I always tell people that there are no accidents when it comes to news reports. A lot of things have happened in Washington this week, just as planned.

First, Bush states (or "admits") that the intelligence leading up to the Iraq War was wrong; then he agrees to the McCain anti-torture bill with the huge Iraqi election completing the hat-trick. The "admission" was a way to clear the air for the president to put himself on the record that yes, the intelligence was wrong, but we were right to oust Saddam and even if we weren't, nothing you can do about it now bitches! Meanwhile, he puts himself on the side the McCain's anti-torture crowd even though none of it means tinker's dam. There will always be torture in some form, and 99% of it will stay on the D-L. Finally, we have the Iraqi elections with a huge turnout, even from the Sunnis. This really isn't a surprise due to the showing in the last two mini-elections, but it certainly makes for a nice exclamation point to week when the Democrats are still trying to figure out what to do about Howard Dean.

All in all, not bad.


Live Blogging Of The Iraqi Elections

Pajamas Media will have live blogging of the Iraqi Elections throughout the day with as many as 8 different correspondents. Screw the MSM...the Blogosphere's got it covered.

It Just Gets Better

Cindy Sheehan may just be the most disgusting person in the country.

Deficit My Ass

The Astute Blogger takes us to school on the subject of the "trade deficit."

Let's Vote, Baby!

Somebody call Will Franklin...I think we have a babe-alert in Iraq. It's another big day for the Arab nation...and a big day for us. And as that lady said the other day, those that don't like it can go to hell. Vote, baby!


Iran Tries To Fix Iraq Vote

This one is going to be really hard for Kofi Annan to explain away. I have to think that this puts us about two minutes from midnight on the Iran question.

"Go To Hell!"

An Iraqi voter has a message for the anti-war crowd. (Hat tip: Michelle Malkin)

Once A Hero, Now A Zero

Isn't it amazing how Bob Woodward was the king of Journalism for decades (despite his questionable ethics, i.e. "I believe.") and now that he appears to have aided a Republican president, he's like Caesar just before the knives?


What Do You Do When A Parent Starts Losing His Way?

It's something most of us will have to deal with at some point. For Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace, the time is now.

All The News That's Fit To Skew

Noel Sheppard over at The American Thinker has a nice piece on the New York Times continued dereliction of journalistic duty.

Military Recruiting Up

QandO has the scoop on November recruiting goals by the military exceeding expectations. How can this be when we're in a quagmire?

Arnold Won't Spare Crips Founder


Hurricane Katrina Stats

Our master statistician, Will Franklin, has some interesting numbers on Hurricane Katrina.

John Bolton Speaks

Atlas Shrugs had a dream come true this weekend when she met U.N. bete-noir John Bolton. She has extensive coverage and audio of a speech he gave this weekend.

Lieberman Persona Non Grata

The Right Place has some nice analysis on the plight of Joe Lieberman within the Democratic Party.

Assad Continues Assault On Lebanon

The Astute Blogger has more on how another anti-Syrian MP in Lebanon has been taken out by Assad's henchmen.

Oh, No! Iraqis Are Optimistic About Future

ABC has a poll that went horribly awry, yet someone allowed it to be broadcast.

MORE: Don Surber has some analysis.


Democratic Newspeak

Remember, if you repeat to the Democrats what they said themselves, you're out of line. Reading Senator Inouye's statement just makes me wonder what kind of Orwellian world these guys live in.

Two Icons Leave This World

This Saturday has given us the deaths of two icon. Eugene McCarthy and Richard Pryor.

McCarthy played an enormous role in politics in the 1960s, almost single-handedly dispatching LBJ from the presidency. One could argue he was the father of the more extreme left-wing politics of the Democratic Party, though it was often dressed-up as his being a "maverick." It's weird too...I was just thinking about McCarthy yesterday and wondering if he was still around.

And what can you say about Richard Pryor. He changed American standup comedy, and lived quite a see-saw life.


The Plot Thickens

Joe Lieberman and Donald Rumsfeld had a private breakfast together this morning. That buzzing you hear is Washington on the edge of its seat.

UPDATE: Rumsfeld denies.

The GOP Strikes Back

My hat is off to the GOP for finally fighting back against the cut-and-run Dems. This ad really drives the message home.

MORE: The Astute Blogger has a nice rundown of notable quotes.


Saudi King Searches For A Legacy

An interesting article from UPI about how Saudi King Abdullah is trying to become the diplomatic leader of the Middle East.

Just the fact that they're talking about change is a victory for our side.

John Lennon, R.I.P.

On the 25th anniversary of the death of John Lennon, Daniel Flynn reminds us that in some respects, the "peace and love" hippie made a lot of sense.

Please Attack My Country

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is rapidly becoming Iran's answer to Hugo Chavez. It's as though he wants to see his country invaded.


Exchanging Pleasantries

Saddam to judge: "Go to hell!"

Jim Rose to Saddam: "You first."

Flash: Donovan McNabb Is Overrated

For those of you that had a cow when Rush Limbaugh called Donovan McNabb overrated...get this!

Howard Dean And The Half-Blood Idiot

The good Captain has word of rumors swirling that Harry Potter will be killed in the seventh and final book of the series. He then ask the question, what if Howard Dean wrote the final book?


Ode To An Idiot

Our man in Byrdland has the story of a anonymous poem in Pakistan that turned out to be a tribute to George W. Bush. Don picks up his pen and waxes poetic for would-be president John Kerry.

Dean Drives Home Anti-War Message

It's been a while since we've heard a master-stroke of idiocy from Howard Dean, but he made up for it today. In an interview with a San Antonio radio station (Hat tip: Drudge) he said that the, "idea that we're going to win the war in Iraq is an idea which is just plain wrong." Shocking on its face, but not surprising coming from Dean. However, what got my attention was his wealth of ignorance when answering the question of what we should do now:

"...And we need a force in the Middle East, not in Iraq but in a friendly neighboring country to fight (terrorist leader Musab) Zarqawi, who came to Iraq after this invasion. We've got to get the target off the backs of American troops."

I'm sorry could you speak into my good ear? A "friendly neighboring country" in the Middle East? Other than Israel, who the hell does he expect to fit that bill? One of the reasons we took out Saddam was to create a friendly country in the Middle East (again, other than Israel).

This man is a complete dolt.

Be Not Afraid

Saddam says he's not afraid of execution. All I can say is, good for him. Maybe he won't blubber when the noose is tightened up.

MSM's Moral Collapse

Ralph Peters just RIPS the MSM in the NY Post today over its Vietnam/Watergate fetish.


Contradicting His Contradictions

It's absolutely mind-boggling to think that this man came very close to becoming the President of the United States.

MORE: Our good friend, Erin Winking, has a description of John Kerry ordering dinner:

"I'm not asking for a cheeseburger. What I'm asking for is a piece of grilled beef, topped with a slice of cheese. And I want that in between two pieces of bread."

Joe Leaper-man?

Lorie Byrd thinks that recent words and actions by Joe Lieberman make it at least a slight possibility that the Connecticut Democrat could leap over to the GOP.

UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan says he's hearing that Lieberman is being lined up to succeed Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense sometime next year. Interesting.

UPDATE: Thanks for the compliment (and the link), Lorie.

It's Bush's Fault

Democrats in Louisiana are going to try and push elections back 9 months in New Orleans in order to give them a chance in hell of winning something. Naturally, it's all Bush's fault.

McCain Right For Once

John McCain said it like it is on Meet the Depressed this morning. An incredulous Tim Russert asked the Senator what he thought about the Pentagon paying Iraqi newspapers to print pro-American stories. He didn't get the answer he was hoping for.


Another One Down...

Several more to go. Another key al-Qaeda operative killed in Pakistan. (Hat tip: Drudge)

A Conspiracy Of My Own

I just spent the afternoon watching a conspiracy theory marathon on the History Channel and it led me to come up with one of my own. Amidst stories of Jesus' bloodline, the Bilderberg Conference and Nostradamus, I saw a brief clip of the attack on the World Trade Center. In that roughly 5 seconds in which I saw a plane fly right into one of the towers, I felt a shot of adrenaline. It was like a rush of anger washed over me, and for a brief moment I felt like jumping out of my chair and joining the Army. It made me think...do certain elements of the MSM avoid running footage of the attack out of deference to the families of the victims, or do they wish to avoid galvanizing a "pro-war" view among the American public?

Watching the History Channel is very educational. After watching it for 5 hours, I learned that I really need a girlfriend.



Ramsey Clark For The Guilty

The Mighty Hitch makes quick work of the pro-Saddam lawyer.

Why The Democrats Can't Win Elections

Let's assume for a moment that Congressman John Murtha is correct that the war in Iraq was a bad idea, it's been lost and that our military in Iraq is "broken, worn out." Why couldn't he consider making a speech like this:

"Ladies and gentlemen, I come to you today not only as a Congressman from the great state of Pennsylvania, but as an American, an American who is deeply concerned with the plight of our mission in Iraq. Two years ago, after much soul-searching, I voted in favor of giving President Bush Congressional backing to go to war in Iraq and depose Saddam Hussein. I have come to the conclusion that my vote was a mistake. The war is going terribly and our military is broken, worn out. We are seen by the Iraqi people as the problem, not the solution and this impression gets worse and worse with each passing day.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I myself am a veteran. I served in Vietnam, so I know what it's like to be in the middle of a war gone horribly wrong. But I also recognize the greatness of the United States of America. This is a country that stood for good throughout the last century, leading the fight against fascism and communism and liberating millions of people. We've cured diseases, we've been the first to offer and deliver aid to any country suffering the effects of natural disasters. Ladies and gentlemen, we split the atom! History has shown that this is nothing the this great country can't accomplish when it is unified behind a common good. Yes, I regret my earlier support for this war and in hindsight I think it would have been best if we had never invaded Iraq, but the deed is done, Saddam Hussein has been overthrown and we have committed ourselves to the future of the country. This being the case, I offer the following solutions to the President as a way to finish what we have started in Iraq and give its people a chance to experience generations of freedom and peace:" (Helpful solutions listed here)

John Murtha hasn't and won't ever give this speech. His solution is that instead of facing the fact that we've committed ourselves to this fight and looking for solutions, we should drop it like a hot-potato, bring the troops home and pretend it never happened. That is not leadership, that is...yes, cowardice.

MSM Still The King

Fred Barnes rightly points out that while the Blogosphere has made some inroads, the MSM still sets the agenda.

Shhh! Canada's Leftist Government Is In Trouble

You probably didn't know that, did you? The good Captain explains.

Journalism Is Dead, Exhibit #865

Murrow, Cronkite, Rather...Couric?