Bush Makes Another Push For War

All in all, a pretty good speech from the President tonight. Nothing new really, except maybe more refined rhetoric. The only thing that can really be done is to stay the course and just keep swatting down the flies that keep buzzing around his head. The only thing Bush really has to worry about is cowards in the GOP.

I think this speech was important because every once in a while, the America people need to have their president speak to them directly, not through soundbites in the media, but right through the television screen. I really liked the part at the end where he addressed the critics in the public (not the cowards in Congress) about their stand against the war and asked them not to give themselves up to despair.

I don't mind him saying the intelligence was wrong, but I wish he would add the caveat that either the intelligence was wrong, or the WMD's were moved before we got there. The latter is a very definite possibility and I would bet the farm there's quite a few WMD's in Syria right now.