The Media Wildfire Spreads

It's bedlam in the MSM over this Bush/NSA story, and it's only getting worse. I had a friend say that the Carter and Clinton executive orders are not the same thing as what Bush has done. There's evidence to the contrary, but if so, why isn't the MSM out there working to debunk it then? So far, Andrea Mitchell is the only one I've seen try and she got it wrong from the get-go. Now a former Number 3 in the Clinton Justice Department has written a column saying Bush was well within his legal rights. But the MSM is censoring history to further their agenda. I did several searches today and if it weren't for Drudge, Rush and conservative blogs, there would be no mention of the Clinton/Carter EO's.

Look, I'm a libertarian. I believe the federal government has one major duty above all others: protect the country from enemies foreign and domestic. I cherish my civil liberties as an American, but I also understand that I don't live in an anarchy where the government has no power to surveil those that intend to do us deadly harm. It's the same with the torture debate. I don't think we should torture prisoners, unless there is an imminent danger and they hold the key to stopping it. How could we not?

2006 is going to be a landmark year.