All In All, A Pretty Good Day For W

This Is All They've Got

It really is sad that the only ammo the Democratic Party has against the President is a standing ovation when he says they killed Social Security reform and inviting anti-American Cindy Sheehan to the gallery with a plan to disrupt the speech. I'm being serious when I say it really saddens me that this party, once a party of great men (FDR, Truman, Humphrey, even JFK) has sunk to this.

It's A Numbers Game

Some troops in Iraq are wondering why Bob Woodruff's injury is getting so much fawning coverage compared to soldier deaths. The answer is simple: to the Antique Media, soldiers are just numbers to tally on a death board, journalists are the only real people.

What I Learned From The State Of The Union Address

What I learned in four parts:

1) "America is addicted to oil." Translation: We're going to be going after Iran pretty soon, so get used to high gas prices because it's gonna be worse before it gets better.

2) We're not leaving Iraq until Bush says so.

3) Ben Nelson knows who pays the rent. When Bush said, "Renew the Patriot Act now!" I saw one person on the Democratic side standing up and applauding. It was Ben Nelson.

4) Hillary Clinton will never be President. If you watched the speech on television, you know what I'm talking about. **UPDATE**: Ian at Expose The Left knows what I'm talkin' 'bout.

MORE: Hugh Hewitt's take; John Hinderaker's take.


Has "24" Jumped The Shark?

The Bulldog Pundit has some concerns about tonight's episode of "24" and an apparent dig at President Bush and the "neocons" in the storyline. The Kiefer Sutherland vehicle has the reputation of being a "neocon" kind of show, thus the concern.

Meanwhile, Emperor Darth Misha I is more concerned about Jack's low body-count.

Play by play from Blogs4Bauer.

Raznor's take.

MORE: Now that I've had time to think it over, I see this as pretty standard storyline. I remember a little-known, somewhat forgettable movie in the early '90s with Patrick Stewart and Christopher Lee called Death Train in which Lee plays a whacked-out Soviet General who steals a nuclear bomb in a plot to "embolden" the communists in Russia so that they may take back the country after the fall. Hell, LBJ tried to cover up what he perceived to be a plot by Fidel Castro to kill JFK in order to avoid the American right-wing from becoming "emboldened" in the ballot box. I'm sure other movies have used this plot device, and for this reason, I'm not all that worked-up about it.

UPDATE: Welcome Polipundit readers! (Thank you, Lorie)

UPDATE: The number one "24" fan, Maha Rushie chimes in.

Now That's A Great Question!

So simple, yet ingenious.

This Is CNN

Remember now, CNN is an impartial, objective news organization. Only the Fox News Channel is biased.

"Outing" Back In Style?

The boys at RedState has evidence of a possible plan to by Democratic Party operatives to "out" a Senator if he votes for Alito. Hmmm.

Another Step Taken

The permanent members of the U.N. Security Council (yes, that includes China and Russia) have agreed that the matter of Iranian nukes needs to go before the Council in March. It's almost of replay of 3 years ago, just replace the Q with an N. (Hat tip: Drudge)

Alito's In

It's all over but shouting. The filibuster effort (symbolic and pathetic) is over and Samuel Alito will go to a full Senate vote as early as tomorrow. I say early, but he's actually had one of the longest waits for a vote in history, second only to Clarence Thomas, I believe. Anyway, it's gonna be a great day and it will move the court to a 5-4 liberal majority. Anthony Kennedy's life just got a little more complicated.

"Commander In Chief" Shelved

Uh oh. The Geena Davis, Hillary Clinton campaign commercial/television series has tanked in the ratings after a strong start. Now, it's been shelve for at least 6 weeks. I bet the NSA is responsible.


Expose Them!

The Political Teen is dead...long live Expose The Left!

Chuck Hagel At It Again

Rest assured, if you ever fell over the side of a boat, Chuck Hagel would be the first one on board to reach out to you with a cattle-prod.

Netanyahu Ratchets Up The Rhetoric

Says the victory by Hamas is akin to Hitler's first election victory. More from Haaretz.

My First Appearance On PJ Media

Harry Reid In Trouble?

Rumors are starting to circulate in the Beltway that Harry Reid may be thinking about stepping down from his leadership post in the Senate as it becomes harder and harder to deny that he took Jack Abramoff's money while at the same time trying to paint it as a Republican-only scandal. I'd be somewhat surprised if this happens. It would most likely mean that Dick Durbin would be minority leader, and he's a posterboy of the Kos-wing of the party. If a moderate, mainstream look is what they're going for, he ain't it.

Congressional Staffers Invade Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a useful internet tool, but it has to be taken with a grain of salt and fact-checked if you're going to be using the information for your writing projects. Case in point... (Hat tip: Instapundit)

Google Logo Contest

Michelle Malkin held a little contest to see who could come up with the best updating of the Google logo in light of their love-affair with the Chi-Comms.
See the results here.

MORE: I have to admit to being conflicted on this whole issue. I don't like that Google is agreeing to censor anything that the Chinese Communist find troubling, but at the same time, any American business that can find its way into Chinese society is good in the long-run. The seeds of democracy will be spread despite the filtering of democratic ideals and communist crimes, but it still leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.

UPDATE: Jon Henke concurs.

Iraqis Taking Over

Good news from Iraq on how the Iraqis themselves are fighting terrorism. (Hat tip: Astute Blogger)

Is The Alito Filibuster Racist?

Our man in Byrdland doesn't use the term "racism" lightly, but he makes a good case when it comes to the move to filibuster Samuel Alito.


The boys at RedState think they've found a new political technique worthy of Muhammad Ali. Perhaps Karl Rove really is an "evil" genius.

Democracy And Free Elections

Clarice Feldman, writing for The American Thinker, clears up the confusion that free elections and democracy are always synonymous.


Japan Is Back

This website has been a big fan of Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi for quite a while, cheering him on in his elections and privatization efforts. Now, it appears his leadership is paying off. I'm far too lazy to scrounge up a bunch of statistics for my readers...thank God we have Will Franklin.

USA Today Nailed For Making Up The News

The national paper gets caught "meme"-handed.

Civil War In The Occupied Israel

John Murtha says Iraq is in a civil war. I wonder if he's got the courage to call a spade a spade when it comes to the Palentinians?

Race In America

Even a lot of Republicans don't get it.

The Ignorance Of Genius

Steven Spielberg does an interview with Der Spiegel about his film Munich and shows himself to be a complete ignoramus to the world around the rest of us outside of the Hollywood bubble. (Hat tip: Drudge)


Maoist Google

I haven't said anything yet on Google's agreement with China to filter out the elements the government wants to hide. Now I can't, because after seeing this on Little Green Footballs, I'm speechless. Just, wow.

Just Like School In Summertime

In all my years as a political junkie, I've never run across a poorer loser than Al Gore. (Hat tip: Drudge)

Where Are The WMD's?

In Syria...just like I've been saying for almost two years now.

Kerry On The Fringe

Much like Al Gore did after his loss in 2000, John Kerry, after his 2004 loss is embracing the lunatic fringe of his party. Today, the Massachusetts Democrat said he will attempt a filibuster on Samuel Alito. Naturally, he said this on foreign soil (old habits) and he's making his party brethren very nervous. Let's just say the word "backfire" comes up a lot.

Maoists Feel The Heat

The Chinese government says it's going to strike back against increasing civil unrest in the country. The first paragraph of this story say "...government's fears for stability even as the economy booms."

Folks, the ecomonic boom is the reason for unrest. That's why when I see reports that China's economy is growing at nearly 10%, I know it's just a matter of time. The more people taste freedom (and that's what capitalism is: freedom), the more freedom they want. If you don't believe me, just as Gorbachev.

Do The Red State Rag

Another Democrat says he will vote for Alito. Tim Johnson of South Dakota will join Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson in supporting the nominee. It should be noted that Johnson serves in a very strong Red state that just so happened to throw out the minority leader in '04. The politics of dancing at work.

UPDATE: Look who else is feeling the Red State heat.

MORE: Michelle Malkin has the Byrd video.

Hamas Wins Palestinian Elections

I just have one question: Can we now, at long last, finally stop kidding ourselves that the Palestinian people are interested in peace and deserving of their own state?


Racist v. Racist

Looks like Al Sharpton is mad at "The Boondocks." If only there was a way they could both lose the fight.

"Sorry Daddy, I Don't Know What Went Wrong"

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the passing of actor Chris Penn. Like many of my generation, the movie Reservoir Dogs blew me away and I'll always remember Chris Penn as "Nice Guy" Eddie, the son of Lawrence Tierney's character, that recruited a band of thieves known to each other only as colors. He wasn't quite the actor his brother Sean is, but I'd rather have hung out with him than a boat-full of Sean's publicity team. So long.

Baldwin Or Churchill?

Newt Gingrich thinks the Iranian President is the closest we've come to having another Hitler since the original put a bullet in his brain. So who should we emulate: Baldwin or Churchill?

Jim Rose Takes The Bronze

Third place for me this week in WILLisms Caption Contest.

Desperation Is A Smelly Aftershave

The Mighty Hitch was none too impressed with Osama bin Laden's recent release.

Going After Galloway

On May 17th of last year, George Galloway appeared before a Senate Subcommittee chaired by Minnesota Republican Norm Coleman. That evening I wrote the following:

Senator Norm Coleman...one of my heroes since his days as Mayor of St. Paul, Minnesota (where I once lived) was brilliant in that he wouldn't play Galloway's game. He let him spout off, then asked him a series of questions very professionally. Galloway later dismissed Coleman as "not much of a lyncher." Not the point, George. Surprisingly, it was Senate Carl Levin that seemed to lose his patience with Galloway at certain points. Galloway even goofed and accused Levin of supporting the war...a notion that Levin disabused him of in quick fashion. Thus, this proved that Galloway was just shooting into the darkness at anything that might be there.

Very interesting stuff. Check out WILLisms for a little history. I have a strange feeling about this. Maybe I'm just being hopeful, but it seems like Coleman's got something up his sleeve. Remember, Galloway was under oath. Hmmmm.....
Today we have news that Norm Coleman may be ready to hoist Galloway on his own petard. Man I'm tired of being right!

MORE: The American Thinker, The Political Teen, and Little Green Footballs give their two-cents.

EVEN MORE: ...from D.C. Thornton, Lorie Byrd, and Seixon.

"The Temple Has Fallen For The Third Time"

J.R. Dunn has a nice piece in the American Thinker today about the Iranian problem.


The Power Of "The American Thinker"

Thomas Lifson at The American Thinker wrote a piece today entitled "The Antique Media" in which he suggest this is a more apt name for what we in the Blogosphere call the MSM (Mainstream Media). I think he's right, and already he's got a few people on board: I just saw the term used over at Powerline and I heard Maha Rushie use the term on his show this morning. Nothing like setting the trends, eh Tom?

Joel Stein Gets 15 Minutes

L.A. Times columnist Joel Stein was able to get himself more attention than a skunk at a picnic today by leading his column with the line, "I don't support the troops." My first reaction was, good, finally someone on the Left can admit it. But then as I looked at the background of Stein I realized he's more along the lines of a Jon Stewart or Bill Maher. Big deal.


I haven't said this in a very long time, but Pat Buchanan has written a great column today. It involves the TV show "24" and the main character, Jack Bauer. "WWJBD?" is a bracelet I'd wear anytime. I think I've just found my million-dollar idea.


Conservatives Take Canada!

CTV has called it, and we in the Blogosphere know who's responsible. Head over to Captain's Quarters and thank Captain Ed for a job well done.

MORE: Powerline concurs.

Tom Cruise Goes After Free Speech

It shouldn't be any surprise, but Tom Cruise is going after the creators of South Park after they aired an episode critical of the farce that is Scientology and implying that the actor is gay. Paramount has buckled under the pressure and agreed not to air the episode again (Dammit, I should have saved my Tivo copy!).

If I know Trey Parker and Matt Stone like I think I do, Cruise ain't seen nothing yet. It'll just depend how much sway their lawyers have on them. I really hope Trey and Matt fight back. (Hat tip: Odd Universe)

MORE: No word yet from Matt and Trey, but I think they should walk out.

There May Be Hope For Free Speech Yet

RedState has details on a recent Supreme Court case that shows their may still be hope in the fight against McCain-Feingold.

Jack Abramoff And You

Our good friend Will Franklin has a challenge for his readers concerning the saga of Jack Abramoff. I extend this challenge to my readers.

Galloway Takes It Up A Notch

Words can't even describe what you're about to see.

UPDATE: The reviews are in.

Canada's Liberals Falling

I hate to count my chickens before they hatch, but it's sure looking like the end for the Liberals in Canada after 12 years in power. Funny how the anti-Iraq War governments keep falling, isn't it? Anywho, with a Conservative Prime Minister, Canada can maybe get back to some sense of respectability instead of being our whiney sister to the North.


Lack Of Harmony In The House Of Osama

The Iraqi "Insurgents" and al-Qaeda are apparently at war. The MSM will downplay this, so get the scoop here. (Hat tip: Michelle Malkin)

Fight Postmodernism: Read The New Mao Book

Caught on Drudge that the latest recommendation from the unofficial George W. Bush book club is Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday. Apparently, Bush discussed the book with German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her White House visit and word spread from there. I found this writeup on the subject in the International Herald Tribune and found one passage of particular interest:

Other reviewers have praised the book's brutal portrait of Mao as a corrective to sunnier biographies, even as they have questioned the authors' moralistic, good-and-evil version of history. But almost everyone calls "Mao" a prodigiously researched page-turner.

If you read my blog regularly, you're sick of hearing me talk about this by now, but this is what I and people like me are fighting everyday: the postmodern belief that there is no good and no evil, it's all relative. Reviewers question the books "moralistic, good-and-evil version of history." Hell, he's only responsible for 6 or 7-million deaths, eclipsing Hitler and Stalin's respective body-counts, but hey, as Ramsey Clark would say, a leader has to act firmly.

What a world.

David Souter On Notice

A group trying to claim David Souter's house in order to make a point about the Supreme Court's notorious eminent domain decision is still fighting the good fight. Onward Constitutional Soldiers! (Hat tip: Drudge)

You Say Tomato...

...the Dems say something completely different. The Astute one has some examples.


Howard Dean's Way With Words

You just gotta love it. This week, Karl Rove makes an appearance before the Republican faithful in which he states the Democrats are just plain wrong on the war on terror and that the GOP needs to make fighting terrorism a central issue in the mid-term elections. He, of course, went out of his way to say the Democrats aren't unpatriotic, no no no...they're just wrong.

Howard Dean's response: Using the war on terror as a campaign issue is "both unpatriotic and wrong."

Next stop, rocket science.

Richie Havens Hits 65

Scott over at Powerline has a nice little tribute to the man who stole the show at Woodstock. Richie Havens, in my mind, is one of the few artists from that legendary concert that hasn't missed a beat over the last 36 years. If you like his work, I highly recommend checking out the track he cut with Groove Armada, "Little by Little."

Lay Down With Dogs...

...you get up with fleas. Will George Galloway learn this lesson?

The Osama Book Club

Move over Oprah...Osama's taking a page from your, uh, book.

UPDATE: More from Dr. Shackleford.

Osama Bin Kerry

Bob Schieffer had little chance of become the next full-time anchor of the CBS Evening News, but with comments made today, those chances went from slim to none. The veteran newsman said on a radio talk show in New York that Osama bin Laden (in his recent tape) may have been using John Kerry's talking points.


Bill Keller Needs A Lesson In Damage Control

The case of the fake photo in the New York Times continues.


An great piece from the New York Sun on a great word.

January 20th A Special Day

Many an anniversary on this day. The Political Teen hits the highpoints.

Osama Bin Murtha

I said yesterday that Osama was feeding rhetoric to his useful idiots. The boys at QandO break it down.

Iran In The Postmodern World

Victor Davis Hanson has yet another brilliant piece for our reading pleasure. If you want to understand what's going on in Iran, stop what you're doing and read it.


Over For Galloway?

Johann Hari says it wasn't the lapping of milk that did in Gorgeous George Galloway but his answer to a question posed by Rula Lenska that served as the final nail. (Hat tip: The Hitch)

Robert Redford Right For Once

Robert Redford is one of the more annoying holier-than-thou Hollywood Leftist, but he finally got something right. When asked about talk that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are going to remake Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, he replied thusly:

"There is no shortage of good, original ideas, and there's just no point to remakes," he said. "Why do they have to mess with things that were perfect the first time around?"


Being Blunt About Roy

A bunch of conservative bloggers held a conference call with the leading candidates for House Majority Leader today. The major headline to come out of it is that Roy Blunt is the runaway un-favorite.

Rice Shaking Up The State

Finally! It looks like Condi Rice is putting the screws to the bureaucrats at the State Department.

Bolton Has Israel's Back

John Bolton continues to keep the U.N. demagogues on their toes.

What Kind Of Capitalist Are You?

The Cow Theory of Capitalism has been updated over at Atlas Shrugs.


Ann Coulter has a great piece today on New-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and Senator Clinton...they dynamic duo.

Bin Laden Plays The Game

I hate to admit it, but you really have to give credit to bin Laden (or whoever it is on the tape) for knowing how to feed ammunition to the useful idiots in the West. This stuff about a truce so the "merchants of war" don't benefit? Brilliant. Al Gore couldn't have said it better.

UPDATE: The voice of CNN says it looks like W and Osama are in cahoots!


Clinton Administration Covered Up Criminal Acts

No, it's true. In other news, the sun will rise tomorrow...and the day after that.

Apple Profits Up 95% Thanks To iPod

It just goes to show you...make a good product and you'll reap all the rewards the world has to offer.

Well Worth It

It's starting to look like the airstrike in Pakistan is paying off. (Hat tip: Drudge)

Now That's Art!

This is the kind of stuff that the National Endowment for the Arts should be funding. (Hat tip: Michelle Malkin)

Fake NYT Photo Does Its Job

The faked photo by the New York Times used in a story about a bombing in Pakistan was used today by Slate Magazine. There's an important lesson here. You can prove something to be a fake, but unless you have the power to inform every human being on the planet, the power of the false information to misinform will continue. They know this well at the New York Times.

JFK Assassination Documentary Building Steam

I wrote about this a few weeks ago, now there more testimonials from people that have viewed a new documentary about the JFK assassination that claims Castro was behind it. It's sounding more and more like the producers of said documentary are on to something. Interesting.


Dear Andy

Ever wonder what it would be like if men wrote advice columns? It would truly be an Odd Universe.

The Good Nebraska Senator Will Vote For Alito

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson has become the first Democrat to announce he vote to confirm Judge Samuel Alito to the United States Supreme Court. Get Joe Lieberman on the phone...he should be next.


What Next With Iran And Israel

Pastorius thinks that the recent condemnations by Saudi Arabia and Egypt of Iran's nuclear pursuits might be a clever ruse on the road to putting U.N. pressure on Israel for their nuclear capabilities. I'm inclined to agree.

Dishonoring Dr. King

RedState has a roundup of the pathetic political posturing that was done on the day we're supposed to honor a great civil rights leader.

Gerald Ford In The Hospital

The oldest living president, 92 year old Gerald Ford is back in the hospital suffering from pneumonia. Doctors say he will be fine, but let's face it, he is getting up there toward that century mark.

Say what you will about Ford, he's a good man. His presidency was a bit like Herbert Hoover's in that it was somewhat anti-climactic in an otherwise stellar political career in the House of Representatives. But he did help bring the country out of a Watergate malaise, his proudest moment being the bicentennial celebration in 1976. Get well, Mr. President.

Your Afternoon Chocolate Fix

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin seems to have a "sweet" vision for the future of New New Orleans.

UPDATE: Here's the video courtesy the Political Teen.

Pretzel Logic

Our friend, Rusty Shackleford, tried to correct the geniuses at CNN and ended up giving himself a headache.

Delaying The Inevitable

The New York Sun has a nice editorial today on the fear coming from the Left as their hold on Supreme Court slips away. (Hat tip: Newsmax)

The Evidence Keeps Piling Up...

...that the New York Times will do anything to hurt America.


What. The. Hell?

The voice of the anti-war movement (or pro-war on the side of al-Qaeda), George Galloway may have just committed career suicide with a gross display on the British reality show Big Brother where he licks milk from a saucer and acts like a kitty-cat at the behest of Rula Lenska. Here is the video. (Hat tip: Drudge)

What an amazing statement I've just made. "He may have just committed career suicide." The Labour Party immediately went to his district of Bethnal Green and Bow and circulated a petition demanding the MP return to work in the House of Commons and "respect his constituents, not his ego".

Yep, after taking dirty oil money, hob-nobbing with terrorists and murderous dictators and doing whatever he could to hurt the United States and Britain, now, with the saucer incident, HE'S FINALLY GONE TOO FAR!

What a world.

MORE: The boys at Powerline and Little Green Footballs chime in.

George Clooney Anoints Himself Kingmaker

George Clooney has official entered the realm of megalomania as he takes the blame for John Kerry's loss in the 2004 presidential election.

The Latest From Israel

Shimon Peres has resigned from his seat in the Knesset due to legal technicalities. The Attorney General has said he cannot serve in the current ministerial cabinet as he is still officially a Labour member of the Israeli Parliament. He will run for a seat under the Kadima banner in the next round of elections in a few months. Meanwhile, Ariel Sharon is still unconscious and had to have a tracheotomy to aid his breathing. He has yet to regain consciousness. This is going to be a very interesting year for Israeli politics.

The End For The Axis Of Weasels

The latest polls in France show Jacques Chirac with an approval rating of 21%. Interesting...here we are in the year 2006, three years after the start of the Iraq War and George W. Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard are still in power, while Gerhard Schroeder is out and Chirac and Canada's Paul Martin are on the way out. Quite the head-scratcher.

Spain Working To Aid Chavez

A lot has changed in Spain since Jose Aznar left office. Now the Socialist Prime Minister is working to arm one of Iran's closest allies, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

The Washington Post Gets It Right...

...on Judge Alito's confirmation.

The NFL Playoffs So Far

Well, the playoffs haven't quite been what I expected so far this weekend. Washington was my upset pick of the week, and they came close. They had Seattle on the run, but that missed field goal that would have made it 17-13 was the turning point. However, I really don't see Seattle beating Chicago or Carolina...which is the game I've been waiting for. Should be a good one.

The Patriots streak is over, but it had to end sometime. They just made too many mistakes. And so far, Pittsburgh is taking it to the Colts. An excellent game plan by Cowher, the Steelers came out swinging and have the Colts on the ropes. Lot of game left though.


Iranian President Has Hitleresque Dementia

It's looking more and more like Iranian President Ahmadinejad has a dementia similar to Adolph Hitler in which he believes he has been chosen by God to lead a divine mission in the name of his religion (Aryanism for Hitler, Islamofascism for Ahmadinejad). But, critics may say, George W. Bush feels the same way about himself...what's the difference? Well, W's supposed God-given mission doesn't involve genocide and wiping out democracy. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is such a thing as right and wrong. Bush will retire to Texas in 3 years while Ahmadinejad will have a retirement similar to Der Fuhrer's. Everything as it should be. Very Zen.


The Fascist Doctrine

Brian C. Anderson gives us all a harsh reminder that the battle over freedom on the broadcast airwaves is far from over. Ronald Reagan's repeal of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987 led to Rush Limbaugh, which led to Fox News and the Blogosphere...and all of that led to the end of the Left-wing monopoly on the media which led to the Democrats' failure to destroy Samuel Alito. As Neil Young would say, "it's all one song."

The End Of The Line For Uncle Ted

After finding out that Senator Kennedy used two pieces of writing to go after Sam Alito that were actually satire, Maha Rushie is wondering if there is a GOP mole in Uncle Ted's office that is leading him astray. More likely, he's just entered the winter of his senility.


D'oh! The Judiciary Committee In Springfield

Our man in Byrdland, Don Surber, has a breakdown of the Senate hearings on Supreme Court nominee Judge Alito. All I can say is...Ay Carumba!

Coaching Help Wanted

I was just kidding a few days ago when I said I was polishing my resume for an NFL head coaching job, but it's getting less and less far-fetched. Mike Mularky of the Buffalo Bills resigned today. Apparently, he wasn't crazy about the organization's new direction with Marv Levy, despite the fact that Levy heaped praised on the 2nd year coach. I don't know if he'll get another head coaching job, but Mularky is a good offensive coordinator and will have offers galore from head coaches around the league. Hell, in Pittsburgh he made Cordell Stewart look like Donovan McNabb for a while.

Alito A Lock

It's been one of my busiest weeks on record, but I saw enough news to get the main headline for the week...that being that Samuel Alito is the next Supreme Court Justice of the United States. The glory days of Borking a SCOTUS nominee appear to be over. Ted Kennedy's churlish, contemptible behavior has finally hit a wall and the jig was up at the first sign of Mrs. Alito's tears. What a horrible spectacle for this man and his family to have to go through. But rejoice, the Senate Judiciary Committee's 20 year reign of terror is over.

MORE: The Astute one has a nice roundup.


Light Posting

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I'm in the middle of a very busy week at work which involves two days in Laughlin, Nevada and a casino implosion tomorrow morning here in Vegas. No idle hands for me.



Harry Belafonte And Danny Glover Support Anti-Semitism

Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover have expressed their devotion to Venezuelan dictator and avowed anti-Semite, Hugo Chavez. Not since Charles Lindbergh went to Germany and praised Hitler have we seen such an outward display of American celebrities supporting facist tyrants.

It also raises an interesting question: Many accuse Mel Gibson of anti-Semitism for the portrayal of Jews in his movie, Passion. Now we have Danny Glover embracing Jewish hatred. Are the Lethal Weapon movies a cesspool of Jew-bashers?

UPDATE: Here's their next assignment.

The $64,000 Question

Now that Mehmet Ali Agca, the man who shot Pope John Paul II, is being released from prison, maybe it's a good time to ask him once and for all if he was hired to do so by Mikhail Gorbachev.

Bill O'Reilly Laughing All The Way To The Bank

The Left-Wing obsession with Bill O'Reilly is starting to get out of hand. But for Letterman and Olbermann, it allows them to get some free publicity from the king of cable news.


Murtha Admits He Wants Anything But Victory

QandO picks up a stunning admission from coward in chief John Murtha. This man does not deserve any respect or praise and the pro-war types need to start hitting that message home. Meanwhile, The Political Teen has video of a former soldier from Virginia giving Murtha and Jim Moran a good verbal slap.

Quotational Therapy

Some nice quotes from Friederich Nietzsche courtesy our man in Longhorn Land, Will Franklin.

More Trouble For Assad

An ex-Syrian official, currently in exile, is calling for Assad to be removed from power. This shouldn't be a big surprise, but it's getting a lot of play in the international media. The media always follows the conventional wisdom like a puppy. Maybe this is good sign that revolution is in the air. Here's hoping. (Hat tip: Astute Blogger)

Left Wing Lawyer Proves Bush Was Right

If you're not already, be sure to me The Astute Blogger a daily read. He's doing a bang-up job investigating the NSA Spying affair.

Poll: Most Americans Content With Terrorism

A new AP Poll says that 56% of Americans feel that the Executive Branch should get warrants before spying on international calls and emails. If this poll is true (and few polls are), then that means most Americans are content with having a 9/11 every few years. Hey, if the people are okay with it, then who cares, right?


Gingrich Blast The Republicans

The GOP definitely deserves a lot of criticism for recent corruption (see Duke Cunningham), over-spending and downright cowardice, but Mr. Newt is not the man to take them to task. After the horrible job he did as the first line of defense against Bill Clinton in the mid-90s...I'd take anything he has to say with a huge scoop of sodium chloride.

The War On Alito

Matt Drudge has done a fine piece of journalism in uncovering the Democratic plan to destroy Samuel Alito.

MORE: RedState breaks down the f-ed up logic of Chuck Schumer.


Buffoon Of The Week

The Ankle Biters give this week's "Judge Smails Buffoon of the Week Award" to David Letterman. It couldn't have gone to a man more deserving.

Gorgeous George's 15 Minutes Are Up

George Galloway, the pro-terrorist MP in Britain, has agreed to become a contestant on the latest edition of Big Brother. Now that's good television!

Bush Spying On Christiane Amanpour?

What an odd story. I kinda hope it's true. Amanpour often takes sides, and never ours.

Howard Stern: Hypocrite

via Wizbang.

What A Glorious Day It Will Be

Someday this Ahmadinejad guy is going to swing from the gallows, and I'm going to love seeing it on TV. Then, years later, I'll visit the democratic country of Iran, find his grave and relieve myself on his remains. Repeat as necessary.


Sharon Fights For His Life

Haaretz is monitoring the situation in Israel.

LBJ The Paranoid Android

A new documentary says LBJ went to his grave believing that Cubans had JFK killed and he was determined to keep the information from the American people so that a "right-wing" uprising didn't occur and put the Democrats out of office for generations. Makes sense, LBJ was a basketcase who was worse than J. Edgar Hoover when it came to paranoia about his own assassination.

David Letterman Is A Jackass

Not only was David Letterman at boorish twit when interviewing Bill O'Reilly last night, it turns out he also messed with his drink.

Sharon Back In Hospital

Drudge is reporting that just a day before heart surgery, Ariel Sharon has apparently suffered another mild-stroke. I doubt it will affect the next election, but it's looking more like Sharon will continue the good fight for Israel until his death. A long retirement (or even a short one) is becoming less likely.

UPDATE: It's not mild...it's bad.

MORE: Jayson at PoliPundit has some sound advice.

MORE: The Palestinians once again show their true colors.

D'oh! Miner Miracle A Mistake

During my 10 year stint in television news, I've been involved in similar situations where reporters hear something and jump the gun or fill in the blanks themselves. It's unfortunate, but it happens.


Iran On The Brink

Thomas Sowell has a nice take on how Iran's mullahs seems to be slouching toward suicide. Each day the evidence keeps piling up that we (or Israel) are going to have to take them out.

Is Kathleen Blanco The Nation's Worst Governor?

Yes, of course. She's the governor of Louisiana, after all.

New York Times Kills Journalism

Not since the Thornburgh Report that CBS commissioned have we seen a more cynical and flippant attempt at CYA than the New York Times and their NSA Spy story. They sit on the information for a year, their reporter releases a book and then they have their "public editor" write a column for the Times blasting the paper for its actions. See that? We've done a bad thing and we feel really bad about it. Aren't we moral? Bastards.

"When Black Monday Comes..."

Actually, Steely Dan sang, "Black Friday," but the message is the same. It's been Black Monday for NFL coaches with 6 fired and one retired...and Norv Turner can't be far behind. That would make 8 vacancies among 32 teams, or 25%. Wow! Better get my resume touched-up.

When Regulation Goes Too Far

Donny Surber has the story of how the Amish have been driven out of West Virginia by health inspectors for their pumpkin rolls. Can lemonade stands be far behind?

This Is Getting Old

Well, I'm completely over my cold, as such, but now I've lost my voice. This is getting irritating...I just wanna be well again. I have to return to work tomorrow, so I'd better have the voice back or it'll be a long day of hand-gestures.