The Effort To Silence Scalia

A few days ago, I wrote the following:

A story was floating around today that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia made an "obscene gesture" during a recent speech. Reports are sketchy as no one seems sure if the gesture in question involved the middle finger (or, if you're British, two
fingers). It seems obvious that the gesture he must have made was the rubbing of
the fingers under the chin in a sweeping motion. He did, after all, say after
making the gesture, "that's Sicilian!" I guess that's a take-off of "that's
amore!" Anyway, if we want to know if it was obscene or not, we should probably
dig up his old court brethren Potter "I know it when I see it" Stewart. I would
doubt it could be considered obscene as I've seen Snoopy make the gesture on one
of the Peanuts specials.Anywho, if I were a conspiracy theorist (which I am
not), I would wonder if the MSM is trying to lay the groundwork for an
impeachment of the Left's judicial bete noir. It seems like there have been a
lot of stories about him lately. Granted, a lot of it is of his own making with
his controversial comments, but has he only recently started speaking this way?
Seems unlikely.


And today, there's a column from Ronald A. Cass of Boston University's School of Law:

The game now is to find a way of making it seem that Scalia's personal life
and conduct commit him to positions on important legal issues in a way that
interferes with his ability to decide matters impartially - not because Scalia
has in fact done so and not because his accusers care about impartiality.
Instead, the game matters because Scalia is the leading voice for a set of legal
propositions that run counter to the political, social, and constitutional
agenda of the dominant voices in almost every major element of America's
Speaking elites.

Read it all.

UPDATE: The drive-by media has officially declared it... It has begun:

Gannascoli's take on Scalia's gesture, made minutes after he took
Communion, comes amid continuing furor surrounding the episode.

Called it!


Don Surber Was Right!

Hardly a shocking headline as Don is right quite a bit, but on the subject of FISA, Don was spot on. Come to think of it...so was I.

MORE: As usual, the New York Times tries to create a diversion.

The Perfect Smug Storm

If there's a more brilliant show on television than South Park, I don't know what it is. Tonight's episode, about a smug storm that increased in power after it was hit by the smug cloud from George Clooney's Oscar's acceptance speech...brilliant!

Au Revoir, Les Enfants

Make no mistake (to quote George W.), France is dying. The endless years mired in a socialist economy are taking their toll and now France is faced with a generation more lazy and selfish than America's baby-boomers. Let that one sink in for a moment. In the meantime, check out the astute analysis from the Brussels Journal.

Cynthia McKinney Assaults Officer

Ah, Cynthia McKinney...it's a tough life when you're a anti-semite in Washington, D.C. (I'm playing off the Sting song, "Englishman in New York"...just FYI). And I have no doubt this member of the Capitol Police she hit will be accused of racism by the next news cycle. Take it to the bank.

Crazy Connecticut Cat Coverage

I haven't seen a story have such a following as this one about a cat in a Connecticut town that has been put under house arrest for attacking people. Everywhere I went today, I heard people saying, "Did you hear about the six-toed cat with the restraining order put on him?" A lot of people thought it was a joke from The Onion. As Paul Harvey would say, "It's true!"


Sharon Stone Shows Us The Way

I'll tell you this...from now on, whenever I have a date, I want Sharon Stone to talk to her first.

Francis, We Hardly Knew Ye: An Ideological Funeral

It is with great sadness that today I am holding the first ever "Ideological Funeral" at Jim-Rose.com. Like David Brock and John McCain before him, today we look back and remember a once great foreign policy mind who has decided to abandoned his philosophical home and enter the land of media delights and Upper-East-side admiration: Francis Fukuyama.

He broke with the "neocons" over the Iraq war, now saying he had reservations before we invaded but decided not to say anything until the media gave it a Vietnam makeover (think "Viet Cong Eye for the Iraqi Guy"), thus appearing quite the sage to the NPR groupies. He made his "break" with the Right by endorsing John Kerry for president in 2004, an action that would be bad enough but pales in comparison to his most recent faux pas: "fabrication."

Fukuyama says the real moment or revelation (the end of his "road to Damascus" to use Krauthammer's words) was during a speech being given by Krauthammer to the American Enterprise Institute in which he allegedly stated the Iraq war was a huge success. Krauthammer said no such thing, and he proves it in his column today.

The big-guns in the Blogosphere are coming to the fore on this subject:

The good Captain calls it the "Fukuyama Two-Step";

Glenn Reynolds says Fukuyama was almost always wrong anyway, and his readers have some pithy comments;

Sister Toldjah says Francis has been caught in a big one;

Hugh Hewitt's take;

D.C.'s in the hizzy.

Please feel free to pay your respects in the comments section of this post. I will be publishing some of the more creative eulogies as they appear. Thank you for coming.

Card Out, Bolton In

Andy Card will forever be known as the man that whispered in George W. Bush's ear on September 11th. After 5 years as Chief of Staff, he's taking a much needed break, a break both he and the White House need. In comes Bolton...not John Bolton (wouldn't that be a hoot!) but Josh Bolton of the OMB. The boys at RedState have reason to believe this a great move.

Tom Cruise Is Sick

If a Scientology birth doesn't scare Katie Holmes straight, nothing will. (Hat tip: Drudge)


Quotational Therapy

Who would have thought that Democratic President Grover Cleveland could show us the way when it comes to taxation?

Don't Forget The Social Security Tax

I guess this could be considered the understatement of the century (this one and the last one), but Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton just can't seem to get on the same page. Don Surber reports...

Scalia And The Media

A story was floating around today that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia made an "obscene gesture" during a recent speech. Reports are sketchy as no one seems sure if the gesture in question involved the middle finger (or, if you're British, two fingers). It seems obvious that the gesture he must have made was the rubbing of the fingers under the chin in a sweeping motion. He did, after all, say after making the gesture, "that's Sicilian!" I guess that's a take-off of "that's amore!" Anyway, if we want to know if it was obscene or not, we should probably dig up his old court brethren Potter "I know it when I see it" Stewart. I would doubt it could be considered obscene as I've seen Snoopy make the gesture on one of the Peanuts specials.

Anywho, if I were a conspiracy theorist (which I am not), I would wonder if the MSM is trying to lay the groundwork for an impeachment of the Left's judicial bete noir. It seems like there have been a lot of stories about him lately. Granted, a lot of it is of his own making with his controversial comments, but has he only recently started speaking this way? Seems unlikely.



An Interesting Ethical Question

We've seen how ungrateful the hostages rescued by coalition forces were, and it raises an interesting question: As the good guys, are we obligated to do what's right and rescue the innocent (and the ignorant) from the grip of murderous thugs, or do we let them enjoy the fate they so richly deserve? (Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs)

Domenech Apologizes For Plagiarism

It doesn't matter what the circumstances are...plagiarism is wrong and unacceptable. Ben Domenech understands that now and is making amends. Domenech is a good man and he's made a mistake. He'll deal with this the way good men do and his friends and allies in the blogosphere will keep up the good fight for the truth. That's what separates us from them.

UPDATE: D.C.'s take.

Russia Part Of The Problem

The Astute Blogger has a roundup of the evidence that Russia continues to work with the enemies of freedom and is not to be trusted with so much as a ham sandwich.


The Absence Of Strategy

Another brilliant column from Mark Steyn concerning America's foreign policy. A taste:

"Containment" is not a strategy but the absence of strategy - and thug states understand it as such. In Saddam's case, he'd supposedly been "contained" since the first Gulf War in 1991, when Bush Sr. balked at finishing what he'd started.


Starving, Hysterical Poetry

Allen Ginsburg, spinning in his grave, moonbat moonlight shining on the land, starving hysterical parody.

Today's Headlines

It's been a busy week for me making it hard to keep up with the news. Fortunately, our man Basil has a rundown of all the major headlines (and some "analysis").

Red America Killed

Chalk one up for the extreme-Left as they managed to kill the Washington Post's new conservative blog, "Red America." As Nat Hentoff wrote: "Free speech for me, but not for thee."


Media Bias Undercover

Had a really busy day today, but I was able to catch the Drudge headline about an email from an ABC producer telling a colleague how Bush was making him sick. Now, to me, it doesn't really that he sent this email. I worked in the media for 10 years and I had opinions about politicians that I shared with my colleagues, but I didn't let it affect my reporting. I don't know if this ABC producer has done so, but certainly ABC has been guilty of liberal bias in the past (Peter Jennings, R.I.P.), but really all we're looking for is a simple acknowledgement that, yes, there is liberal bias in the media. That's all. Enough pretending that the only bias out there is a conservative bias from the Fox News Channel. Enough.

MORE: Speaking of which, CNN shows us why Gallup Poll gave them the deep-six.


Radio Host Fired For Racial Remark

Saw this Newsmax story where a St. Louis radio host was fired for uttering a racial slur about Condi Rice. The weird thing is, the guy seems to be a big fan of Rice and apparently said "coon" when he meant to say "coup." A slip of the tongue from a man that has an unconscious racist side? Maybe. But if he is to be believed and is really a fan of Rice and said coon by accident, isn't it funny that he would get fired, but other radio hosts that really hate Rice and really mean the racist things they say get to keep their jobs? Just wondering.

Goodbye Children

South Park responded to the recent Isaac Hayes controversy with tonight's episode, "The Return of Chef!" As usual, Matt and Trey found a clever way to do a show that says it all about the situation. I am a bit ashamed that I didn't see the part at the very end coming.

The Genius Of Judge Roberts

I'm not a lawyer and I don't possess any legal expertise apart from my First Amendment studies as a journalism student in college. However, after reading a story about a Supreme Court decision concerning the police's right to search a residence without a warrant, I have a theory concerning Chief Justice John Roberts' management of the high court.

I mentioned recently that Judge Roberts seems to be doing a great job steering the court and was backed up by a few news articles soon thereafter, but now after a very harmonious start with several unanimous decisions, the court delivered a 5-3 decision today with Judge Roberts, Scalia and Thomas dissenting (Alito abstaining since he didn't hear the oral arguments...thanks to the Senate Democrats). The press is quick to point this out as a "honeymoon over" point in Roberts tenure, which is an incredibly unintellectual tack to take as it's not like Roberts was leading the '72 Dolphins. Anyway, now that the court is split into it's two camps (liberal and conservative) Roberts can really show what he's made of, and I think he did today.

Any legal scholar can tell you that the power of the Chief Justice is quite vast. He decides who will write the majority and main dissenting opinion for every case. The advantage this gives the Chief Justice is enormous as he can then control the heft, if you will, that the opinion will have on common law. Say for example you have a free speech case and the Chief Justice is very pro-free speech: If he finds himself on the dissenting end of the case, say 5-4, he can pick the judge from the majority that is the least anti-free speech to write the majority opinion, the opinion that really matters, and thus prevent it from having as much impact.

So today we have an opinion in which the majority ruled that if one resident of a dwelling okays the police to search without a warrant, but another resident says no, then the no vote wins out. Roberts assigned David Souter to write the majority opinion and assigned, wait for it...himself to write the dissenting opinion. Observe:

Roberts said that the decision "apparently forbids police from entering to assist with a domestic dispute if the abuser whose behavior prompted the request for police assistance objects." Although Roberts has disagreed with other rulings since joining the court in September, it was the first time he wrote his own dissent.

Souter called Roberts' concerns about domestic violence a "red herring."

"This case has no bearing on the capacity of the police to protect domestic victims," Souter wrote. "The question whether the police might lawfully enter over objection in order to provide any protection that might be reasonable is easily answered yes."

It would seem that Roberts' dissent struck a nerve with Bush 41's biggest mistake and he needed to defend his honor, and in doing so, softened the blow of his decision. Game, set, match for Roberts? You tell me.

Un-F'ing Believable

I've always just kind of laughed off Keith Olbermann as a hack sports anchor turned "news" anchor who couldn't get decent ratings if he co-hosted with a naked Angelina Jolie, but after reading this post from my main man Seixon, I really have to wonder how MSNBC can justify his employment.


No "Third Term" For Bush

A lot of rumpus today over Fred Barnes' column calling for Bush to dump Cheney, Rice and Rove and bring in some fresh blood, thus, making for a "third term." It's nice for Fred to get this down on the record and be able to say he was right should things completely tank in the next few years, but bottom line, this isn't going to happen. Bush is too loyal to dump Cheney and Rice, and for God's sake, Rove has done a masterful job for 6 years. It all comes down to the war on terror and whether it continues or not...and bringing in new people comes with it the implication that we'd go a different direction in the WOT. Not happening. The "neocons" are going to hang on as long as they can to make sure Iraq can succeed...same with Blair. He wants to make sure Iraqi democracy reaches the point of no return before he hands things off to the ideological relic, Gordon Brown. No blinking on this side.

I Knew It!

(Hat tip: Expose The Left)

The Revolution Will Be Blogged

It's a black day for NPR-types and pretty much everyone in the MSM as the Washington Post, the paper that brought down Nixon, takes on RedState.org's very own Ben Domenech as it's resident Conservative blogger. Oh, the humanity!

Gallup Dumps CNN

God help me, I do love it so.


Long Day

A very long day of video shoots for me. Just got home...tune in tomorrow.


Taking It To The Streets

Zaphriel has posted some nice pictures from this weekend's anti-anti-war protest in Reno, Nevada.

Time For A Conservative Film Studio

Jason Apuzzo has a great piece on Town Hall about how Hollywood doesn't really need the Heartland to make money and the only way for conservatives to make a difference is to fight fire with fire. (Hat tip: Michelle Malkin)

Many Happy Returns, Number 6

The creator of the greatest television series of all time turns 78 years old today. Patrick McGoohan, who has since retired from acting, it seems, is best known to television viewers of the 1960s as "Secret Agent Man" Jon Drake. He later created the 17-episode series "The Prisoner" in which he played a secret agent that resigns his commission and is later taken to a mysterious village where he is given a number and fights off attempts to force him to conform and assimilate. A lesson for us all.

A Standoff In The Middle East

Donald Rumsfeld says for us to leave Iraq now would be like handling over Germany to the Nazis. It's true and it shows what's at stake right now. It's the third anniversary of the invasion; Saddam is out of power and on trial; a new government is in place, though it bickers up and down much like the Founding Fathers at our Constitutional Convention. Meanwhile, the terrorists do what they can to shake the government's resolve and America's will. The useful idiots in the West (and they know who they are) do what they can to convince the public all has been lost and Iraq is in a civil war (which they never had under the "peaceful" regime of Saddam...what's an occasional genocide here and there in order to maintain "peace" and "order," n'est pas?) Then we have our president with very low approval ratings and his own party running from him like wind. It all has the marks of a situation that is best washed away so that everyone can begin anew. Fortunately, President Bush is not such a man to do what seems politically expedient. He and his men are willing to ride this train to the very end, propaganda be damned (and it seems to be fizzling out). It's all coming down to who blinks first: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice, thankfully, seem unwilling to do so, while the likes of Katrina Van Den Heuvel will do what they can to sabotage any effort to maintain Iraqi (and, in turn, Middle East) freedom.


You've Made Your Bed, Now Lay In It

Bill Quick points out how New Jersey citizens are about to get what they deserve.

Saddam And al-Qaeda Links Pop Up

Lot's of evidence is piling up concerning links between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda, yet the MSM is quick to downplay the evidence citing "questionable sourcing." Hmmm...more questionable than Texas Air National Guard documents?


The Hitch Takes Marxist To School

Christopher Hitchens absolutely destroys Katrina Van Den Heuvel on "Larry King Live." It's so obvious that she absolutely hates the idea of people living in freedom, whether it be in Iraq or America. She is simply an anti-American Marxist, there's no two ways about it.

Gerry Adams On Terror Watch List?

I say why not?

A Lot Of "Insecurity" In France

France, home of near 10% unemployment, is bracing for riots this weekend due to a new job program that would allow employers to fire workers under 26 at any time during their first two years of employment. This section of the Reuters article cracked me up:

"I would say 'no' (to a job offered under the law) because I would have no security for two years," Jerome Desprol, 24, told Reuters.
No security, eh? Let's see...I work at a job where I will have no security if I work at it for 100 years. My boss can fire me at any time...and yet, I took the job anyway...and I love my job.

Sorry Jerome, no sympathy for devil...better get a ticket, a ticket to ride!

South Park And Scientology Go To War

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are not taking they hypocrisy of Isaac Hayes or the fascism of Tom Cruise lying down. Scientology is a cult invented by a wacked-out science-fiction writer and today is run by drones that threaten to sue anyone that criticized them. Parker and Stone have never been afraid to slay the sacred cows...I hope they have enough fight in them to win this war. Xenu speed, boys!


Boulder City Celebrates 75

Posting has been light as I've been covering the Boulder City 75th Anniversary for the past two days. A great event as they lit-up the Dam with the new Boulder City logo and honored one of the last surviving members of the construction crew that built the Hoover Dam. More here.


Welcome Back To The Fold

Canada's new Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is showing his country something they haven't seen in a while: leadership.

Protests In Iran

How come I never hear about things like this in the med...i...a..., uh, nevermind.

Working Out The Bugs

Sorry if my page is looking funky. It looks fine on Firefox, but on IE it's all messed up. However, the comments work on IE but not on Firefox. If you want to write me, send your message to jimrose6-at-mac-dot-com while I get things fixed.

UPDATE: Some of the bugs worked out finally. The comments seem to be working again, but please let me know if you see anything askew.


New And Improved?

Welcome to the scaled-down, bare-bones Jim-Rose.com. After a while, I get tired of too much clutter and like to go the minimalist route. But no doubt I'll clutter things up again as time goes by. In the meantime, comments on the new design are welcome.

Clueless Clooney

I've been trying to stay away from responding to George Clooney everytime he opens his mouth. He gets enough publicity, so screw him. But after reading the Astute One's annihilation of the holier-than-thou pop-star, I had to put up a link. By the way, George...the term the party bosses now use is "progressive" not "liberal." Get it together, man!

A Stern/CBS Conspiracy?

When it was announced some time ago that Howard Stern would be moving off of over-the-air radio to Sirius Satellite Radio, I was perplexed by the decision. I have nothing against Howard Stern as such. I agree with some of libertarian views and have always been a fan of those that like to rock the establishment a little bit. Unfortunately, Stern doesn't have the intellect to be a real force for libertarian good and has fallen in love with his own media-created persona and has a total obsession with the battle rather than the winning the war.

When I heard he would move to satellite radio and be able to do whatever he wanted...no FCC, no Michael Powell, etc., it seemed to me akin to George Patton without a war. What will he do? How will he avoid dying of boredom when he has no more enemies?

Then, lo-and-behold, CBS and Les Mooves give Stern a bigger gift then he could have hoped for: they threaten to sue him. Now we learn from Drudge that Stern was on all three segments of tonight's Late Show with David Letterman (on CBS) ranting against the network and Mooves. He has a purpose once again...and God knows CBS is getting quite a bit of attention as well. If I were a crop-circle type of guy, I'd be looking into whether Stern and Mooves have made a little back-room deal. Am I going off the deep end? I wonder...

Isaac Hayes Quits South Park

I wondered if this was going to happen: Isaac Hayes, who voices Chef on South Park says he's leaving the show due to its take on "religion." It's obvious, however, that it's not their take on religion, but their take on Scientology that led to his departure. There are no sacred cows on South Park, and if there were, it wouldn't be South Park.


Hollywood Continues To Slowly Commit Suicide

A couple of interesting items on Drudge today from La-La-Land: The director of Crash is looking to direct an anti-Bush film based on Richard Clarke's book, while in theaters we have "V for Vendetta" which even Newsweak admits is postmodernism at its worst as the film tries to make us believe that "terrorist" and "revolutionary" are one-in-the-same.

And speaking of "revolutionaries," don't forget that soon we'll see the release of a love letter to Che Guevara by the biggest sellout director of his generation, Steven Soderbergh (aka George Clooney's bitch). But I digress...

Judge Roberts Taking Control

I wrote last Wednesday how impressed I am so far with Chief Justice John Roberts and it would seem the boys at the Weekly Standard agree:

JOHN ROBERTS HAS SAT IN the center seat of the Supreme Court a mere five months. Conventional wisdom holds that it takes four or five years for a new justice to hit his stride. Even so, Roberts's work stands out in a Washington whose daily manufacture, it seems, is another fight between an irresponsible Congress and a president with cratering job-approval numbers. If you want to see excellence in government, consider the brief tenure of our new chief justice.

Under Roberts the Court has decided 39 cases. Roberts himself has written three opinions. Each was unanimous, the most recent being last week's opinion upholding the access of military recruiters to college campuses (elsewhere in this issue). Each is well-written. Concision and clarity distinguish the opinions. Sentences do not wander about, nor fatten from authorial pomposity. Arguments are fairly addressed, distinctions cleanly drawn, decisions plainly stated. Nor has Roberts retired the dry humor on display during his hearings. The chief justice, and not his clerks, is clearly in charge of his own prose. Finally, and not a small point: His opinions are enormously persuasive.

Read it all. (Hat tip: Wizbang)

Mark Steyn Persona Non Grata

One of our favorite columnist here at Jim-Rose.com is Mark Steyn. He possesses a wit that rivals my own and now he appears to have been banned in the UK. Charles Johnson has the details.

The Next Media Tsunami

Michelle Malkin has a preview of what is sure to be this week's top story from the drive-by media.


Milosevic Dead

Unfortunately, biological forces got to Slobodan Milosevic before justice could. The former Serbian dictator died in his cell in The Hague, apparently of natural causes.

MORE: Thoughts from Austin Bay, Don Surber, Ian Schwartz, Captain Ed, and Rusty Shackleford.

Bottom line...all those years in the International Criminal Court of The Hague and what did it get us? (Hint: The answer is: nothing.)

McCain Paying For The Past

Some weird stuff going on down South today as John McCain threw a curve-ball into a straw poll being held by the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. Apparently, knowing he was going to lose to Bill Frist, he asked supporters to write-in "President Bush" as a sign of support to the President and his efforts in the war on terror. The base was not amused.

If I were a political science professor at some university, I would be so excited for the 2008 election season. Here we have a Senate Republican who ran for President in 2000 and did everything he possibly could to alienate the Republican base. He spent the next four years milking his "maverick" status and basking in the adoration of the MSM and Chris Matthews. He even spent the 2004 election season legitimizing rumors that he was considered a possible running mate for John Kerry.

Now it's 2006 and McCain seems to have done a 180 (or maybe more accurately, a 160 or thereabouts) and become a strong supporter of the President in the war on terror. He's been a more aggressive voice in the conservative movement, taking many opportunities to slam the Democrats for their pro-terrorists views. The presidency is will be wide open in just under 3 years and he wants it, but what to do? He can't run as a Democrat, because he would be seen as a traitor and nobody likes a traitor. He could try and run as an Independent, but when has that ever worked? It would only ensure a Democrat wins the presidency, which would again make him a traitor. So, his best option is to try and run as a Republican, but can he repair the damage he so gleefully inflicted on his relationship with the Republican base for four years? As I said, the political science professors have got to be licking their chops to see how he intends to pull this off.

Here's his best hope... Giuliani and Rice decide not to run...George Allen fails to generate enough name-recognition to win enough primaries and the Democrats nominate Hillary as their candidate. If all of this comes to fruition, McCain can win the presidency in a nationwide reactionary vote against Hillary, which would happen with pretty much anyone put up against her. Hell, I might even vote for him under these circumstances if I can silence the dry-heaves long enough to put an X in the box.

This is gonna be interesting.

UPDATE: Also see this post at Blogger News Network.

Down With Fidel, And Up With The Puerto Rican Police

By now you've heard about the man at the World Baseball Classic that held up a sign in Spanish saying "Down with Fidel." A Cuban official tried to stop the man but he was in turn stopped by Puerto Rican officials who lectured the Castro flunky on free speech (God bless those PR officials).

Now the question I have is what kind of efforts so-called freedom loving baseball officials will make to mollify Cuba's thugocracy. Here's a partial answer:

Local organizers of the tournament responded by banning posters of a political nature, but a top police official said his officers would not enforce the ban.

"The police of Puerto Rico will not interfere at any time with any type of expression," Puerto Rico Police Chief Pedro Toledo said.

I'll say it again...God bless the Puerto Rican police. If only we had that kind of bold thinking in the United States Congress.


Mmmmm...Doughnut Burger

Ahhhggggg.... (Hat tip: Astute Blogger)

Illegals March In Chicago

It's really boggles your mind to think about what happened in Chicago today. Thousands of people who are in this country ILLEGALLY hold a protest march demanding more civil rights. I think my head may explode.

Gale Norton Resigns

The main Goldwater-Republican of the Bush cabinet has resigned. Gale Norton served as Secretary of the Interior since Bush came into office. She's fought the good fight for ANWR drilling and against environmental nonsense. I loved how on the CBS Radio report this morning the tag-line to the story was, "Conservationists consider Gale Norton the enemy." I guess that really says it all.

Please Let It Be Halliburton

The one thing that would make up for this whole sordid port-deal affair is if this "American interest" that the UAE is talking about turns out to be Halliburton. That would be textbook poetic justice.


Yeah, And I'm Buck Rogers

Our man in Norway, Seixon (who constantly proves that quality over quantity posting is the best way to go) has an excellent study of the recent hillarious charge that Chris Matthews "Hardball" has a conservative-bias.

A Day That Will Live In Stupidity

A pretty disgusting day in Washington, D.C. The GOP hangs the President out to dry by voting down the UAE port deal, then Peter King has the unmitigated gall to stand behind W while he signs the Patriot Act which should have been sent to his desk months ago!

Meanwhile, the UAE is understandably miffed.


Harry, We Hardly Knew Ye

Brian Doherty and Cathy Young both give excellent tributes to Harry Browne over at Reason Magazine. Brownie was a good man who left a great scholarly legacy for the libertarian movement. His political career was not successful, but it did force many to stand up and take notice. I voted for him in 1996 when I knew Bob Dole couldn't win a presidential election against himself, much less Bill Clinton.

On that note, Jon Henke is asking for opinions on whether a libertarian society is really possible. Ironically, I think it's very much like its polar opposite totalitarianism: it can exist but it's very unstable simply due to human nature. The desire for freedom destroys tyranny, while guilt and envy destroy pure freedom...the hope is that we can meet somewhere in the middle (and a bit to the right) with democratic-republican government.

The Hitch Lays Into The Democrats

Christopher Hitchens isn't too impressed with the arguments against the Dubai Ports deal. Neither am I.

Rudy Bides His Time

Steven Warshawsky has a theory about Rudy Giuliani's possible run for president.


Iran Cruisin' For A Bruisin'

Iran gets caught bragging about playing the European diplomats like a fiddle while America screams from the sidelines. Can we just get this thing done now while the iron is hot?

John Roberts Making His Mark

It's early in the game, but I'm liking what I'm seeing from the Roberts Court. The questions he asks during oral arguments and his ability to relax his colleagues and get them to agree on opinions is rather impressive.

Berlusconi Tells It Like It Is

Sometimes the simplest answers are the right ones. The money is out there for the taking, go get it yourself... it's not gonna be hand-delivered.

Giving History A Kick In The Butt

Douglas Kern deconstructs Francis Fukuyama's break with the Right in TCS Daily. A lot to learn in this piece of writing.


"24" Continues To Impress

"24" was brilliant, as usual, tonight. Anything with Peter Weller is going to get my attention...not to mention the return of Kim Bauer...oh my yes!

Over at Blogs4Bauer they're having an online wake for good ol' Edgar. Chloe's gonna always wonder what could have been.

Kirby Puckett Dies

The most popular athlete in Minnesota history has passed away at a tragically young age. The boys at Powerline have a retrospective.

Tony Blair Gets It

Caught a very interesting section of last weeks Questions to the Prime Minister in the UK:

Menzies Campbell (Fife North East, LDem)

The Prime Minister recently described Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay as an anomaly that would have to be dealt with sooner or later. When will it be dealt with, sooner, or later?

Tony Blair (Prime Minister)

As I said, I hope that a judicial process can be put in place that means that Guantanamo Bay can close, as I think it should for the reasons that I have given. However, the reason why I always qualify my answer on this issue is as follows. This arose out of the worst terrorist act that the world has ever known, in which 3,000 totally innocent people lost their lives in New York. The people who were picked up in Afghanistan were engaged in helping the reactionary forces there to defeat American and British troops. So I agree that Guantanamo Bay is an anomaly, which is why it has to end, but I am afraid that when I answer questions on it, I will always draw attention to the circumstances in which it was introduced.

Menzies Campbell (Fife North East, LDem)

Along with the outrage of Guantanamo Bay, there remains the continuing problem of the unequal extradition arrangements between the United Kingdom and the United States. How can the Prime Minister be comfortable with an extradition treaty that results in British citizens having inferior rights to American citizens, and which the US Senate shows no signs of ratifying?

Tony Blair (Prime Minister)

I do not accept that the rights of British citizens are subject to unfairness. I am very sorry to have to say this to the right hon. and learned Gentleman and the Liberal Democrats, but I sometimes wish that they would spend a little of the effort that they put into attacking the United States on understanding why these international terrorism issues are so important, and why it is important that we stand with our allies in defeating global terrorism. [Interruption.] People can say what they like about it, but I am also entitled to say what I like about it. I find the uneven way that the Liberal Democrats always express themselves on this issue--[Interruption.] I am sorry, but I find it an affront, given what people are facing right round the world: a global terrorism that I would have thought we could unite against and defeat.

This is a classic example of how Tony Blair "gets it."

Harry Browne, R.I.P.

Having been away for a few days, I missed the news of the passing of former Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Harry Browne. I'm proud to say I voted for Browne in 1996. He was a major influence on me in my college years as my libertarian ideology took shape. Rest in peace.


Brokeback Oscars

Get ready for the most Leftist Academy Awards Show in history. The Astute Blogger has a preview.

Somebody's Right And Somebody's Wrong On Iraq

The New York Times says Iraq is in the grips of a civil war and Bush has lost. Military analyst Ralph Peters says there is no civil war and support for American troops among Iraqi citizens has gone up since the recent violence.

So, somebody is wrong, and in turn, lying to us...that should be the headline and the major concern among the America people.


The Drawings In The Desert

Light on the blogging recently as I was in Laughlin, Nevada for two days covering the UFO Congress. Interesting, to say the least. However, it gave me the opportunity to take in the petroglyphs of the Mojave Indians out on Christmas Tree Pass. It's an amazing sight.

Halliburton Getting In On The Port Deal?

If this turns out to be the case, Chuck Schumer is never gonna hear the end of it from Hyper-Left.


U.S. And India Buddy Up

Harry Reid says the Bush administration will be remembered for incompetence. While I'm biased in the other direction, I think it'll be hard for historians to ignore the resume that W is building: Not only does he have the Supreme Court, Afghanistan and Iraq, but now he has a new partnership with the second-most populous country in the world...a nice counter-balance to the ChiComs.

Naturally, many of the walking-lobotomies in the MSM say, "why are we allowing them nuclear weapons and chastising Iran and North Korea?" Smart readers of Jim-Rose.com know the answer.

MORE: India and the U.S. have a lot in common.

Jimmy Carter v. America

Picture this: a former President of the United States of America is campaigning against the United States of America in the United Nations.

AP Backtracks Quietly

The cowards at the AP print a retraction in the late afternoon of a Friday.


Andrew Young Comes Around

Andrew Young, former Ambassador to the U.N. and Mayor of Atlanta who has recently taken a job with Walmart to help fight off some of the bad press for the corporate giant, was on Your World with Neil Cavuto on Fox this afternoon. I caught the evening repeat and was pleased to see the Liberal Democrat call it like it is. Bottom line, we're in a global economy now and there's no going back and the people in the Democrat Party that are anti-corporate are stupid. He even said the bad stuff you hear about Walmart is simply rhetoric from labor unions who are working against the global economy. He actually said this...in plain English. That's huge. (Hat tip: UJ)

Ruth Ginsburg Takes A Snooze

Caught this on Drudge...a long article about the Supreme Court hearing a case, and this paragraph is in the middle:
The subject matter was extremely technical, and near the end of the argument Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dozed in her chair. Justices David Souter and Samuel Alito, who flank the 72-year-old, looked at her but did not give her a nudge.
This is from an AP wire story by Gina Holland. How does she just mention this in passing and not even bat and eye? Is it just a joke? Is it no big deal?