The Most Misquoted Man In America

Thomas Jefferson was a great man. The third President of the United States wrote some of the greatest words in history as he worked to help found this great democratic experiment of ours. However, a couple of hundred years later, he's become the most misquoted man in history...and guess by who? (Hat tip: Powerline)

White House Correspondents Dinner Jumps The Shark

I finally forced myself to watch clips from last night's White House Correspondents Dinner. It's a tradition since the days of Calvin Coolidge, apparently, but I'd love to see Bush or the next president stop going and declare the event "far too lame." I have nothing against Steven Colbert, but man, at least get the jokes rights. He totally botched the glass half-empty joke and the rest of the act was so obvious...a little subtlety please! ABC shows their true colors by bringing along Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame, proving once again they can't be taken seriously. I hate them all.

How Does Mexico Treat Its Illegal Immigrants?

It might surprise you. Don Surber has the scoop.

NFL Draft: Some Final Thoughts

I guess the lesson for Matt Leinart is that it's not always good to stay in school. However, I think too much is being made of this. Yes, he will lose money in the short-term by being the number 10 pick rather than one or two last year, but he's a good-looking quarterback, thus he'll have endorsement deals up the wazoo. And if he's able to help make Arizona, one of the worst franchises in sports, a winner, he'll be a legend, and reap the financial rewards that come with it.

I think Houston and the Jets are in a really tough position. Without a lot of success in the next few years, fans are going to point at this draft. The Jets did a good job building their O-line, but they still have the quarterback issue. If Pennington and Ramsey don't take care of business, they'll be pining for Leinart. Houston fans obviously wanted either Young or Bush and got neither. No more needs to be said there.

And finally, with LenDale White going in the second round and Marcus Vick nowhere to be found, character counts. Thank you T.O.


John McCain Hates Free Speech

I could not and never will vote for John McCain. Recently, he finally gave us some real "straight talk" when asked about the First Amendment. This quote says it all.

The NFL Draft: The First 5 Picks

The big story so far in the NFL Draft to me is the fact that the New York Jets passed on Matt Leinart. I think this was a huge mistake. The Jets are putting their future in the hands of either Chad Pennington or Patrick Ramsey. J-E-T-S...trouble! I think Leinhart is starting to wish he'd entered the draft last year. I also think New Orleans is going to get a huge shot in the arm with the combination of Reggie Bush and Drew Brees. This could be the biggest aid package the city has received yet!

Facts And Quotes

Atlas Shrugs raises a good point: in the MSM, comments from terrorists are presented as fact while comments from President Bush are put in quotes.

Kitty Hero

A cat in Germany is a hero after saving the life of an infant. (Hat tip: Odd Universe)


That's Hot!

I'm beginning to understand why Michelle Malkin decided to call her new Vlogging website "Hot Air." Oh my yes!

A Great One From "Day By Day"

Update: Polipundit poses a good question.


Will Atlas Shrug At The Thought Of Pitt/Jolie?

There's word that Ayn Rand's novel, Atlas Shrugged, will finally be made into a movie and star super-couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who are said to be Rand fans. Okay, they may be fans (or think they are), but that doesn't excuse the fact that Hollywood is a town full of socialists who are careful to make sure the bad guys in Tom Clancy movies are Nazis and not the intended Communists or Muslim terrorists. That being the case, how is Hollywood going to hide the fact that Ayn Rand's work is about the virtues of Capitalism and Selfishness? Riddle me that!

The River Run And A Water Pump

No time for blogging today as I had to go to Laughlin, Nevada to cover the Laughlin River Run...a festival of motorcycle enthusiast. Spent the whole day there, and to top it off, I had car trouble (had to get a new water pump in Kingman, Arizona)...i.e. I'm exhausted. Tune in tomorrow.


Al Gore Fights Manbearpig

Oh my sweet Lord! Tonight, South Park decided to tackle the subject of Al Gore's life during the George W. era. Matt and Trey make the former Veep out to be such a pathetic figure that you almost feel sorry for the guy. From now on, it's going to be hard to hear someone talk about global warming without saying, "You mean Manbearpig?"

Government v. Government

Harry Truman once said that the CIA had become its own secret government that was accountable to no one. While good ol' Harry could hardly be cleared of blame for such a state of affairs, he did have a point. It's easy to say the CIA is out of control, for the speaker of this pronouncement is usually spouting through a filter of his own bias. This segues us directly to the MSM, or Driveby Media, which has determined that some leaks are good and some leaks are bad...it all depends who you're trying to take down. The Wall Street Journal editorial page takes the MSM to tasks for this insane philosophy in an excellent piece.

For the first time, I'm really getting worried about forces within our government and on the periphery that seem to have formed a shadow government working against our elected officials. Maha Rushie touched on this recently, and it makes one draw parallels to President Logan's secret cabal in "24." Art may indeed imitate reality and visa-versa.

"We Know What's Best For You"

Dick Meyer of CBSNews.com has an excellent editorial today over at Real Clear on the Democrats plan to take back the Congress and the Presidency. He even quotes Isaiah Berlin. I have to wonder how an astute thinker got a job at C-BS. I guess a broken clock can be right twice a day.


Big Government, Not Big Oil

With gas prices around three-bucks, the Democrats and some Republicans (i.e. election-year cowards) are working themselves into a frenzy and promising investigations into "Big Oil." As usual, "Big Government" can't look in the mirror.

It's Snowing In D.C.

Fox News says it's official that Tony Snow is the new White House Press Secretary. I think this is a good pick. While I dream of Jack Bauer getting the job and kicking David Gregory's ass, I guess instead we can have Tony Snow kill the press corps with kindness.

Capital Idea...

...for Tony Blair, from Austin Bay.


"24" Down To The Nitty Gritty

Blogs4Bauer is CTU's secret weapon, Jack's silent partner in protecting America...and tonight, B4B has some nice analysis of 1-2am. Gotta watch that body count, though. Even if they are like the red-shirts from Star Trek, they still count.

I also see from the preview that Jack has to hijack the plane...a pretty gutsy move by the writers in this day and age.

Weep For Rolling Stone

Radioblogger has a transcript of Christopher Hitchens interview on the Hugh Hewitt Show in which he talked about Rolling Stones' hit-piece on President Bush. Good stuff.

Blair Staying Put

Good news out of the UK as Tony Blair appears determined to serve his full term, thus not leaving office until 2009. Gordon Brown, sit down...you're gonna have to earn the throne Commie-boy, not wait for it to be handed to you. Hopefully the Tories can get it together by then and we won't have to worry about that chump...but at least we can count on Bush/Blair through '09.


A Busy Sunday

Sorry for the lack of blogging today. It was hardly a day of rest as I had my parents in town and a few other responsibilities that made for a very long day. More tomorrow when I can.


New Orleans Doesn't Care, Why Should I?

Ray Nagin won the first round of a vote for New Orleans Mayor today. He will now move to a runoff with Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu. So now it's pretty much official, New Orleans likes things the way they are and isn't interested in changing.

From now on I don't want to hear any complaints about George W. Bush and the Federal Government's handling of Hurricane Katrina...none of it matters, the people of New Orleans don't care, why should I?

CIA Agent Fired For Leaks

So a CIA agent has been fired for leaking to the press. We find out that this agent in question was a Clinton appointee and a big supporter of Democratic campaigns including John Kerry's recent ill-fated run. What really struck me in all the stories is that the agent was appointed by Sandy Berger. I'm sorry, but anyone appointed by Sandy Berger, even if it's a janitor, should be fired and banned from holding any government position. Berger is a criminal that Bush stupidly set free as part of his even stupider "new tone" in Washington mantra. Bush, I think, has been a great president, but his unwillingness to use what political capital he had to get tough on his criminal enemies will be known as his greatest failure. And it doesn't stop in Washington...even in war, he lets thugs like al-Sadr go free on false promises of good behavior. From D.C. to Najaf, Bush proves that while he's a good president, he's no Simon Wiesenthal.

Sorry, went off on a bit of a tangent there.

MORE: Pamela a.k.a. "Atlas" takes it one step further.

EVEN MORE: Expose The Left has the rundown of campaign donations made by the agent and her husband.

Not Too Soon For United 93

I've never said this before...but Clarence Page has it right: it's not too soon for a movie about 9/11. If anything, it's not soon enough. I fully intend to vote with my dollars...the most powerful vote one can cast.


Tony Snow Would Be Good Choice

The more I think about it, the more I feel that Tony Snow would be a good choice for White House Press Secretary for one important reason: he's one of them (MSM). Yes, Snow is a conservative and works for the "evil" Fox News, but ultimately, he's a member of the fraternity of the Washington Press Corp and while he wouldn't be given a free pass, they'd be a lot less likely to be jackasses (see David Gregory) on a daily basis like they were with McClellan. Plus, Snow is a very affable fellow that, while a bit dull, comes off as very non-threatening to the general public.

Which European City Do You Belong In?

If I couldn't live in America, that is. For me...

You Belong in Amsterdam

A little old fashioned, a little modern - you're the best of both worlds. And so is Amsterdam.
Whether you want to be a squatter graffiti artist or a great novelist, Amsterdam has all that you want in Europe (in one small city).

(Hat tip: Ogre)

Newspapers Are Dead

With all due respect to my good friend Don Surber, newspapers are a dying medium. They won't completely disappear, but they'll never be what they once were. The evidence just keeps piling up.

Another Hardball Lie

Our man Seixon is rapidly becoming the bane of the Left-wing Blogosphere's existence. This time, he uncovers some crafty misquotes from Chris Matthews that served to put him back in the Kos Kidz good graces. Can you imagine what journalism would be like today if the MSM did as much research as Seixon?

Gas Prices, Approval Ratings And "24"

Interesting how President Bush's approval ratings seem to drop on pace with the steady rise in gas prices. Media reports like to play up Bush's recent slide is due to Rumsfeld or the war or some such, but ultimately people care not "if the trains are running on time" but whether gas is affordable. The argument itself is kind of silly as gas is still very affordable and it's not like anyone has stopped buying it, but it still ticks us off. In the television series "24", President Logan hatches a scheme to tape huge oil reserves in order to keep gas prices down so he doesn't have to face an angry public. For all the accusations Bush gets from the Left about the war in Iraq being about oil, you'd think it would be working out better for him. "Well," his critics reply, "he's making his oil buddies rich." If that were true, George W. would be the greatest "friend" that ever lived. Helping make others rich while he works away at a $400,000 a year job and is called the devil on a daily basis.

Maybe...just maybe, if we were allowed to drill for oil on our land we could get OPEC to bring the prices down. Perish the thought!

Don't Believe Everything You Read

Nancy Pelosi has a column today about President Hu's visit to Washington and points out China's woeful human rights record, our relationship with Taiwan and the trade deficit. This is a good opportunity to give a short clinic on editorial columns: On the surface she makes some good points, but we have to remember what perspective she's coming from.

Nancy Pelosi is a socialist from San Francisco. Here we have her analyzing a regime that was once the socialist's ideal in the days of Mao, but now it's in a state which Vaclav Havel has called "post-totalitarian," meaning it's shed much of dictatorial ways in the economic realm and become a capitalists machine, though it still holds on to its authoritarian posture when it comes to dissent and freedom of thought. Note Drudge's report today that when Hu was heckled, Chinese censors put the TV signals to black. Pelosi is not mad that China censors television or murders members of the Falun Gong, she's mad that they're embracing the only viable economic system on earth: capitalism. She can't come out and say this, of course, that's not the socialist way. You have to wrap it up in the guise of concern for your fellow man when it's really concern for your failed ideology that eats at your soul.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

...of Al Gore, that is. Jonah Goldberg has the scoop on the former Veep's renewed crusade to destroy the American economy and capitalism itself through the scare-tactic that is global warming. Here's the part that really gets me:

As Richard Lindzen, professor of meteorology at MIT, recently lamented in
the Wall Street Journal: "Scientists who dissent from the alarmism have seen
their grant funds disappear, their work derided and themselves libeled as
industry stooges, scientific hacks or worse. Consequently, lies about
change gain credence even when they fly in the face of the science."



Jack Bauer For Press Secretary

Tony Snow is a nice enough guy and I'm sure he'd do a great job as Bush's Press Secretary if he's chosen, but in today's political climate with the MSM shedding all pretense at fairness and objectivity, it's time for Jack Bauer to take control:

Tom Friedman Loses It

Tom Friedman's views on a nuclear Iran should raise the hackles of every freedom-loving person on the planet, especially those that care about Israel.

Door-To-Door Breasts Exams

Oh, man! You just have to the give this guy credit for actually having more guts than your average college frat-boy. Classic. (Hat tip: Drudge)

Time To Investigate The Generals

Fresh off yesterday's column that went off in Washington like a hand-grenade at the dinner table, Tony Blankley is back with part two, this time saying, enough talk...now it's time to investigate the generals behind the Rumsfeld attacks.

I looked at this story yesterday with interest, but also with a sense of resignation. Yes, I agree we should look into whether this is a coordinated effort, but the Bush administration has a dismal record when it comes to going after its enemies. However, when you throw John McCain in the mix, it gets pretty scary. He's standing in the wings talking about how he has no confidence in Rumsfeld...and his friends in the DNC/MSM are eating it up. I said in 2004 that the presidential election was one of the most important in our history and I was right. Now, it would seem, 2008 will even bigger. If McCain or any Democrat takes the presidency, we could be in serious danger as the war on terror will more than likely be abandoned and we may see a real-life version of President Logan from "24": no price too great for good poll numbers.


Mutiny In The Ranks

Tony Blankley lays out the case for the possibility of an organized mutiny from a group of still-active generals in the military against Donald Rumsfeld. Blankley (with the help of Richard Holbrooke) makes a compelling case, but if recent history is any guide, what's most likely to happen to generals that undertake such an endeavor is...nothing. The Bush Administration has a long record of letting it's enemies off the hook (Sandy Berger anyone?). Thus, a mutiny from generals would serve its purpose...keep the Democrats talking about Rumsfeld's ouster and hurt the war effort. I really wish someone in this administration would get tough.

UPDATE: Brit Hume proves General Zinni is a liar.


"24" Smothered In Oil

Nasty business, politics. President Logan just can't handle the public scrutiny when gasoline goes over three-bucks a gallon. George W. doesn't seem to be losing any sleep, and he's definitely not hatching crazy schemes to drill in ANWR. What's it all mean? It means that "24" never disappoints. I know, I know...it made me squirm too to find out it's all about oooiiiilllll...but like Rush says, it's just a TV show.

MSM Won't Embed With The Military

Expect to see some hoopla over this in the next few days: Donald Rumsfeld, speaking on the Rush Limbaugh Show today, said that not as many reporters are requesting to be embedded with troops in Iraq because they see that as siding with the enemy. Rumsfeld says it's a minority view among the press, but even if it's just a handful of reporters that feel this way, that's more than enough to skew the news.

"Sexual Harassment" At OSU

No, this story isn't from The Onion. It would seem that the administration and faculty of Ohio State University are chomping at the bit for a visit from David Horowitz. It's the only reason I can come up with for them charging a librarian with sexual harassment for recommending conservative books to students.

Reuters: Six Generals = Massive National Movement

It appears the objective journalists at Reuters are taking a page out of the book of Eric Cartman. Joe's Dartblog has the scoop.

Plame's Role No Secret

The evidence just keeps piling up that Joe Wilson is a lying sack. The New York Sun unearthed the latest.

UPDATE: Greetings Real Clear readers! Thanks for coming.

5 Years On In Sin City

It was 5 years ago today that I pulled up in a moving van to my apartment in Las Vegas after a trek across half the country. I don't know if it seems like five years or not, it's hard to say. A lot of changes for me and for the world in those five years, but I know for sure that I'm in the right place at the right time. Viva Las Vegas!


The Left Looks In The Mirror

Rick Moran over at Rightwing Nuthouse has a beautiful analysis of the recent piece by Joel Klein that sent Katrina vanden Heuvel into a tizzy.

Scotland Police Get It Right

In a surprise move, Scotland Police are the first law enforcement body to call for the legalization of drugs as a way of winning the drug war and fighting crime. USS Neverdock has the details.

Hollywood Hype Falls Flat

Roger L. Simon has a short story about how sometimes Hollywood's attempts to sell a celebrity just don't work.

The "Not Enough Troops" Myth

One of the rallying cries you hear from war critics and Colin Powell wanna-bees is "we didn't send enough troops into Iraq to get the job done." It may be true, it may be BS...I don't know for sure, but it's always seemed to me like a typical easy answer from the ignorant among us...very similar to "we're not spending enough money on education." Don Surber has some excellent analysis of a column written by former Pentagon insider Michael DeLong about the Rummy Way and some of the myths that have arisen during his tenure.

Time For A Flat Tax

As we "celebrate" tax day in America, Will Franklin reminds us how much simpler and better life would be with a flat tax. Russia has one for God's sake, why can't we?

Immigration Rally In Nevada

Our man Zaphriel held a pro-immigration rally in Northern Nevada this weekend...pro-legal immigration, that is. Check out the pictures from this gathering of great Americans.


UK Not Ready For A Strike On Iran

Drudge is headlining that Tony Blair has told George W. Bush that Britain can't take part in an Iranian strike. This doesn't necessarily mean Britain wouldn't support it, but that they don't feel they have the means to take part. There's a lot of variables here. Firstly, we have to look at the possibility that airstrikes might be enough to get the job done in Iran. Certainly the majority of the Iranian people would love to see the mullahs out and might be able to overthrow them through mass protests if the regime is badly injured. If it's just airstrikes, we can handle that alone. Why the Ayatollah is allowing his flunky president to egg us on is a bit of a mystery. Either Khomeni want us to attack or he can't control the scalliwag, both theories are hard to swallow.

I can't remember who it was...Hitchen or Friedman or somebody, who said an Iranian woman told him, "Can the American come into our country, kill all the mullahs, then immediately turn around and leave?" Believe me, I would love to see it. While it sounds outlandish, it actually could work. The Iranian people are some of the most well-educated in the Arab world. I suspect they could set up a new government much easier than the Iraqis, which despite what you read in the MSM, is going rather well under the circumstances. Hell, for us, things weren't completely settled until Washington finished his second term as president.

MORE: Streiff over at RedState disagrees on the airstrikes.

South Park Conservatives (i.e. Libertarians) In Europe

The boys from South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, will be getting together with the Reason Foundation in Amsterdam this August for a conference. I wonder if a discussion of Mohammed caricatures will be on the agenda?

I only wish I had the money to attend. You know what they call a Big Mac in Amsterdam, don't you?

Not Over In Italy?

News out of Rome says that the election for Prime Minister may not yet be over. Stefania has the scoop.

Left Adds Another Notch

A blogger named Bill Hobbs is the latest victim of the Left's campaign to exterminate all conservative thought in the Blogosphere. As you might expect, Bill Quick is not amused.

An Encounter With An Iraqi Officer

Courtesy Cuanas.


Abe Lincoln, Where Are You When We Need You?

The boys at RedState remind us that it was on this date that one of the greatest men that ever lived was taken from us by the hand of an insane actor (think Alec Baldwin with a moustache).

Bad Cop, Worse Cop

Mark Steyn's column on what's up with Iran is a long one, but it's worth it.


Clinton Helped The Mullahs

Like the naughty parts of a White House intern, the Iranian nuclear program has Bill Clinton's fingerprints all over it. Newsmax has the scoop.

Comedy Central Bans Free Speech

The Internet is buzzing over last night's episode of South Park which was partially censored by Comedy Central. Michelle Malkin has all the coverage.

The Pollster-Consultant Industrial Complex

Good stuff over at Austin Bay concerning television and the way presidential campaigns are run.


Ayatollah Sistani Taking Care Of Business

An utterly fascinating column from Austin Bay concerning the backroom dealings of Iraq's most prominent Shiite leader Ayatollah al-Sistani and how he has been able to keep Muqtada al-Sadr under control. Read the whole thing...it might just change your perspective on what's going on in Iraq. For a long time, I've had a very good feeling about Sistani...this confirms it.

Racism For Condi

Watermelon math? Hey, it's all good in Ted Kennedy's America.


Uncle Ted Over The Top

I've followed politics for a long time, and I've seen a lot of blatant efforts by politicians to buy votes, but the effort of Ted Kennedy to get votes for the Democratic Party by rallying ILLEGAL immigrants is like nothing I've ever seen. Those of you who claim to be moderates in the political center who are disgusted by corruption in politics...take a good look.

Berlusconi On The Way Out

There's a lot of celebrating on the Left that Bush has lost an allie in the war on terror. They would have been right had it been a year ago or more, but Italy has done all it can in Iraq and no matter who's PM, their troops will pull out by years end. Berlusconi has been the most effective PM in Italy since WWII and deserves a lot of praise for holding on as long as he did in one of the most messed up parliamentary systems in Europe. It's also interesting that Italy, like Germany seems to be split 50/50. It's not just an American trend. Now history awaits the event that will tip the balance.


"24" And The Right-Winged Red Herring

I didn't think about this until tonight, but I like how the writers of "24" made us all believe the right-winged Vice President was a bad guy and then revealed the spineless-jellyfish President to be the bad guy....or is that another red-herring?

France Is Dead

Via QandO.

Global Warming Stops In Its Tracks

More proof that most environmental studies should just be ignored.

Democrats Ready To Sell

At the illegal immigration rallies today, the Democrats were offering a pretty sweet deal. A nice catch by Wizbang...even got some play on Rush.

Colin Powell Right For Once

Colin Powell had this to say about the situation in Iraq:

"We made some serious mistakes in the immediate aftermath of the fall of
Baghdad," Powell told the National School Board Association's annual conference
in Chicago. "We didn't have enough troops on the ground. We didn't impose our
will. And as a result, an insurgency got started, and ... it got out of

I agree with Christopher Hitchens that Colin Powell is the most overrated human being on the planet (and he's doing what he can to hurt the administration), but he is right about one thing in this case: We didn't impose our will. After we toppled Saddam and the skirmishes in the Sunni triangle began, we had a chance to really wipe out all the troublemakers (i.e. al-Sadr), but we didn't want to look too overzealous and we let a lot of things go. Big mistake. I submit to you that we would have seen this kind of violence no matter what because al-Qaeda would have eventually sent their guys in...but we could have at least taken care of the locals thugs first.


Sharon To Be Declared Incapacitated

It's a terrible end for a man who lived such a life as Ariel Sharon, but few endings fit a Hollywood script.

Iraqis Continue To Fight Terrorism

While many in our country (and they know who they are) have given up on Iraq, the people whose opinions matter, the Iraqis, haven't given up fighting. A near MSM blackout on the subject, but Gateway Pundit is all over it.

Ann Coulter Aims For The Godless

The sexy siren of Conservatism is coming out with a new book just in time for Satan's favorite date: 06/06/06. I'm sure Coulter is reveling in it.

An Attack On Iran? Why Not?

Seymour Hersh is at it again with a story in the New Yorker citing "sources" that say the Bush Administration is planning a nuclear strike on Iran's nuclear arsenals. Geesh! I would hope so. If Bush isn't exploring every option, then he would be worthy of censure.

MORE: Michelle Malkin's take.

Jimmy Carter Vindicated

I can't believe I didn't think of this when I first read the story...a big hat tip to Don Surber for having the foresight to realize that with this story, for once in his sorry life, Jimmy Carter has been vindicated.

Fukuyama Caught

Francis Fukuyama says he doesn't understand what all the fuss is about over him changing his mind. It's not just that, but the fact that you're being disingenuous, Francis.


Good News From Germany

It's looking good for America in Germany as Angela Merkel is changing the mindset of the government towards the world's only superpower.


The Polls Are Wrong

The unemployment rate is down to 4.7%. People are feeling good about the economy, yet there are claims that Bush's popularity is down. If I said it once, I've said it a million times...polls are simply a reflection of media coverage.


Today's Headlines

A busy day for me, so thankfully I have Basil's headlines to get myself up to speed.

The Lame Plame Game

The boys at Powerline have some analysis on the latest news concerning the dumbest story of my generation.

The War Has Been Over For A Long Time

Expose The Left has video of Dick Durbin on the Senate floor saying the Iraq War has been longer than WWII. This is nonsense, but not for the simple mathematic reasons that should be obvious to any amateur student of history.

I take the view, granted a minority view, that the war in Iraq has been over since we took Baghdad. I'm not trying to be optimistic, but wars are ultimately about the acquisition of land. In 2003, we did just that in Iraq, we got all of it. What's happened since then is not in reality a war. You can call it whatever you like, but now we're on a peacekeeping mission and being attacked by pockets of terrorists who have no real ties to Iraq...they're merely hessians working for a cult.

It took a long time before the troops came home from Germany and Japan...hell, Doug MacArthur didn't get back until 1951. Get a grip, folks.


South Park Takes On The Prophet

More brilliance from the boys of South Park as they take on cowards in the media and the executive offices of Comedy Central. Oh, and they string it all together with our boy Mohammed. Good stuff.

NBC Feels NASCAR's Wrath

Hell of a week for NBC. They've lost Katie Couric to CBS and now they've managed to piss off NASCAR and its many, many, many, many fans. Well done, peacock.

Chavez Works To Destroy Free Press

Okay, so I'm a reporter at a big MSM outfit, either broadcasting or print and I see this story about how Hugo Chavez is working to systematically eliminate the free press in Venezuela and stifle any and all dissent against him. Wouldn't this be the perfect opportunity to call Cindy Sheehan, who is good friends with Chavez, and ask her what she thinks of the Venezuelan leader's actions in light of the fact that she is the queen of dissent in the United States?

Harry Reid Gets Tough On Illegal Immigration

Well, in 1993 anyway.

UPDATE: Backtracking.


The Red And The Blue: The War Rages On

Michelle Malkin has exposed Dateline NBC's plan to relive the glory days of blowing up a pickup-truck. This time they intend to search high and low for racists amidst the crowds of NASCAR. You gotta love it.

What Will Happen To Barry Bonds?

This is pretty big news. Vin Scully, the voice of the L.A. Dodgers for longer than anyone can count, says that he would just as soon Barry Bonds break the two home run records (Ruth and Aaron) against someone other than the Dodgers so he doesn't have to be making the call. He says it would be a rather "awkward moment."

Very true, and I think this is an important development for the game of baseball. Ultimately, the steroid issue is not going to come down to Bud Selig or the players union; it's going to come down to the fans. People are looking at each other asking the question, "when he breaks the record, then what? Should it count? Will we celebrate? Will we cry?" It's up to the fans that make the game possible. If the fan base is content with athletes juicing up, then fine; if not, then things gotta change. Now you have one of the patron saints of baseball saying he just isn't comfortable with the whole thing. Powerful words from a man with tremendous clout with the fans.


Tonight's "24"


Life Is Not Sweet, Without Dreams

The president of the Sorbonne, the famous French University, has some pretty harsh words for his country's youth. He'd better be careful with the rhetoric or we'll have to make him an honorary American.

Tom DeLay Quits

You have to give Ronnie Earle credit...he twisted every rule, but he finally got his white whale. Tom DeLay has announced he won't run for Congress in this year's election. He says he feels he can't win, but it seems more likely he's thinking he could be in legal trouble very soon as one member of his inner circle just pled guilty. We'll see.

LBJ Syndrome

Rush is right. The complaints that the movie "United 93" has come out too soon are no doubt mostly from people who don't want the country reminded of what was done to us. I call it the LBJ Syndrome. Like the former president who tried to cover up elements of the JFK assassination to avoid a "right-wing uprising," many in the media would rather not remind the citizenry that Bush is right. It is for this reason that the MSM networks won't show footage of the WTC Towers. It has nothing to do with grieving families.

Hans Bwix, Yur Bustin Mah Balls!

Call off the dogs! Hans Blix says Iran is years away from developing nuclear weapons, so everyone stand down...nothing to see here, move along.

He Dares Call It Quality

Paul Verhoeven, the director of the original "Basic Instinct" says the reason the sequel is bombing is because "anything that is erotic has been banned in the United States."


Ever heard of Desperate Housewives? How many folks out there who don't view pornography have still heard of Jenna Jameson?

You're an idiot, Paul. America is obsessed with sex. It's everywhere you look. Maybe the reason "erotic" movies are bombing at the box office is because they're terrible films...and maybe because it isn't really that shocking anymore in our sex-saturated culture.

Paul Verhoeven, by the way, is also the guy who directed "Showgirls." He dares call it quality. (Hat tip: Drudge)

Is Bush Popular?

I don't get it. President Bush has extremely low approval ratings according to all the major news outlets, yet he gets a standing ovation in Cincinnati when he throws out the first pitch of the MLB season. Could the polls be wrong? Perish the thought!

UPDATE: Video courtesy Expose The Left.


These Are Some Of My Favorite Things

Sex and power are two of the great obsessions of Man. Fortunately for Condoleezza Rice, she has the allure of both going for her...and the world is noticing.

Couric To CBS?

Drudge is reporting that a deal has been inked in principle for Katie Couric to become the anchor of the CBS Evening News. Now, I don't think much of Couric as a journalist, I admit, but I'm willing to give her every chance to succeed and turn the highly-damaged news organization around. That being said, I have to ask this question seriously: what is it about Couric that has the CBS brass so convinced that she is the one to turn things around? Is it that she's a woman? The ratings for the Today Show? Have they decided anything but stuffy old men, a la Bob Schieffer is the best solution? Seriously, I'm asking.

McCain's Schizophrenia Strikes Again

Senator McCain had been working hard to convince the Republican base that he was a Republican again these last couple of years. He's been a staunch defender of President Bush during the trials of the Iraq War and had many convinced he was back in the fold. Now, he seems ready to throw it all away by joining with Senator Kennedy to be on the wrong side of the illegal immigration debate. (Senator Kennedy, by the way, is the same guy that got us into this mess). What's his game? Get them all voting status and ride the MSM/Latin vote to the presidency? Who knows with this guy.


The Quiet Tyranny of Saddam Hussein

Let's get one thing straight: if anyone tries to say Iraqis were better off under Saddam Hussein in my presence, they're going to get an ear toss (i.e. tossed out right on their ear). Not only is it ridiculous, the numbers simply don't add up as the boys at QandO prove. But I guess it goes to show you...if you want to be a dictator who's popular with the media elite, carry out your mass killings quietly.

Che Alive And Well In America

For many years, I've snorted in laughter at all the people that wear Che Guevera shirts. Most don't know the first thing about him, it's just something they know is popular with the counter-culture. Some are a little more informed and see him as a Latin American hero. The truth is much more damning, as you discover he was not so much a communist, but a fascist that was a cold-blooded murderer of anyone who got in his way. Look up some history and see how he treated homosexuals and then let's see you put that shirt on. His goal was to bring tyranny to Latin America and, in his name, many have succeeded, i.e. Castro and Chavez. Now, his legacy is alive and well in America as a large section of the Latin American community seems to be declaring war on the United States. His image and his ideas are everywhere you look. So what happens now?

UPDATE: Our good friend Johnny Sac reminds us there is an alternative to Che attire at thoseshirts.com.

Pamela Anderson Will Never Be An Astronaut

Jack over at DiveDesk-Log explains why.

Chirac Shows What True Cowardice Is Made Of

One of the rules of life when dealing with a bully or any kind of threat: if you show weakness, it breeds contempt. After this display of cowardice from Jacques Chirac, I have little doubt that contempt is what the France's worst generation is feeling right now...not that they have any right to feel that way.