A Dream Realized

A fitting sendoff for the man who can easily be called the Japanese Ronald Reagan.

Never Again?

The gang at Hot Air take Vlogging to a whole new level with this post on the New York Times.


Today's Best Post

The award for Post of the Day goes to Protein Wisdom for this entry:

And speaking of stolen elections, Al Gore, appearing on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," strings together a series of self-serving observations and tendentious assertions so utterly absurd that--were they to wander off on their own and bump into the actual truth--would promptly find themselves getting bitchslapped like a band of hempstained Jamaican extras in a Steven Segal movie.


Buy Stock In Pfizer Now!

An excellent column on the Rush Limbaugh Viagra story from Judi McLeod at the Canada Free Press.

Conservatives One Short On High Court

Whether you agree with the SCOTUS decision on war crimes trials or not, it should be clear to even a 6-year old that the Conservatives are one justice short of a majority. The 5-3 ruling (Roberts abstained but would have made it 5-4) was right down ideological lines with Anthony "Swing Vote" Kennedy swinging to the Left. Need I say more?

UPDATE: Captain Ed says Congress needs to correct this mistake. I'm inclined to agree, but pessimistic they have the grapes to tackle the issue.

Between the NY Times and SCOTUS, this has been a bad week for our side in the War on Terror.

MORE: Oak Leaf over at Polipundit has been documenting some reaction from our troops overseas. It's not good.

It's funny: I went to bed last night totally unaware that we had signed a treaty with al-Qaeda.

STILL MORE: Andrew Cochran says while this is a horrible decision, it's also a political gift to Bush and the GOP. Let's hope they know how to use it.

Everything The MSM Says About The Economy Is A Lie

Last quarter: 5.6% growth.


Israeli Air Force Buzzes Over Assad's House


Limbaugh's Doctors Could Be In Trouble

See, this is what I thought:

Police and prosecutors are investigating whether Rush Limbaugh broke the
law by obtaining Viagra in someone else's name. But three experts on medical
practice said Tuesday that doctors could face disciplinary action for writing
third-party prescriptions.

"In theory at least, that physician would be in trouble," Grossman said.
Limbaugh was detained for more than three hours Monday at Palm Beach
International Airport after a customs officer checking bags found the pills in
his luggage.

Then there's this:

The conservative radio-show host, 55, who was returning in his private
plane from vacation in the Dominican Republic, was not arrested, and authorities
have not disclosed the doctors' names.

Why the hell not? They had no problem telling everyone Rush had Viagra in his suitcase.

Four Steps To Success

The Mighty Hitch has some advice for the anti-war types on how they can get back on the right (left?) track.

It's Black, It's White

Howard Dean puts on a clinic on how to convey mixed messages to an audience. (Hat tip: Drudge)


Hamas Screws Up Bad

I think it's pretty clear that Hamas has woefully overplayed its hand with the Israelis and may be paying a price within a matter of hours. However, I would implore Prime Minister Olmert to not half-ass this move on Gaza. Don't just go in, kill a few guys and break a bunch of stuff. If you're gonna go this route, take Hamas out...completely.

Viagra-gate Day Two

Well, if Rush is worried about his recent snafu with customs officials, he's putting up a brave front. He didn't go into the matter on his radio show today except to occasionally make jokes such as "how did I get Bob Dole's luggage?"; "I got it at the Clinton Library"; and my personal favorite, "I said I was worried about the upcoming election."

He could just be putting a brave face on things, but I suspect his attorney Roy Black has told him he's golden, but keep it on the D-L until we know for sure.

AP has this:

It is generally not illegal under Florida law for a physician to prescribe
medication in a third party's name if all parties are aware and the doctor
documents it correctly, said Mike Edmondson, a spokesman for the state attorney
in Palm Beach County. He would not discuss specifics in the Limbaugh case

The sheriff's office was continuing its investigation and would soon turn
the case over to prosecutors, Edmondson said. The alleged violation could be a
second-degree misdemeanor if Limbaugh's doctor doesn't confirm the

Which seems unlikely. I suspected when I was reading up on this last night that the whole case would hinge on his doctors and their actions. The chances are pretty good that this will be much ado about nothing and Rush will be in the clear. In the meantime, he gets to have fun with his new reputation as a sex bomb.

UPDATE: Check out this unbelievably banal editorial from the Palm Beach Post. I'm telling you Rush, get out of Florida!

MORE: Neal Boortz agrees with me about a Florida conspiracy.


Rush Limbaugh Had Pills Before He Didn't Have Pills

Well, something is going on with Rush Limbaugh and customs agents in Florida. A report from the CBS station in West Palm beach said customs agents found "possible illegal prescription drugs, including viagra" in his belongings when his flight got back from the Dominican Republic. Now, Drudge is reporting that this wasn't true.

I really hope it isn't true and that Rush is in the clear. The Conservative movement needs him. He is by far its MVP. However, regardless of how this plays out, I'm starting to think it would behoove the radio host to get out of Florida, or at least West Palm Beach, taxes be damned. The fact that this happened in West Palm Beach just set off alarm bells in my head. Yes, that's where he lives, but still, I'm suspicious.

UPDATE: Limbaugh's attorney Roy Black releases a statement clearing up the matter. Meanwhile, I repeat my advice to Rush...get out of Florida.

UPDATE: The MSM is piling on, as expected. CNN's headline: "Limbaugh's latest drug run-in: Viagra." His latest...like he's Pete Doherty. Also, Google is running his mugshot from a few months ago like it's going out of style. Of course, according to Bill Keller at the New York Times, I'm just drawing more attention to the story by talking about it.

Rush may be in trouble, I don't know the law or the terms of his probation, but it seems damned odd to me that prescription drugs without your name is a problem, especially when my doctor gives me free samples on occasion. If I got pulled over on the way home would I be in trouble?

What Rush should've done when he arrived at the airport was say he was an illegal alien...then he could've gotten away without incident.

Bush Fit To Be Tied

I can safely say that I've never seen President Bush as mad as he seems in this video talking about the New York Times SWIFT story. I don't surprise easily, but this really blew me away.

Meanwhile, the gang at National Review says pull the credentials.

T.R. Overload

Jonah Goldberg says enough of the T.R. worship already. I'm inclined to agree.

War Crime Uncovered In Vietnam!

Someone call Jack Murtha, they've uncovered a war crime in Vietnam! A mass grave of communist soldiers was just found and some of the bodies had nails embedded in their skulls! I knew it! It must have been those bastard American soldiers! Criminals! All of them!

Tony Snow A Welcome Addition

RedState has some good analysis that shows Tony Snow is doing a terrific job as White House Press Secretary.

Bill Keller For The Defense

Michelle Malkin has an exhaustive wrap of the responses in the Blogosphere to Bill Keller's incredibly pedestrian column responding to the criticism of the publication of the terrorists' financial tracking story.

UPDATE: Bush calls NY Times 'disgraceful.'


Big "Changes" At MSNBC

With a new management team at MSNBC there's talk of changes in the air. The New York Times (what better paper to report on this story) has a article about the future of the cable news network that has these mind-boggling paragraphs:

Two of the channel's hosts, Chris Matthews of "Hardball" and Keith Olbermann of "Countdown," clearly will not be affected, because MSNBC's managers consistently cite those programs as long-sought breakthroughs.

"We've just got to build on those two shows," Mr. Griffin said, sitting beside Mr. Abrams in the conference room at MSNBC. "It's critical. We have to capitalize on their success."

To quote Will Ferrell in that mediocre comedy Zoolander: "I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!" What in God's name are these people talking about? Success??!! Have you seen the ratings for Olbermann and Matthews lately? Yes, they've made some strides in certain demographics, but one swallow doesn't make a summer, geniuses!

In short, it appears nothing is going to change at MSNBC. Roger Ailes sleeps like a baby tonight.

King's Had It With The Times II

Hot Air has video of Peter King on Fox News Sunday with Arlen Specter. As usual, Arlen shows why he's the Arch-Duke of the political moderates, while King is ready to storm the gates of the Old Grey Lady.

Okay, let's look at this calmly. The U.S. Supreme Court determined in the Pentagon Papers case that the government cannot issue a prior restraint on the press unless there is a "clear and present" danger and it is the government's burden to prove such a state of affairs. The cliche example has always been "such as publishing troops movements in a time of war." So this raises the question of whether this works with the war on terrorism when you're not fighting a government and an organized army, but a weak coalition of militias all over the world. In the case we're talking about, the New York Times published details of a government program that is able to track terrorists via financial records. Does word of this getting out qualify as a "clear and present danger?" There are good arguments to be made on both sides and ultimately, it would depend on the Supreme Court to finish the job. It's a much different court since the days of Hugo Black, but it seems unlikely it will ever come to that. The cats out of the bag and Bush never goes after his enemies.

There is another way to look at this however. Forget the argument of clear and present danger, but look at it from the point of whether it is indeed a matter of the public interest or not. Does the so-called public interest in knowing about this program outweigh the public interest of being protected and seeing terrorism defeated. This is a question for the New York Times, and they made their decision. But those of us who follow politics like groupies know that the decision wasn't based on altruistic beliefs, but was based on who resides in the White House.

The Paper Of Sedition

The Blogosphere is reacting harshly to the New York Times latest foray into "the public interest." The boys at ThePeoplesCube.com have created the most popular graphic on the subject. (Hat tip: Divedesk)

King's Had It With The Times

New York Congressman Peter King is the guy I call "Schizophrenic Man." Some days he's a good Conservative Republican fighting for pro-business, pro-security, pro-America ideals...and other days he's your typical Northeastern Rockefeller Republican working to keep the GOP from accomplishing too much. Well, today he seems to be the former as he's thrown down the gauntlet at the feet of the New York Times and asked the Bush Justice Department to bring the paper up on charges of treason. Amen, Peter.

MORE: And speaking of treasonous activity...


Saddam Takes A New Approach

Fresh off his one-meal hunger strike, Saddam Hussein is apparently going to take a new approach in his defense and plead insanity. At least that's what it sounds like.


That's My President!

One year after the dreadful Kelo decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, President Bush issues the following Executive Order: "Protecting the Property Rights of the American People". (Hat tip: Drudge)

Kathryn Jean Lopez at the NRO Corner puts it best: "On the Kelo Anniversary, a Reminder of Why Elections Matter."

Kyoto Working Like A Charm

Guess how Europe is keeping up with the Kyoto Protocol?

What The Hell?

St. Petersburg Times runs Onion-like story on Karl Rove. (Hat tip: Instapundit)


Hunger Strike Ends Before It Starts

Wow, he really showed us, didn't he? Saddam Hussein's "hunger strike" (I put that in quotes on purpose) lasted all of one meal...lunch. Hell, I've skipped lunch thousands of times...I didn't realize I could have been squawking about a hunger strike when I did. Free Tibet!!

The Media's War Against Victory

Jack Kelly has an excellent piece today over at Real Clear on how we're losing the propaganda war in Iraq. You can learn more in this short column than you could attending a year of college.


The Babes Of Revolution

Say what you will about the game of soccer...it offers plenty of eye-candy.

Why I Hate Chuck Hagel

Chuck Hagel once again proves why he's the worst Republican Senator in the nation. His comments on the Iraq debate:

"The American people want to see serious debate about serious issues from serious leaders," Hagel said. "It should be taken more seriously than to simply retreat into focus-group-tested buzzwords and phrases like 'cut and run.' "

What should we call it, you walking lobotomy? How about unconditional surrender? Focus group that you McCain wannabe piece of crap!

Terror Cell Busted In Miami

There are reports that the plan was to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago. Yes folks, the War on Terror continues.

MORE: ABC seems to have kicked butt on this story.

Why We Must Stay In Iraq

The boys at Frontpagemag put the Santorum document in perspective:

Yesterday's announcement by Santorum and Hoekstra is but the most specific
documentation of "An Inconvenient Truth": Saddam did not destroy his weapons
stockpiles, the UN inspectors were indeed inept, and the weapons may yet
fall into the hands of terrorists if American troops are prematurely withdrawn
from Iraq, as Messrs. Murtha and Kerry long to do.

MORE: Page A10 in the Washington Post....A-freakin'-10!

EVEN MORE: Nothing in the New York Times.

STILL MORE: Protecting our "allies"? Oy!

LOT'S MORE: These are the WMD's you're looking for. Move along, move along.

YET MORE: Gateway Pundit reminds the critics they should read the Iraq War Resolution.


Looking For A Status Quo Election

If I were a gambling man (thankfully, living in Vegas, I'm not) I would bet that the elections this fall will be pretty uneventful. The GOP will hold onto both houses...they might lose a seat or two and there will definitely be some trade-offs in the Senate. Victor Davis Hanson and George Will seem to agree.

An Embarrassment And A Crook

It turns out there is so much more to Jack Murtha than meets the MSM eye. Bob Novak and Reliapundit are on the case. I'm starting to think that "Okinawa" may turn out to be his "Waterloo." He is an absolute embarrassment.

REPORT: WMD's Found In Iraq

Pajamas Media has the story.

MORE: The good Captain is keeping tabs on the situation.

UPDATE: Well, from what I can tell this is one of those stories that has something for everybody. Us pro-war types can point to it and say, "see there were WMD's!" (not that we really have to prove it), while the anti-war types can say "Is that all there is? Big wup!" However, God knows what else Negroponte has hidden in his archives.

You can easily tell how much the MSM doesn't want this story to sprout legs. The silence is downright deafening. Austin Bay has some pretty good coverage on the whole thing.

Rack Up Another One

CENTCOM confirms they have captured a second high-ranking al-Qaeda member. We sure seem to be getting a lot accomplished since Zarqawi's hideout was uncovered.

Kos And Kurtz

Hugh Hewitt has some analysis on why Kos is a deplorable human being and Howard Kurtz is a bit of a joke when it comes to hard-hitting interviews.

Lady Thatcher And The BBC

The Daily Telegraph has an excellent piece on how the BBC continues to trash the legacy of Margaret Thatcher even 16 years after she left office. Amazingly, if you read this column and substitute the name "Reagan" in the place of "Thatcher," it still holds true.


Two Years Of Pure Genius

Yes, it's the two year anniversary of Jim-Rose.com (or as it's more recently been known, The Libertarian Popinjay). I'm still a tiny speck in the vast universe that is the Blogosphere, but it's not about the numbers, it's about the quality (at least that's what us little guys tell ourselves).

All over the world, celebrities, world leaders (even dead ones apparently), and freedom lovers celebrate 2 years of genius.

The Balance That Is The United States' Presidency

Fan-freakin'-tastic! North Korea, jealous over all the attention the other two Evils in the proverbial axis have been getting is threatening to test a long-range nuclear missile. How were they allowed to possess such technology? Bill Clinton. Just one of laundry list of blunders that make up his pathetic legacy.

Fortunately, we had for 8 years in the 1980's a man that was considered by the liberal elites to be nothing short of insane for wanting to develop a protective shield over the United States. For the first time in history, Reagan's dream has been activated. Like the official said, "It's good to be ready."

It's really amazing how cyclical things are with the presidency. Carter gave us the mess that is Iran, Bush is working to fix it. Clinton gave us the mess that is North Korea, Reagan (even in death) is working to fix it. So what's it going to be in 2008 America? Gonna elect Hillary or Gore or Kerry so the next Republican president has plenty to do?


"It's Good To Be Ready."



I Can't Wait!

Drudge is reporting that IBM will announce tomorrow they've created a silicon-based microchip that is 250-times faster than chips used now. They say it's possible it could be available in the marketplace within 12 to 24 months. Just think...if I had that chip I'd be retired by now.

The Dan Shown The Door

Looks like CBS will announce tomorrow that Dan Rather is leaving CBS News to "pursue other opportunities." What's so fascinating about the whole thing is that no one, no one in the CBS brass will ever admit the reason he's been booted. It reminds me of pro-wrestling, how for years everyone knew it was fake, but it was forbidden for any pro-wrestler to actually state the fact on the record.

Dan Rather has been pushed out of CBS News because he tried to take down the President with fake documents and he got caught, thus in turn ruining the reputation of CBS News. He represents the extreme wing of what is a very biased news media. Media bias is the worst kept secret in the country, but those that practice it (the hardcore MSMer's) will never speak its name.

Now That's Good Television

Connie, we hardly knew ye!


Sunday Funny

John Murtha is at it again.

UPDATE: And here we have a not-so-funny statement by Murtha where he calls both Reagan's and Clinton's biggest mistakes examples of great leadership. If I ever meet this man, it's not going to be pretty. (Word to the wise, Jackie boy...don't ever speak Reagan's name...you're not worthy.)


Target: Lieberman

Don Surber has a very interesting take on why Democrats are targeting Joe Lieberman in Connecticut.

Princeton Joins The Opposition

From the Simpsons episode, "Brothers From Another Series":

Sideshow Bob: "What about those 4 years you spent at clown college?"

Cecil: "I will not hear you speak of Princeton that way!"

What's The Ultimate Goal

Our good friend Reliapundit points out that there should be an ultimate goal for Iraq from both sides of the political spectrum: An Iraq that succeeds in becoming a peaceful democracy. He aptly points out that used to be the way for the Democrats:

People who REALLY support human rights for ALL humans - as Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, Eleanor Roosevelt and JFK did - should be whole-heartedly supporting Bush and the US military's efforts in Iraq and the Iraqi's constitutionally elected democratic unity government.

I think Watergate was really the turning point for the nation. Nixon did more damage that a lot of people realize. Add that to the rise of the McGovern Democrats and you had the likes of Ron Dellums coming to Washington. From then on you had a political party that always put party first, America second, if that. Whatever Reagan wanted, they wanted the opposite, results didn't matter. After 11 years as the minority in Congress, nothing has changed. The Democrats would be all for things succeeding in Iraq if Al Gore or John Kerry had been president. You always hear them say hurriedly during one of their rants, "yes, yes, Saddam is a very bad man; yes, suicide bombs are terrible...BUT..."

We used to have what was called the "loyal opposition." You can disagree with the direction the country is going, but that doesn't mean you work against it. That doesn't mean that you try to harm the country and what it stands for...unless, like Ron Dellums, that's your MO.

Nowhere To Go But Up

It looks like India is already doing some behind the scenes campaigning for a new Secretary General of the U.N. After signing an historic agreement with the U.S., the nation of over a billion people seems to be ready to become a major player in world affairs. I don't know much about this guy that they're nominating, but after Annan there's nowhere to go but up. An argument could be made that Saddam Hussein would be better in the post. Ask yourself, how many people died under Annan's watch compared to Saddam? (Hint: start with Rwanda)


Rather Out At CBS

I guess I'm just too much of a softy, but I actually feel a little sorry for Dan Rather. I always hate to see someone who's had a long career pushed out the door when they don't know it's time to leave. It happens a lot with coaches, and occasionally with newsmen. Rather always was biased to the Left, but he did himself in when he went after George W...his white whale. At the end of Rathergate, he seemed like his old arch-enemy, Richard Nixon. Now, he'll fade away into obscurity, and one day he'll pass on and at the end of the newscast the anchor will report it by saying, "And finally tonight..."


John Bolton Doing The Vlog Thang

Atlas Shrugs caught up with her "boyfriend" John Bolton at the U.N. as he wrestles with angels, i.e. fights a no-win battle to reform the corrupt organization. If anyone can do it, it's Bolton.

10,000 And Counting

Well, it took nearly two years, but I finally reached 10,000 unique visits. It shows I'm still a very small part of the Blogosphere, but I'm on my way...slowly climbing the ladder.

Quote Of The Day

It appears that a "treasure trove" of information on al-Qaeda was found in Zarqawi's house and it's making the Iraqi government incredibly optimistic that they can crush the terrorist organization. That's a pretty bold claim, but I'm their enthusiasm is quite possibly the best news to come out of Iraq in two years. Things are really looking good, folks. Iraq's National Security Adviser, Mouwafak al-Rubaie was asked if he was sure the information they uncovered was authentic. This led to the quote of the day, if not the year:

"There is nothing more authentic than finding a thumbdrive in his (Zarqawi's) pocket."

Kick. Ass.


Why Fox News Is Winning

Expose The Left has video of Paul Hackett's interview on the O'Reilly Factor. Hackett, you'll remember, served in Iraq, came back as a war critic and ran unsuccessfully for Congress in Ohio. While he had a lot of criticism for Jack Murtha serving as judge and jury for the Marines at Haditha, he was asked by O'Reilly twice if he wanted America to win in Iraq. Twice he hesitated. That's a story in itself, but what I really took away from it was the fact that O'Reilly pointed this out to Hackett and, in turn, us. This is why Fox News has the best ratings. I can say without a shred of doubt that you would not see anyone on CNN, MS/NBC, ABC or CBS point that out. It was like that for years and years...until Fox News came along.

Alien In A Duck's Stomach

What the hell?

Spanish Protest Against Terrorism

I totally missed this the other day, but it's hardly a surprise. I don't have a lot of time these days to do a total sweep of the Blogosphere and the MSM, of course, buried the story. A Million...that's million with an M, turned out in Spain to protest the Leftist governments willingness to negotiate with the terrorist group, ETA. Proof positive that not all Spaniards are appeasers. But as with most stories like this...it's a secret.

Iran To Release Report On U.S. Human Rights Abuses

You almost have to admire them for their unmitigated gall.

Canada Moving To The Right

Caught this on Drudge this morning...some Canadian scientists are voicing their disgust at Al Gore new environmental film saying it's based on junk science. This paragraph, however, really caught my attention:

In April sixty of the world's leading experts in the field asked Prime Minister Harper to order a thorough public review of the science of climate change, something that has never happened in Canada. Considering what's at stake - either the end of civilization, if you believe Gore, or a waste of billions of dollars, if you believe his opponents - it seems like a reasonable request.

So the Canadian scientific community is saying, wait a minute, this is getting out of hand...let's review. For once, it's time for America to follow Canada's lead.


Danish Economy Roars Back

Danish exports to the U.S. have increased by 17% thanks to freedom loving Americans who rallied to support the European country after some fascist tyrants tried to tear it apart. The Might Hitch via The Emperor has the details.

Assertions v. Truth

A nice piece by Lorie Byrd in the Examiner on the subject of truth being lost in our language and our culture.

Bush Visits Iraq

Things are slowly coming together in Iraq. The new Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki seems to be a man of honor and dedication. He now has a full cabinet and has announced that 75,000 security forces will be deployed in Baghdad tomorrow to restore order in the city. Zarqawi is dead, as are 40% of those recruited by Osama bin Laden since 9/11. Things are going well, and I would suspect that we'll be seeing some troops coming home by years end. Cheers to all of us who never have lost and never will lose faith in the mission.

UPDATE: Don Surber has some powerful analysis.

Fitzmas? Try Fizzlemas

Lot's of analysis out there concerning the news that, surprise! Karl Rove will not be indicted for any crimes related to the Plame Affair, but I think the good Captain says it best.

The dumbest story of my generation is, well, fizzling out. Thank God.


Out Of Their League

It couldn't have gone much worse for the U.S. team in World Cup Soccer. They were defeated today by the Czech Republic 3-0 which is a rout in soccer...and from everything I've read, it wasn't even that close. Chins up. Now it's on to a game with Italy and an effort to at least finish with some respectability.

A Real Civil War

You hear all this talk from the anti-American types like Jack Murtha and Ted Kennedy about a civil war in Iraq when the real civil war in the Middle East is going on in the Palestinian territories.

Why Cats Aren't Marxists

One thing is true of our feline friends: they believe in the ownership of private property. A classic example in the news today as Jack, a 15 pound orange tabby in New Jersey (seen in the lower portion of the photo - the tiny orange spot), chased a bear up a tree not once, but twice. The bear had the audacity to invade Jack's yard and despite the size difference, Jack would have none of it.


America And The World Cup

I'm not a big soccer fan, but I do like the way the World Cup gets the whole planet into a tizzy. I also got pretty excited during the last World Cup when the U.S. team was looking pretty good for a while and Europe was horrified at the thought of us winning it when we don't even like the sport. That would be sweet.

Well, tomorrow we get the first shot with our match against the Czech Republic (my homeland). Hopefully, we can make some noise. I see Iran is a little shell-shocked from their drubbing at the hands of Mexico. Heh.

MORE: It doesn't please me that Iran's team lost because I think most of the people that follow the team in Iran are on the side of peace and justice, but at least their lil' Hitler won't be able to brag about the team. The fans in Munich were there to fly the old Iranian flag and sing the old Iranian anthem, both from the days of the Shah. Very interesting. Also, as Regime Change Iran shows us, there are a lot of hot chicks in Iran.

Why I Like The Hitch

There are many reasons I like Christopher Hitchens, most of which are obvious to even a casual reader of his works and my website, but this recent story and interview with him really hits home some of the more religious elements in which I find common ground with the man of letters:

I'm not a relativist. Most of the little boys and girls with whom I was taught in school aren't even agnostic or atheist; they're just totally indifferent toward religion. That's why I almost wish they would restore compulsory prayer in schools. It's the only thing, as in Europe, that leads to the mass production of atheism.

I think philosophy begins where religion ends. As with the discussion about Darwin, how are you going to teach it if you don't know what the other side is? I know the King James Bible pretty well. It's a fantastic document. I could not imagine my life without it. You couldn't read Paradise Lost. You couldn't read William Blake. Knowing about it is absolutely vital to me.

I get annoyed with arguments over whether they should teach creationism or evolution in the schools. The answer is simple: BOTH!

Laying Low With Leopard Prints

Turns out Zarqawi had a taste for women of ill-repute (or maybe he liked to wear the panties!). Ah, those hypocritical fundamentalists. I know of it all too well as I live in the town where the 9/11 highjackers hung out in the days before the attacks taking in the delights of our various "Gentlemens' Clubs."

"Gonna Earmark The S--t Out Of It"

At least one Democrat is making it clear what putting them back into the majority in Congress will mean.


History Repeating

I have a friend who doesn't have cable television. His reasoning is not because he thinks there's a bunch of crap on TV, but in fact, there's so much good stuff on TV that he'd spent too much time watching it.

It's true. Despite the garbage on E! and MTV et al, there is a ton of excellent stuff on cable or satellite television. I stumbled on a prime example this afternoon on History International. They produced a documentary that seems tailor-made to answer critics of the Iraq War. Called "Nazi Guerrillas" it's about the group of underground, die-hard Nazis that terrorized the occupation forces in Germany after the fall of Berlin. This is the stuff you don't learn in school, especially in our pathetic public schools. The documentary knows its place in the current culture as it begins by showing footage of the war in Iraq with the narrator saying:

"Bomb attacks on America forces, suspected collaborators murdered, the struggle to root out former party members. These stories may seem ripped from today's headlines, but they're not. This is Germany in the months and years following World War II."

All the answers lie in history, you just have to take the time to look into it. Cheers to the History International channel!

You Just Have To Laugh

Our favorite internet comedian, Scott Ott has a report on the Democratic Party response to the death of al-Zarqawi. The highlight:

Rep. John Murtha, D-PA, a former Marine and vocal critic of the military occupation of Iraq, immediately denounced "the Zarqawi massacre" and suggested that the F-16 pilot who dropped the bombs had snapped under pressure and murdered the al Qaeda leader "in cold blood."

It's hard to believe this is actually a parody.

Let The Good Times Roll

Atlas Shrugs is loaded with good news today. First, the military is meeting it's recruiting goals (the same can't be said for al-Qaeda) and then we had a few terrorists off themselves. Let the good times roll.

A Fitting End

Moonbattery has a sneak peak at what awaits al-Zarqawi in the afterlife. (Hat tip: Sugiero)


Whoo Hoo!

The gang at Hot Air continues to impress me with their daily film clips. Today, they pretty much set the watermark:

I've Found My Doppleganger

I'm starting to think Reliapundit and I share a brain. Today I was listening to the news on the radio and they talked about the latest "trade deficit" numbers. I thought to myself, wait a minute, there's no such thing as a trade deficit...a trade is a trade. Sure enough, the Astute one had the same thoughts.

Why, Indeed

I think Rush Limbaugh has really hit the nail on the head with his latest invention. Not long ago, he created the term Driveby Media, mocking those in the MSM who hit us with bad (opinionated) news like bullets from a driveby shooting.

Today, after suffering through a Kos-like caller, he came up with a new slogan for the Democratic Party: Why Not The Worst? Vote Democrat!

And there are already signs that the Democrats are going to follow this mantra as John Murtha declares his intention to run for House Majority Leader.

The Best Man For The Job

Roger L. Simon has the perfect man to take over for Kofi Annan at the U.N. (Hat tip: Instapundit)

You Know...

...it's really hard to blog when Blogger is down all the time!


One More Time

Yes, once again I've changed the look of the website. Ultimately, I'll never be happy with it, so I'll just keep trying until I get it right. Thank you for your patience.

The Democratic Party: They're Working On It

Much like Simon and Garfunkel struggled with finishing their work in progress: "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and...", the Democratic Party is having a little trouble finishing their 6-point plan for '06...and unlike Simon and Garfunkel, their song remains the same.


More Unrest In Iran

While everyone is in a tizzy over the latest offer from the U.S. and Europe to the Mullahs of Iran, the best kept secret in the MSM is the protests that have been going on for days. Even former President Rafsanjani is feeling the heat.

But don't tell anyone...it's a secret.

Let's Make A Deal

We're getting word that Bush has offered nuclear technology to Iran in exchange for them stopping the uranium enrichment. Some think this is genuine, but I think it's simply a sweetheart deal that we know the Iranians will pass up, thus giving us the upper hand of "doing everything we could" before finally striking. At least, I hope that's the plan.

William Weld Drops Out

A crying shame as another Libertarian is tossed aside. Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld has dropped out of the race for Governor of New York as the Republican Party feels it would be best to let John Faso run in the primary unopposed. However, few think either one can defeat Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. I guess it's just as well...New York had a good 12 year run, but now it's time to get back to the good ol' days of gross mismanagement and even higher taxes. Everything as it should be in the Empire state.

The End Of Private Property

It's finally over in New London, Connecticut. Not a lot of press coverage (surprise!), but this is as big a story as anything going on in Iran. America's shame.


Ann Coulter's Weak Link

I like Ann Coulter. She's an attractive blonde with a conservative mind and a wit so sharp you could cut diamonds. Her books and columns are like a guilty pleasure for those on the Right as she says things sober that the rest of us would only say while drunk.

Tomorrow, her latest work comes out: Godless. She argues that Liberalism has become a religion, and a bad one at that. However, she takes Liberals to task for their belief in evolution, declaring Darwinism to be nonsense.

Sorry Ann, but that argument is absolute nonsense. I respect the right to practice various religions and they can make for better people (i.e., people that stay out of my way, for the most part), but we need to be rational adults here. There is enough evidence on the side of evolution to choke a horse (or whatever it was thousands of years ago!). Evidence, Ann. Evidence or Empiricism is the meat of most Conservative (or Libertarian) arguments: Capitalism, Law & Order, Peace Through Strength. These examples went from beliefs to facts by standing the test of time and proving their metal. Rush always says, "Conservatism works everytime it's tried." What does that statement mean? It means empirically, conservatism has proven it works...no blind faith required. Why give up on empiricism in the area of evolution?

This, gentle readers, is why I call myself a Libertarian.

The Kos Kidz Are Coming

Only 3 more days and my beautiful city will be invaded by the Kos Kidz. Little Green Footballs has a preview. Pray for us all.

The Kos Kidz Are Coming

No My Lai

The driveby media wants us to believe that Haditha is another My Lai. The Mighty Hitch is unimpressed.

Standard CYA Debunked

So the next time you go backpacking in Europe and someone asks you where you're from...are you still gonna "cover your ass" and say Canada?

The Importance Of Dissent

An excellent piece in the Denver Post this morning from David Harsanyi about Global Warming hysteria. (Hat tip: Drudge)


Inconvenient Empiricism

When you talk about the political polarization of our country, you needn't look further than global warming as a classic example. Our good friend A.C. points out that there are arguments to be made on both sides...let's just see some solid evidence. Historical footnote Al Gore wants people to believe that global warming is 99% man-made and can only be stopped by repealing capitalism. When he and his ilk offer up evidence, it's usually specious at best, but they're hoping to use the drive-by media tactic of spraying the public with misinformation bullets constantly hoping enough of them will penetrate their targets.

The Buck Stops Here

Peter Beinart of The New Republic wrote a column this week that is basically a synopsis of his book, "Why Liberals, And Only Liberals, Can Win The War On Terror And Make America Great Again." Beinart is one of the few liberals out there that conservatives respect. Like Christopher Hitchens, he has lamented the fact that his party has gone so far to the Left and become so rigid. However, Beinart is still a Liberal and it shows, painfully, in his recent work. Don Surber takes the young magazine editor to school.

The First Statement Is Usually The Truth

Bill Quick gives a short, simple analysis of Francine "You don't need papers for voting" Busby.


A 1,000 Word Slander

The U.K. Times goes out of its way to slander U.S. troops in Iraq with a photo of dead bodies killed by terrorists.

Chavez Overreaching?

The boys at RedState think Hugo Chavez may be overplaying his hand in Latin/South America. I'm pessimistic, but I sure hope they're right.

A Simple Mistake Ruins A Perfectly Good Saturday

I've been in a pretty good mood lately. I love my job, I love my life in general...things have been pretty good. But today, I decided to go to Barnes & Noble and put an end to my good mood streak. I went to the Current Affairs section and realized that they should just as well call it the Orwell Section. Everywhere you look are titles like How George Bush is Destroying America; Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O'Reilly; How The Media Are Bush's Lapdogs; Why America Is Worse Than Nazi Germany; et al. Sprinkled among the Marxist dogma are a few books by Mona Charon or Bill Sammon, but they are in the minority. The worst example however, was the book 101 People That Are Screwing America, a Leftist answer to Bernard Goldberg's book that has the exact same colors and lettering as his book, so the inattentive buyer might pick it up by mistake. I didn't touch it as I had left my rubber gloves in the car.

The bookstore used to be a place where I could get away, get some solitude and expand my mind a little bit. Now, it just ruins my day.

Score One For Canada

A big congratulations to Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for a big catch in the war on terrorism. Excellent work guys.


Putin's Moral Relativism

Vladimir Putin gets it wrong in this AP story:

As a sign of Russia's strategic opposition to terrorism, he said, "In some areas terrorists thought we would feed terrorism as the United States did in Afghanistan against the Soviets and as the Soviet Union did in Vietnam against the Americans." But he said, "Our relations are so mature that we are not rolling back" on the Russian partnership with the United States.

Putin said Russia was prepared to discuss domestic as well as foreign policy questions with the United States, including human rights in Russia. But noting criticism of the United States' own human rights record by Amnesty International, he suggested the U.S. was not in a position to preach to others.

"I would like to point out that we can talk as equals with the United States" on rights issues, Putin said.

Sorry Vlad, but you've got it wrong. Trying to play the moral equivalency game with us won't work. What we did in Afghanistan was try to keep your Soviet brethren from spreading death and destruction. What you tried to do in Vietnam was to spread death and destruction. You were the bad guys, we were the goodies. And while things have changed and, in some areas, "matured," we are not on equal footing...not until your maturation process comes to fruition.

Greenpeace Template Revealed!

An absolute classic from Philly.com:

The environmental activist group Greenpeace wanted to be prepared to
counter President Bush's visit last week to Pennsylvania to promote his nuclear
energy policy.

"This volatile and dangerous source of energy" is no answer to
the country's energy needs, shouted a Greenpeace fact sheet, decrying the
"threat" posed by the reactors Bush visited in Limerick.

But after that assertion, the Greenpeace authors were apparently stumped
while searching for the ideal menacing metaphor.

"In the twenty years since the Chernobyl tragedy, the world's worst nuclear accident, there have been nearly [FILL IN ALARMIST AND ARMAGEDDONIST FACTOID HERE]," the sheet said.

The Greenpeace spokesman who issued the memo, Steve Smith, told the Web
site that a colleague was making a joke in a draft that was then mistakenly

The final version did not mention Armageddon; instead it warned of
plane crashes and reactor meltdowns.

9/11 Is Officially History

Not only has everyone forgotten 9/11 and what it means for us as Americans, but now the economic factors caused by the tragedy seem to be history as well. Unemployment fell to 4.6% last month, the lowest since the summer of 2001. Yet, the economy will never be good to the MSM until Hillary is president, nor will there be any terrorists threat that wasn't created by Bush himself. God save us from short memories.