Castro's Recent Health Scare Worries MSM

I find it amusing that when news breaks that Fidel Castro has to undergo surgery and hand over power to his brother for a few hours, the media circles the wagons. While most of us hope and pray for a painful death on the operating table, the AP is quick to release a story titled, "Castro's Younger Brother More Radical".

The message: Cubans would be worse off if Fidel dies (not that they have it bad, Cuba is a paradise after all), so we should hope for his recovery. God help me, I hate the MSM.

UPDATE: Called it! Rush is making this very point on his show (8/1).

Movin' On Up

July proved to be the best month on record for The Libertarian Popinjay, mostly thanks to a link from Glenn Reynolds via Instapundit. As the day draws to a close, I'm just shy of 2200 visits. Yes, I'm still small potatoes in the Blogosphere, but to paraphrase Woody Allen: If my Blog makes just one more person miserable, I've done my job.

The Lunatic Fringe And John Dingell

A nice piece on the danger of the lunatic fringe that exist in the United States Congress. Power Line also has a link to an audio file of Michigan Democrat John Dingell stating for the record that he's not against Hezbollah at all...he doesn't take sides.

These people are dangerous.

U.N. To Continue Helping Hezbollah

I really shouldn't be surprised at anything that comes out of the U.N. anymore, but man! I still wonder sometimes how Kofi Annan gets away with this crap.

New Study Find That Sky Is Blue

Or put another way: New study finds that TV Networks have pounded Bush for five years. Via NewsBusters.

Club Gitmo "Nazis" Under Attack

The AP's John Solomon has just blown the lid off the media feeding-frenzy that is Club Gitmo. Turns out the guards at the Guantanamo Bay prison (known as Nazis to Dick Durbin) are actually attacked by the detainees on a daily basis...and in very disgusting ways. Don't expect to see the Senator from Illinois on the Senate Floor anytime soon.

Iran's Mullahs Getting Nervous

A new crackdown on the Student Movement in Iran this weekend.

John Bolton Gets The Moynihan Treatment

Scott Johnson of Power Line has an excellent column in the Weekly Standard about the similarities between the New York Times' war on John Bolton and its previous war on one of the last great Democrats, Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Moynihan was the kind of Democrat that is just about extinct today but is longed for by the likes of Peter Beinart. Rightfully so. He is truly missed. (Hat tip: Real Clear Politics)

Racial Epithets 101

Mitt Romney is under fire from black leaders for using the term "Tar Baby" to describe the sticky mess that is the Big Dig. Romney says he was unaware that Tar Baby, which means "a sticky mess" also doubles as a racial epithet.

I'm inclined to believe the governor, for it wasn't until a few years ago that I found out that the term "Cake Walk" also has a racial connotation. Apparently, in the age of burlesque (and slavery), black people would dance for cake, or so I'm told. Did you know that? I hear the term used all the time. Are these people racist?

It's time to take back the language.


There's Always Left-Wing Blogging

Aaron at Lifelike Pundits points out that if Mel Gibson's career in Hollywood is over, he could always get a gig blogging at Huffington Post.

Lipstick On A Pig

The MSM keeps shoving down our throat the fact that Hezbollah builds roads, gives babies milk, turns water into wine, etc. and are really just good guys who help their community. In the spirit of full disclosure, Dr. Shackleford has a rundown on the many charities and good causes championed by the Nazis during the Third Reich. Quite enlightening.

Bloggers With Guns

With all the bad craziness going on with Jeff Goldstein, Seixon and Rusty Shackleford, many of my favorite bloggers are looking to put the 2nd Amendment into practice. The Junk Yard Blog has some advice for their shopping spree.

Citizen Kane Redux

Via Drudge:

REPORT: A 25-year-old law student has bought the NEW YORK OBSERVER... MORE...

Jared Kushner, son of Charles Kushner, a once prominent but now disgraced New Jersey real estate developer, has bought the paper...

Kushner is independently wealthy, paid under $10 million for the salmon-colored sheet... Developing...

Hmmm...a rich, 25-year old buying a struggling newspaper? Could it be the second coming of Charles Foster Kane?

Israel Agrees To Let Hezbollah Catch Up

After a rocket attack on Qana, Lebanon killed several civilians, Israel has agreed to halt air-attacks for 48 hours to give the International community a chance to have a full-blown tizzy and let Hezbollah catch its breath. It would seem Kofi Annan and the rest of the terrorists world have finally found something they can latch onto to condemn Israel and help Hezbollah. However, there are a lot of questions surrounding this incident. The boys at Power Line are amazed at how quickly Hezbollah were able to get an anti-Condi Rice produced so quickly. Even Kinkos couldn't beat this timeline. Then there's the building collapse eight hours after the attack.

I do have to give Hezbollah credit though, they are working the media quite effectively, and with the useful idiots all over the world and the U.N., they're buying some time. Fortunately, it doesn't seem like Bush, Blair or Olmert are ready to give up just yet. I also take solace in the fact that there's much we don't know about Israel's successes. Here's hoping.

Farewell To The United Nations?

So sayeth Fjordman via The Brussels Journal. The U.N. is nothing more than a weapon for terrorists and thug regimes to fight off justice. Unfortunately, I don't see us ever doing anything of significance about it. (Hat tip: lgf)

Hezbollah Damned By Photographs

Are civilians in Lebanon being killed in the crossfire? Yes, certainly. It's a hard reality of war. Are all of the civilians killed really civilians? No. Not the way Hezbollah fights. We're not dealing with human beings here, we're dealing with pure evil. (Hat tip: Wizbang)

Waiting For The Day...

Ted Kennedy's recent editorial about how he was "misled" by Supreme Court Justices John Roberts and Samuel Alito shows us just how much better off our country is with these two Justices and how much better off the country will be when Kennedy leaves this world.

Rice Getting It Done

There are a lot of differing opinions on how Condi Rice is handling the Middle East situation, but I think she's doing a brilliant job. My reasons: First, she and the President are not giving in to calls for a fake cease-fire. I don't think there's another presidency in our history, Bush(41), Clinton, Carter, Nixon, Ford or even Reagan that would take this approach. The rule of the day at State has always been to find a way to stop the fighting even if that means more death and destruction for the good guys (some would say especially if that means more death and destruction for the good guys). Second, she's showing a lot of grace and guts by being willing to take the heat to get done what must be done, that being the destruction of Hezbollah. It's not usual for a SoS to go running back and forth to a region without a treaty in their pocket. Condi seems to be running all the inference needed to allow the Israelis to finish what essentially is our war.

Real diplomacy should be about lasting peace, not delaying what must be achieved for the sake of good press.

Encourage v. Discourage

McQ over at QandO has some fun handicapping the race to see who succeeds Kofi Annan at Enron, uh, I mean, the U.N.


Pro-Democracy = Anti-Muslim?

There's a sharp debate in New Zealand over a politicians comments about immigrants.

And out of the corner of my eye, George Orwell gives me a wink and a nod.

John Kerry's 15 Minutes Are Up

If John Kerry foolishly tries to run for president again (and I think he will), all anyone, Republican or Democrat, has to do is bring up his questioning of John Bolton on the subject of North Korea. It became a running joke in 2004 that Kerry was a flip-flopper, but he's taking it to a whole new level and in turn writing his own political obituary.

The U.N. Fights For Hezbollah

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the video of Hezbollah terrorists hitching a ride on a U.N. ambulance. Crazy stuff. Kofi Annan belongs in jail.

Big Trouble For Mel Gibson

I don't know how reliable any of these Hollywood sources are, but there are reports surfacing that Mel Gibson went on quite an anti-Semitic tirade during his arrest for DUI. Like I said, hard to tell how much is true and we haven't heard his side of the story yet, but if you've seen The Passion, the story becomes quite believable. (Hat tip: Drudge)

UPDATE: Mel Gibson has released a statement about the incident in which he says he has struggled with alcoholism for years and had a relapse. He also apologized for his behavior with the police, but the key line in the statements:

"I acted like a person completely out of control when I was arrested, and said things that I do not believe to be true and which are despicable. I am deeply ashamed of everything I said."

He doesn't specify what those statement were, i.e. whether he went off on the Jews, but it doesn't really matter. It's a part of pop culture now. It would seem he has some views hidden in the unconscious that come to the surface when he's inebriated. Time to take a look in the mirror, Mel.

MORE: Pamela at Atlas Shrugs rightly points out that Mel's lucky his tirade wasn't directed against Muslims or he'd be in real trouble.

EVEN MORE: Don Surber rightly points out that this kind of rhetoric can be heard on a daily basis from a sober Ramsey Clark.


Disproportionalism And The Prime Directive

Jeff Jarvis just nails it when talking about the nonsense of Israel's "disproportionate" response to Hezbollah. He throws in a nice Star Trek reference to boot.

Walter Cronkite's Roll In Creating Fox News

It's actually a larger role than you might think.

Sheehan Buys Land With Katrina Lie

Turns out the 5 acre plot of land next to the Bush Ranch in Crawford, Texas was purchased under false pretenses. Apparently a friend of Sheehan's bought the land from Bobby Ramsey by convincing him that he was a Katrina victim and looking to start life over. It was all a lie. He will now transfer ownership to Sheehan so that she may badger the President further.

Never in history has there been a mother who enjoyed the fruits of her son's death more than Cindy Sheehan. Now she exploits the Katrina tragedy for personal gain. There is no limit to her depravity.

Charade: An Excruciating Column

Slate's Fred Kaplan gives us one of the more pedestrian columns I've read in a while as he delves into the Bolton hearings in the Senate. It's Kaplan's view that despite all the back and forth between Democrats and Republicans and the whole Voinovich fiasco, Bolton is unqualified for the U.N. post for several reasons; mainly his views on International Law. He quotes Bolton from 1999:

"It's a big mistake for us to grant any validation to international law, even when it may seem in our short-term interests to do so—because, over the long term, the goal of those who think that international law really means anything are those who want to constrain the United States."

Well Fred, that's pretty much the gist of it. Every international law on the books has been sown from the seeds of hatred for the West (and Israel). Ever been to Belgium, Freddie? Ask Bush about International law there. Or ask Israel.

Where Kaplan's piece gets interesting is his kvetching over Bolton's answers to the root causes of terrorism:

It was Chafee who asked today's most pressing questions, and they concerned the most pressing issue—the expanding war between Israel and Hezbollah. Noting the Bush administration's position that a cease-fire shouldn't be imposed without a "sustained" peace that addresses the conflict's "root causes," Chafee asked Bolton just what were those root causes.

Bolton muttered a few sentences about terrorism. Chafee, earnest in tone, interrupted: "Can't you go deeper? This isn't just terrorism. … You are not answering my questions. What are the root problems? What do we have to do to
get a permanent peace?" The administration talks about "shaping the Middle East"
as the goal of any new diplomacy, but what, he asked, would this new Middle East
look like?

Finally, Bolton answered. What the administration has in mind, he said, is a region where nations stop supporting terrorism, stop importing weapons from China and North Korea, and where Lebanon has security institutions that can function independently of outside influence.

They're all nice wishes, but does anyone believe that they can be fulfilled
soon? Bolton's words don't always reflect those of the administration (that's
one of the problems his critics cite), but are they in accord here? Do Bush and
his secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, believe there's no point in pressing for a cease-fire without these conditions?

Wow. You really don't see what's going on here, Fred? Let me explain. The answer to the question of a sustained peace is that we (the good guys) have to emerge victorious by defeating our enemy, not by holding a fake cease fire so they can rearm with bigger and better weapons for the next go-around. Bolton knows this...practically everyone knows this (except for Kaplan and Chafee). But Bolton is a diplomat who can't "go deeper" and say, "we'll have peace when Hezbollah is no more," even though it's the truth. Plain spoken as Bolton is, he can't lay it out that plainly. What he can do however, is work for the interests of a free society, chipping away, little by little, at the corruption and terror that has a stranglehold on an organization that once had great promise. Some people at the U.N. don't like him? Good! What kind of job would he be doing if Iran, Syria, Russia, France and North Korea all loved him to death? Oh, that's right, I'm sorry, there are no good guys or bad guys...it's all about your perspective.

Wouldn't it be amazing and wonderful if men like Kaplan cared as much about corruption at the U.N. as they did about corruption at Enron? (Hat tip: RealClear)

MORE: Speaking of "cease fires" and the like, Victor Davis Hanson has some MSM definitions to help you follow along.

UPDATE: How strange...Hezbollah doesn't seem to be following international law.

Oh, Snap! Bolton Burns Kerry

You gotta love it.

UPDATE: Welcome Gateway Pundit readers. Stop and stay awhile...

No Fake Peace

This is why I voted for George W. Bush.

Fake But Accurate Continues

Dan Rather may have lost his job, but he changed journalism forever. Despite his frustration, you have to wonder if stories like this one make him sit back and smile.


Ned Lamont Gets A Pass

There was a time when the New York Times was on a mission to destroy country clubs that discriminated against non-whites. In fact, they ran enough stories on the subject to choke a horse.

Not in the case of Ned Lamont, however.

The U.N. Lied, People Died

Via The Jawa Report.


Mirror Images In Lebanon

Kofi Annan is furious with Israel for hitting some U.N. outposts in Lebanon, but the evidence is piling up that there isn't much difference between the U.N. and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Your tax dollars at work, folks!

Tomorrow, John Bolton goes before a Senate Committee to determine if he may continue as U.N. Ambassador. Watch these proceedings closely. It will be interesting to see who sides with the most corrupt organization on the planet.

MORE: Canada's Prime Minister isn't falling for Kofi's antics. Finally some common sense thinking from the government up north.

Code Pink Supports Terrorists

After the display we saw today, where the leader of Code Pink, Medea Benjamin, heckled the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iraq at a speech to the U.S. Congress with such lines as "bring the troops home" and "listen to the Iraqi people," can we finally, at long last, face the fact that Code Pink and ANSWER and Cindy Sheehan and Ramsey Clark and all the rest are NOT anti-war, but pro-Saddam, pro-Baathists and pro-terrorists? Can we please finally stop playing the game where we pretend that Cindy Sheehan still deserves any sympathy for the death of her son? These "peace activists," these people that claim to fight for the victims of oppression should be lining up to congratulate PM Maliki for being able to break away from oppression. But it's all a lie. They support oppression, they support death and suffering. They are the enemy.

MORE: Not surprisingly, Maliki's appearance is about the only thing that can get the Democrats on Israel's side in the WOT.

Emile Lahoud: Syrian Stooge

Don't listen to anything this man says.


Mark Kennedy's First Ad

This is what we need more of in politics: people who don't take themselves too seriously and aren't afraid to let loose once in a while. I really hope Mark Kennedy can win this seat in Minnesota. God knows the Gopher State owes the rest of the country for sending Mark Dayton to the Senate six years ago. (Hat tip: RedState)

The Dumbest Commentator Ever

"I’m Bill Press."

Hezbollah Understands What The U.N. Can't

Even the scumbags in Hezbollah get it:

"The truth is _ let me say this clearly _ we didn't even expect (this) response.... that (Israel) would exploit this operation for this big war against us," said Komati. (Hezbollah's deputy chief)

He said Hezbollah had expected "the usual, limited response" from Israel to the July 12 cross-border raid, in which three Israelis were killed.

You get that? The words are extremely important here. The usual, limited response. They were ready for it...they wanted it! They knew the usual, limited response was meaningless. And they knew it would lead to a ceasefire where Israel stood down and Hezbollah could rearm. In short, Israel went off script, the bastards!

MORE: Shimon Peres: Once a dove...now a hawk!

UPDATE: Reliapundit thinks it's all a lie.


More "Baby Milk" From The Miami Herald

Via Power Line. (Hat tip: Astute Blogger)

Dems Target Bolton Again

Despite the recent conversion of everyone's favorite teary-eyed Senator, George Voinovich, Senate Democrats are promising a "bruising fight" when John Bolton comes up for confirmation hearings on July 27th. Speaking for his fellow walking-lobotomies, Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd says that despite his time served as U.N. Ambassador, there are still members of the world body who are uncomfortable with John Bolton.

How does Dodd expect the people in flyover country, who've been brainwashed by Rush Limbaugh and Fox News Channel to hate the U.N., to react to this news? Are the Dems really ready to go into the November elections aligning themselves with the most corrupt organization in the world?

Nevermind, I already know the answer.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wants To Kill Bush

It's one of those days where you're not sure where the real news ends and The Onion begins. However, I think it's clear that the Nobel Peace Prize is about one step below World's Greatest Grandpa.


RSS Update

Been having some issues with my XML/RSS feeds but I think I've made all the corrections necessary, so if you are a subscriber, you'll want to re-up when you get a chance. Sorry for any inconvenience.

William F. Buckley States The Obvious

Liberals of all stripes will no doubt want to trumpet William F. Buckley's recent declaration that President Bush is not a "true conservative." Buckley's disagreements with the president have to do with Bush's "interventionist" foreign policy. The father of the conservative moment also feels that the Iraq War is a failure.

First off, avoiding the obvious semantic red-herrings, Bush is indeed not a true conservative. Much like Ronald Reagan, he is a radical. Reagan came to Washington not to serve the status quo but to change it. Bush has worked under this same modus operandi though more so due to a nudge from history in the form of 9/11. When Bush made his second inaugural speech in 2005 and said "So it is the policy of the United States to seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture, with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world," it was indeed enough to give one pause.

This is strong stuff...this is radical stuff. This is indeed, the most lofty of goals. Many don't have the stomach for it or feel it possible. It may not be possible, but the fight is a noble one and one that must be fought if we are to maintain democracy at home. I respect Buckley's opinion on the matter, but the 20th century stands as a testament to the folly of detente and diplomacy without end. Robert Taft Conservatism is woefully out of date, but many aren't prepared to let it go.

Chris Muir Flushes Out Kant's Kronies

This past week, cartoonist Chris Muir of the strip Day By Day caused a bit of a kerfuffle in the Leftwing Blogosphere with a reference to the New York Times as a bunch of "Kantian Nihilists." Andrew Sullivan (yes Andy, I know, you're not left wing, you're really a "true conservative." I've heard the arguments, so don't bother pointing it out!) and Matthew Yglesias were greatly taken aback by the reference to the 18th century German philosopher and some took the opportunity to belittle Ayn Rand, Kant's greatest critic.

I don't pretend to be an expert of philosophy (as do many participants in this affair), but if Wittgenstein taught us anything, it's that the argument is pointless. Nevertheless, the argument goes to heart of the culture war that we are currently embroiled. The moral relativism of the New York Times and the modern Left wishes us to believe that there is no right or wrong, no good or bad, it all depends on one's perspective. Thus, in the case of the current battle in the Middle East between Israel and Hezbollah, the good guys are whoever you're rooting for. Targeting civilians or using them for human shields is just a matter of cultural preference, not a immoral act...what's that?

Nihilism, indeed. Kantian? An argument without end can be made on either side. Kant started out trying to come up with an answer to David Hume's nihilism. According to people that I trust in these areas, he failed miserably and doesn't deserve his standing next to Aristotle and Plato. It's interesting though that Kant has so many defenders amongst the postmodernists. I'd love to see someone tackle this issue in greater depth.

Keith Olbermann Can't Stand Losing

I've been hesitate to do any blogging about Keith Olbermann for several reasons: one, he's pretty much irrelevant; and two, I don't want to do anything to change that. However, when he tries to make a simile between his low ratings and Bill O'Reilly's high ratings to the Nazis and the Jews, I think we all need to comment.

My comment is for Dan Abrams: Is this what you want MSNBC to be?

Juan Williams Is A Fool

Remember now, terrorism is created by fighting it.


Another Jayson Blair Exposed

It's all over for Doug Thompson at Capitol Hill Blues. Kudos to Classical Values for exposing another Dan Rather in our midst. (Hat tip: AIR)

What A Difference A Leader Makes

Things have definitely changed between America and Germany since Angela Merkel was able to send that crook Schroeder packing. Pamela at Atlas Shrugs thinks we might be looking at just the right diplomatic team to put an end the mullahs. I hope she's right.

Gorgeous George Stumps For Hezbollah

Everybody's favorite Islamofascist sympathizer, George Galloway, is leading an anti-Israeli march in London today denouncing the Jewish state, and American and Great Britain...well, all of civilization really, and singing the praises of the Middle East terrorists group with MSM/U.N. talking points that they aren't terrorists at all. You're a little late on this one George, the MSM has been singing Nasrallah's praises for over a week now. (Hat tip: lgf)

An Unholy Alliance

Evidence that Hezbollah and the U.N. blue helmets are working hand-in-hand.


Advertisers Have Taken Over Journalism

A nice think piece from Jon Ham.

A JFK Conservative

Via ScrappleFace. (Hat tip: Don Surber)

The More, The Better

Israel estimates about 100 Hezbollah guerrillas have been killed in the fighting. Keep up the good work boys!

George Harleigh, a.k.a. "The Phantom"

This has to be read to be believed. Classical Values has a very long, informative post about the highly quoted "George Harleigh," a political science professor who worked for Nixon and Reagan. While the professor hates George W. Bush, he also apparently doesn't exist. (Hat tip: lgf)

Saddam's Drops The Sword, Picks Up Pen

Saddam Hussein has written a letter to the American people filled with DNC talking points. Kos could've written it.


Even The White House Has Liberal Bias

Or so the MSM makes it seem. A nice catch by GM's Corner.

Zapatero's Anti-Semitism

Move over France...there's a new anti-Semitic leader in town: Spain.

Lebanon's Big Decision

Lebanon's government is talking about joining forces with Hezbollah. This would be a huge mistake. What few democrats there are in the government, they have a big decision to make...this would be the wrong one. They're at a crossroads and they need to make a stand against Hezbollah.

MORE: Rush aptly points out that the Lebanese government is scared. No question. If they do fight against Hezbollah, the Prime Minister would most likely be assassinated.

Get Rich Quick Scheme

The Russians aren't as incompetent as they look. They've found a way to get rich off of the Kyoto Protocol.

The Lessons Of Half-Assery

The Astute Blogger has a nice, short history lesson on the consequences of leaving a job before it's done.


Bush Vetos Stem Cell Bill

It took 5 1/2 years, but President Bush finally learned how to say no. Unfortunately, it's on a bill that I'm pretty agnostic about. Morally and ethically, I don't have a problem with embryonic stem-cell research, but I also cannot stand the stem-cell research crusaders who are constantly giving people false hope by making it seem like they'd have a cure for most diseases right after a bill was signed. You'd have a better chance of winning the lottery twice before them coming up with a cure for Diabetes or Parkinson's in our lifetime. It's going to take years and years.

Yes, we finally have a veto...the veto we should have had for McCain-Feingold!

The Ballad Of The Blue Helmets

Via Protein Wisdom.

CNN Waxes Nostalgic

CNN is harkening back to the good old days of Peter Arnett and baby-milk factories with their reporting on the conflict between Hezbollah and Israel. Gotta love the classics.

Richard Cohen Ask Israel To Commit Suicide

There is nothing worse than a self-hating Jew.


What An Age We Live In

It's becoming clear that we are moving toward a world where YouTube is king. Don't get me wrong, I love YouTube and all that it offers, but much like the religious groups in the 1960s that sat and listened to Louie Louie over and over and over again in a hopeless search for a dirty word, the modern-day lunatic fringe will search every piece of video frame-by-frame to find everything and anything they can to use in the culture war. For example: the Kos Kidz are trying to label President Bush a groper for his quick shoulder massage of Angela Merkel. It's only a few seconds, but it's enough to ignite a Leftist hissy-fit.

Of course, sometimes this new digital cultural war can yield sexy results! Hats off to the gang at Wizbang for being on top of both stories.

The Myth Of Palestine

An excellent, excellent history lesson from Israel Matzav on the history of the Holy Land and the myth that is Palestine.

Pull Helen Thomas' Press Credentials Now!

Outside The Beltway has video of Tony Snow sparring with Helen Thomas this morning at the daily briefing. Snow absolutely destroys Thomas with such lines as "Thank you for giving us the Hezbollah view." This is why a president needs to have a good press secretary like Snow...someone that can handle this kind of thing. God love Scott McClellan, but he always looked and sounded like a kid hopelessly arguing with an adult...way out of his league. Snow, on the other hand, handles the press beautifully.

As for Helen Thomas, I really think the time has come for President Bush (and Snow) to do something unprecedented and pull her White House press pass. Yes, the MSM would have a field day, but look: it's one thing for a White House correspondent to be tough, that's there job, to put the administration's feet to the fire in the interest of keeping the public informed and the government honest. However, you have to know what you're talking about and you have to be fair. Thomas is neither. She showed herself today to be completely ignorant of the subject at hand, motivated only by her hatred of the president and a desire to make him look bad. Enough is enough. If you aren't willing to do your job, that you don't belong in the White House press room. (Hat tip: Stop The ACLU)

UPDATE: This is most likely what Helen was alluding to, which just shows how obtuse and pedestrian her thinking is.

Another Example Of How Blair Gets It

The British press is hammering Tony Blair for his caught-on-mic (and video) conversation with President Bush in which the two leaders talk like regular guys, using to such venacular as "shit." But what has the Limey tabloids in a tizzy is how Blair seemed to them a lapdog to the leader of the free world, the Sun Guardian saying he offered everything short of carrying Condi Rice's luggage to the Middle East.

Looking over the transcript, this line caught my eye:

Blair: "Well it's only or if she's gonna or if she needs the ground prepared as it were. See, if she goes out she's got to succeed as it were, where as I can just go out and talk."

Let's just be brutally honest here: Blair gets it. He understands America's place in the world, and that place is el supremo numero uno. The Secretary of State of the United States of America doesn't go around begging people to be nice, that's European work. The SoS hits the ground when things are in place and a diplomatic breakthrough is imminent. You can look at this analysis and call it arrogant...you can dismiss it as the bile of an "ugly American" if you wish, but you would only be fooling yourself. You don't have to like, but you do have to face it. In any society, whether it be human, animal or insect, there's always an alpha dog. We're the alpha...and Blair knows it.

NY Times To Cut Jobs, Paper Size

I wonder why?


The Time Is Now For Iran

My initial thoughts have been that Bush should attack Iran sometime this summer. Why the hell not? The mullahs and their presidential flunky have been begging for it and Bush has nothing to lose, and as Rush points out, they pull all the strings in the Middle East. While the Israelis are softening up the b-team terrorists, there's no better time to take out the A-team in Tehran than now.

George W. Bush: Regular Guy

Via Hot Air.

Bush Responsible For World Cup Headbutt

So sayeth the L.A. Times.


Buying Propaganda

Nearly a hundred socialist millionaires (and I'm sure a few billionaires) are putting their dollars to work to flood the headlines and the airwaves with their message. Make no mistake (to mimic George W.), while the war on terror is rightly called World War IV, there is an even bigger war raging all over the globe...the war for the control of information. (Hat tip: Drudge)

New York Times And Existentialism

Expose The Left has a roundup of the outrage over a New York Times photo of a sniper working for fatboy al-Sadr firing at American positions in a cemetery in Najaf, Iraq. There's a lot to say here, more than I really have the patience for at the moment, but here's a Cliff's Notes version:

In 1987 there was a panel discussion featuring MSM elites on PBS called Ethics in America which dealt with war coverage. The program became infamous when Mike Wallace stated that he would not warn U.S. troops of an impending ambush if he had prior knowledge. When pressed whether he had a higher calling as an American he didn't budge: "No, you don't have higher duty...you're a reporter."

In other words, Wallace subscribes to a sort of postmodern existentialism in which he rejects the idea that there is a clear black-and-white, right-and-wrong approach to his profession except in the case of his adhering to this belief, which in his mind is absolutely the right thing to do. Wrap your brain around that one for a while.

Admittedly, the issue isn't so simple. While I find Wallace's view repugnant, if a reporter does help U.S. troops he puts himself in harm's way, and it's also hard for him to be objective when and if a real war crime is committed. It's definitely a quandary, but what the New York Times is doing can't be the answer.

The 'Stink' Of Global Warming

Just the other day, the boys of South Park were talking about how they now carry the 'stink' of Tom Cruise on their persons after their Scientology episode that parodied the self-indulgent mega-star. For the unforeseeable future, headlines written about Matt Stone and Trey Parker will also contain the name Tom Cruise; the names will go together like Clinton and Lewinsky.

Now Matt and Trey know how the weather must feel. I wrote recently that the MSM and Al Gore are working to make sure that Global Warming is going to be reported in a news story, one way or another, ever single day. I was just reading that retiring Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords (the former Republican who became the darling of the Democrats by becoming an 'Independent' and giving the Democrats the majority in the Senate until the people rightly corrected this coup d'etat in November '04) is looking for support for his 'legacy' bill, a bill that would require American industry to cut greenhouse gases and carbon emissions by 80% over the next 50 years.

Let's look at this calmly: Is it a good idea to cut greenhouse/carbon emissions? Absolutely. Any way that American industry can do it and still maintain a profitable business is good. Unfortunately, this kind of rational outlook is not what's behind much of the movement to fight for a cleaner environment. The people on the forefront: Greenpeace, Sierra Club, et al are working toward an ultimate goal of destroying capitalism. Meanwhile, men like Al Gore are using this rabble-rousers as a pathway to power. I doubt Jim Jeffords wants to destroy capitalism or necessarily hurt American business. He believes what he believes they way a devout Christian believes the stories of the Bible are literal in every sense. What better way to secure a legacy than with a bill that has the engine of partisan politics roaring behind it.

The weather carries the stink of this movement. From this day forward, every meteorological event will be tied to global warming in the MSM. No longer will tornadoes just be a part of life in Texas or Nebraska, they will be because of Global Warming. No longer will hurricanes be a part of life on any of the coasts, they will be the direct result of Global Warming. I'm still waiting for earthquakes to be tied in some way to Al Gore's prophecies.

Is the earth warming? Very possibly. It warms and cools a lot over time and did so numerous times before we crawled out of the water. Any way we can avoid pushing it one way or another without destroying our way of life would be prudent, but a rational conversation that would endeavor us to find means to that end doesn't seem to be forthcoming or even possible in today's political (pardon the pun) climate.

Howard Dean Is Nuts

The voice of the Democrat Party says that what's going on in the Middle East right now wouldn't have happened if Democrats were in charge of the U.S. government. You know, you can say that you would do a better job and list reasons why, but to say that the actions of other nations and terrorist groups would be 180-degrees opposite if you were around is just plain psychotic.

A Long Time Coming

Michael Kinsley has finally taken my advice...although not for the reasons I articulated over the years. (Be sure to read the editor's note at the bottom of the piece...funny stuff).

Mercedes Owners For Islam

"Make Hummus, Not War!"

Peace, dude.

Israel Winning The PR War

I have to say I'm a bit surprised at this editorial from the Washington Post that shows full support for Israel in its fight against Hizbullah. Don Surber thinks this is due to the way the world has changed since 9/11. I think he may be right. I don't see the Post writing an editorial like this on September 10th.

Fighting Israel At Daily Kos

Are the kids at Daily Kos anti-Semitic or just anti-democracy? You be the judge.


Syd Barrett's Sister Speaks

Tim Willis, one of Syd Barrett's biographers who had off-the-record help from Syd's sister Rosemary Breen when writing his book, was able to speak to her this past week, on the record for the first time apparently. He filed this story with the London Times.

Bill Clinton Commits Heresy

McQ has the details.

A Reality Check For The Palestinians

A former Middle East Correspondent and a fellow Arab has a message for his brothers in the Palestinian territories.

The Tom Cruise Stink

The boys of South Park are worried they have the Tom Cruise Stink on them and it's not gonna come off. They may have a point. (Hat tip: Lorie Byrd)

John Bolton Keeps Busy

U.N. Ambassador John Bolton is speaking to the Security Council at this very moment about the North Korean threat and will soon be talking about the conflict in the Middle East. Wide Awake points out it's been almost a year at the U.N. for Bolton and he's doing a hell of a job.

UPDATE: Bolton's "girlfriend" Pamela is quite proud of her boy.


A Crock, Indeed

Big Jack over at DiveDesk echoes my sentiments from yesterday.

Mr. T Pities The Fools

After seeing what people on the Gulf Coast went through with Hurricane Katrina, Mr. T has decided to forego wearing his trademark gold. T also has some words for the likes of Sean Penn and other celebrity do-gooders:

"I saw some, I call it 'sorry celebrities.' They'll go down there and hook
up with the people to take a photo-op. I said, 'How disgusting.' If you're not
going to go down there with a check and a hammer and a nail to help the people,
don't go down there."

I pity the fools.


The Neverending Story

Bob Novak effectively ended the Plamegate story this week with his information about how he got her name and how Rove was not his initial source. However, not wanting the story to leave the MSM, Valerie Plame is now suing Cheney, Libby and Rove for "conspiring to destroy her career." It's not about winning or losing the lawsuit, it's about keeping the story going.

UPDATE: Welcome Instapundit readers!

UPDATE: Welcome Gay Patriot readers!

MORE: The boys at Power Line have a nice roundup.

UPDATE: Byron York says it's also about selling books. (Hat tip: Powerline)

Iraqi Province Takes Control

Lost in the sea of stories about the war in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas/Hizbullah is this little nugget: Muthanna has become the first Iraqi province to have local forces in charge of security. Gateway Pundit has a the story.

Allah Lays An Egg

No it's not an episode of South Park. A chicken in Kazakhstan recently laid an egg that has the world "Allah" in Arabic inscribed on its shell.

As of yet, no comment from the Virgin Mary grilled-cheese sandwich.

Israel Condemned, As Usual

All of these quotes were in the same wire story:

US President George W. Bush blamed "terrorists who want to stop the advance of
peace", while fellow UN Security Council members Russia and France condemned
"disproportionate" use of force.


Russia, France, Britain and Italy criticised Israel for its "disproportionate" use of force.

"One cannot justify the continued destruction by Israel of the civilian infrastructure in Lebanon and in Palestinian territory, involving the disproportionate use of force in which the civilian population suffers," the Russian foreign ministry said.

In Paris, French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy described the Israeli army strikes on Lebanon as a "disproportionate act of war", warning one consequence could be to plunge Lebanon "back into the worst years of war".

British Prime Minister Tony Blair's spokesman, when asked specifically about
Israel's military response to the abductions, said: "The British government hopes that actions will be proportionate."

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS CRAP! Is the U.N. handing out talking points now? Israel is a democracy for cripes sake! One of the golden rules of combat...you hit us, we'll hit you back even harder, 10-fold! Oh, that's right, I'm sorry. I forgot all about the concept limited warfare that good ol' Harry Truman cursed us with starting in the Korean War. What a bunch of Goddamned nonsense!

UPDATE: Shout "Disproportionate" all you like, but never say the "T-word" at the BBC.


Democrats Launch New Campaign Video, Blame Bush For Weather

There's already some backlash in the Blogosphere over a new webvideo being put out by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. It doesn't surprise me that they use video with the coffins of dead soldiers; while it's tacky, it's a pretty standard tactic from the Democrats during wartime. What really amuses me is how they show a radar image of Hurricane Katrina and video of some of the New Orleans refugees. Yes folks, George W. Bush and the GOP control the weather...vote for the Democrats and it'll be blue skies smiling at me.

Lebanon At A Crossroads

Israel is steamed and is moving into Lebanon after being attacked by Hizbullah (or Hezbollah, whatever) forces. Prime Minister Olmert says Hizbullah is a part of the Lebanese government, therefore it's not a terrorist attack but an attack by one sovereign nation on another.

What's interesting to me is how Lebanon is reacting. They are a bit of a hodgepodge these days. After throwing Syria out a few years ago, they have a prime minister and a cabinet that is mostly anti-Syrian and somewhat democratic, but they also have cabinet members that are pro-Syrian, i.e. Hizbullah, i.e. terrorists. So the prime minister says, no we didn't know this was going to happen and we don't think it should have happened, but we don't think you should attack us either. Meanwhile, they recalled their Ambassador to the U.S. for saying the government supported Hizbullah's action.

Meanwhile, the leader of Lebanese Forces had the most interesting things to say:

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea described Hizbullah's abduction of two
Israeli soldiers in an early morning cross-border raid as "dangerous" and called
for "the Cabinet to be the only institution to make the country's critical
decisions from now on."

"Only when decisions are made within Cabinet or Parliament can these be
regarded as the choice of the Lebanese people," Geagea said in an interview with
LBCI television.

"We have dozens of detainees in Syrian jails," Geagea added. Why don't we
carry out a similar action against Syria?"

Why not, indeed!

It's time for Hariri and other democratic forces in Lebanon to make another push for more freedom.

More Tributes For Syd

Michael Stickings at The Moderate Voice has a nice tribute for Syd Barrett.

MORE: The Cambridge Evening News, which broke the story of Syd's death, has more details on his passing, including pictures of his house and some flowers left by a fan.

Dementia At MSNBC

Via Drudge:

MON., JULY 10, 2006

CNN LARRY KING 1,382,000
FNC GRETA 1,340,000
FNC SHEP SMITH 1,252,000
FNC HUME 1,197,000
CNN COOPER 1,132,000
CNN DOBBS 823,000

Remember now...Keith Olbermann is the man that's gonna save MSNBC. Roger Ailes sleeps like a baby tonight!


Flight 93 Memorial Worse Than Ever

What the hell?

Novak Breaks Silence

Well, the dumbest story of my generation seems to finally be coming to a close. Thank Zeus! Drudge has broken the story that Bob Novak has been cleared by Patrick Fitzgerald and he's ready to talk...apparently he'll be on Fox News Channel tomorrow. Let's just get this over with.

Syd Barrett Dies

The founder of Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, has passed away at the age of 60. According to family, he died peacefully at his home in Cambridge, UK. No cause of death was given, but he had been suffering from diabetes. The Cambridge Evening News reports that it was cancer.

Nevertheless, Syd was Pink Floyd. Despite only being with the band 3 years, everything that was and is Pink Floyd can directly be attributed to Syd. He was a musical genius that burned out too soon and was abandoned by those he inspired. Yet, he survived and lived a quiet life of seclusion, relatively happy it seems. It's a shame he didn't get more recognition through his life, but then, that's the opinion an outsider would have. Maybe it's best to fade away.

It's funny...I thought about Syd this past weekend, wondering if he had died. I don't know why, but the thought just entered my head. Strange.

MORE: The Steel Deal has some nice artwork.

UPDATE: David Bowie and others pay tribute. Also, YouTube is awash with video of Syd and as well as tributes.

Mumbai Blasts Coverage

Pajamas Media has exhaustive coverage of the attack on India. 9/11, 3/11, and now, 7/11. Coincidence? Either way, watch for the Left telling India that this is their own fault for signing a nuclear agreement with the U.S.

Welcome to the War on Terror.


Slouching Toward Stalin

Garry Kasparov has some stern words for President Bush as he prepares to attend the G8 (or "G7") Summit in St. Petersburg. We need to listen to this man. The former Chess Grandmaster has proven to be the complete opposite of the American traitor, Bobby Fischer. A sample:

Perhaps silence is the best option if the most Mr. Bush has to offer are weak expressions of concern and remarks about his personal relationship with Mr.
Putin. President Ronald Reagan's hard public line on the Soviet Union let us know that someone out there was aware of our predicament and was fighting for us. Now his American president seems to be saying that Iraqis and Afghans are deserving of democracy, but Russians are not.

Natan Sharansky couldn't have said it better.

UPDATE: In fact, Sharansky has said as much. We need to listen to both of these men.

Japan Considers "Cowboy Diplomacy"

Japan is looking at the possibility of a pre-emptive strike on North Korea after their little fireworks show last week. This is a breath of fresh air considering the cover of Time Magazine this week...so sayeth Say Anything.

"You're An Errand Boy, Sent By Grocery Clerks, To Collect A Bill"

They'll never pay it, but hat's off to a Dallas hospital for sending a bill to the Mexican government for services rendered for indigents from that country. Naturally, Mexico is outraged and crying discrimination. Boo hoo. (Hat tip: Drudge)


Noam Chomsky, Right Winged Nut?

Wow. Some elements of the Left are now so far gone they're even turning on Noam Chomsky. Ken McCracken has the scoop.

Web Video And The Future

If you have some time, check out this clip from CNN's Reliable Sources in which Howie Kurtz talks to Glenn Reynolds and Jeff Jarvis about video webcasts and the rise of sites like You Tube. It's the next phase in the Internet revolution. I hope to participate in it eventually as soon as I get the gumption.

Italy Takes The Cup

The World Cup is history as Italy defeated France in an incredibly long game that had the players pushed to their physical limits. It came down to a series of penalty kicks, but ultimately, France blew the game due to some unsportsmanlike behavior. (Hat tip: Drudge)

Baby Steps In The Middle East

It's going to take several generations for the Middle East to come around to a more democratic, western way of thinking. Cultures don't change overnight, but it's encouraging when you see the baby steps that are moving in the right direction. Case in point: an editorial in a Kuwaiti newspaper that just slams Hamas for their behavior towards Israel. Free Thoughts has the details.


Bill Keller Makes The Case, Poorly

New York Times Editor Bill Keller was on the Charlie Rose Show the other night. Charlie's show has always been a place where elite, northeastern liberals can be safe from derision and make their case, no matter how incoherent. This was no exception. Hugh Hewitt and Radio Blogger are all over it with a transcript and analysis.

Bush Was Right, Tax Cuts Powering Economy

Don Surber has some good analysis on the Bush boom.

UPDATE: Larry Kudlow: Economy grows 20% in the last 11 quarters.

Giuliani Floats Trial Balloon

Just read Bob Novak's latest column in which he says people close to Rudy Giuliani have been told by him that he is going to run for President in '08. In other words, Giuliani is floating a trial balloon to gauge the mood of the right-wing. According to Novak, "rank-and-file" Republican's say his stand on abortion, gays and gun-control will hurt him badly and he'd need to change his stand on at least one of them.

At this point, Rudy Giuliani has the support of this website for a presidential run (for what that's worth). His stand on social issues doesn't bother me as I'm very much a libertarian. Gun control is a losing issue. The Democrats learned that in the 1990s. Almost nobody talks about it anymore and I'm sure Giuliani is smart enough to do the same. Abortion? Well, the ball is really in the court of the states and the Supreme Court. As long as Giuliani backs the right of states to do as they see fit (either pro- or anti-), he's good. Gays? *sigh* I'm sorry, but it's an issue that gets too much attention on all sides.

I've been a fan of Giuliani since the early days of his rein as Mayor of New York. This is a man that gets things done and is a proven leader. I knew this before 9/11. He would make an outstanding president and I think it would behoove the religious right-wing of the Republican Party to accept half a loaf in order to keep the government in Republican hands. However, the big, big question is what kind of Justice would Giuliani pick for the Supreme Court. This is a huge issue for us party faithful. The Conservatives, i.e. the textualist are just one justice away from a majority. It would be devastating to let this chance slip away. I think for Conservatives, there really have to be two issues for their next candidate: Will you fight the war on terror and will you pick a Conservative judge for the Supreme Court? That has to be the bottom line, and my support for Giuliani would hinge on these two points.

MORE: Roger L. Simon's take.

UPDATE: Oak Leaf over at Polipundit proves my point.


Ken Lay Is Alive!

This is quite simply the funniest thing I have seen in a very long time. My hat's off to people behind this comedic masterwork of a website. I mean, it's a comedy website, right? It's not meant to be, uh, serious...right? (Hat tip: Moonbat Monitor)

MORE: And the laughs just keep on coming.

Lamont Runs Into Reality

I just watched some of the debate between Lieberman and Lamont for the Connecticut Democratic nomination for Senate. I think we may be looking at Howard Dean Redux in the case of Lamont: A man who creates a lot of excitement in the MSM due to a hugely success publicity campaign on the Internet, but then when he's brought out in public for everyone to see...Ew!

Lieberman was a bit brusk with Lamont in the debate, but he had to be...he's fighting for his political life, but Lamont looks like the political novice that he is. I think Lieberman may have sealed his victory with the line (paraphrased): "he's saying voting with the Democratic Caucus 90% of the time isn't good enough, it needs to be 100%. How are we gonna win back the majority and Presidency with that mentality?"

Though, I have to admit, I'd like to see Lamont win the primary and push the Dems even further to the Left, but I don't think it's gonna happen.


Take That Couch Dancer!

Congratulations to Trey Parker and Matt Stone for South Park getting an emmy nomination for their Tom Cruise Scientology episode that sent Hollywood and that couch dancing freak into hysterics, and hats-off to the Academy for having the guts to recognize Matt and Trey's genius.

"Ohh yah...Emmwe nominashwone! Yeah!"

Candid Camera With Joe Biden

Okay, there's some hullabaloo over a clip of video from C-SPAN showing Joe Biden talking to one of his constituents who is an Indian-American. Biden said to him, "you can't go into a 7-11 or a Dunkin' Donuts in Delaware without an Indian accent." I gotta call it like it is...what Biden wasn't racist, it was just simple idiocy.

What we had here is a man looking for support for a presidential bid. He runs into a supporter who's an Indian American and immediately, Biden doesn't see him as a just a guy, just a constituent, a Delaware resident. No...this guy is representative of a group. It's all about groups to men like Biden. He hears he's Indian-American and immediately Biden launches into a stump speech about how Delaware has one of the largest Indian-American populations and it's growing, and he's got a lot of support from them...blah, blah, blah. He's not a man, he's a group. A group to be pandered to. In Biden's rush to pander, he tripped all over his words as he tried to make the point that Delaware has a lot of Indian-Americans. And, in fact, he did end up making the point...in the most ass way possible.

And this guy thinks he should be president. God help us.

MORE: Michelle Malkin agrees...not much here.

CORRECTION: Oops. Delaware, not Vermont. Six of one.

Global Warming Push

Caught this article on Drudge about how some scientists are saying that recent wildfires are due to global warming.

Here's the deal: Global Warming is to our current age what homelessness was in the 80s. Look for the MSM to run a global warming story every day from now until November 2008. If a Democrat wins the presidential election in '08, the GW stories will stop, if a Repub wins, they'll regroup and begin anew. And they're going to keep pounding and pounding until every American says at the very least, "Well, I guess we should do something about global warming. It's in the news all the time, so it must be a serious problem."

Marxism rises from the ashes (wildfire ashes?) like a phoenix.


Three Reasons The GOP Will Hold Congress

Noel Sheppard has a great piece over at The American Thinker in which he lays out the case that the tide has turned in favor of President Bush and the Republicans with the Congressional elections 4 months away. A big reason for this turn, he says, is the Hamdan decision from the Supreme Court and the SWIFT leak to the New York Times. I think he's absolutely right and I would add one more item to this list: Superman.

If I were a Republican running for Congress this year, I would hit hard the fact that the Supreme Court is going out of its way to extend constitutional rights to members of al-Qaeda and to hamper the efforts of the Commander in Chief to fight al-Qaeda and the powers the Supreme Court will allow the president to fight terror will be reported by the New York Times so the terrorists have a better chance of averting capture. Sounds like a job for Superman. Oh wait, Hollywood rescinded his American citizenship...nevermind.

Hamdan, The New York Times and Superman are the three issues that will allow the GOP to hold on to, if not add to, the Congress this fall. That's my prediction and I'm sticking to it.

UPDATE: Some Democrats are inclined to agree.

IE Trouble With The Site

As you can see, I've put a little button on top of the site saying it's best viewed with Fire Fox. For some reason, I'm having trouble getting it configured to display right on Internet Explorer. I'll still keep dinking with it until I get it figured out, but in the meantime, consider moving over to Fire Fox.

Rush Limbaugh Cleared

Rush Limbaugh has been cleared of any wrongdoing for having viagra in a prescription bottle without his name at the Custom's office in Palm Beach. No law was broken, thus no charges. Once the news hit the wire, Limbaugh finally talked about the incident in detail on his show. What he had to say was shocking. Apparently, a custom's agent pulled the bottle out of his luggage and yelled for everyone to hear, "What have we here? A bottle of Viagra? This is a crime!" Because of this incident, Limbaugh says he will not travel outside the country or in any way in which he'd have to deal with customs until the end of his probationary period. Sounds wise to me. Next, he needs to get out of Palm Beach.


Elton John Is An Idiot

Like most Americans, I don't care about World Cup too much, especially now that America is out of it, but I am a huge fan of the truth. Thus, when I read Elton John's recent comments that the English team was a disgrace, I was a bit non-plussed:

"As always the England fans have been fantastic. They have been let down by the team and let down by people earning GBP125,000 a week.

Okay, two point: One, the England fans nearly drank Germany dry, and Germany is a country that makes beer round the clock. Two, he says they were let down by people who make 125,000 pounds a week. Excuse me Reg, but that's what you spend on your near daily shopping sprees. You need to shut up now.

North Korea Fires The Missiles

Well, the bastard did it. Kim Jong-Il fired two missiles that landed in the sea of Japan...on the 4th of July, no less. No reaction from Bush or Koizumi as of yet. Stay tuned...

UPDATE: Oops! That didn't work so well.

MORE: The good Captain is keeping tabs on the story.

Atlantic City Casinos On The Brink

Nothing like working on a holiday, huh? That's what the New Jersey State Assembly is facing today as they face a showdown with Governor Corzine over how to tax the people (not if they should raise taxes, just how they should do it...what unity!). This has led to a government shutdown which means the casinos in Atlantic City will have to shutdown tomorrow at 8am due to the fact that there are no state gaming regulators on duty. Living in Las Vegas, I can't even imagine what that would be like. If our casinos shut down for even a day it would be like Armageddon sans Billy Bob Thornton. The Law Hawk has more on the Jersey showdown.

230 Great Years

We gripe a lot here in the Blogosphere, but you know, there's just nothing better in this world than living in the United States of America. Everything good we have in our lives we owe to those brave men in 1776 who risked everything they had for freedom. A great American, D.C. Thornton, has a rundown of the fruits of their labors.


Making The Anti-War Case For Iran

Here's my new idea for a rock-band name: "Sy Hersh and the Anonymous Sources."

The All-New Jim-Rose.com, Now With 10% More Irony!

Yes, yes, I know, I know...pick a webpage template and stick with it! Well, I'm close. As you can see, I'm back to the minimalistic white and I'm experimenting with a javascript drop menu. I think this is what we're going with for the unforeseeable future, with a few tweaks along the way. Comments welcome.

Lieberman Fights For Political Future

It what can hardly be called a shocking surprise, Senator Joe Lieberman announced today that if he doesn't win the Democratic primary next month he'll run as an independent. What's interesting about this story is his stand on the Democratic Party:

Lieberman said he will remain a Democrat even if loses his party's primary. He said he plans to remain a part of the Senate's Democratic caucus if re-elected. "I will stay a Democrat, whether I am the Democratic Party's nominee or a petitioning Democratic candidate on the November ballot," he said.

Snifffff, snifff. Hmmm...that smells like fish 3-days old, i.e. I'm not buying it. This sounds more to me like a man still campaigning for the Democratic nomination for Senate, which I think he'll still probably win. Certainly this Lamont guy is getting a lot of good press, but that doesn't always translate to victory (see Paul Hackett). This could also be the words of a man talking directly to Bill Frist, saying "so which Committee Chairmanship are you gonna offer up so that I caucus GOP?"

Or Lieberman could be so dense that he's willing to caucus with a political party that's turned its back on him. That would be truly lame.

It Started In Beirut?

This is interesting. Apparently, Katharine Graham told a story back in 1986 about how a leak about how American intelligence was tracking terrorists in Syria may have led to the Marine barracks bombing in Beirut. This information comes from, of all people, Maureen Dowd. The boys at PJ Media have some thoughts.

MORE: The boys at Powerline uncovered this little gem from former conservative president (yes, I said that...he ain't liberal by today's standards) JFK. (Hat tip: Reliapundit)

Mexico Goes To The Polls

Michael Barone is buoyed by the election down in Mexico, calling it one of the most electrifying election nights he's ever witnessed. He sums up the results thusly:

You can infer from Lopez Obrador's and Calderon's statements between 11:00
and midnight that Lopez Obrador thought he probably lost and Calderon though he
probably won.

And how could you tell? Lopez Obrador was crying voter fraud. (There's your legacy, Al Gore: setting the trend for socialist candidates to cry fraud whenever they lose). It's almost a guarantee there was some, but one can hardly claim it was all on one side. Thus, Mexico is experiencing its version of our 2000 election, but right now it doesn't look like it'll be as long or dramatic.

The right-of-center PAN also won most of the Congressional elections. Red State has some statistics on that. Adam C. makes a good point:

If nothing else, this election solidifies the end of one-party dominance in
Mexico which is a positive development in its own right.


MORE: The Lefties in Bolivia got a bit of a reality-check yesterday as well.

Jimmy Carter Never Disappoints

Remember my golden rule: whatever Jimmy Carter says...do the opposite.


Privacy? What Privacy?

The week started with Rush Limbaugh's luggage search and ended with a New York Times spread on Dick Cheney's and Donald Rumsfeld's vacation homes. Yes, quite a week for privacy from the American Left.

But Do They Mean It?

The big news right now is Israel's warning to Hamas that they need to release Corporal Gilad Shalit or the IAF will kill Palestinian Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh. On its face, it seems a bold move, but Bill Quick thinks (as I feared) Israel is taking a real half-assed approach to the whole affair.

Hating Israel For A Living

Atlas Shrugs has full coverage, including a vlog broadcast, of the anti-semitic rally in Manhattan this afternoon.