Stevens And Byrd Disgrace The Senate

The mystery is finally solved. The Senators who put a hold on a bill that would let the public see how the government spends our money are Republican Ted Stevens of Alaska and Democrat (KKK) Robert Byrd of West Virginia.

The saddest part is that I'm sure both will be re-elected. But hopefully there is a hell.

Where Media Bias Starts

My man McQ over at QandO has a play-by-play of how the AP took a hatchet to a recent speech by Donald Rumsfeld. Naturally, just about every media outlet ran with the story verbatim.

Mark Burnett Mad At Critics

Mark Burnett is not taking the controversy over his latest edition of Survivor very well:

SURVIVOR creator MARK BURNETT has blasted critics who don't actually watch the show, insisting the new season of the reality competition "won't be racial at all." Burnett claims dividing the four teams on SURVIVOR: COOK ISLANDS according to race eliminates any tension between the groups and thus avoids racism. He explains, "By putting people in tribes, they clearly have to get rid of people of their own ethnicity. So that's not racial at all."

What planet is the guy on! Is he saying that the only way to eliminate racism is segregation? F-ed up! (Hat tip: Drudge)

A Film The Clinton Cabal Doesn't Want You To See

Via Rush. I may just have to watch this. Hey, it's got Harvey Keitel after all.

Salt Lake Mayor Exposed

The Mayor of Salt Lake City, Rocky Anderson, was on Fox News this morning and got a little more than he bargained for. Fox News showed why it gets labeled a right-wing news network with E.D. Hill challenging the Mayor to back up his claims that President Bush condoned torture and misled the people into war. I thought that's what good journalists did, but we're told that's bad, you should let him spin like CNN does...that's good.

Anyway, you could tell the E.D. was really annoyed when he kept saying "you people" i.e. Fox News, led us into war. He said the Mainstream Media, but you know he meant Fox. Of course, radical Leftist like him think all media is right-wing. Anyway, I don't think ol' Rocky will be doing an interview on Fox again anytime soon.

Photoshop For The Pulitzer

CBS has admitted that it photoshopped a picture of Katie Couric that made it appear she had lost 20 pounds. In light of this development, I renew my call to award the creators of Photoshop the Pulitzer Prize.


McCain And Armitage Sittin' In A Tree

I now have one million and one reasons not to vote for John McCain. (Hat tip: Rush)

How The Media Can Redeem Itself

I've been waiting to opine on this all day. A former CBS News producer (no, not Mary Mapes), Alan Weisman has written an unauthorized biography of Dan Rather titled "Lone Star: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Dan Rather." (He's from Texas, get it?) Anyway, there's a lot to go through here:

Rather had a wolverine's tenacity from the start and sometimes got more credit than due, as when Walter Cronkite hailed him for first reporting JFK's death from Parkland Hospital when in fact Robert Pierpoint was the man on the scene. Cronkite was not destined to remain a Rather fan.

Cronkite, by Weisman's acerbic telling, is an arrogant blowhard "who still believes that the anchor chair should have been retired with him in 1981." According to Weisman, Cronkite piled on Rather during the "Memogate" scandal, which in Weisman's reading was a fairly minor error that sparked a gross overreaction.

I'm with you on the blowhard stuff, but to call Memogate a fairly minor error is like calling Watergate a third-rate burglary. Trust me, Nixon tried it.

The author doesn't give Rather a free pass, though.

This, after all, is the fellow of "Kenneth, what is the frequency?" fame who was also known for antic on-air observations such as, "This race is as hot and tight as a too- small bathing suit on a too-long ride home from the beach."

No wonder radio wiseguy Don Imus once said, "I want to be watching when he cracks."

That's right, using fake documents to try and take down a president is a "minor error" but using kitschy similes is over the line.

Even Rather's critics may sympathize with poor Dan, who was increasingly enveloped by a rising tide of fluff. That trend included the indignity of being paired as co-anchor with Connie Chung, who was better known for celebrity interviews than news gathering.

That relationship is wonderfully reflected in a Rather quip quoted by Weisman: "I did on several occasions encourage her, not in a patronizing way, that to be really connected to the news you have to read more."


Next up as CBS News anchor is Katie Couric. Former congressional correspondent Phil Jones tells Weisman that Couric is "a liberal Democrat who is so in love with Hillary Clinton" that it could pose a problem if Clinton runs for president.

Well, duh!

Weisman's final chapter, titled "Edward R. Murrow is Dead," is a whack at an era in which blow-dried news personalities report from their teleprompters. Former foreign correspondent Bert Quint notes that "there's no reason to believe that the person telling you the foreign story has been within 3,000 miles of where the story happened."

Yeah, yeah, we've heard this complaint a million times. It's officially a cliche. An anchor who's ugly and has bad hair and has been to Najaf is not what the public is pining for. We're looking for some honest reporting. After the Rathergate fiasco and the new MSM mantra "fake but accurate," there's just no one left in the media that can be trusted. Instead of being political hacks, how about being journalists?

The Hitch Slams Plamegate Players

The Plamegate story, an investigation about nothing, is over and Christopher Hitchens is none too pleased with any of the players in this farce. As usual, he is the final word on the subject.

I'd also like to point out that I've been haranguing on and on for a very long time that this was the dumbest story of my generation and a big nothing. Many replied that it was a disaster for the President. I agree to a point. It definitely affected his poll numbers and the effectiveness of his good right hand, Karl Rove, but that wasn't the point of my argument. It was a DNC/MSM creation and nothing more.

Not A Suicide Pact

The big talk in the Blogosphere today is Judge Richard Posner's new book, Not a Suicide Pact: The Constitution in a Time of National Emergency. I think the title says it all.


Cleland Treated For Depression

Former Georgia Senator Max Cleland is said to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The Vietnam Vet who lost an arm and both legs in a freak accident with one of his grenades has suffered from depression for years, but says that the recent deaths in Iraq have made it worse.

I wish Cleland nothing but the best as he battles his depression, but I cringe at what the likes of Keith Olbermann and Al Franken are going to do with this story. You know what I'm getting at.

It's Doing It Again!!

It started yesterday, went away, and now it's back. I can't post anything on Blogger using Firefox all of the sudden, but it works fine when I use Safari. What the hell!!

Now That's What Photoshop Is For!

This picture put together by Bryan over at Hot Air had me in hysterics for a good 5 minutes. I have little doubt that T.O. will bring more destruction to Dallas than Hamas to Lebanon.

Find The Senator Before November

If the MSM wants to get any shred of credibility back, here's the perfect way: Find out who's the mystery Senator that has put a hold on a bill that would create a searchable database on the Internet that shows how the government spends our money. Someone is trying to hide something. They, Republican or Democrat, must be found out before November.

CNN Pushes DNC Talking Points

Remember now, Fox News is biased but CNN is middle of the road.

The Seinfeld Investigation

A scandal about nothing.

James Taranto weighs in.

Rush gives his 2-cents.

Byron York lays it all out.

Meanwhile, Kevin Drum continues to live in denial. Poor bastard.

Armitage and Fitzgerald should have to pay back the taxpayers for the millions of dollars of their money that was spent on pure politics.

Ramsey DNA No Go

According to a report from a Denver TV Station...John Karr's DNA is not a match. What a Goddamned mess.

Saddam Forced To Watch South Park

Matt Stone, one of the creators of South Park, says that Marine who have been guarding Saddam Hussein during his trial have forced the former Iraqi dictator to watch the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut over and over again. In the movie Saddam is depicted as Satan's gay lover and partner in taking over the world. I don't know if it's true, but I really hope so. (Hat tip: Instapundit)

So how long will it be before Senator Durbin comes to Saddam's defense and calls the Marines in question Nazis?

California Looks To Legalize Hemp

Captain Ed has some good analysis on California's move to legalize Hemp, and maybe Marijuana in the future. My support of movements like this is why I call myself a libertarian and not a conservative.


My Lord, I Have A Cunning Plan

Big news from over the pond. Archaeologists with the assistance of the UK's Channel 4 and the host of a documentary series, Tony "Baldrick" Robinson, may just have found the remnants of the mythical building that housed the Round Table of "King Arthur and The Knights of the" fame, and they found it right on the grounds of Windsor Castle. I love stories like this. The History Channel is gonna have a field day...no more Hitler 24/7.

Najaf Getting It Done

The Iraqi city of Najaf, once a hotbed of terrorist activity (thanks to that fat f*ck, al-Sadr), is now making a comeback with vast expansions in public works and business. They're even looking to build an International airport to bring more business investment into the city. Yes, Iraq is indeed a lost cause.

Blogger Trouble Part 2

So here's what's happening: I can't publish any posts in Blogger when I'm in Firefox, but I can when I'm in Safari. This just started today. I've been using Firefox for over a year to publish posts. Blogger customer support, of course, has been no help. Anyone out there have any thoughts on this?

Joe Biden Will Say Anything

From the man who will say anything to seem in the right, we have this hillarious nugget on why Joe Biden can win a presidential primary in a Southern state:

"My state was a slave state. My state is a border state. My state has the eighth-largest black population in the country. My state is anything from a Northeast liberal state."

Geesh! With so many Blacks and Indians in Vermont, Joe must be the only White guy left.

Blogger Trouble

Having trouble with Blogger today. Can't seem to get anything to publish when using Firefox. Finally got some results using Safari. Don't know how to explain that...and Blogger certainly isn't going to rush to find out.

Armitage Should Be Ashamed

It's really amazing how arrogant government officials can be when they get a little bit of power. Especially when they're Vietnam Veterans.

Michael "Spikey" Isikoff and David Corn are out with a new book about the Plame Affair which seems to set the record straight that it was Richard Armitage who leaked Valerie Plame's name to Robert Novak. When he realized what had happened, he panicked and got the help of Powell and State Department lawyer William Howard Taft IV. Essentially, they kept it a secret and let Bush, Cheney, Rove, Libby and all the rest twist in the wind under an idiotic investigation.

I've always been suspicious of Powell and his gang and now I downright hate them. What is it with these Vietnam Vets: McCain, Hagel, Powell, Armitage that are hell-bent on defending the status-quo and stopping the neo-cons at all costs? If I had been in Armitage's position, and realized what I did, which was an accident (he says), I think I would be more inclined to come clean and save others from shame of being investigated.

Mr. Armitage, you are a disgrace. Not for accidentally leaking a name (if it indeed was an accident), but for letting others suffer for your folly. But since it was just a bunch of guys who "never heard a bullet go by their ears in anger," I guess it doesn't matter, huh? Go to hell.

MORE: Say Anything agrees.

Centanni And Wiig Freed

At long last, Fox News journalists Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig have been freed. They haven't said much yet, as they're just happy to be free, but they did mention they sometimes were tied up in painful positions and forced to make videos saying they'd converted to Islam. It sounds like these captors were small time thugs in the grand scheme of things.

Here's Roger Ailes statement, courtesy Drudge:

"We're very grateful for the safe return of Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig and we'd like to thank governments and individuals throughout the world who aided in securing their release. We'd also like to thank our colleagues in the journalism community for their unwavering support. The entire international community is beginning to realize that journalists should never be hostages or pawns in world events. Their job is to tell the story of the world as it unfolds."

The journalism community's unwavering support, eh. Well, I guess now isn't the time to go over that. Let the families celebrate and the journalists rest. We'll deal with the journalistic community later.


Mel Gibson's Next Movie

There's so much creativity on the Internet, it's downright scary. Hot Air has a clip of the latest jewel of a film from YouTube.

America's Obsession With Race

I haven't said anything yet concerning this idiotic idea from CBS to have the next season of Survivor consist of four teams separated by race. You'll have a White team, a Black team, an Asian team and an Hispanic team. The first I heard about it was on Rush earlier in the week. He had a caller, who said he was a black liberal, telling Rush that he was the racist for seeing this as a competition among races. This Orwellian argument from one of Rush's less than brilliant listeners aside, this is by far the dumbest concept for a show I've heard in a while. But there's most likely more than meets the eye.

All publicity is good publicity, someone once said. CBS is gonna get a lotta mileage out of this, no doubt. They'll be talk show after talk show discussing whether this is right or wrong and CBS will score huge ratings from all the hoopla. I don't believe CBS for a second when they try to say this is a "social experiment," and I'm sure they'll try to spin this as a "lesson for us all on embracing diversity." This is about ratings, which are about money. They're taking a chance by going for controversy to get viewers, but in the long run, they will be a showcase for what is one of the biggest wrongs in America...the obsession with race. ESPN, I'm looking in your direction.

Une Image Vaut La Peine Mille Mots

That's French for "A picture is worth a thousand words." You know who coined that phrase? Napoleon Bonaparte...a Frenchman.

Very much puts this in perspective (though I think a warrior like Napoleon would be disgusted).

Centanni And Wiig Update

The latest word were getting from Hamas is that the two Fox News journalists kidnapped last week will be released within hours. Here's hoping.

Pluto, We Hardly Knew Ye

Check out my post on the subject at Anti-Strib.

Olmert Running Into A Wall

The latest polls in Israel show that 63% of the public want Prime Minister Ehud Olmert out. If I know my math, that's a lot, more than enough for Bibi Netanyahu to start making his move.

Taking On The 527 Media

I tried to blog about this yesterday, but Blogger was being a bitch. Jed Babbin over at Real Clear Politics has written an open letter to RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman on how he should deal with the "527 Media" in the elections this fall and in 2008. Reading over the whole piece, I can't find anything I disagree with.

Clinton And Iraq Intel

Austin Bay takes a look back on what Bill Clinton knew about Iraqi WMD's and when he knew it. RTWT.

The New York Post Gives Nagin The Business

Via Daily Pundit.

The Hitch Gives Maher The Finger

**Warning to my mother: naughty language in this post**

Finally someone had the nerve to tell Bill Maher's brain-dead audience "who will applaud anything" that they need to fuck off. The Mighty Hitch did so in the most recent episode as Maher continued to defend our enemies as his lapdogs cheered. Here's a transcript. Maher used to be somewhat entertaining in his Politically Incorrect days, but now he's just a fucking imbecile. Howie at The Jawa Report points out Maher's lack of theological knowledge.


Only A Liberal In The Classical Sense

The New York Times is running a puff piece this weekend about a new documentary on Barry Goldwater, produced by his granddaughter that features interviews with modern-day socialists like Hillary Clinton, Ben Bradlee, Ted Kennedy, Al Franken, etc. Apparently, the documentary takes the position that Goldwater "was a kind of liberal" and thus a hero to modern-day Democrats (I'll have to watch it myself to see, since this comes from the NY Times it could be made up). That's all fine and good if you're uneducated and ignorant of the many deficiencies of the English-language.

Barry Goldwater was (always) a "classical liberal" or what I and many like me would call a libertarian. He was hawk on defense and believed in a small, but efficient government. After that, you're on your own and it's none of anybody's business. The Democrats like to pretend they have something in common with Goldwater due to his stand on abortion and gays in the military, but that's where it ends. Goldwater and the modern Democratic Party have almost nothing in common, and trying to make it seem otherwise is dishonest and disgusting.(Hat tip: Hot Air)

MORE: If you don't believe me, read this little nugget from Goldwater's obituary at CNN.com:

Goldwater said he knew the Vietnam War would be one of the major issues in the campaign, and called on President Lyndon Johnson to do what was necessary to win. He made his views on the war clear then and 25 years later when appearing on CNN's "Larry King Live."

"If I had inherited the mess that Johnson got into, I would have said to North Vietnam, by dropping leaflets out of B-52s, 'You quit the war in three days or the next time these babies come over there going to drop some big bombs on you.' And I'd make a swamp out of North Vietnam ... I'd rather kill a hell of a lot of North Vietnamese than one American and we've lost enough of them," Goldwater said.

Like music to my ears.

Khatami Full Of It

The former president of Iran, Mohammed Khatami, has wisely decided to go on a speaking tour in the United States, Japan and other corners of the globe while things heat up in his homeland. This fraud, who pretended to be a moderate voice while president for 8 years, is (surprise!) accusing the West of making matters worse in the Middle East by giving Iran trouble for its nuclear program. He has the gall to insult our intelligence by pretending to be perplexed that we have a problem with Iran having nukes, but we have no problem with Israel having nukes. I'd love to spend a few minutes alone with Mr. Khatami to drive a few points home.


It's A Very Beautiful World

I'm sorry folks. I held my tongue as long as I could, but I can't hold it in any longer:

Conservative Girls Are Hot!

But Sister Toldjah (another beautiful woman) puts it all in perspective:

You can be the most fantastic looking person in the world and it will not get you far if you don't have the brains to go with them (with the exception of Hollywood and the modeling industry). Hot Air proves this every week with the gorgeous Michelle Malkin at the helm doing Vents, and they proved it this week as well with the lovely Mary Katharine Ham and Bethany guest-Venting. These gals look great, and they're smart as hell, too. But even if they weren't "all that" it wouldn't change a thing about what they've said in their vlogs. Nice looks just makes things more interesting, and heck - might entice people who otherwise wouldn't tune in to do just that. And maybe those people who've tuned in because of that will learn something.

It's truly the best of both worlds.

Russell Simmons Stumps For Steele

If Michael Steele is able to win the Senate race this November in the very blue state of Maryland, Russell Simmons support may be looked back on as the turning point. Wizbang and Captain Ed have the details.

UPDATE: Ian Schwartz has the video. "Are you ready for change?"

Bloggers Getting It Done

Certainly Rathergate stands as the greatest example of bloggers working to expose media deception, but now there is someone here to challenge that title: A blogger named Zombie and a Israeli attack on the Red Cross that never happened.

Mark Steyn On EIB!

I am so bummed out that my favorite columnist, Mark Steyn, filled in for Rush today and I didn't get to listen (damn working for a living!). Thank God for the gang at Hot Air, at least I can get a taste.

MORE: Sister Toldjah swoones.

Centanni's Captors Probably al-Qaeda

Bad news from Dr. Shackleford: There's more evidence that the terrorists who kidnapped Fox News journalists Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig are indeed al-Qaeda. These are the big boys in the terror game, thus they're much more dangerous and more likely to carry out executions.

Let's all keep Centanni and Wiig in our prayers. Unfortunately, there's not much more we can do.

Put The Apocalypse On Hold

A great post from IraqPundit on the situation in Baghdad:

Turns out that, news of the Apocalypse notwithstanding, there's apparently been a significant decline in Baghdad street violence this month, including both criminal and political attacks. At least that's what U.S. and Iraqi officials are claiming. While it's reasonable to take a skeptical view of such claims like these, it's just as reasonable to be skeptical of the U.S. media's reports about the state of the city. As for me, I put my bet on the Baghdadis.

(Hat tip: Instapundit)


Netanyahu Laying The Groundwork

Bibi Netanyahu is setting the stage for Likud's comeback, talking to former IDF members and getting them on the team. He's also calling for an investigation into military deficiencies in the recent military action in Lebanon. Ah, Israeli politics. They know how to get it done.

If I Were President...

...this would be the deal: Iran said today that it's willing to enter negotiations concerning their nuclear activity but that it will not meet the U.S. demand that it stop uranium enrichment. The U.N. has given Iran until August 31st to change it's mind.

I say on September 1st, this gets bombed:

Photo courtesy the Associated Press

A Victory For South Park? Kick Ass!

Paramount studios has severed ties with Tom Cruise saying the star's erratic behavior over the last year was unacceptable (i.e. not nearly enough box office for M:I:III because people are sick of his freaky Scientology crap). I guess now Paramount won't have to choose sides between Cruise and Cartman. Kick ass!

UPDATE: Matt and Trey signed a contract to make two movies with Paramount today. Coincidence?

What To Do With Marvin Kalb

It's pretty much hopeless.

Steve Centanni And Olaf Wiig

Still missing.

Gumbel's Dan Rather Moment

By now most folks have heard how Bryant Gumbel ended his last show on HBO sarcastically telling the new NFL Commissioner to ask Paul Tagliabue "where he keeps Gene Upshaw's leash." This incensed former Minnesota Vikings running back Robert Smith, and he said something very interesting to Don Banks of Sports Illustrated:

"To me this is Gumbel's Dan Rather-type mistake."

Oooo..that's gotta hurt!

Michael Savage Gets It Right

He's a bit too out-there for most of us, but Michael Savage occasionally comes up with a brilliant little nugget. Blonde Sagacity found one last night on the subject of military heroes.

Iran Buys Some Time

Well, August 22nd did indeed bring a response from Iran. Nothing big like an attack, more like a distraction. The Mullahs say they are ready for "serious negotiations," i.e. they're want to buy more time, at least until January 2009. No doubt the U.N. will swoon.


What's Old Is New Again

Things seem to be collapsing all around Ehud Olmert, while Prime Ministers of the recent past are bidding their time. Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak are keeping up appearances and ready to pounce when the time is right. Israel's political landscape is absolutely fascinating to me. It was just this past March that the Likud Party was nothing short of dead, now it could be primed to take over the government in the next round of elections whenever they may be. Just amazing.

One theory
floating around is that the U.S. decided to stop Israel from continuing in Lebanon because the IAF was ill-prepared and the leadership of Olmert and Peretz was just terrible. To use an American analogy, it was like Jimmy Carter leading a war effort with the Clinton-era military. Maybe the Bushies thought it was best to hold off until a Netanyahu got back into power. But how can you be sure of that? It's a big gamble, if it's true.

Armitage Is The Man

It's looking more and more like Richard Armitage was the infamous leakers in the Plame Affair.

UPDATE: Sam over at PeoplesMedia fills us in on Armitage's whereabouts.

The Art Of Documentary Film Is Dead

Remember when you used to be able to watch good, cogent, intelligent documentaries on television or in an art movie theater? Those days are pretty much over. You can still find a decent documentary on TV if you look hard enough among the 500 channels, but the ones that get attention are nothing more than pure propaganda. Michael Moore was the driving force behind this along with Harvey Weinstein. Now Harvey is going to distribute a new documentary on "censorship victims" The Dixie Chicks.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: The war of this century is not the war on terrorism, or even the culture war. The war of this century is the battle to control information.

UPDATE: Looks like Harvey is hedging his bets and bringing in some balance. The actions of a smart businessman. (Hat tip: Drudge)

The Libertarian Popinjay To Join Anti-Strib

Big news here at Jim-Rose.com. I have been invited to join the group of South Park Conservatives over at the blog Anti-Strib. A member of Captain Ed's 101st Fighting Keyboardists, Anti-Strib is based in Minnesota and, as its name illustrates, predominantly (but not exclusively) deals with the slanted coverage of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. I lived in Minnesota for 4 years in the late 90's (during the Wellstone and Jesse "The Body" era) so I have some experience with the Strib and Minnesota politics, but the site welcomes all forms of dialogue as long as it's respectful (and as you'll see on Fridays, sexy). I'll still do the lion's share of blogging here, but I'll be doing a post a day or more at Anti-Strib.

Your Tax Dollars At Work

You have to give the French a little credit: they're consistent. The situation in Lebanon is a perfect example of their role in world affairs. When the fighting goes on, they're in the stands yelling, "Stop the fighting! Cease fire! Cease fire! We need peace!" Then when they get what they want and have put up their end of the bargain, in this case peacekeeping troops, they turn into William H. Macy's character in Fargo: "Aw geesh! Aw geesh!" They offer up 200 troops, not even enough to make a mess. Olmert says to himself, forget this, and he calls the Italians.



Chuck Hagel, (R) France

The nation's worst Republican Senator did the Sunday talk shows this weekend. I can't bear to watch, but Bull Dog Pundit took one for the team and analyzed the ravings of this pompous, self-obsessed waste of space from Nebraska.

Pat Buchanan Quandary

This is really bad. I just read Drudge's preview of Pat Buchanan's new book "State of Emergency" which is his latest treatise on the state of America. In this book, Buchanan says we are being overrun by people from the 3rd world and soon "The West" will be dead. He also gives his ideas on how to turn things around. Based on the snippets of the book that Drudge provides, I'm inclined to agree with Buchanan, but God help me, that's the last thing I want. Buchanan is an anti-Israeli isolationist that flirts with both fascism and communism. How can I possibly agree with him? I need some help here.

UPDATE: The gang over at Free Republic seem to be as conflicted as I am.

A Plea For Centanni

The family of Fox News Channel's Steve Centanni has made a video plea to his captors that takes a somewhat unusual approach. Hot Air has the video and the details.

UK Binoculars Help Hezbollah War Effort

An embarrassing discovery for the Brits as night-vision goggles that were given to Iran to help fight drug trafficking coming from the Afghanistan border were actually given by the Iranians to Hezbollah to fight the Israelis. Remember this the next time some diplomat says we should give North Korea uranium to be used "only for power plants." Idiots.

ABC Becomes The DNC

Robert Hahn over at RedState says ABC News has become and arm of the Democratic Party. He makes a good case.

Just Plain Weird

Just when you think this story about John Karr and JonBenet Ramsey couldn't get any weirder, it does.

UPDATE: Instapundit: "Yes, It is the silly season."


No Safety In The Las Vegas Desert...

...the Democrats are coming. (Hat tip: Drudge)

Remember Steve Centanni?

It's been five days since Fox News Channel's Steve Centanni was kidnapped by Palestinians. Why aren't we hearing more about this?

Steele Still In It

Good news from Maryland as polls show that Michael Steele is still keeping pace with whoever the Democratic nominee for Senate will be. Maryland is as Blue as King George III's blood. If Steele can pull this one out it would be a huge coup for the GOP. If he doesn't, I would strongly suggest the next Republican president, hopefully in '09, put him in the cabinet and keep his political stock on the high end. He's too smart a guy to let slip away.

The Death Of Photojournalism?

There's a lot of talk about a recent article in Editor & Publisher by David Perlmutter that says photojournalism may be dead. Perlmutter is no novice...he teaches photojournalism at the University of Kansas School of Journalism. First off, he being a member of academia, I applaud his bravery for even broaching the subject in this manner. Specifically, Perlmutter gives all due credit to Charles Johnson and other bloggers for their efforts to expose the fraud being perpetrated by media outlet like Reuters.

However, this whole Fauxtography flap is really not new. There are only two things that have changed: better technology, i.e. Photoshop; and the rise of the bloggers or, if you will, The Fifth Estate. Fraud via photojournalism has been prevalent since the Vietnam War. I remind folks of the infamous photograph of a Vietnamese girl being hit with napalm. Presented as being caused by American troops, in reality the only Americans around at the time were journalists and doctors...doctors who saved the life of the naked girl. But until now there hasn't been much scrutiny of photojournalism and thus people mistakenly think it's a new problem. No, it's an old one.

MORE: And the beat goes on.

UPDATE: Instapundit: Call it "suicide."

A Brilliant Comparison

There are few things I love more than a brilliant analogy. Barry Casselman takes the prize for his article on Ned Lamont over at Real Clear Politics: "Ned Lamont: Henry Wallace with a Website". Good stuff. (Hat tip: Powerline)


Gorbachev Loves The Clintons

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that one of history's biggest losers would have current views that are very similar to DNC talking points.

The New York Times Through Conservative Eyes

Funny stuff. (Hat tip: Tigerhawk)

The Times v. The Post

If you want to know the difference between the New York Times and the Washington Post you'll get no better example than their respective editorials on the recent NSA court decision.

Giuliani And The South

In his recent column, Byron York looks at whether Rudy Giuliani could win the Southern GOP vote in light of his liberal (or libertarian) positions on abortion, civil unions and the like. He ends on a somewhat pessimistic note:

All in all, it's a pretty strong lineup, all behind McCain. But Giuliani argues it won't matter in the long run. Asked when he needs to get a team together, he said, "After the 2006 election. I really don't think you should get in the way of the 2006 election. There's plenty of time." Perhaps that's true. But Giuliani is already gambling that he can persuade South Carolinians to accept his positions on some of the most contentious issues in politics. Even if that is possible, the job could take some time - perhaps more than Giuliani has given himself.

I'm a little more optimistic in this regard. Granted, I'm biased as I'm a big Giuliani fan, but I think what may win the Southern GOP over is two things: his strong stand on the War on Terrorism; and the Democratic Party. The former speaks for itself, the latter does too really, but I'll opine nonetheless. I really have to think that with the Democratic Party moving so far to the Left that the Southern GOP will put the social issues on the back-burner. No one is more adamant about continuing the war on terrorism than Giuliani and no one is more adamant about abandoning the war on terrorism then all of the Democrats' possible presidential candidates (with some very minor exceptions). There's a lot of talk that Russ Feingold may just be the odds on favorite for the Dems. His anti-war bonafides are unquestioned.

It's very early. The elections this November will certainly set the stage.

MORE: Lorie Byrd agrees with me.

It's Netanyahu Time

Ehud Olmert had it all. As Prime Minister, he leads a newly formed party, Kadima which crushed Labour and Likud in the last elections. The party was built on the idea that if Israel pulled out of occupied lands (Gaza, Southern Lebanon, some of the West Bank) that peace would soon follow.

It didn't. It proved to be a disaster. Then Hezbollah crossed the border and attacked Israel. Israel responded militarily and was in the process of crushing the terrorists group. What's more, Olmert had the support of the vast majority of the community to finish the job militarily. The population of Israel, sans the far Left and Right were willing to endure attacks if it meant achieving a greater good: the end of Hezbollah.

Then came along George W. Bush, France and the U.N. Olmert went along with the cease fire and the fighting stopped. Helen Thomas may be happy, but the Israeli army is not. Olmert held the whole world in his hands and he let it slip away. Now it appears, he may pay the price. Ben Netanyahu is right there to state the obvious: land for peace failed; Olmert and Kadima failed. Here's hoping a change in leadership is imminent.

MORE: Here's a link to Netanyahu's statement to the U.S. Government Reform Committee on September 20, 2001. RTWT!

If anyone knows where I could get a video link of this speech, please let me know.

EVEN MORE: Ralph Peters at the NY Post just rips Olmert and the IDF.


You Don't Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows

John Edwards is nothing but a coward.

There He Goes Again

My man McQ has some nice analysis on the recent bloviations of our worst president, Jimmy Carter. A small taste:

So on its face, Mr. Carter's statement is simply disingenuous nonsense and political spin to support his anti-administration agenda. The fact that Mr. Carter didn't have the gonads to actually do what was necessary to free our hostages in Iran or face down the USSR for its invasion of Afghanistan leaves him little in the way of a credible voice in what is or isn't a true threat to our security and how we should act.

Wes Craven's Remake Madness

It's a given that there are no original ideas left in Hollywood. Either we have remakes of the classic films like Psycho or not so classics like The Shaggy DA and whatever else; or we have people like George Lucas making ridiculous prequels thus destroying their previous genius. Now we have directors remaking their own movies!


Mel Gibson Gets Probation

If you think about it, Mel Gibson, the American anti-Semite, got a harsher sentence for DUI than Middle Eastern anti-Semite, Hasan Nasrallah, got for starting a war in Lebanon...that being no sentence at all. Quite a world.

Monks Brawl At Peace Protest

I saw this headline on Drudge and I couldn't help wondering what it must have been like to write this story. A chance to write a headline like that must only come along once in a journalist's lifetime.

Ramsey Case Gets Weirder

This John Karr fellow says that he drugged JonBenet Ramsey before he raped her, yet the autopsy report, courtesy The Smoking Gun, (Hat tip: Drudge) says no drugs were found in her system.

What does this mean? It means that Christmas came early for the media this year. No matter what happens in this case, whether it's proven Karr did it, or he's pulled off the greatest hoax since Clifford Irving, it's a gift to the media that keeps on giving. Can you say "exhumation?" It's early, but don't be surprised.

Andrew Sullivan And The Definition Of Deranged

A great post by Karol Sheinin who is guest-blogging over at Michelle Malkin's site on the changes in Andrew Sullivan over the last few years. Her last paragraph could've been written by me:

Sullivan used to be one of my favorite writers, even when I disagreed with him. He was the first blogger I ever gave money to, though admittedly it was only 20 bucks. But he's let his emotion override his critical thinking skills. He can call me "deranged" as much as he'd like, obviously he finds that easier than forming coherent arguments.

As the Brits would say: Spot on! I once thought that Sullivan could be a new, leading voice for all the libertarian-conservatives out there, but in the end, he just didn't have the balls.


Hollywood Condemns Terrorism?

Once in a great while, Hollywood celebrities get it. Don Surber fills us in.

MORE: Bill Quick is cautiously optimistic.

MORE: Gateway Pundit: "Praise the Lord."

I gotta say, Nicole Kidman has never looked more beautiful to me than she does right now.

France Already Sweating

They're not even close to deploying troops to Lebanon and already the French are getting nervous. Quelle surprise.

Arrest Made In JonBenet Ramsey Case

Wow. I never thought I would live to see the day this case might be solved. If it's true and this guy did it, all of American pop culture will owe John and (the late) Patsy Ramsey one huge apology. Let's face it...we all thought they did it. They were found guilty in pop culture's court of law. What now?

MORE: Democratic Underground questions timing. Who knew Karl Rove had a hand in the investigation all along? Not I. (Hat tip: Hot Air)

Welcome BLOGMA readers! Thanks for coming over.

New Planets Named, School Textbooks Deemed Worthless

A committee of astronomers and historians has proposed changing the definition of the word "planet," a change that would add three news planets to our solar system. First, it would end the controversy of whether Pluto is a planet or not. Second, it would make an asteroid called Ceres, a moon of Pluto called Charon and another object way beyond Pluto called 2003 UB313 planets. An asteroid? A moon? Okay then.

George Allen Flap Nonsense

Oh, and by the way, this whole "racial incident" involving Senator George Allen is a lot of nonsense. If he had just made reference to Ghandi working at 7/11, he would have been okay I guess.

Busy Week

Light posting this week due to a busy schedule at work and dealing with car trouble. I'll try and get back in the swing shortly.


Jimmy Carter Comes Clean, Sort Of

Bill Clinton is lucky. Despite the fact that he's lamenting turning 60 (the E-D must be setting in), he should count his blessings; the first being Jimmy Carter. If it weren't for Carter, Clinton would hold the title of worst living President, but despite being on the only President to be impeached, Clinton can't hold a candle to Jimmah.

Carter's comments of late border on anti-American, and they are without a doubt anti-Israel and pro-terrorists. He says, however, that he represents the vast majority of Democrats. I don't think I can argue with that.

Green-Helmet Boy Comes Clean, Sort Of

Via Little Green Footballs.

Blow: Raul Castro's Cocaine Connection

Brian Ross over at ABC News is reporting that Federal prosecutors in Miami were prepared to file an indictment in 1993 against Raul Castro as the head of a cocaine smuggling conspiracy. But guess what happened....the Clinton Justice Department overruled them. Quelle surprise.


The Kos Kidz Are In Love!

With Iranian President Ahmadinejad.


Security Done The Right Way

For once, the Brits may be ahead of us in one area: airport security.

Lindsey Graham Is A Liar

The holier-than-thou second-banana to John McCain is proving himself to be one of the worst Republican's in the Senate.

Cease Fire On The Brink?

Hezbollah still firing the rockets. Didn't they get the memo? Where's Lundberg?

MORE: Whatcha gonna do about it, Kofi?

Fox News Reporter Kidnapped

I had a very long day and no contact with the news at all, so I was shocked to just hear about the kidnapping of Fox News' Steve Centanni and cameraman Olaf Wiig by Palestinian scumbags. Yeah, let's give them a state. I'd like to see Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch handle this alone al la Ross Perot during the Iran Hostage Crisis. Big mistake by the Palestinian thugs. Let's all pray for these two journalists.

MORE: Nutroots celebrate.

MORE: Michelle Malkin has a roundup.


A Diplomatic Gambit?

I really hate looking the fool, but the more stories I'm reading today, the more I'm starting to think that George W., Condi, Bolton, Olmert and the gang may have just outsmarted us all. We'll see.

MORE: The Emperor says we're headed for another heartbreak if we believe the rope-a-dope theory. It's anybody's guess right now.

Carson Palmer Not Quite There Yet

Finally, NFL Football is back. A nice respite from all this Middle East noise. I'm watching the pre-season game on NBC between the Cincinnati Bengals and Washington Redskins. Andrea Kramer did a pregame interview with Carson Palmer that I think is gonna create a small feeding frenzy in the sporting press. Palmer recently told Sports Illustrated that he still has flashbacks to the Pittsburgh game where he got the injury. Some thought that was a little too much candor. Now tonight, his answers to when he would start playing were a bunch of "not sures." I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, but in this age where pro-sports machismo is the norm, the sports writers (never the most tactful people) will probably start the throwing salt.

Lebanese Government On The Brink

There may be a glimmer of hope yet in the Middle East. It's looking like the U.N. agreement to stop the fighting in Lebanon may be collapsing before it even goes to a vote. The Lebanese government, so far, has not been able to do it's part to rein in Hezbollah and there are signs it may be crumbling. The good Captain has all the info.

MORE: McQ thinks this may buy Israel several crucial weeks. Let's hope.

MORE: Was it just a trap? I don't mean to sound like a Monday morning quarterback, but you always have to wonder with these diplomatic deals if there's some kind of subterfuge afoot. That's always the hope anyway, and we may be seeing some evidence of it here. I had a mild inkling yesterday after listening to John Bolton. Here's hoping all the kvetching I've been doing this weekend has been for naught.

The Time Is Now: Give Photoshop The Pulitzer

It was two years ago that one of the most infamous events in Journalism left CBS News "shakier than cafeteria Jell-O." It was also an event that provided the coming-of-age moment for Blogosphere. It was Rathergate. Legendary journalist and anchorman Dan Rather, along with producer Mary Mapes produced a story in which they presented Texas Air National Guard documents that they said proved that George W. Bush disobeyed orders while a member of TANG and that Guard officials were pressured to improve his Guard record and give him special treatment. Rather, Mapes and CBS claimed that the documents had been authenticated by experts and their main source for the story was a former TANG Lt. Colonel Bill Burkett.

The story quickly unraveled as the agenda of Burkett came to light and he was revealed to be a liar. Also, bloggers Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, "Buckhead" from Free Republic and others were able to prove that the documents were most likely forgeries. Everything started to crumble around CBS. Mapes was fired, Rather was eventually pushed into retirement and then completely out of CBS Headquarters and, perhaps worst of all to the gang at CBS, George W. Bush was reelected President of the United States.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the asylum. Despite the fact that Rather and Mapes had been exposed as frauds; Despite the fact that Rather and Mapes, faced with a mountain of evidence that their story was crap, refused to admit they were duped or lied; Despite that fact that Rather and Mapes to this day stand by the story giving us the new MSM catchphrase "fake but accurate,"; despite all of this, Rather and Mapes were awarded a Peabody Award for their coverage of the Abu Ghraib story. True, there's no evidence anything in the Abu Ghraib story was inaccurate, but it was produced by proven liars and dupes. Doesn't matter, at least not to their peers.

Then in 2005, the AP received a Pulitzer for a photograph from Iraq showing an election worker being executed by a gunmen. It had all the sings of being staged for the media, though this is debatable. However, such questions weren't enough to dissuade the Pulitzer Committee.

Now we move to the present, 2006, and we see they effect of Rathergate on mainstream journalism. There are more staged and altered photographs coming out of the Middle East than the Blogosphere can keep up with. See here and here.

The way I see it, until we can change the world, let's at least be honest about where we're at. I'm talking to you, Pulitzer Committee. The time has come to honest about where mainstream journalism stands at this point in history. It's time to be completely honest and tell it like it is.

In order to accomplish this, I am proposing a campaign that calls for
Thomas and John Knoll, the inventors of Photoshop, to be award this year's Pulitzer Prize for Photojournalism.

Photoshop has become the MVP for the MSM.
It's time that the Knoll Brothers are recognized for their contribution the Fourth Estate. But if you don't believe me, just ask my friend here:

He knows what I'm talkin' 'bout.


Galloway Passes The Hat Around The Room

It didn't take long for our ol' buddy Gorgeous George Galloway to jump into the fray of recent events in the Middle East by fanning the flames of hate and passing the hat for his own personal gain. You gotta give George credit, he's one very evil constant in the West when the subject of terrorism comes to the fore.

Bolton Speaks On Middle East

Just listened to Atlas Shrugs' audio interview with John Bolton and I've got a few thoughts. Certainly a lot of us in the Blogosphere are up in arms over the agreement due to the fact that we've been calling for allowing Israel to wipe out Hezbollah. After trying to "listen between the lines" with Bolton, it seems to me that the main goal of Bush and his team is to support Israel, but at the same time to try and prop up the Lebanese government, i.e. finishing off the Cedar Revolution. I'm not going soft here, just speculating a hypothesis. If you listen to the interview, you hear Bolton always go back to "The Lebanese Government," almost to the point of a broken record. I think the Bush team really want Lebanon to be another cog in the emerging democratic engine in the Middle East. Iraq is one the way and they hope Lebanon to be next, most likely feeling that if the Lebanese people are a part of the process, if they play a role in defanging Hezbollah, it will be a more effective approach than living with the sting of Israel cleaning house. Maybe, I dunno. Just some train of thought ideas.

I'm still on board with the approach of complete and total victory, but I concur with Bill Quick that we need to watch out for MSM opportunists looking to use stuff like this to hurt Condi. Better watch yourselves, we are not amused.

MORE: The Emperor pours some cold water on this approach.

EVEN MORE: Power Line puts it all in a nutshell.

Is Chafee The Republican Version Of Lieberman?

Some are making the argument that GOP efforts to get rid of Lincoln Chafee are similar to Democrats efforts to get rid of Joe Lieberman. Nice try, but there's little similarity if any. Joe Lieberman is under fire for one issue and one issue along, the War in Iraq. He's a liberal on every other issue in politics with a few minor exceptions. Chafee, on the other hand, is a conservative on...um, well, not a single issue. He is more liberal than a lot of Democrats...one the war and everything else under the sun. The only good Chafee is to the GOP is that he caucuses with them. After that, he works 24/7 to hurt them.

U.S.S. Clinton Launched, Secrets Given To China

Via The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler.

A Hezbollah Hangover

I think we're all a little hungover from week. First we had the terrorists plot in Britain squashed, though it made air travel and nightmare. Then the U.N. strikes a deal, agreed to by Israel, to stop the fighting in Lebanon. I myself slept 'til noon today to get away from it all. Steve Sanders over at The American Thinker has a pretty good perspective on how most of us are feeling today.

Rudy Giuliani For President

Roger L. Simon is thinking that the best man for the job of President in 2008 in Rudy Giuliani...especially in light of the events we've seen this week. I couldn't agree more. Rudy is by far the best man for the job and has the endorsement of The Libertarian Popinjay (for what that's worth). The only sticky issue (in my mind anyway) is what kind of Supreme Court Justice Rudy would pick. Rusty Shackleford aptly points out that this is a major concern and he would need to coyly promise to follow Bush's lead in this regard. (Hint: Janice Rogers Brown)

Meanwhile, Glenn Reynolds has a poll. It's really a farce. The thought of McCain-Lieberman ticket gives me that Obi-Wan feeling (like a million voices crying out and then suddenly going silent). Sorry, I'm a little punchy today (thanks to Bush, Olmert and the U.N.).


Bush Reads Camus

"Intellectual lightweight" George W. Bush, after quoting Albert Camus in Brussels a few months ago, spent some time on his August vacation to read "The Stranger." Good choice by W. The Stranger is an excellent book and Camus was a great man. He fell out with his fellow existentialists by becoming a huge critic of their hero, Josef Stalin. Some get it and some don't. (Hat tip: Drudge)

REPORT: Olmert Accepts Cease Fire Deal

Looks like the Hezbos will get a chance to regroup and rearm after all.

MORE: Michelle Malkin calls it surrender. She's right.

MORE: Little Green Footballs: "Aarrgghh."

MORE: Power Line: "Amateur Hour Continues."

MORE: Rottweiler: Bunch of sh*t! (I had to clean that up a little. Gotta love the Emperor!)

MORE: Hot Air: "Super." (/sarcasm)

AND MORE: Daily Pundit: Called it!

Brian Williams Hits The Fringe

I used to think that Brian Williams was one of the semi-sane members of the MSM, but no longer. After making a comparison between Islamic suicide bombers and Army Rangers, Navy Seals, New York firefighters and the like, I think we're done here. The complete inability to see a moral difference between a New York firefighter, sacrificing his life to save people compared to suicide bombers that sacrifice their lives to kill people is just astonishing...even now after 2 years of blogging, it still surprises me.

Chavez Leaks Info On Castro

Interesting. After hearing from the Cuban dictatorship that Fidel Castro was doing fine and his surgery was nothing serious, the starved for attention dictator of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez said yesterday that Castro is in a "great battle for life." Chavez said his phone call with Castro filled him with optimism. If Castro is on his death bed, I'm the one filled with optimism.

Israel Starts Ground War Offensive

It's on like Donkey Kong in Lebanon. (Hat Tip: Drudge)


Mike Wallace Is Proof Positive

Drudge filed this report of Mike Wallace's appearance on the Sean Hannity Radio Show:

PITBULL JOURNALIST GOES SOFT ON IRANIAN MADMAN: 88-year-old CBS journalist says Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a 'reasonable' man on Sean Hannity's ABC radio program... Points out Ahmadinejad not anti-Jewish... just anti-Zionist state. Says many Jews in Iranian Parliament, in great positions in Iranian life... Believes Ahmadinejad sincere in his hope for peaceful coexistence between Iran and West... Troubled by comparisons of leader to Hitler... Marvels at Ahmadinejad's civil engineering degree, 'intellect', 'savvy'... Asks viewers not to bring 'prejudices' to Sunday night '60 MINUTES' broadcast... Proclaims 'discussion' was sincere and not for propaganda purposes... Developing...

You gotta hand it to Wallace...he makes blogging easy. I really don't have to say anything (but of course, I will). Just when you think that the political Right has gone too far in its estimation of the liberal media and finding MSM conspiracies against Bush under every rock, along comes Mike Wallace to vindicate even the kookiest of media critics.

Was 8/22 The Target Date?

Our good friend Reliapundit raises a very good point about the terrorists' plan at Heathrow Airport.

A Job Well Done, It Seems

We can kvetch all we want over not being able to bring our hair-gel or a bottle of water onto airplanes anymore, but when you look at the big picture, this was a truly great day for law enforcement.

The Brits (and I'm sure the Americans) really did a amazing job. The boys at Scotland Yard should be commended. This very well could have been the big one that we've all been waiting for the last 5 years. Let's hope that it was. Meanwhile, the battle continues...will this teach the doubters that we cannot accept anything but total victory?

UPDATE: The answer seems to be a resounding no. Wow.

Another Air Plot Foiled

Heard on the radio this morning about the plot to put bombs on planes in Britain headed for America. Apparently, the terrorists were planning on using some kind of liquid explosives, thus we can forget about taking a soda or bottled water onto a plane for a very long time. What a pain. These are the major victories for the terrorists...when they change little aspects of our day-to-day lives. I can live without my bottled water, but it's still annoying as hell that I have to.

However, no one said that freedom would be easy.

The Age Of "Gotcha" Is Dead

I read a story on Drudge this morning by Peter Schweizer about how Al Gore is a hypocrite when it comes to the environment. The story cites how there are many ways he could be more "green" in his personal life but isn't, and how he owns stock in petroleum companies and the like. What this article really made me realize is that the age "Gotcha" is really over in this media age. There are lots of stories about how Al Gore is a hypocrite, but it never seems to matter. He still makes speeches, and movies and appearances and everyone questions themselves before they question him.

But there's another possibility: Maybe his hypocrisy isn't egregious enough for the public to care, or maybe he and his issue aren't big enough for anyone to care when he's exposed as a fraud. Food for thought for the ex-Veep. Strangely, if more people were outraged by his hypocrisy, it would mean he has more credibility. Welcome to Catch-22, Al.


Kos Kidz Annoyed With Lieberman

Our man Seixon has some nice analysis of Joe Lieberman's independent run for the Senate and how it's got the Kos Kidz flustered.

Two Peas In A Pod

Mike Wallace interviews Iranian President Ahmadinejad. You just know where this is going!

The Feline Billy Barty

By far the cutest story of the day, the story of Heed, the World's Smallest Cat. If you've ever wanted a kitten to stay a kitten, he's your guy. (Hat tip: Drudge)

Castro's Health In Question

The latest rumor concerning the health of "Genius" Fidel Castro is that he has pancreatic cancer. Here's hoping.


Doctored Photos Roundup

LGF operative Zombie Time has a nice roundup of the latest doctored photos and staged photo shoots from Lebanon.

McKinney Out In Georgia

Perhaps lost amidst the coverage of the dustup in Connecticut, we have the good news that the craziest member of the United States' Congress has been sent packing. Cynthia McKinney was defeated in a runoff primary by attorney Hank Johnson. Looks like the Zionists won this round, eh Cynthia? (cue evil laugh)

Lieberman Loses Primary

Senator Joe Lieberman has lost the Democratic Primary for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut to political newcomer Ned Lamont. First things first: I was wrong. I thought this whole Lamont thing was overplayed by the media, but I underestimated the full-court press by the MSM and the Kos Kidz. Let me be the first to congratulate the Nutroots for their first victory (of sorts) and here's hoping they can continue to push the party even further to the Left. Speaking as Goldwater/South Park Conservative, I can think of nothing I would like more. Kudos!

Now it's on to the general election where Lieberman is likely to win as an Independent, though if Lamont can ride this wave (with lots of Driveby Media help), who knows? What's so infuriating about Lieberman is that despite getting kicked in the jewels for the last couple of years by the Democrats, if he wins as an Indy, he'll probably still caucus with the Democrats. Moron. Don Surber thinks we'd be just as well to have him gone completely. He has a point. Like we need another Linc Chafee.

Separated At Birth?

I saw Don Surber's new head-shot on his website and something seemed very familiar. Then it hit me: Father Ted!

The Artistic Side Of The MSM

You have to give the MSM and the Hezbos credit...they're getting much more artistic with their staged photographs. The most recent example looks a lot like "The Raft of the Medusa" by Gericault. Nice use of the triangle form.

Dennis Miller Back Where He Belongs

At Fox News.

I Have Returned

Whew! I'm back. Had a nice visit with lots and lots of family in Nebraska. Also went to my 15th Year High School Reunion (something I NEVER thought I would do, but I'm glad I did). Glad to be back, though, and on an eventful day. It's looking like McKinney is out (again) and Lieberman will lose his primary. Also anxious to catch up on the Little Green Footballs/Reuters War. Lots to do.


Bush, Rush And Little Green Footballs

Sorry for the lack of posts but as you know I'm in Louisville, NE and far away from a DSL. I just saw Bush and Condi talking about the Middle East on TV. Listening to Rush now and he's saying Charles Johnson is getting threats from Reuters. Bad craziness.


Diplomats Play The Game

Looks like Bolton and the rest of the diplomats have found a way to pass a U.N. Resolution that won't be agreed on by either Israel or the Hezbos and give Israel more time to wipe them out but allow it to seem like we want it to stop. Works for me.


Hagel Watch: Day One

Here in Louisville, Nebraska helping my folks run their liquor store for about 5 days. While I'm here, I'm gonna keep tabs on the nation's worst GOP Senator, Chuck Hagel. So far he's been on the radio in Omaha saying Iraq is very much like Vietnam. He's also bashing the other NE Senator, Conservative Democrat Ben Nelson, for not being a "true conservative:" He's one to talk.


Stuck In Nebraska

Sorry for the light blogging, stuck in Nebraska visiting my folks. If I happen to see Chuck Hagel I'll be sure to give him what for.


Barrett's Family Grateful

The Cambridge Evening News reports that Rosemary Breen and the rest of Syd Barrett's family are touched and overwhelmed by the outpouring of condolences from fans all over the world since Syd's passing. Meanwhile, rumors are flying all over the place that Waters, Gilmour, Mason and Wright are looking to reunite one more time for a tribute concert. No official word from the four, but that won't stop the frenzy.

Juan Cole Backed In A Corner

As usual, Juan Cole is a Goddamned liar. Realizing that Mel Gibson is being vilified for saying what Cole has been saying himself for several years: "The Jews are responsible for all the wars," he decides its time for some serious damage control and back-peddling. Nice try Juan, but we alas we now live in the information age.

But Will There Be T-P For My Bunghole?

From our "What the hell?" file, we have this headline from the Circle Banner out of Circle, Montana:

Cornhole Championship Held in Terry

Okay then.

The Huffington Minstrel Show

More brilliance from the walking lobotomies over at Huffington Post. (Hat tip: Drudge)

UPDATE: Surprise! The picture is gone with nary a word of explanation.

Caption Contest

A second place finish for yours truly in last week's caption contest over at WILLisms.

Castro The Coward

A nice piece from Andres Oppenheimer on the world's worst dictator.


Dingell Can't Be Saved No Matter How You Spin It

A Leftist website is trying to help out John Dingell after he was caught saying he's not against Hezbollah. Think Progress argues that Power Line and other conservative websites are guilty of creative editing. What you hear on Power Line is the following:

Q: “You’re not against Hezbollah?”

Dingell: “No…”

Here’s the full transcript, according to Think Progress:

Q: You’re not against Hezbollah?

DINGELL: No, I happen to be — I happen to be against violence, I think the United States has to bring resolution to this matter. Now, I condemn Hezbollah as does everybody else, for the violence.

This changes nothing. He's saying he condemns Hezbollah for the violence, but he does not condemn Hezbollah in and of itself. He stated earlier in the interview that despite the fact that America has deemed Hezbollah a terrorist organization, he does not take sides. Well, according to Howard Dean, this makes him an anti-Semite. Maybe. Maybe not. What it definitely makes him is a fool...a dangerous fool. No spin or creative editing can hide that fact.

Fight The Battle On The Mediafield

Good lord, have you seen Real Clear Politics today? I've never seen so many headlines telling us how Israel and America are defeated in the WOT. Fortunately, Jim Pinkerton puts it in perspective.

Criticism Is Free Speech Too

Don Surber takes a Journalism prof to school over his gross misreading of the First Amendment.

Mad Mel Asks The Jews For Help

Via Drudge.