ABC Buckles: Edits "The Path To 9/11"

It should hardly be a surprise. ABC committed the ultimate offense of putting the Clinton Administration in a bad light. Don't they know the rules? And hey, it may be that there are some things in the movie that are inaccurate, but when has that ever stopped Oliver Stone or Michael Moore? And they both have Oscars.

The real story here is how Clinton has to do everything possible to protect his legacy, because there is a lot to hide. I haven't heard a peep out of one Bush Administration official about their part in the movie, which apparently isn't much more flattering. What does that tell you? It reminds me of when Ronald Reagan let Jimmy Carter go to Iran and pick up the hostages in 1981. Reagan had confidence in himself and wasn't threatened by anyone else being in the spotlight. It's the same Bush. Clinton however lives in fear 24/7. What a horrible way to live your life.

UPDATE: Madeleine Halfbright says the scenes portraying her are "defamatory." Careful Maddy, you're a public figure. You'd have to prove their was actual malice to make that charge stick. Why don't you give George W. a call and maybe he can teach you how to handle being defamed on a daily basis.