Dems Go For Total Victory On "Path To 9/11"

Looks like editing out the naughty bits isn't going to be good enough for the Clinton cabal. Senators Reid and Durbin are demanding ABC completely cancel the miniseries in a letter that has not so veiled threats. Yet Bush is the one they call a Nazi. Michael Moore must be loving this.

Seriously, this is a really sad affair for our country. We have a group of politicians that are willing to abuse their power and bully a corporation in order to get their way. I've said time and time again, the new war is not the war on terror, it's the war for the control of information. Take it to the bank.

UPDATE: Drudge dug up this article in which Tom Daschle slams CBS for pulling "The Reagans."

MORE: Hugh Hewitt has been all over this story and has some nice analysis.