George Bush 41: Hugo Chavez Is An Ass

The first vote I ever cast was for George Bush back in 1992. I was frustrated with him at the time, but I knew he was a good man and much better than the two alternatives. In the 13 years he's been out of office, my estimation of the man has only increased and I think by far he is our best ex-President. On Larry King Live, he was asked how he felt about Hugo Chavez calling his son the devil. After being goaded by King, Bush replied, "Well, he's an ass." That's the tell-it-like-it-is moxie I knew he had in him.

However, this reminded me of the 1992 campaign in which one of Bill Clinton's big arguments was that George Bush coddled dictators and he would put an end to that. Thirteen years later, we know how well that worked out. If you think about it, one of the major reasons that we have dictators in the world is because of the United Nations. They have been working for years protecting and, dare I say, "coddling" dictators and making sure they weren't harmed by the evil United States. George Bush 41 did everything he could to work with the U.N. and try to find diplomatic solutions to world problems. Is it me, or is this a stark contradiction? Republican's are criticized for their criticism of the U.N., but at the same time they used to get accused of coddling dictators, a U.N. habit. The world has changed dramatically since 1992 and now everything America does is wrong according to the world community. There really aren't dictators anymore in the postmodern world. Everyone has their own culture and we need to leave it alone, they say. Who are we to decide what's good for, say, the Iraqis. Hell, things were better under "dictator" Saddam anyway, right?

Postmodernism is killing us.