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Sorry for the lack of posting this week. Working some long hours. Should be back in the swing tomorrow or this weekend.


The Daily Drudge, 11/29/06

A look at the headlines on the Drudge Report:

TOO LATE: Prof Lovelock claims any attempts to tackle climate change will not be able to solve the problem...

So I guess we should live it up!

Dem Sen. Schumer: Reaganism Is Dead...

The huge inflow of money into the U.S. Treasury after the Bush tax cut notwithstanding.

Mystery illness hits former Russian PM...

Funny how since the Democrats came back into power, the thugs of the world seem a lot more brass and emboldened.


That sound you hear is nobody caring.

Sniffer bees set to snare suicide bombers...

Starring John Carradine.


Libertarian Popinjay: Lack of money in my bank account unfair to me!


Pelosi: Iraqi Violence Not Al-Qaeda's Fault

I kid you not.

Jackson Proposes Free Speech Ban

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Jesse Jackson is taking the ball Michael Richards passed to him and running with it. Not only is Jackson calling for people to not buy Seinfeld Season 7 on DVD, he's calling for a ban on the use of the "n-word" in entertainment and music. You have to wonder what the late Richard Pryor would have to say about this....much less, Lenny Bruce.

The Stalinists are getting gutsy since the Democrats took over the Congress. We need to be careful not to just laugh this kind of stuff off. Words mean things but we also have the power to make them meaningless. Trying to punish people for certain forms of speech is wrong and downright evil. These people need to be stopped.


Bush In Burqa?

As optical allusions go, this one takes the cake. The conspiracy nuts are going to have a field day. Another great catch by Drudge.

Big Blew

As expected, the New York Post didn't disappoint this morning when covering yesterday's New York Giants debacle.


NFL Week 12 Quick Hits

The New York Giants are like the Osbournes...a totally dysfunctional family where everyone is mad at one another and no one is behaving worth a damn. If I'm in their front office, I'm thinking about making some serious, serious changes.

The Atlanta Falcons are a mess. I don't have clever analogy for them, they're just a damned mess. I never would have expected to see the day when the fans turned on Michael Vick...and visa-versa.


Vince Young is starting to show us something.

I said it before and I'll say it again...why didn't Brian Bilick take over the offensive 5 years ago? Oh, right. No quarterback.

Could Jerome Bettis and Antwaan Randle-El really have been that big a part of the Steelers championship team?

Jesse Jackson Fighting To Gut First Amendment

No, I'm not kidding. (Hat tip: Hot Air)

Hollywood's Double Standard

"If we were in another country... we would stone Henry Hyde to death and we would go to their homes and kill their wives and their children. We would kill their families."

-Alec Baldwin on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, December 11, 1998

"Fifty years ago we'd have you upside down with a f***ing fork up your ass. You can talk, you can talk, you're brave now motherf**ker. Throw his ass out. He's a nigger! He's a nigger! He's a nigger! A nigger, look, there's a nigger!"

-Michael "Kramer" Richards at The Laugh Factory, November 17, 2006

Pop quiz. Whose career is over and whose career is thriving? Now explain it to me.

Chuck Hagel Calls For Defeat In Iraq

Paul Mirengoff put it best:

"Hagel may not be the biggest fool in the Senate, but after reading his piece in today's Washington Post I'm at a loss to identify a bigger one."

Nebraska...I'm scowling in your direction.

What Of Europe?

Don Surber has some nice analysis of the latest Ralph Peters column in which he essentially states that us pro-war on terror types should be more worried about Europe turning to genocide to solve its Muslim problem than letting themselves be overrun due to their slavish devotion to a PC society. Ralph is always prone to theatrics (dare I say hysterics) in his columns and he doesn't disappoint this week:

"And Europeans won't even need to re-write "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" with an Islamist theme - real Muslims zealots provide Europe's bigots with all the propaganda they need. Al Qaeda and its wannabe fans are the worst thing that could have happened to Europe's Muslims. Europe hasn't broken free of its historical addictions - we're going to see Europe's history reprised on meth."

Heh! Good stuff! Seriously, Ralph has a good point, but I think it may be a bit simplistic. Granted, I am pretty cynical about Europe, but I just don't see them solving their Muslim problem by either extreme or moderate means. While it's a mistake to dismiss the possible return of good ol' fashioned European ethnic cleansing, I think we're equally mistaken if we dismiss Europe's Cultural Marxism (i.e. political correctness) as a passing phase.

UPDATE: Much more here.

Copperheads Then, Copperheads Now

Jeffrey Schmidt has a good think-piece over at the American Thinker about the options the Democrats having for the presidency in '08. I have some disagreements with his thesis, but it's still a good article with some good historical tidbits.

Berlusconi Hospitalized

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi remains hospitalized after collapsing during a speech to center-right political supporters. Early diagnosis says Berlusconi has an irregular heartbeat. My thoughts are with him and I hope he can make a full recovery. He's been a very good ally to us. (Hat tip: Drudge)

Back And Ready To Go

Hey gang, I'm back from my Thanksgiving weekend in Nebraska. Good news as the Huskers won and will face the Sooners in the Big 12 Championship, the way it ought to be. Flew in early this morning so I can watch football today, decompress and get back into my routine.


The Last Mistake

“Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake.” Tony Blankley writes, pulling out of Iraq would be the last mistake.

The Influence Of Gramsci

There's a brilliant post you must read over at The Astute Bloggers. Punditarian looks at the influence of famed Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci on the modern-day American Left. It's heavy stuff, but worth the effort.

Happy Turkey Day

Posting will be light through this holiday weekend as I'll be in the Midwest and away from a computer for most of the time. After this year's elections, this break probably couldn't come at a better time. Time to clear our heads with some tryptophan.


K-Fed: There Is No Britney Spears Sex Tape


Michael Richards Outburst Not Unprecedented

Caught this on the comments section of Paula Mooney's website. Turns out (if Wikipedia is to be believed) Elvis Costello had a similar outburst way back in 1979 when talking about James Brown and Ray Charles. As I wrote extensively yesterday, you never know what's inside just waiting to come out.

Anti-Syrian Politician Assassinated In Lebanon

Yes, fantastic idea. Let's make Syria an ally.


Mitt Romney Working On Conservative Bona-Fides

If Mitt Romney is trying to win me over, it's working. His stance as the anti-McCain is only too attractive. With the likes of Romney, Giuliani and Gingrich in the field for 2008, I'm feeling pretty good.

UPDATE: Great headline (hat tip: Power Line) from the always "impartial" AP:


Kramer Caught On Tape

In this age of camera phones, you just can't be sure that you're not being recorded at any time. On that note, Michael "Kramer" Richards was caught shouting "nigger" to a some hecklers in the crowd at the Laugh Factory in L.A. Looks like we've got another Mel Gibson on our hands. With all the stuff in the movie "Borat" and the combination of Mad Max and Kramer, we're going to be seeing a lot of news stories about hidden racism in our society. It's there, no question. (Hat tip: Drudge)

MORE: Seinfeld "sick over this."

STILL MORE: Paula Mooney: "Why, Cosmo? Why?

UPDATE: An apology on Letterman with Seinfeld present.

AND FINALLY: Well, if there's one thing I take away from this it's that Jerry Seinfeld is a really good friend. He was like Tony Blair on 9/11...there when Richards needed somebody, and that's pretty cool. Richards looked like a man who's on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I didn't realize until today that he really hasn't worked in 6 years. Sure he's done stand-up, but if you check IMDB, his last credit is David Copperfield in 2000. I knew he was typecast as Kramer, but I didn't realize it was this bad. I hope he gets some therapy and gets through this. "Kramer" is someone I will be watching on DVD until the day I die.

One more thing. It's more than just a man who's down about his career. Just like with Mel Gibson, you don't say things like that unless there's something there inside of you that believes what you're saying. I'm not afraid to say that there's probably something inside of me that I wouldn't be proud of if it reared it's ugly head. I'm not a hypocrite. Mankind has a lot to answer for and he has a lot of prejudice ingrained in him from years of cultural norms and dogma, but as man grows and evolves over time, we learn.

I remember a man from my hometown in Nebraska saying proudly, "I'm a nigger!" He was a white man. When asked how he could say that, he would respond, "I do menial work for a living that doesn't involve any intellectual thought. That makes me a nigger. It doesn't matter what color my skin is." For many in his generation, this was sound reasoning. For my generation, it was less than compelling. We need a dialog on race in this country, a real dialog, not the Clintonesque "hold a town hall meeting where everybody takes the liberal line" kind of dialog, but a full-on discussion laying it out, no holds barred. We, all of us, have much to learn.

NFL Week 11 Quick Hits

Wow, the Chargers are pretty good. That is to say Phillips Rivers and LaDanian Thomlinson are really, really good. If they can get their defense back in order (in about two weeks, I guess), they'll be the best team in the league.

Along with the Chargers, win or lose the Bengals put on the best show in football every week. Ocho Cinco is back.

It looks like Tony Romo is the real thing. Dallas just looks energized, as does the Tuna in subtle ways.

Why didn't Brian Billick start calling the offensive plays 5 years ago?

Loved Mike Nolan's suit. I'd like to see head coaches get back to the days of Tom Landry and Mike Ditka and dress like gentlemen. Hooded sweatshirts be damned!

Stat that blew me away: the San Francisco 49ers are 5-5.

Watching the Giants-Jax game right now. They're not exactly putting on an offensive clinic. Eli seems out of sorts and the Jacksonville receivers couldn't catch a cold.

Wages Rising Faster Than Any Time Since 1997

It's amazing what one election can do to news about the economy.


More Kerry Delusion

John Kerry told Fox News Sunday that the Republican Attack Machine is out to get him. Sorry John, but you're wrong. The RAM is only worried about Democrats of significance.

Rangel Pushes Military Draft, Graham Helps

One of our worst Congressman, Charlie Rangel, says he will push for a reinstatement of the military draft in order to deter politicians from "starting wars." Not surprisingly, the Republican answer to useful idiots, Lindsey Graham, is liking the idea.

UPDATE: Much more at The Astute Bloggers.

Steve Brown Body-Checks OSU Fan

He's mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore. Classic.

Kissinger Declares Defeat In Iraq

The comparisons of Iraq to Vietnam are bad enough, but bringing in Henry Kissinger in an advisory role tends to play into the comparison's hands. Thanks G-d the realists are back so we can forget about victory.


Dan Rather Slouches Toward Madness

There's nothing funny about mental illness, and Dan Rather's condition deserves only pity. His latest pronouncement that Fox News takes talking-points from the White House wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for his complete denial of his own bias. He's not a well man.

Michael Steele On The Radio

Could happen. Might not be a bad idea. Certainly better than taking a worthless cabinet post.


The Future Ex-Mrs. Rose

Be sure to check out Hot Chick Friday over at Anti-Strib. This week, the selections includes the future ex-Mrs. Rose, Sarah Chalke of the sitcom "Scrubs."

It's All About Power

The MSM is proving that issues don't matter, it's all about power. For months, if not years, we've heard how bad the Iraq War is and how we needed a change in direction...vote Democrat! So the people do, and now we have tons of stories about how changing course would be disastrous. That's right, now that the Democrats are sharing power with the President, a change of course would be a mistake.

It's not about issues, it's about power...getting it and holding onto it. Issue are just a vehicle.


Milton Friedman Dies

Renowned free-market, libertarian economist Milton Friedman has died at the age of 94. Instapundit has some good links. I'll have more on this later this evening.

Don Surber: He's gone but his ideas remain.

Michelle Malkin: A profound impact.

Wizbang: One of the greatest minds in the world.

Hot Air: Libertarian flags at half-mast.

Jon Henke: He improved the world.

Margaret Thatcher: "Milton Friedman revived the economics of liberty when it had been all but forgotten. He was an intellectual freedom fighter. Never was there a less dismal practitioner of a dismal science.

"I shall greatly miss my old friend's lucid wisdom and mordant humour."

Romney Blasts Boston Media

I have to admit, the more Mitt Romney talks, the more I like him. Here's his latest quip from a speech hosted by the American Spectator:

We have two factions of media in Boston. On the one hand, we have the Hillary-loving, Ted Kennedy apologists. And on the other, we have the liberals.

He's either a very witty guy or he has really good joke writers.

MORE: Like Newt Gingrich with sex appeal.


"No One Cared Then. No One Cares Now"

Sad but true as the world faces the possibility of a second Holocaust.

Lott's Back, So Is MSM Bias Against Him

Look, I'm not crazy about Trent Lott and I'm not all that happy to see him back in a leadership post, but for those that are jumping all over the Strom Thurmond thing, here's a gentle reminder...

Kazakh Like Me

The movie "Borat" exposes crass Americana? Not so fast, says the Mighty Hitch:

Oh, come on. Among the "cultural learnings of America for make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan" is the discovery that Americans are almost pedantic in their hospitality and politesse. At a formal dinner in Birmingham, Ala., the guests discuss Borat while he's out of the room—filling a bag with ordure in order to bring it back to the table, as it happens—and agree what a nice young American he might make. And this is after he has called one guest a retard and grossly insulted the wife of another (and remember, it's "Americana" that is "crass"). The tony hostess even takes him and his bag of shit upstairs and demonstrates the uses not just of the water closet but also of the toilet paper. The arrival of a mountainous black hooker does admittedly put an end to the evening, but if a swarthy stranger had pulled any of the foregoing at a liberal dinner party in England, I wouldn't give much for his chances.

Mitch McConnell To Lead Senate GOP

Don Surber reminds us that there is some good news as far as Republican leadership in the Senate. Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, who was previously the number two man under Bill Frist, won unanimous support from the party caucus to be Senate Minority Leader. He not only opposed the wretched McCain-Feingold bill but took it to the Supreme Court. A modern-day James L. Buckley.

A Two Year Dumb-Off

Dean Barnett nails it.

Schumer Declares Himself Lord Of The Courts

Which is no surprise. You knew if the Dems got control of the Senate, Schumer, who is addicted to power and authoritarianism, would makes such a promise.

Bush will not get another judge appointed in his last two years in office. Period. But there is a problem here for the Democrats.

Now I want to make clear that I'm not wishing for anyone's death. Not my style. However, if any of the liberal judges on the U.S. Supreme Court were to die in the next two years (or beyond while there is a Republican in office), John Paul Stevens, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, or David Souter, the Dems would be put in quite a position. They've said they wouldn't allow an Alito type nominee to get on the court. Okay, so what? Then you'd have a court of 4 Conservatives, 3 Liberals and one swing for the unforeseen future. Advantage Conservatives. Would Schumer allow the court to be smaller but with a Conservative advantage or allow a new judge on the court and hope he turns out to be another Souter?

Just a thought.

Best Endorsement Ever

The House GOP is trying to elect their leadership and Arizona Conservative John Shadegg is running for Minority Whip. He got this endorsement from Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan:

"He was one of the guys who got here in the '94 Republican revolution and didn't go native."

Best. Endorsement. Ever.


Long Day, More Tomorrow

Sorry for the lack of post. Had another one of those 14 hour work days so I'm a little behind in the news. I heard Bobby Knight is at it again, but says he was just trying to keep a players head up and the player's family has sided with Knight. Whatever.

John Murtha is looking to take over the Congress. Here's hoping. Nothing will give the electorate buyers remorse like that coward. Yeah, I said coward. What are you gonna do about it?

I'll see you on the morrow.

A President's Legacy v. A Party's Needs

Sadly, the choice of Mel Martinez as RNC Chairman seems to be linked to President Bush's desire for an amnesty bill and the building of his legacy rather than thinking about the future of his party. When George W. Bush came along in 2000, he pretty much saved the Republican Party from a continuation of the depraved and damaging Clinton years. Now as his time in office winds down, he seems to be undoing all the good things he has done.


Rudy Forms Exploratory Committee

As expected. Giuliani has to be the frontrunner with Gingrich and Romney close behind. Yes, McCain is listed as a possible frontrunner in a lot of polls, and granted I'm biased (I detest the man) but I just don't see how he has a chance to get a single Republican vote in the South. People may have short memories, but his behavior in 2000 is hard to forget.

Rudy's my man until Romney or Gingrich give me a reason to think otherwise.

Building A Bridge To Bullhead City

That's our Senator! Funny how these stories about Harry Reid are only popping up now after the election.

Another GOP Fumble

News just breaking that Florida Senator Mel Martinez is going to be the next RNC Chairman. Bad choice in my book. I think he's been a mediocre Senator at best. It wouldn't be so bad if he were quitting the Senate and Governor Crist appointed Jeb Bush to his seat, but he's going to do both jobs apparently. The last RNC Chairman to hold down an elected office at the same time was former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore and his tenure was pretty lame.

Not good.

The Libertarian Effect

More analysis of the libertarian effect on the midterm elections from Real Clear Politics. It's definitely something Michael Steele or whoever takes over carrying the party mantle needs to address.

MORE: Neal Boortz joins in. (Hat tip: Instapundit)

Webb The Maverick

There are some stories being floated in the MSM that new Virginia Senator Jim Webb, a hero in Democratic circles for defeating George Allen, may in fact turn out to be a Democrat Party maverick in the mold of a Joe Lieberman or Daniel Patrick Moynihan. I'll believe it when I see it, but here's hoping. (Hat tip: Patrick Ruffini)

Has The House GOP Learned Anything?

According to Robert Novak, apparently not. I think the time has come for the bloggers to make some noise and start pushing hard for change in the House leadership. They desperately need new blood, i.e. Mike Pence.

MORE: It starts here.


Cindy Sheehan: The First Living Brain Donor

I am literally speechless.

Murtha Picks Up Pelosi Endorsement

Soon to be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has joined the Libertarian Popinjay in supporting Jack Murtha in his candidacy to become House Majority Leader.

Okay, jokes aside, I don't think he's going to beat Steny Hoyer for the position. Most of the Democrats know Murtha is a walking-lobotomy and in the long run would be a detriment. Also, this endorsement of Pelosi's smacks of her backing a man she knows is going to lose but sending a signal to the nutroots base that her sympathies lie with them. But who knows, maybe Jack can pull the upset and get our troops to Okinawa where they belong.


Democrats To Push For Cut And Run In Iraq


Cat Stevens Linked To Terror Financing

Dr. Shackleford over at The Jawa Report has uncovered audio evidence that may implicate the former Cat Stevens in the funding of terrorism. This could be big.

NY Times: Let Investigations Begin

Via Little Green Footballs.

Democrats First Order Of Business: Raise Taxes On Middle Class

Who didn't see this coming?

Feingold Rules Out Presidential Run

Wisconsin socialist Senator Russ Feingold says he is ruling out a run for president in 2008. Was it the fact that the Democrats are back in the majority and he's in line for much more Senatorial power that led him to make this decision or did the Clinton machine get to him? This could be a blow to the Nutroots as he was seen as their best hope. Meanwhile the best hope of the moderate Democrats, Mark Warner, ruled out a run a number of weeks ago. I really think the Clinton machine is laying waste to anyone they see as a challenge. Who cares about Joe Biden? He's good for comic relief, but that's about it. Tom Vilsack? Don't make me laugh.


Busy Day, More Tomorrow

Just back from a busy day in Laughlin, Nevada covering the sports rally and the Pinnacle Golf Tournament in Bullhead City, Arizona (just across the Colorado River). It was a 14 hour day and to put it mildly, my dogs are barking! I'm out of the loop on today's news except for the big come-from-behind win by my Cornhuskers over the recently Robert Gates-less Texas A&M. The Big 12 North has been clinched. Now it's on to Arrowhead to no doubt play Texas again. Second time a charm?


Libertarians And Social Conservatives At A Crossroads

Rick Moran over at Right Wing Nut House thinks the recent election means that Social Conservatives and Libertarian Conservatives (are you suppose to capitalize those?) will have to part ways. I'm not so sure for two reasons. First, being Libertarian means many different things to many different people. It's probably the most vague political ideology out there right now. Second, the ink isn't even dry on the ballots. The Democrats haven't even begun their rein of terror in the Congress which will contain endless investigations into anything pro-American and the advocacy of policies that are of an anti-Libertarian/anti-Social Conservative degree the likes of which we have never seen. Don't get me wrong, though. I don't discount Moran's argument and I think he makes many cogent points. It's something I'm gonna have to think about very carefully in the coming months.

He Crapped Bigger Than You: Jack Palance Dies

Actor Jack Palance has died of natural causes at the age of either 85 or 87. His first big role was as the heavy in "Shane" and he became known to a new generation of movie-goers for his Oscar-winning comedic performance as the crusty cowpoke in Billy Crystal's "City Slickers." I, however, will remember him most as the original host of "Ripley's Believe It Or Not." The perfect host with the perfect voice for a show about weird stuff.

Kos On The Warpath

You'd think he's have a least a week of bliss, but no...James Carville has drawn the ire of the Kidz. (Hat tip: Insta)

Terrorists/Stalinists To Put Rumsfeld On Trial

It begins.

In a strange way though, it may be the best thing to happen to Rummy from a PR standpoint. He's on his way to becoming the a martyr for the cause.

MORE: Someone let me know if they start a legal defense fund for Rummy. I'll gladly donate.

Quote Of The Election Season

"When Republicans worry more about staying in government than about limiting government, they get thrown out of government."

Mark Tapscott

(Hat tip: D.C. Thornton)

The question now is, will the same hold true for the Democrats?


It's Official: Iraq/U.S. Forces Are Screwed

George McGovern is riding to the rescue (all emphasis mine):

George McGovern, the former senator and Democratic presidential candidate, said Thursday that he will meet with more than 60 members of Congress next week to recommend a strategy to remove U.S. troops from Iraq by June.

If Democrats don't take steps to end the war in Iraq soon, they won't be in power very long, McGovern told reporters before a speech at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

"I think the Democratic leadership is wise enough to know that if they're going to follow the message that election sent, they're going to have to take steps to bring the war to a conclusion," he said.

McGovern will present his recommendations before the Congressional Progressive Caucus, a 62-member group led by Reps. Lynn Woolsey and Barbara Lee.

"The best way to reduce this insurgency is to get the American forces out of there," McGovern said. "That's what's driving this insurgency."

McGovern told the audience Thursday that the Iraq and Vietnam wars were equally "foolish enterprises" and that the current threat of terrorism developed because _ not before _ the United States went into Iraq.

McGovern's plan _ as written in his new book, "Out of Iraq: A Practical Plan for Withdrawal Now" _ also calls for the United States to remove hired mercenaries from the region, push for the removal of British troops and establish a temporary transitional force, similar to police, made up of Muslims from the region.

"I've talked with a lot of senior officers _ generals and admirals _ in preparation for this book, that say this war can't be won, that the problems now are not military problems," McGovern told reporters. "There isn't going to be any decisive victory in Iraq."

This is so asinine I think it gave me cancer!

The March To Destroy Free Speech Begins!

The gang at the Huffington Post is already preparing a push to restore the "Fairness Doctrine," the speech-squelching FCC regulation that was dumped by President Reagan in 1987. In an effort to destroy Rush Limbaugh and any conservative/libertarian viewpoint in the media, the Leftist have been pushing for years to revive this repugnant idea. Now, with a Democrat Congress, they're emboldened.

I'll see you on the battlefield on the morrow!

MORE: The Next Battle Over Big Media.

Nevada High Court Okays Las Vegas Law On Lap Dances

So much for Sin City:

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - A divided Nevada Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a Las Vegas ordinance defining what strippers can and can't do during lap dances is constitutional.

The high court's 5-2 decision overturns Clark County District Judge Sally Loehrer's ruling, in a case involving 14 Las Vegas dancers who faced misdemeanor charges, that a city code dealing with lap dancers was unconstitutionally vague and unenforceable.

The Supreme Court's majority opinion, written by Justice Nancy Becker, upholds an ordinance that states no erotic dancer "shall fondle or caress any patron, and no patron shall fondle or caress any dancer."

Even if the erotic dancers' message "is slightly less effective without caressing and fondling, their message is not significantly impaired," Justice Becker wrote.

This was a great country once, but I'm starting to fear that the dream is indeed dead.

The Most Corrupt Congress Ever!

And they don't even take the reins until January! Much like a blind prostitute, you just gotta hand it to the Democrats...they know corruption like the back of their hands. Don Surber fills us in.

Jack Abramoff is an amateur.

The Party Of Gay-Bashing

You really have to wonder how Gay Americans can support a political party that talks so much trash about their lifestyle, and I ain't talking about the GOP.

Linc Chafee, An A**hole To The Bitter End

Via Hot Air.

MORE: A man who stood for nothing except pork for his state.

Old Media v. New Media

I've beat this drum for a long time now and I've been proven right time and time again. The battle of the 21st Century is the battle over the control of information in the media. Gateway Pundit and The American Thinker has done some extensive analysis on this battle. We've just taken a major setback and now we need to regroup and continue the fight.

The Democrats' 25-Point Plan

Turns out the Right was right. (Hat tip: Johnny Sac)

Murtha Makes Push For Majority Leader Post

And I really, really, really hope he gets it.


Democrats Win But Nutroots Still Pissed

This is gonna be fun.

Michael Steele For RNC Chairman

Dammit! I had this idea last night, but I didn't post it fast enough. Chris Cillizza beat me to it. The only race that really broke my heart last night was the Maryland Senate race. Michael Steele was such a good candidate and ran such a good campaign, it's an absolute waste that he's not going to the Senate. And you know what, I don't give a damn that he's a black Republican. I like him because he's an intelligent, charismatic man that makes me go "Hell yeah!" everytime I hear him speak on the issues. He's the kind of new blood the Republican Party desperately needs, and now that he's not going to the Senate, he's an excellent choice for RNC Chairman. Yes, he can help with outreach to the black community, but more importantly, he can breath some life into the party as a whole and show future candidates how a campaign is supposed to be run. He was the right candidate in the wrong year, but that shouldn't mean his contribution should go to waste.

MORE: Man, these Washington Post readers just HATE Michael Steele. How dare he be black and Republican!

Saddam Breaks Down In Court, Begs For Mercy From Judge

Well that's a bit of a pick-me-up! Via Gateway Pundit.

Acorn Needs To Be Stopped

One thing that needs to be addressed is the fraud in Missouri. The Republican Party down there has got to get a handle on the schnanigans being perpetrated from the likes of Acorn.

The Failure Of Big Government Republicanism

Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma has released a statement on yesterday's elections that should be read by every Republican before we begin to think about the future.

Fallout: Rumsfeld Resigns

I don't see how this is going to help matters, but what can you do. Former spook and current Texas A&M President Bob Gates will take over.

How Long Before Investigations And Impeachment Proceedings?

This long.

The Morning After

Well, it was a rough night for us on the Right/Libertarian side of things, but there was some good news in my neck of the woods. The Republicans held onto the governorship in Nevada as well as two of the three Congressional seats that we've held for some time and John Ensign easily defeated Jimmy Carter's son to return to the Senate. Nevada seemed to go against the trend, but that's Nevada for you.

I think what has happened will be bad for the country, but the Republicans have no one to blame but themselves. And admittedly, I myself am to blame as well. Ronald Reagan came to Washington in 1981 saying government wasn't the solution to our problem, government is the problem. This was the guiding principle for Republicans for two decades, but somewhere along the way, it fell to the wayside. This happened for many reasons: the love of power and the desire to keep it, the unattainable quest to get the MSM to like us, and so on. I myself turned a blind-eye to the growth of government under Republican rule due to the war on terror. So sure I have been (and still am) that President Bush and the Republicans are the only ones that will fight our enemies and feel that our country is indeed worth fighting for that I've taken the position that you have to take the good with the bad. This may have been a mistake. We have to get back to demanding the party run on Reaganesque principles: reduced government; low taxes; low spending; strong defense. Many fatalists are saying the dream is dead and that it'll be generations before we can hope to turn the tide. Not so. Nothing is impossible if you can imagine it and if you're willing to work your butt off to achieve it.

The MSM and the Democrats have won this day, but I ask you to remember 1992. Bill Clinton had what many thought an unprobable victory and came to power with a Democratic Congress. We were very alone with no voice on our behalf, except for one very well-known radio talk-show host. Now we have an army of bloggers and inroads are being made to break the monopoly on the flow of information. We're still very much David to the MSM's Goliath and this election has taught us we haven't struck that fatal blow just yet, but that day will come, as long as we keep fighting.

Cheer up! It's great day...there's much to be done.


Bush To Hold Press Conference Tomorrow

Via Wizbang:

Scheduled tomorrow at 1:00pm. Pundits are speculating that he will be conciliatory and reach out to Democrats.

And get his hand bitten off, no doubt.

Time To Look Into The Mirror

Bill Quick says the Republicans have no one to blame but themselves for their defeat and he lays into them something fierce with a list of reasons why. He makes many salient points and I can't find much to disagree with.

Reagan said government is not the solution to our problem, it is the problem. Until Republicans embrace this creed again...

What Message Will The Enemy Get From Pelosi's Victory?

My homeys over at The Astute Bloggers have a few ideas.

Networks: Dems Take The House

Yeah, it sucks, but hey, this is America folks. It's still a beautiful world. And while I don't think there's any good in defeat, it's here and we have to make the best of it. Nancy Pelosi is in charge now, and she can't hide anymore. Just wait until the public gets a load of her.

Steele Not Out Of It Yet

Via Wizbang:

Alert! The Washington Post has withdrawn its prediction that Democrat Ben Cardin has defeated Republican Michael Steele in Maryland, and Michael Steele has refused to concede. Fox has flashed the numbers and currently, Steele is still ahead of Cardin 51% - 47% with 45% of the votes are in.

The Biggest Voter Fraud Of All

Thomas Sowell called it:

Getting people to vote for moderates, in order to put extremists in power, may be the newest and biggest voter fraud.

Give Rahm Emanuel credit. He did a bang-up job. Too bad it's gonna costs us all dearly.

Good News And Bad News

The bad news is it looks like Michael Steele has been defeated, though I think the networks are jumping the gun on that.

The good news is...Linc Chafee has been defeated. Yes, it's a Republican loss, in theory, but as far as I'm concerned, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out Linc!

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds makes a good point.

MORE: Michelle agrees on Linc.

Dems Pick Up 3 So Far

The Democrats have picked up a House seat in Indiana and have defeated Santorum and DeWine. I can't say as I'll miss Dewine. He was one of the Gang of 14 if I recall correctly.

Headline Of The Day, If Not The Year

It's one of those headlines that your eyes run across, you pause for a second, you say "wait a minute? That doesn't make sen....." Then it dawns on you....ewwwww!

Faith Hill Freaks Out, Channels John Kerry

She's trying the John Kerry defense, that it was a botched joke, but that's not gonna fly.

Rather Stands By Texas Air Guard Story Again

Utterly insane.

New York Times Hedges Its Bets On Elections

Via Power Line.


Kurdish Prime Minister Blasts American MSM

Screw the Palestinians...it's the Kurds that deserve their own state.

Vote Chavez Or Hit The Bricks

Via Hot Air.

Was It Borat Or A Virginia Democrat?

It's hard to tell.

Justice Stevens Rumors Abound

True or not, it just drives home how important it is that the Senate stay Republican.

Last Minute Poll Mania

I have a theory on these last few polls coming out that are sending mixed signals to both parties. Certainly the Democrats have been despondent over this Pew Poll that showed Republicans cutting the Democrats generic lead in the polls to around 4%. However, today we get polls from CNN and Fox News that show the Democrats up by as much as 20%. Allahpundit is already fearing the worst and I'm sure others will follow, but I'm not so sure. First off, even Juan Williams has admitted that CNN is in the tank for the Democrats. As for Fox News, they are constantly under attack for being in the tank for the GOP, yet their poll shows the Democrats are ahead by a wide margin. What to make of this? Fox seems to have always played these polls a little bit in favor of the Democrats, at least that's what I recall. One wonders if they aren't hedging their bets so either they don't appear to be too wrong on election day or they're trying to fight off the accusations that they are biased in favor of the Republicans. I suspect the latter despite Roger Ailes apparent lack of concern for such charges. The poll could also be correct. I doubt it, but we'll see.

I agree that we shouldn't get overly optimistic, but I stand by my prediction that the GOP will hold onto both Houses by a slim margin. I would guess 51-49 in the Senate and 220-215 in the House, and if I'm wrong, I'll admit it. If I'm right, I'll be downright annoying.

A good primer on this whole business can be found at Power Line.

Nixon's Unshaven Jowls

The Mighty Hitch reminds us how the American media tends to frame elections around the dumbest issues possible.


The Tide Is Turning

The Blogosphere is buzzing tonight as there are signs that the tide is turning in the mid-term elections. Hopefully we're not being overly optimistic, but the polls do seems to be tightening. It could be that people are finally paying attention or it could be John Kerry's big mouth. Whatever it takes. My prediction is that the GOP will lose seats in both Houses but will still hold control. Cheney may have some quite a few tie-breaking votes to cast in the next two years.

MORE: They're making a final push. I just got a phone call from President Bush urging me to vote for GOP candidates.

Liars At Vanity Fair

Looks like the editors at Vanity Fair are doing their part to help the Democrats on Tuesday. Journalism is dead.

Saddam Sentenced To Death

Finally some justice in Iraq. Saddam Hussein has been found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to die by hanging. However, let's not forget those that are angered by this verdict:

Many critics have dismissed the trial as a form of victors' justice, given the close attention the US has paid to it.

Before the sentencing session began, former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark was ejected from the courtroom after handing the judge a note in which he called the trial a "travesty".

Saddam Hussein's defence team have also accused the government of interfering in the proceedings - a complaint backed by US group Human Rights Watch.

Ramsey Clark will always side with the enemies of freedom.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has more on the mockery that is Ramsey Clark.

MORE: LGF has the scoop on the outrage within the Democratic Party over the verdict.

Stardust Comes To An End

I had the honor of being in attendance for the closing of the Stardust Hotel and Casino this week in Las Vegas. It's sad to see another Las Vegas landmark go, but that's progress in the nation's most dynamic city. I also had the pleasure of interviewing former musician and character actor Mickey Jones, who is just the nicest person you could ever meet. He's a real supporter of Las Vegas and Boyd Gaming and treats everyone like they're his best friend.

Line Of The Day

The ESPN NFL pregame crew did a lame segment this morning where their four pundits stood behind lecterns and debated football questions as if they were up for election on Tuesday. Okay, whatever. But Mike Ditka gave us the line of the day when asked "Who has been the biggest disappointment this year?" Some said Miami, some said Pittsburgh. Ditka's response: John Kerry. Berman seemed highly amused.


Week In Review

Sorry for the light posting this week, folks. I had a friend in town and I was extremely busy at work with the closing of the Stardust Hotel. To top it all off, I've come down with a nasty cold and I'm dragging. I should be back in full blogging swing by tomorrow.


Iraq Was Worth It

Charles Johnson over at Little Green Footballs puts it best:

I’d just like to say “thank you” to President Bush and to the men and women of the US military, who—by the New York Times’ own admission—took out a terror-sponsoring regime in Iraq that could have constructed a nuclear weapon within months, as soon as sanctions were lifted enough for them to obtain sufficient fissile material.

Two words come to mind: Ditto and Heh.

Are You Ready For Change?

Then get ready for Steele.


More John Kerry Idiocy

Looking at John Kerry's words back in the early '70s makes it clear what he thinks about the all volunteer army.


John Kerry's Political Suicide Continues

If John Kerry thinks he's in trouble now, just wait. If the Democrats fail to win either the House or the Senate next Tuesday, I think life will become downright unbearable for the Massachusetts Senator. A lot of Left-wing fingers will be pointed in his direction, whether it's his fault or not.