Fairness Doctrine: Dennis Kucinich On Hannity & Colmes

Hot Air has video of Dennis Kucinich on Hannity & Colmes stumping for a reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine. What's shocking about this video is that Alan Colmes appears as the voice of reason.

Forget the ideological argument over the Fairness Doctrine for a moment. In response to Kucinich's argument that we need to give a voice to other viewpoints, Colmes made the brilliant point that under the Fairness Doctrine in the 80s, radio stations had to deal with so much bureaucratic red tape to convince the government they were in compliance that after a while they would just give up and stay clear of controversial viewpoints, or change to a music format. The Fairness Doctrine not only silences conservative voices, it can silence liberal voices as well.

Also, Kucinich's example that people believed Iraq had something to do with 9/11 because of a lack of opposing viewpoints in the media is just plain stupid. First, the claim was never made by the Bush Administration. Second, Saddam Hussein harbored terrorists for years. And Third, what the hell is he talking about?! The Left has been screaming all over the media about Iraq not being a part of 9/11 since the war started!

Bottom line, Kucinich has the twisted belief that if we could just flood the airwaves with the liberal point of view that everyone in America will "smarten up" and think like him. Idiot.


Fairness Doctrine: Why Not NPR?

Is this the kind of thing Fairness Doctrine proponents are talking about?

NPR's weekly show On The Media routinely tilts strongly to the left. On the
January 26 version, it includes a segment with ex-Greenpeace researcher/Washington Post writer William Arkin denouncing the Iraq surge as a worthless political smokescreen, and an analysis of the Bush State of the Union address with former Clinton speechwriter Michael Waldman (exaggerating the negative reviews Clinton received for his annual yawnfests). But the real eye-opener of the show was a segment defending Hugo Chavez for censoring opposition media outlets. What? An NPR segment with only one guest, making the case for censorship? Yes.

The guest arguing from deep inside the Hugo tank was Larry Birns of the Council for Hemispheric Affairs, a long-standing cheereleader for Latin American dictators and revolutionary guerrillas of the Left. NPR host Bob Garfield noted that a number of establishment newspapers editorialized against Chavez, and asked Birns skeptical questions about setting a bad precedent. But there was no defender of RCTV, the banned media outlet. So it's not a debate about Chavez, but a one-sided defense of his dictatorial move.

I guessing this is what things will look like all over if the Fairness Doctrine is reinstated.

Global Warming Tidal Wave

The Hollywood Left is putting on a full-court-press to make the world believe in man-made global warming, even if they have to brainwash the children.


Ruth Ginsburg: Our Worst Justice

From Newsmax:

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said Friday that she dislikes being "all alone on the court" nearly a year after the retirement of Sandra Day O'Connor.

Ginsburg, who spoke to an assembly at Suffolk Law School, said she sees more women in law school, arguing before her court and sitting as federal judges. But there is not enough female perspective on the nine-member high court, she said.

You don't need a female perspective, you just need a Constitutional perspective. That and only that.

"We have very different backgrounds," Ginsburg said of herself and O'Connor. "We divide on a lot of important questions, but we have had the experience of growing up women and we have certain sensitivities that our male colleagues lack."

Holy crap! Did she really say that? You mean men and women are different? Sounds a little sexist to me.

Deborah Orin Dies

NEW YORK -- The New York Post's Washington bureau chief, Deborah Orin-Eilbeck, died Sunday of cancer at age 59, a newspaper spokesman said.

Orin-Eilbeck, who died at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, started her career at the Post in 1977 after working for a Long Island newspaper, spokesman Howard Rubenstein said. She was named Washington bureau chief in 1988.

President Bush and his wife, Laura, said they were saddened to learn of Orin-Eilbeck's death. They noted in a statement issued Sunday that Orin-Eilbeck had covered every presidential campaign since 1980.

"Deb had a distinguished, decades-long career as a journalist," the Bushes' statement said. "Deb fought a valiant battle against cancer with the same tenacity, devotion and determination that she brought to her work in the White House briefing room through numerous administrations.

"She will be missed by all of us at the White House who cared deeply for her."

Rest in peace.

A Deal In The Desert For Senator Reid?

Only in Nevada! (or Arizona, I guess):

BULLHEAD CITY, ARIZ. — It's hard to buy undeveloped land in booming northern Arizona for $166 an acre. But now-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid effectively did just that when a longtime friend decided to sell property owned by the employee pension fund that he controlled.

In 2002, Reid (D-Nev.) paid $10,000 to a pension fund controlled by Clair Haycock, a Las Vegas lubricants distributor and his friend for 50 years. The payment gave the senator full control of a 160-acre parcel in Bullhead City that Reid and the pension fund had jointly owned. Reid's price for the equivalent of 60 acres of undeveloped desert was less than one-tenth of the value the assessor placed on it at the time.

Six months after the deal closed, Reid introduced legislation to address the plight of lubricants dealers who had their supplies disrupted by the decisions of big oil companies. It was an issue the Haycock family had brought to Reid's attention in 1994, according to a source familiar with the events.

If Reid were to sell the property for any of the various estimates of its value, his gain on the $10,000 investment could range from $50,000 to $290,000.

Just another day in the U.S. Senate.


Fairness Doctrine: Dangerously Unfair

The great Nat Hentoff adds his two cents to the Fairness Doctrine debate. RTWT.

Giuliani Trial Balloon Part Of The Strategy

There's a trial balloon being floated from the Giuliani Presidential Campaign that the former New York Mayor and national hero may end up not running for the presidency in 2008. This began with a New York Times article pointing out that while even Hillary Clinton has gone on record to say she's running, as well as most of the Republican pool, Giuliani has not.

Since last month, he has formed an exploratory committee, more aggressively recruited a campaign staff and moved to divest himself of one of his companies. And he is now visiting New Hampshire, home to the first primary, for the second time in three months. But he has studiously avoided making a public commitment to run.

Asked recently in Delaware about his political plans, he offered an ambiguous reply: “I think the biggest question you have to ask is, ‘Can you really lead the country?’ If I believe that I can do it, then I will, and if I don’t, then I’ll support somebody else.”

He ducked the question again yesterday, telling reporters in Bretton Woods, N.H., that he would not be rushed by contenders who are already entering the race. “You should do it when you feel it’s the right time,” he said.

Despite the delay, his aides argue that the accelerated pace of early primaries next year actually benefits a well-established figure like Mr. Giuliani — much, they say, as his national stature will enable him to close whatever gaps now exist in fund-raising and organization.

There are two things at play here: First, Giuliani is floating this story to gauge the reaction of his supporters and the rest of the Republican electorate to see just where he stands. We may not notice too much, but his polling people will be able to use that information to their benefit.

Second, the '08 Presidential season began the minute the polls closed in November '04. This is a long, long election season and Giuliani, I expect, is trying to make sure he doesn't peak to early (something Obama needs to worry about).

I hope I'm right and he's still going to run. We desperately need his type of leadership going into the next decade.

Smoking To Make A Huge Comeback

Thanks to Bill Clinton, we've learned from the MSM/Driveby Media that lying is a good thing, as well as blowing your stack in an interview. Now with the news that the second-coming of our Lord, Barack Obama, is a smoker, we can expect smoking to make a huge comeback and to be cool once again. James Lileks puts it in perspective: (Hat tip: QandO)

Obama is a smoker. Who knew? I like the way this story raises the issue – they’re concerned about the effect on his voice if he stops smoking, don’t you see. Hah! I’m waiting for the candid shot of Obama having a smoke – if he’s in a good suit, giving off that Rat Pack vibe, it’ll set the anti-smoking cause back ten years. It's he's wearing a fedora, which would add a jazzman / forties twist, I see a fifty-state sweep. Or maybe not. Given how cigarette smoking has become a moral issue, it’ll be interesting to see how this gets played. A humanizing frailty? A surprising character flaw? DID HE SMOKE AROUND CHILDREN? Doesn't matter; the more I look at this fellow, the more I see a fifty state sweep.


Palestinian Civil War Watch

Meanwhile, news from the real civil war in the Middle East.

John Kerry Going For Broke

Well, I guess now that John Kerry has decided not to run for president again he's decided he's free to be as anti-American as he wants to be. Appearing in Davos (which seems to be the new capital city for anti-American Americans to vent) with former Iranian President Khatami, he goes off on his home country and, of course, President Bush.

Meanwhile, there's word of a movement in Boston to get Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling to challenge Lurch for his Senate seat. That would be cool. He should at least be made to work for it and someone as popular as Schilling would give him some sleepless nights.


Jimmy Carter: "Too Many Jews"

It just seems to get worse and worse for our country's worst president. Now a former director of the Holocaust Memorial Council says President Carter once complained to him that there were "too many Jews" on the council and that he rejected the nomination of a Christian scholar to the board because his name "sounded too Jewish."

Oy vey!

Believe it or not, I don't think Carter is an anti-Semite, he's just an idiot. An idiot who probably believes that we shouldn't have too many Jews on a Holocaust council because it wouldn't be fair to Muslims and other non-Jewish peoples. Of course, I could be wrong. Carter's always talking about his Christian faith (which is okay, since he's a Democrat) and he is from the South. Maybe he reads his bible through the same prism as Mel Gibson.


More Double Standards At ESPN

The hosts of ESPN's talking-heads show "Pardon The Interruption" Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser are calling Rush Limbaugh a racist for a comment he made about the NFL being similar to the Bloods and the Crips. However, I bet not many of you heard these statements from ESPN's own Michael Irvin about two months back on the Dan Patrick radio show:

Irvin mentions that Tony Romo outplayed Peyton Manning Sunday, and then says, “… [there must be] some brothers in that line somewhere … (laughs to himself) somewhere there are some brothers … I don’t know who saw what, where …. [maybe] his great, great, great, great Grandma ran over in the hood or something went down … (laughter)”

Dan Patrick, sensing disaster, jumps in and says, ‘that’s the only way to be a great athlete?’

Irvin comes back with, “No, that’s not the only way … but it’s certainly one way … [maybe his] great, great, great, great Grandma pulled one of them studs up outta the barn [and said] ‘come here for a second’ … back in the day …(more sinister laughter)”

In case you didn't catch that, he's saying a good explanation for Romo being so athletic is that a very distant grandmother of his must have had a baby with one of the black stable hands on the farm. Sort of a Jimmy The Greek moment sans the gin and tonic. Irvin made a few apologies, but he was still allowed to fill the airwaves with his idiotic commentary every Sunday...and not a peep out of the networks gum-flappers.

ESPN is sliding down a very slippery slope.

Fairness Doctrine: The Illusion Of Impartiality

A great piece on the Fairness Doctrine over at The American Thinker.

Busy Week

Hey gang, sorry for the light posting the past few days. I've been slammed at work trying to get a television show put together as well as completing several other projects.


"Rooney Rule" Out Of Control?

If this story from ProFootballTalk.com is true, the Rooneys have a lot to answer for.

As the media continues to try to understand the process that resulted in conflicting reports regarding whether the Steelers would hire Mike Tomlin or Russ Grimm to be the team's next head coach, the hot rumor at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama (where various league types currently are gathered) is that Grimm was indeed offered the job before it went to Tomlin.

As the story goes, the Steelers called Grimm on Saturday and told him not to believe what the media was reporting about Tomlin. Then, the Steelers and Grimm negotiated a contract, and Grimm was told that he could tell his family that he was the guy, which he did.

But then, as the story goes, Commissioner Roger Goodell got involved and suggested to Steelers chairman Dan Rooney that it would be nice if the Steeler would hire one of the minority candidates, given that the Rooney Rule was named after him. Rooney relented.

On Sunday morning, Rooney met with Art II and Kevin Colbert and told them about the decision. Both initially disagreed because a deal had been done with Grimm. But the contract hadn't been signed, and Art II and Colbert deferred to Dan.

Grimm was then told about the decision, and he was obviously pissed. But, to date, he has been discreet regarding his displeasure, presumably because he plans to continue working in the industry that has only 32 job locations. Tomlin was then called on Sunday afternoon, and he was informed that he was the guy.

More than a rumor as CBS Sportsline gets some comments:

Not exactly true, said Pittsburgh president Arthur Rooney II.

"We did discuss an offer Saturday," said Rooney. "So that part is true. Obviously, we made Russ a finalist and felt he could do the job. He was a very serious candidate.

"And we did discuss numbers Saturday. That's also true. But we also discussed numbers with Mike Tomlin's people, too. And the discussion of numbers was something we wanted to have out of the way before we made a final decision on it.

"We did tell Russ nothing would be final until Sunday. I feel bad if he got the wrong impression."

No mention in the CBS story whether Goodell played a part in the decision.

I understand that the NFL is making a concerted effort to promote diversity, but if this story is true, they've taken it a bridge too far.

The Unfairness Doctrine

Mario Cuomo, an opponent of the Fairness Doctrine? Hard to believe, but Les Kinsolving says it's true.

Reagan Knew It Then

I was working on a video project today that involved some footage of President Ronald Reagan during the last few months of his presidency. In one of the clips he holds a short, impromptu press conference on an airport tarmac. He is asked about the decision to deny Yasser Arafat a visa to enter the United States and speak to the General Assembly of the U.N. Sure enough, you could hear Helen Thomas' voice yelling out, "why don't we allow him some dialogue to tell his side of the story?" Reagan responded that the United States is always ready to talk and is the only one that has an actual peace plan. Another reporter shouted, "Aren't you concerned that this decision sends the wrong message?" Reagan: "I'm more concerned with the message that the opposition decision would send, that we're a bunch of patsies. Thank you ladies and gentlemen."

Nothing ever really changes, does it?


Parcells Retires

Legendary NFL coach Bill Parcells has decided to retire from coaching, the fourth time he has made such a move, though the first time he has used the word retirement.

Many will doubt his sincerity, but I think it's true this time. While he says his health is good, he is 65 and I think the long hours of being an NFL coach are taking their toll. When you're 65 and you've had a heart problem in the past, you're just never gonna have the energy that you need, and I think it showed on the sidelines.

However, nothing can take away the fact that he was one of the greats to ever coach the game.

UPDATE: I was right. Here's what he told Sports Illustrated's Peter King just two days ago:

"You know, football's a powerful mistress, but the commitment is ... Well, it's a lot. Can you give what you know it'll take for 12 months? That's the question. These January-to-January deals are a pretty big undertaking. We'll see. But I don't think there'll be any shame if I say I can't do it anymore.''


The Super Bowl No One Wanted We Half Wanted


Expect to see a lot of Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama on TV this week. It should be obvious why.

Well, this really isn't what the sporting press had in mind. The Chicago Bears v. The New England Patriots. A rematch of Super Bowl XX, but in a much different era.

All week, everyone has been saying wouldn't it be nice to see the Saints and the Colts in the big game. On one side you have a city rising from the ruins on the shoulders of its beloved football team that last year was 3-13. On the other side you have two men that have a chance to finally win the big one: Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning.

Instead we're stuck with the Chicago Bears, who are boring and the New England Patriots, of which everyone is sick to death. The only story lines you have are the first African-American coach in the Super Bowl, Lovie Smith, and the continuation of the Patriots dynasty (are they better than the 70s Steelers?). After that...zzzzzzzzz.

And you know what's amazing about this? The NFL has done such a good job of creating league parity and marketing itself over the past 10 years that you actually had a case today where the more popular Super Bowl match would contain small market teams. The two teams that are actually in the big game are from Chicago and Boston, and we have to fight the urge to yawn! Incredible!

Lovie Smith: The Gambler

Well, right now I think you'd have to call Lovie Smith, "The Gambler" because he's taken some big risks this year and they've paid off. First, he backed up Grossman every step of the way, and Sexy Rexy played okay (not stellar), but good enough to get them to the Super Bowl. Also, a fact many may not know. This season he put off negotiations for a new contract saying he'd rather wait until the end of this season and let his resume speak for itself. Big risk, but now it looks like a stroke of brilliance.

Rockefeller At It Again

From Newsmax:

Senator John D. Rockefeller IV, D-W.Va., the new chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said Friday that President Bush’s combative rhetoric over Iran was reminiscent of the ramp-up to war in Iraq, according to a report in the N.Y. Times.

"To be quite honest, I’m a little concerned that it’s Iraq again,” said Rockefeller. "This whole concept of moving against Iran is bizarre.”

Well, you know what to do, Senator. Hop a plane to Damascus and huddle with Assad.

SNL Takes On Hillary

Hot Air has the video of Saturday Night Live's opening last night, a skit with Hillary Clinton being interviewed by Chris Matthews. While it rang true, it wasn't that funny, but it is interesting that SNL would do such a skit that makes Hillary look like the liar that she is. (Maybe they've also got Obamamania.) There is one good part near the end when she loses it, that definitely hits home, however.

More Democrats Join The Fray

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton announced what we've known for 7 years, and today New Mexico Governor and former U.N. Ambassdor Bill Richardson announced his intentions to seek the presidency. Richardson has always been an example of the endangered species known as the "moderate Democrat," but his recent statements show he's trying to appeal to the party's nutroots base:

“The next president of the United States must get our troops out of Iraq without delay,” Mr. Richardson said. “Before I became governor of New Mexico, I served as ambassador to the United Nations and as secretary of energy. I know the Middle East well and it’s clear that our presence in Iraq isn’t helping any longer.”

There you have it. The one issue for the nutroots: America must lose this war.

He also went out on a few limbs:

“I am taking this step because we have to repair the damage that’s been done to our country over the last six years,” Mr. Richardson said in a statement. “Our reputation in the world is diminished, our economy has languished, and civility and common decency in government has perished.”

Our economy has languished? That one doesn't pass the laugh test. Our reputation in the world is diminished? Socialist jargon, nothing more. Civility and common decency in government has perished? Who's responsible for that Mr. Richardson?


Quick Thoughts

Long week, and I've managed to pull some muscles in the process, so I'm sitting in my big chair resting my weary bones. Had a really busy day at work so didn't get to see much news today. I did see that Miami hired Cam Cameron as their new coach. Probably a good move. They need an offensive minded coach at the helm, but he's got to get the QB position solved or it's gonna be more of the same. Obamamania continues, while Nancy Pelosi attacks the president's war plan. Life with our new masters.


More Idiocy From Keith Olbermann

As long as MSNBC continues to employ this man, they will never be taken seriously as a news network. NewsBusters has the scoop on his mind-boggling hypocrisy and bias concerning the hit TV show "24".

Also, as an aside, isn't it interesting that ESPN fired Rush Limbaugh for supposedly bringing politics into sports, yet Olbermann appears on the Dan Patrick Radio Show every day? I guess ESPN taught Olby everything he knows.

Fairness Doctrine: Maurice Hinchey Audio Link

Sean Hannity's website now has an audio link of his January 17th interview with Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) on his move to bring back the Fairness Doctrine. I strongly advise you to listen to the whole thing.

UPDATE: I now have an audio link on my server.

This Is Your Democratic Party

From the Washington Times: (Hat tip: Drudge)

On Dec. 5, Newsweek magazine touted an interview with then-incoming House
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Rep. Silvestre Reyes as an
"exclusive." And for good reason.

"In a surprise twist in the debate over Iraq," the story began, Mr. Reyes "said he wants to see an increase of 20,000 to 30,000 U.S. troops as part of a 'stepped up effort to dismantle the militias.' "

"We have to consider the need for additional troops to be in Iraq, to take out the militias and stabilize Iraq," the Texas Democrat said to the surprise of many, "I would say 20,000 to 30,000."

Then came President Bush's expected announcement last week, virtually matching Mr. Reyes' recommendation and argument word-for-word -- albeit the president proposed only 21,500 troops.

Wouldn't you know, hours after Mr. Bush announced his proposal, Mr. Reyes told the El Paso Times that such a troop buildup was unthinkable.

"We don't have the capability to escalate even to this minimum level," he said.

The chairman's "double-talk" did not go unnoticed. Among others, Rep. Joe Wilson, South Carolina Republican and a member of the House Armed Services Committee, says such blatant "hypocrisy" undermines both national security and the war on terrorism.

Unfortunately for the new House intelligence chief, this is his second (some would argue his third) major blunder in the space of one month. When asked by Congressional Quarterly reporter Jeff Stein whether al Qaeda was a Sunni or
Shi'ite organization, he answered: "Predominantly, probably Shi'ite."

We're in heap big trouble, folks.


Mike Ditka: A Great American

Via Hot Air.

"24" A "Neocon Sex Fantasy"

(And we all know what "Neocon" is code for: Jew lovers)

Great post at Hot Air. Skip the Keith Olbermann bullcrap and click on the link at the bottom to watch the CNN story. Listen very carefully to the last soundbite with the guy from Newsweak, then report back to me.


Did you catch that? Did you hear what he said?

"Nothing that happens on that show would ever happen like that in real life."

Mull that one over for a bit.


Dennis Green's Fatal Flaw

Former Minnesota Vikings and Arizona Cardinals head coach Dennis Green has proven himself a very capable coach over the years, but he's always had one fatal personality flaw: his ego. If you don't believe me, just ask any member of the Minneapolis sporting press. After a few days of reports that he will be interviewed by the Oakland Raiders for their head coaching position, we're now hearing that's not true and this paragraph really says it all:

That isn't to say Green is totally disinterested in the Oakland vacancy, which was created when the Raiders fired Art Shell after only one season on the job. Green's stance is that he has enjoyed a long relationship with owner Al Davis and that the organization knows him well and knows his track record in the NFL and that he should not have to interview.

Okay, if we we're able to resurrect Vince Lombardi from the dead and he was interested in getting back into coaching, he would still have to interview! Amazing.

Despots Better For Some, Says Leftist

Via NewsBusters.


"24": Hours 3 & 4

Thoughts on the latest episode(s) of "24":

-A lot of people aren't gonna like this, but expect to hear it from a lot of us pro-war types: This season's 24 is an example of what could happen to this country if we pull out of Iraq and elect leaders that don't have the nerve to fight the enemy. There, I said it. Yes, it's a TV show, but...

-8:15, Yes, Mr. Good Samaritan, he is a terrorist. You got Punk'd!

-8:24, Ah, the ethical struggle of dealing with terrorists.

I was just reading that Powers Boothe is going to be on the show this season as the Vice President. Awesome! I love Powers Boothe! He was so good in Deadwood (as was everybody). I bet he'll be off the heezy! Peter MacNichol is a great addition as well.

-8:43, That's right Mr. President, nothing impresses terrorists more than weakness.

-8:44, "The President has given into us." Nice line.

-9:21, A partnership with Assad? Well, we had to partner with Stalin when things got desperate.

-9:24, Civil liberties v. protecting the country and its people. In all seriousness, this show does a really good job of showing just how difficult it is to balance the two.

-9:37, Smart kid...great memory.

-9:44, Will she pass it on to the FBI?

-9:48, Goodbye, Curtis.

-9:50, Don't go soft on us, Jack. We need you buddy. Have a good cry and come back to us.

-9:53, Boom. I knew it was coming, but it still freaked me out. I'm suddenly reminded that this may be a show, but it may not stay that way if we're not careful.

Latest Conservative Book Way Off The Mark

I gotta call it like it is. If what I'm hearing about the latest book by Dinesh D'Souza is accurate, he's way out of line. According to Newsmax, his central thesis in "The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11" is that the root cause of anti-Americanism among Muslim extremists is the "excessive sexualization" of our society:

What he means by this is that the secular progressive left during the past few decades, with its focus on promoting and even glorifying (at home and abroad) what most of the world's more traditional societies see as depravity and atheism, has provoked a backlash among traditional, moderate Muslims who see their religious and moral values threatened by an aggressive, immoral, anti-religious crusade.

According to D'Souza, this backlash is being co-opted by the radicals and extremists who have turned it into a radical jihad against the West.

In a sense, he says, Muslims are right: The West (led by the American left) is waging a war against Islam, just as it is waging a war against traditional Christianity.

Muslims are not enraged by our political freedom or democracy, but by the left's abuse of that freedom, specifically the excessive sexualization of our society.

This decadence repulses most of the world's traditional and religious societies, just as it repulses and angers religious conservatives at home. D'Souza argues that American Christians and traditionalists have more in common with moderate traditional Muslims than they may realize. Ultimately, we should make common political cause with them to fight the cultural radicals, says D'Souza.

While D'Souza admits many Muslims irrationally hate Israel and some specific aspects of U.S. foreign policy, he argues that the growing anti-Americanism abroad is directed more at the global spread of our debased pop culture and the leftist political ideas that liberals so proudly defend. Family collapse, "gay marriage," licentiousness, pornography, abortion on demand, the war against religion in the public square – are all threats to traditional values in the West, as well as in the Muslim world.

Check please! This is utter nonsense and incredibly pedestrian thinking, and even if it were true it wouldn't change anything or make us any more culpable. This kind of asinine argument is just another example of blaming the victim and not focusing on the real enemy. It's also a textbook example of why I consider myself a libertarian.

Dennis Kucinich Proposes (Un)Fairness Doctrine

From FMQB:

Over the weekend, the National Conference for Media Reform was held in Memphis, TN, with a number of notable speakers on hand for the event. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) made an surprise appearance at the convention to announce that he would be heading up a new House subcommittee which will focus on issues surrounding the Federal Communications Commission.

The Presidential candidate said that the committee would be holding "hearings to push media reform right at the center of Washington.” The Domestic Policy Subcommittee of the House Government Reform Committee was to be officially announced this week in Washington, D.C., but Kucinich opted to make the news public early.

In addition to media ownership, the committee is expected to focus its attention on issues such as net neutrality and major telecommunications mergers. Also in consideration is the "Fairness Doctrine," which required broadcasters to present controversial topics in a fair and honest manner. It was enforced until it was eliminated in 1987.

Kucinich said in his speech that "We know the media has become the servant of a very narrow corporate agenda" and added "we are now in a position to move a progressive agenda to where it is visible."

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps was also on hand at the conference and took broadcasters to task for their current content, speaking of "too little news, too much baloney passed off as news. Too little quality entertainment, too many people eating bugs on reality TV. Too little local and regional music, too much brain-numbing national play-lists." Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein also spoke at the event.

The Fairness Doctrine is an obsession of mine; a subject on which I will soon be writing my Master's Thesis. Even Fred Friendly (the producer behind Edward R. Murrow and no conservative) stated in his book The Good Guys, The Bad Guys and the First Amendment that the Fairness Doctrine was a tool used to suppress speech, not expand it. This is Stalinism with a smiley face, and it has to be stopped.

Joe Biden And The Art Of Pandering

I don't think there is a guy in Washington, D.C. that does a more hackneyed job of pandering than Joe Biden. Whether it's his claims that he can win in the South because he's from a "slave state" or how he just loves Indians, he never fails to make us laugh. Our man Seixon takes the Senator to school over his latest comments on the Confederate Flag. Please enjoy!

AP Wrong Again (Or They're Just Making It Up)

Oh, snap! Glenn Reynolds puts the smackdown on the AP for it's latest cock up. Word.

The First 100 Hours So Far

Michelle Malkin has been keeping score on the first 100 hours of the new Democrat Majority in Congress. Scary stuff.

It's NOT Marty Schottenheimer's Fault

There's a reason I really like ESPN Radio Host Colin Cowherd...he thinks just like me (i.e. he's always right). I woke up this morning to listen to him make the point I was making in my posts yesterday. Everyone is dumping on the coaches for the losses yesterday. No players are accountable. It's Marty's fault that there were muffed punts, fumbled interceptions and head-butts. It's Andy Reid's fault for a false start on a made fourth-and-ten...and so on. We get pummeled with the line "coach has to have the players ready to play." Yeah, and if a frog had wings it wouldn't bump it's ass a hoppin'. The NFL wouldn't be much of a game if the players were programmable robots. A coach can only do so much! Marty Schottenheimer is probably gonna get fired, but what San Diego's front office should do is set a new precedent and keep Marty and fire some players. Eric Parker should be fired, not Marty. The guy who head butted a Patriot player (who's name you can't find in the news stories...case in point) should be fired, not Marty.

But that's just the correct opinion.

MORE: I'm gonna say it again. The Spanos family has a chance to break new ground here. Fire the lousy players...just cut them, today. Keep Marty and set a new precedent and put the players on notice. They are accountable too!


"24": Hours 1 & 2

Thoughts on the latest episode(s) of "24".

Quite the red herring that the producers threw at us last season making us think this season would involve fighting the Chinese. Instead, Jack is back and fighting the Islamofascist. Awesome!

-Wayne Palmer is president. I guess I should have seen that coming. Gives us all an emotional connection to the late David Palmer. It'll be interesting to see what became of President Logan.

-You gotta love those kind Americans who protected and took in a young Arab man after his father was arrested and the right-wing neighbors starting bullying him. Turns out, he is a terrorists! The Left is gonna hate that story line!

-I see there's been a marriage in CTU between Bill Buchanan and Karen Hayes. Good for them.

-I also see there's a new hottie in CTU. Nice.

-Damn! Bit right through the guys neck!

9:31: Jack gets a lesson in torture from Assad. I hope Jack hasn't gone soft after two years in China. Assad said, "you'll remember." Ah, dramatics!

9:54: Hell yeah, Jack was right! Did you learn nothing over the past 5 years Wayne?!

If like me you see "24" as more than just a TV show, you need to read this.

NFL Pundits Bring Out The Knives (And The Chapstick)

I like NFL football and I like talking about, analyzing what's going on with the games, personnel moves, coaching changes, etc. It's a great thing because in the end, it's just sports and no one dies. All in good fun.

There is one thing about the sport (and all sports for that matter) that does really get to me though. It's the way sports writers and pundit fall into this school-yard mentality of bashing the losers and kissing the asses of the winners.

Today, the Patriots beat the Chargers and already I've had all I can take of the Schottenheimer bashing and Tom Brady fawning. Yes, Marty Schottenheimer has a bad playoff record, and because of this he's treated like a pariah by many writers. I could handle that to a point, but what bothers me more is the constant ass-kissing of Tom Brady. It's not Brady's fault, but I find myself now rooting against him just because I'm so sick of hearing how he's G-d. It was the same with Elway for years! I couldn't wait for him to retire so we could at least move on to someone else for the sports press to fawn over.

NFL Post Season Quick Hits - 1/14

Just a few thoughts...the Bears did just enough to win, but I'd be more concerned with their Defense than Rex Grossman right now. They gave up a lot of points to a Seattle team that's hardly vintage. Brees/McAllister/Bush will be even tougher.

The San Diego Chargers seemed bound and determined to lose their game and they did, but before everyone starts with the Marty Schottenheimer bashing, I would say to you that this wasn't a coaching loss. There were a lot of dumb plays by the Chargers: personal foul penalties, dropped punts, even fumbled interceptions! It's hard to coach stupidity.

I gotta say, I like the Patriots to go all the way. Who left can beat them?

UPDATE: Just caught the LT press conference on ESPNEWS. He had a few things to say about a "lack" of class from the Patriots and their coach. Let the feeding frenzy begin!

MORE: Tomlinson quote:

“I would never react in that way. I was very upset,” Tomlinson said. “When you go to the middle of our field and start doing the dance Shawne Merriman is known for, that is disrespectful. They showed no class and maybe that comes from the head coach.”

Carrying The Bush Water

Pam Hess, a Pentagon reporter for UPI tells us how reporters are chastised by their peers when they dare bring up national security when the Driveby Media prefers a political knife-fight. Prepare to be angry.

Cardinals Go With "The Wiz"

After getting the big snubola from his former boss Bill Cowher, Pittsburgh Offensive Coordinate Ken Whisenhunt has accepted the head coaching position with the Arizona Cardinals. I think this is a good move by the Cards and could finally be their key to finally getting out of the NFL basement. Obviously, with all the weapons the team has on offense, it made sense that they would hire an offensive expert to be head coach. I think Dennis Green's big flaw was that he has such a huge ego and needs to prove he's the boss all the time. He did this off the bat by cutting one of their best offensive lineman when he first arrived...and we all know how bad their O-Line has been since. The Wiz may just be the guy to turn things around. The question with the Cardinals is always how far can they go before the Bidwells screw it up.

Romney's Religion A Non-Issue For Some

Maybe it's because I'm an agnostic, but I just do not understand the controversy over Mitt Romney being a Mormon. To me, it's just another Christian religion. Do Mormon believe in Jesus Christ? Yes, they do. That's actually the name of their church: The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints. Maybe it's the "Latter-day Saints" part that turns people off, I don't know. Bottom line, this is today's equivalent of the fear of a Catholic president some in the country had in 1960, and I know this is not a popular statement to make, but when it comes down to it, there's not a dime's bit of different between the major Christian religions. Romney's religion is a non-issue for me and I suspect it's probably a non-issue for most Americans.

The Price To Pay When America Goes Away

Don Surber reminds us of the millions that die when the United States turns its back.


NFL Playoffs Quick Hits - 1/13

Doesn't matter that the Eagles lost this playoff game...Jeff Garcia still played like a champion. Andy Reid has had a lot of fun the past couple of months, but now he has a huge, HUGE problem on his hands: What to do at quarterback? If you thought the politics of the Rush Limbaugh/Donovan McNabb/Philadelphia sportswriters fiasco was annoying, you ain't seen nothing yet. But hold your heads high, Eagles. You guys have nothing to be ashamed of.

Congrats to New Orleans. Sean Payton is a great coach and he is a great play-caller. He doesn't play not to lose, he plays to win. I think that's really been the difference for them in these big games.

As they say, this is why they play the game. I've been saying for weeks, the AFC Championship Game would be the Chargers and the Ravens and would probably be better than the actual Super Bowl. I've also been saying that the Colts defense is so flawed that it can't simply be "coached up" in time for the playoffs. I won't be quiting my day job any time soon.

There's an old saying: "backing into the playoffs" that's used when a team goes into the playoffs flat and just barely makes it. The Indianapolis Colts might just invent a new phrase "backing into the Super Bowl." Their two playoff games have been brutal. The game against the Chiefs was so bad it nearly gave me cancer, then against the Ravens, Manning throws 3 picks and they still win! And I'll tell you this: last year, Peyton Manning's last words of the season were "He missed it!" "He" being Mike Vanderjagt. Now with the signing of Adam Vinatieri, they're in the AFC Championship game. Probably the best off-season signing next to Drew Brees.

American Stalinist: Barney Frank

Via Hot Air.


Former Miss Nevada Talking To Playboy

The future ex-Mrs. Popinjay is in talks with Playboy after turning down Girls Gone Wild. The NY Post Page Six has the scoop:

WE may soon be seeing more of Katie Rees - who was fired last year as Miss Nevada after Donald Trump and the Miss USA team came across semi-nude pictures of her engaged in lesbian clinches with friends. Spies say Rees is in talks to do a spread for Playboy after turning down "Girls Gone Wild" impresario Joe Francis. "Joe was offering her $25,000 and $2 per video sold for her to host a special and do a video with him," a source says. But it's not about the money for Rees. She just agreed to host Jeff Beacher's "Comedy Madhouse" at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas for one night in March for a measly $10,000. Beacher, a pal of Rees, stuck up for his friend and said, "Donald Trump is a hypocrite. He lets one girl keep her crown who is a drug addict, but the girl who is a hot, fun party girl who enjoys other women has to be dethroned? I think her lifestyle is fun and amazing. Donald should really stop being so prejudiced against gay and lesbian people, like his fight with Rosie [O'Donnell.]" A rep for Playboy declined comment.

Good stuff.

Nancy Pelosi To American Samoa: "Sorry Charlie"

No minimum wage hike for tuna fishermen in American Samoa. Why? NewsBusters has the scoop on a very probable theory.

The Childless Condi Rice

The Blogosphere is buzzing over the cheap shot from Senator Barbara Boxer that Secretary of State Condi Rice won't pay a price for a surge of troops in Iraq as she has no "immediate family."

You know, there's a reason I didn't sign that thank you note to Senator Boxer for standing up to CAIR last week. I knew she'd make up for it before long. To paraphrase Dennis Green, Barbara Boxer is who we thought she is, and one good move doesn't make her ass crown-worthy.


Blast At U.S. Embassy In Athens

Hot Air has a roundup of the latest reports.

NY Times Laments "Witch Hunt" For Communist Informers In Poland

Let's just tell it like it is: the New York Times loves communists and has always sympathized and even worshiped them. They thought of people being marched to their death fills them with glee as long as the executioners believe in equality for all. It is the paper of Walter Duranty after all.

Anti-Patriotic Hate Crime In San Fran

Ah, the People's Republic of San Francisco...where a choral group is beaten up for singing The Star Spangled Banner and the police and the mayor look the other way. Nice.


Mitt Romney Fights Fire With Fire

I have to admit, Mitt Romney is running a really smart campaign so far. I'm a Giuliani man, but I would have no problem with Mr. Mitt in the White House.

Bush Outlines New Plan For Iraq

For the last few years, the Democrats and their lapdogs in the MSM has said that they wished George W. Bush would just admit that he's made mistakes in Iraq, then they could at least find some common ground with him. As expected, that was a lie. Bush has admitted that he made mistakes (which is hardly a revelation...so did Washington, Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Nixon, Reagan...but I digress) and that he is going to send in a surge of troops to take care of business. So now the Democrats, who were calling for a troops surge before the recent elections now say no, bad idea...we need a complete pullout so we can have a repeat of the Killing Fields. Ah, leadership.

I've been reading about the Civil War lately and was reminded how the war was going badly for the North, then Lincoln made General Grant commander of the Union Army. Grant's philosophy was simple...he was going to destroy the Confederate Army. No Confederate Army, no Confederacy. Within one year, he had done just that. No wonder President Lincoln, when told Grant was a drunk, said "Find out the name of the brand so I can give it to my other generals." Grant knew what needed to be done and wasn't swayed by any ethical concerns in the civilian world.

It's been my argument for a long time that the biggest mistake of the war committed by President Bush and the so-called "Neocons" has been their fear of total victory. While they talk a good game about "winning the war; achieving victory; staying until the job is done" and on and on, they weren't immune to the politically correct, liberal guilt of this postmodern age in which we all live. There was concern about killing Muqtada al-Sadr because he might become a "martyr." There was even that worry with the execution of Saddam Hussein. Every step we took was ever-so delicate so as not to offend anyone and convince the world that we're good guys. An army can't march on egg-shells. We are at war...job one is to destroy, I repeat, destroy the enemy. The consequences be damned. It's time to do what must be done.

MORE: Statement from former New York Mayor (and hopefully our next President) Rudy Giuliani.

The Left's Love Of Genocide

Mark Levin just unloaded on Ted Kennedy and the American Left for their culpability in the genocides of the post-World War II era. They're working toward another...in the Middle East.

Coughlin To Remain With The Giants

This is a surprise. Coach Tom Coughlin will not be fired by the Giants and will remain at least one more year with the team. I expect he'll be bringing in a whole new staff of assistants, however.

Sun-Times Columnist Swoons Over Naked Obama

Why are so many women not taken seriously by their male counterparts? Because a few dumb bunnies ruin it for the rest of them.

The New Tone Of The Congressional Democrats

Via Hot Air.


Barbara Walters Is In Deep

I don't blog much on celebrity scandals and the like (unless it involves hot girl-on-girl action), so all I'll say on this whole Trump-Rosie flap is that I'm glad I'm not Barbara Walters. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Also, you have to admire the pure showmanship of Vince McMahon and his ability to make the most of the situation. Bad craziness.

Ramsey Wesley Clark And The Jews "New York Money People"

There's a really interesting post over at Power Line that you should check out. Ramsey Wesley Clark is insisting that we need to sit down with the Mullahs in Iran and talk "about our families and our hopes," and "build relationships." He says this is being prevented by the "New York money people." Translations: the Jews!

I don't think Ramsey Wesley Clark is an anti-Semite, he's just an incredibly ignorant and incompetent boob. He makes Jim Baker look like Benjamin Disraeli (who was a Jew, by the way).

UPDATE: Thanks to Reliapundit for catching my Ramsey/Wesley Clark goof. My brain knew I was writing about Wesley Clark, but I've gotten so used to Ramsey Clark bashing the Jews, my fingers just went on instinct. Not that that's an excuse...my apologies to Ramsey Clark.

NBC In The Tank For Man-Made Global Warming Farce

Via NewsBusters.

Joe Scarborough: Sellout

It's official: Joe Scarborough has completely sold out. Once an up and coming Florida Republican, he's sold his soul to the MSM devil. Quite amazing when you think about it. I guess he never really had any convictions to begin with.

The New Jersey Swamp

It's a story as old as the United States. The smell in New York City was...New Jersey.


New Saddam Execution Video

Dr. Shackleford has the scoop.

Cambodia's Killing Fields Nostalgia

Cindy Sheehan is making her voice heard in Washington as the Democrats are dropping hints they could move to cut off funds for troops in Iraq. Ah, hearkening back to the good old days of the Killing Fields of Cambodia...the greatest legacy of the anti-war Left.


Scientists Map Dark Matter

On this blog, I go on and on about news items, most political in nature, but once in a while you have to look at stuff that is really news...news that changes everything.

For example (caught this on Drudge), scientists have finally been able to map "dark matter." Okay, I don't fully know what it all means, but from what I can tell, it's the stuff that holds everything in the universe together. It's a huge triumph for science. Now they just have to figure what the hell the stuff is made of.

Dark matter is an invisible form of matter whose total mass in the universe is more than five times that of "normal" matter (i.e., atoms). The nature of dark matter is still unknown. Its presence in the universe is inferred from its current influence within galaxies and clusters of galaxies, and the gravitational effect it has had on the evolution of structure in the universe. The first direct detection of dark matter was made this past year through observations of the Bullet Cluster of galaxies.

I know on Futurama they use it as fuel for their spaceship. Here's hoping.

NFL Post Season Week 1 Quick Hits

Well, so far the playoffs have proven themselves to be a very different beast from the usual regular season play. Offenses and defenses that were down coming into the playoffs seemed to pick it up a notch and prove that they belonged...except for the Kansas City offense, yuk!

Pats beat the Jets, as they should've. They still the better team. Jets still need some work, but a job well-done Man-genius.

Dallas Cowboys...man, that's gotta hurt. Romo...quit tramping around with blond celebrities and get your ass into the film room.

Philadelphia started off slow, but they did what they needed to do: win, and winning is not something that just happens, it's a skill. And after what we saw with Romo the other night, doesn't Andy Reid look like a freakin' prophetic genius by signing Koy Detmer to be the holder for David Akers in the playoffs? Talk about a guy that doesn't overlook even the tiniest details.

Louisville's Petrino Takes Falcon's Job

I guess it's true what they've been saying since Slick Nick Saban left Miami for Alabama...everybody lies. Louisville Cardinals Head Coach Bobby Petrino has accepted the head coaching job with the Atlanta Falcons. Here's what Petrino said just this past season after signing a 10-year deal with the Cardinals:

"I can't tell you how happy I am with the commitment and the confidence that Tom Jurich has in me and the university has in me," Petrino said after signing the contract. "I also wanted to make sure that everyone understood, I know I've said it, that this is where my family wants to be. This is where I want to be. I want everyone to really believe it."

I think ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd made a good point when he's said that Athletic Directors simply don't know how to write contracts. It astounds me how a man can put his signature to a 10-year contract (10-YEARS!) and then just turn around and say "never mind." Look, I have no ties to the University of Louisville, that's not what this is about, I'm just stunned and fascinated by how coaches in college and the pros lie through their teeth and how contracts seem to be meaningless.

Three Illegal Immigrants Arrested At Port Of Miami

Wizbang has a roundup.


DRUDGE: Israel Planning Nuke Strike On Iran

More over at The Astute Bloggers.

Gay Arafat Makes A Move On McAuliffe

Ew! I don't know who the loser is in that little matchup. Anyway, this is the first time I had heard about the Arafat gay rumors. Amazing if true. Islamofacist hate gays more than the Catholic Church, yet one of their leaders...

Anyway, Tammy Bruce just unloads on ol' Terry and his dinner companion. She's great.


Hate Speech Laws Making Comeback

John Conyers, easily one of the most anti-American Congressman in Washington is proposing a new hate speech law that is basically a push to punish those that criticize Islam. Think I'm overreacting? Read the bill. (Hat tip: Instapundit)

The Democrats "New Tone"

Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank accuses George W. Bush of genocide by hurricane in Louisiana.


PAJAMAS MEDIA: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Dead Close To Death?

Just breaking. (Could be a huge journalistic coup for Roger and the gang.)


UPDATE: Some sources, evidently including a family member, are reporting that Khamenei, in grave condition, was alive as recently as yesterday. Our source reported that he died today. More to come. It is the middle of the night in Iran.

MORE: Farideh Vafai - spokeswoman for Reza Pahlavi, the son of the former Shah of Iran - made the following comment to PJM Washington Editor Richard Miniter: “We cannot confirm this news. We have heard rumors but so far have no confirmation.” Ms. Vafai was reached at Pahlavi’s Secretariat in Falls Church, VA.

Negroponte's Move: A Theory

The Confederate Yankee has an hilarious theory about the John Negroponte's job change. I doubt it's gonna happen, but it's fun to think about: (Hat tip: Instapundit)

Negroponte is moving in to be in a position to take over for Rice, but not because Rice is going out of office, but up. Vice President Dick Cheney will resign due to much more plausible health problems (the poor guy has worn-out defibrillators, hasn't he?), and Dr. Rice will step in as our first female Vice President sometime during the summer or early fall of 2007. She will then be "pushed" into running as the Republican contender against Hillary, setting up our first guaranteed female president as a result of the 2008 elections. At this point, Pat Robertson will quote some obscure translation of the Book of Revelations and declare this is proof of the End of Days, at which point we all laugh at him.




Slick Nick Out Of Miami

The boys at ProFootballTalk.com are hearing that there is "restrained jubilation" inside the Miami Dolphins organization after the departure of control-freak "Slick" Nick Saban (that's his new nickname after various lies about the Alabama job). Frankly what bothers me the most about the whole situation is how he talked to his coaching staff via speakerphone telling them he was leaving. Those guys deserved a face-to-face meeting. As Elaine Benes said, "You're way past the phone call breakup stage." Don't get me wrong, he's a great coach, but the way he handled this situation left a lot to be desired.

The Hill: Giuliani Might Strike Bargain

And he should.

War Still Beats "Peace"

Don Surber just nails it when looking back at Saddam's rein of "peace." (Hat tip: Instapundit)

Miss Nevada Scandal Might Get Bigger

Las Vegas "Man About Town" Norm Clarke is reporting that Katie Rees may soon be part of a new scandal involving some unnamed Vegas celebrities.

"Mean Girls" Just A Sign Of The Times

People who read my blog know that I'm not a culture warrior. I'm a libertarian and very much feel that what you do is your business, no matter how weird or "immoral" it may be. As long as you leave me and others alone, we're good. However, I don't dispute that our society has suffered from a moral breakdown over the years which may have severe consequences, although I see much of it as fixable.

We've been enthralled recently with the sexy antics of Miss Nevada, Katie Rees. Her partying with girlfriends and pictures of her in light-lesbian poses cost her her title and created an Internet firestorm. Now we have these real-life "mean girls" in Texas, a group of cheerleaders that take the Cartman credo to heart: "Whatevah, whatevah, I do what I want!" Pictures on Myspace of the girls buying condoms and showing off their goods has many up in arms. Worse still, they flout authority and are backed up by many parents. Cultural breakdown? Sure. What are we going to do about it? I don't know. I think it's up to the parents, but if they're not on board, what can you do?

If only I was 20 years younger.

Saban Takes Alabama Job

Hardly a surprise, but the way this whole thing went down is disturbing, though it's not unusual. Saban said he was not taking the job. He talked of commitment and loyalty, then he ends up leaving Miami, telling the owner and the coaching staff by phone.

It's a lot of money and I suppose there was no way he couldn't take it, but this trend of head coaches jumping all over the place all the while saying "I'm not going anywhere" has gotten out of control. The Herm Edwards to the Kansas City Chiefs situation was I think the high-water mark, until this. How does a player now listen to Saban when he talks about things like loyalty and commitment and getting the job done. How does an NFL owner in the future even consider him for a job? They will though. He'll be offered another NFL job in a few years for an insane amount of money. I guess the lesson here is that head coaches lie. Messed up!


More Trouble For Romo

Maybe the Dallas Cowboys recent woes can be explained by as the consequences of having a quarterback get too famous too fast. This talk of tickets in return for namedropping has got to be troubling for the organization:

JESSICA Simpson's famously meddling father, Joe Simpson, has done it again, starting a rumour his daughter is dating a footballer to score tickets, The New York Post's Page 6 has reported.

Mr Simpson started the rumor that his daughter was dating Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo, according to Page 6.

Dear old daddy reportedly let Romo name-drop Jessica in exchange for game tickets, and the two have never even met.

Page 6 affirms that in reality, Romo is dating A.I. finalist Carrie Underwood, and Simpson was just spotted again with John Mayer.

This time around the two "buddies" were shopping for jewellery at Barney's on Madison Ave in New York.

Mr Simpson, a former Baptist minister, in a recent interview with GQ magazine, said about his daughter: "Jessica never tries to be sexy.

"She just is sexy. If you put her in a T-shirt or you put her in a bustier, she's sexy in both. She's got double D's! You can't cover those suckers up!"

Okay, me saying that...no problem. Her dad saying that: Ew!

I think it might be time for Jerry Jones and the Big Tuna to have a serious "come to Jesus" with their new superstar.

Obama On The Brain

An absolute classic. CNN mistakenly puts up a graphic over a picture of Osama bin Laden saying "Where Obama?" It's like when you're just smitten with a guy and you can't help but writing his name all over your history notebook with little hearts.

George W. Bush and Barack Obama have one major thing in common. The best thing for both of them would be for Osama bin Laden to be captured.

UPDATE: CNN apologizes:

CNN apologized Tuesday for mistakenly promoting a story on the search for Osama
bin Laden with the headline "Where's Obama?"

A spokesman for Illinois Sen. Barack Obama said the apology was accepted.

The blunder came Monday evening on Wolf Blitzer's news show "The Situation Room." Both Soledad O'Brien and Blitzer offered separate apologies during CNN's morning show Tuesday.

CNN called it a "bad typographical error" by its graphics department.

"We want to apologize for that bad typo," Blitzer said. "We also want to apologize personally to Sen. Barack Obama. I'm going to be making a call to him later this morning to offer my personal apology."

Tommy Vieto, Obama's press secretary, said he appreciated the bloggers and activists who brought the error to light so quickly and helped make sure it was corrected.

"Though I'd note that the `s' and `b' keys aren't all that close to each other, I assume it was just an unfortunate mistake, and don't think there was any truly malicious intent," Vieto said.

CNN having malicious intent for Barack Obama? Please! I've already explained this guys...it's the exact opposite. The good liberals at CNN are like 13 year old girls around the second-coming of RFK. They've got Obama on the brain.

Iran: Hitler Was A Jew

I gotta say, when it comes to conspiracy theories, nobody does it better than Iranian President Ahmadinejad and his cronies. You JFK/RFK/MLK assassination nuts are absolute amateurs compared to these guys.

Apparently, an advisor to President Psycho is saying that Adolph Hitler was a Jew and conspired with the USSR and Britain to establish a Jewish state. Ah ha! The Mullahs crack the Hitler/Jews conspiracy! Finally!


NY Times Continues To Mourn Saddam's Death

This newspaper is an absolute disgrace. I know that's hardly news, but...

NFL Week 17 Quick Hits

Well, not surprisingly the axe is falling in the NFL. Jim Mora of the Atlanta Falcons and Dennis Green of the Arizona Cardinals are gone. Arizona needs to find a really good offensive-minded coach and they could be on to something. Leinart is great and they have a lot of weapons. The same is true somewhat with Atlanta. They have one big weapon in Michael Vick, but they need a coach that can how to harness his skills to the teams advantage.

Meanwhile, both New York teams are in. The Jets are a great story, the Giants are a horror movie. I don't think either will advance in the playoffs, but the Jets will be able to hold their heads high, the Giants will hang their heads in shame.

I talked to Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman last night. He's an Eagles fan as he grew up in Philly. He thinks they're going to the Super Bowl to meet the Chargers. I'm almost inclined to agree. The key in the playoffs is to go in hot. The Eagles with Jeff Garcia are clicking on all cylinders. The only team that might beat them is New Orleans...they're just so talented and Sean Payton is proving to be an amazing coach.

Playoffs this weekend...can't wait!

UPDATE: The brass for the Cardinals just held a press conference and rattled off some names of potential candidates. Strangely, they name Ron Riviera, a defensive coach and Norm Chow, an offensive coach. I think Chow just makes sense. It would reunite him with Leinart; he's a great offensive mind; and let's face it, he's a minority. Not the kind of minority that Jesse Jackson gives a crap about, but a minority nonetheless. It's win-win. There's been speculation they want Pete Carroll which is understandable, but Carroll would be a fool to leave USC. Chow makes a lot of sense. As long as his first goal is to deal with the offensive line, they could be in business.