Antonella Barba: Girls Will Be Girls

I haven't watched America Idol this season...just been too busy, but everyday I'm hearing the name Antonella Barba so I decided to find out what the kerfuffle was all about. Much like our own Miss Nevada Katie Rees, American Idol hopeful Antonella Barba has been photographed in some sexy poses while partying hard with friends. Like I said with Rees, what's the big deal? Girls being girls is nothing to scoff at. Man, if only I was ten years younger. Girls in my day were a bit more uptight.

Seixon No More

Terrible news as Norwegian blogger Seixon is hanging up the keyboard. He was one of the greatest bloggers out there who could research a subject like nobody's business and always had the goods on the loony Left. His reasons for this are unclear as he has not only quit blogging, but taken his site offline. Regardless, it's a great loss for us and I wish him the very best of luck.

Drudge: McCain Announces Presidential Run On 'Late Show'

Now tell me something I didn't know.

Beckham's Move To U.S. To Be A TV Show

Okay, now I'm officially sick of reality shows:

LOS ANGELES - When Victoria Beckham moves to town, the momentous event will be recorded for television by the creator of "American Idol." NBC has signed a deal for six episodes of a half-hour unscripted series chronicling the former Posh Spice's relocation from Europe with her soccer-star husband, David, who has signed to play with the Galaxy team here, Daily Variety said Wednesday.

You know what I hate? When people are able to look more important than they are by having a reality show. If you don't believe me, just look at Dane Cook. The man chronicles his comedy tour with a reality series and all of the sudden everything thinks he's the hottest thing out there. These reality, pseudo-documentaries used to be interesting, but now they just serve as a vehicle for getting undeserved acclaim.

Myspace Excursions

So a friend of mine insisted to me that I get a page on Myspace. Here it is. I thought, 'sure, why not?'. So then, she talks me into looking for "friends" on Myspace. So I do...I'm curious. My G-d...is there anyone on that server that isn't there just to pimp their webcam or something more three-dimensional?

It's a shame that the great invention of our time, the Internet (no thanks to you Al "Marie Antoinette" Gore) has been so co-opted by people looking to make a fast buck. You have to weed through acres and acres of hay just to find one needle, but I guess there's nothing that can be done. Regulation is not the answer, but I have to think there is a lot of honest money out there to be made if someone finds a way to clear out the deadwood.

Gore's Hypocrisy Tour Continues

Al Gore is taking some heat for his energy consumption, as we saw recently, but his reaction to the news shows just what a fraud he is:

Gore spokeswoman Kalee Kreider said: "Sometimes when people don't like the message, in this case that global warming is real, it's convenient to attack the messenger."

Kreider said Gore purchases enough energy from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and methane gas to balance 100 percent of his electricity costs.

Gore, who owns homes in Carthage, Tenn., and in the Washington area, has said he leads a "carbon-neutral lifestyle." To balance out other carbon emissions, the Gores invest money in projects to reduce energy consumption, Kreider said.

So what he's saying here is, he's not actually cutting his consumption of energy, he's actually consuming as much "green" energy as he is carbon-based energy. So while he's out there telling Joe Six-pack to cut his energy consumption, he continues to consume all he wants and thinks it's all okay because he consumes just as much solar power?

What a complete fraud this man is. How can anyone possibly take him seriously?

It's Called A Correction

No matter how much you take care of yourself, no matter how much you exercise, eat right and take your vitamins, eventually you're gonna catch a cold. That's what the market did yesterday. It was time for a correction, now people are looking for some cheap stock.


Why Giuliani Has Fans On The Right

A great piece by John Podhoretz today on why Rudy Giuliani is winning a lot of fans on the political Right despite some of his liberal stands on social issues:

There's a perfectly simple answer to the Rudy paradox. When Republican voters look at Rudy Giuliani, they know one key fact about him: They know he's no liberal.

They may not exactly know why yet, but they know it.

And they're right.

Rudy may call himself pro-choice. He may have signed legislation mandating benefits to gay couples. He may have been a supporter of gun control. He may even have endorsed Mario Cuomo for governor in 1994. These are all things he's going to have to explain and answer for in Republican debates and the like.

But more than any other candidate in the race, Rudy Giuliani is a liberal-slayer. When he rejects liberal orthodoxy, which he does often, he doesn't just oppose it. He goes to war with it - total, unconditional war.

He spent his political career chewing up liberal orthodoxy and spitting it out - and I think that somehow, in some way, voters in Oklahoma and Kansas get that about him even without knowing the specifics.

His success in turning New York around wasn't merely a matter of changing policies. He had to sustain those policies when they came under deliberate, systematic and unrelenting assault by the city's liberal elite.

And that's what it comes down to. On the issues where Rudy leans Right, he goes to war and fights tooth and nail. That's what the Right (and us libertarians) has been looking for for a very, very long time...someone that will fight.

MORE: John Gizzi has a similar comment in Human Events which has this brilliant quote from Michael Der Manoeul, Jr., the former California state GOP Treasurer:
Self-described conservative Der Manouel also said that he “is sick and tired of people who, for the last 10 years, call themselves conservatives, talking about things and not putting anything into action. I’ve moved beyond conservatism now, and I just want a doer.


Clockwork Orange For The Oscars

Much to my dismay, I was in a place tonight where I had no choice but to see part of the Oscars ceremony. Just call me Malcolm McDowell. I cannot tell you how much I hate these people. There was a day when I watched the show, watched a lot of movies, enjoyed the pomp and circumstance...now it just fills me with disgust. Al Gore is a complete and total fraud. You have to be all kinds of stupid not to see through his game, yet there's Leonardo talking about how honored he is to breath the same oxygen with such a great leader. I hate them.

MORE: I see Forest Whitaker won Best Actor. That's cool, I've always liked him. Hard to believe he got his start in "Fast Times At Ridgemont High." Poor Peter O'Toole, that's the eighth snub, but really who cares. Hollywood is crap and getting respect from these people isn't worth a damn. They don't deserve to smell O'Toole's excrement. I'd say the same about Scorsese but he seems to have sold his soul to Leo DiCaprio. Oh well.

Website Updating

Hey gang, you've probably noticed I've done a little housecleaning on the website: added another column stretching it out a little bit. I also fixed a flaw in the del.icio.us tag so you can use that now if you're so inclined. Let me know what you think, good or ill.


James Cameron Tackles Jesus Christ

Hold onto your Rosary beads, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is being challenged by famed Hollywood director James Cameron in a new documentary for the Discovery Channel. The self-proclaimed "King of the World" will present evidence of a group of tombs found in a Jerusalem suburb 27 years ago, one saying "Jesus, son of Joseph." He also claims to have some DNA evidence and other juicy tidbits sure to start another Christianity firestorm.

Also, there's a Middle Eastern website following the controversy called "Israelity Bites." Brilliant! Comedians could learn from this url.


Cheney Refuses To Back Down On Pelosi Comments

Right on! Maha Rushie has the details.

Fairness Doctrine: Liberals And Talk Radio

The great Ken Blackwell has a column over at Townhall on the Fairness Doctrine conspiracy from the Democrats:

During its initial run, Democrat and Republican administrations rode herd over broadcasters determining what was fair and threatening the licenses of those deemed not fair enough. Former Kennedy administration official Bill Ruder told Tony Snow for a 1993 Washington Times piece, "We had a massive strategy to use the fairness doctrine to challenge and harass the right-wing broadcasters, and hope the challenge would be so costly to them that they would be inhibited and decide it was too expensive to continue."

And there you have it. The move to bring back the Fairness Doctrine is all about silencing speech, not encouraging more speech.

Vilsack Out Of Presidential Race

Geesh! We're just barely into the year 2007 and there are reports that one presidential candidate, Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack, is already dropping out. There's something really wrong with this system if for some it's over even before it starts. Vilsack had no chance, but damn, the first caucus/primaries are a year away! That's a lifetime in politics. Messed up.

Global Warming Hysteria Continues

Check out today's roundup of Global Warming Hysteria at The Astute Bloggers. It's only gonna get worse.


Fairness Doctrine: Governmental Protection For The Dixie Chicks?

A great piece by movie critic and radio host Michael Medved on the move to punish the critics of the Dixie Chicks with the Fairness Doctrine and other Stalinist regulations.

Global Warming Tidal Wave Continues

Last year I said that the Global Warming craze would lead to a Global Warming story every day until the 2008 election and beyond. I couldn't have been more right. Each day, the predictions get wilder. Now, a new study says Global Warming will take a toll on children as they will become more susceptible to fevers.

If only we could just eliminate capitalism, then all this would go away.

Jackson Panders In Hollywood

I just couldn't let this story pass without comment.

Just in time for the Academy Awards, Jesse Jackson's renewing a push for greater inclusion of minorities in showbiz.

The civil rights leader asserts that the timing's right to raise the issue, at a time when there's been widespread recognition received by such actors as Forest Whitaker, Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson - all front-runners for Oscars.

"While I feel joy for those outstanding performances, my concern is that people will take these as a substitute for progress," Jackson said in an interview Wednesday with Daily Variety. "We want to keep the light on unfinished business."

Yes, three black actors up for Oscars this year and just a few years ago, Denzel Washington and Halle Berry won Oscar, but let's not let progress be a substitute for progress.

Casting of minority actors remains a problem. Jackson noted, pointing to a UCLA study by Russell Robinson, released in December and showing that found 69 percent of Hollywood roles were reserved for white actors.

Do you know what the black population in the United States is? It's 13%. The white population is 80%. Seems to me that on a relative scale blacks are doing pretty well in Hollywood.

Bottom line, Jesse Jackson is a pandering, con-man who will do anything to fan the flames of racial hatred and line his pockets.


Columnist Call NBA All-Star Weekend A Disaster

Normally I try to steer clear of subjects relating to Las Vegas due to my work with the convention bureau, but this needs to be addressed.

Jason Whitlock, sports columnist for AOL has declared the NBA All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas a complete disaster. However, he doesn't blame Vegas for this, he blames the culture of the NBA.

Stern has spent the past three years trying to move his league and players past the thug image Ron Artest's fan brawl stamped on the NBA.

After this weekend, I'm convinced he's losing the battle. All-Star Weekend Vegas screamed that the NBA is aligned too closely with thugs. Stern is going to have to take drastic measures to break that perception/reality. All-Star Weekend can no longer remain the Woodstock for parolees, wannabe rap artists and baby's mamas on tax-refund vacations.

This was not a byproduct of the game being held in Vegas. All-Star Weekend has been on this path for the past five or six years. Every year the event becomes more and more a destination for troublemakers.

He's right, and interestingly, CNN's Paula Zahn is doing a special tonight called "Hip-Hop: Art or Poison?" Funny how when Rush Limbaugh discusses these topics he's called a racist. Oh, that's right...Rush isn't "down for the struggle."

Is Blair Doing It For Harry?

That's the headline at Drudge. It's a fair question and I think the answer has to be at least partially yes. Blair is a good man and one of resolve and conviction, but like it or not, he's in the twilight and I'm sure legacy is on his mind. One thing that would completely ruin that legacy is being "responsible" for the death of a Prince. It's all rubbish in my mind, but the media runs the world and that would be his legacy if it happened. Prince Harry insist he wants to be treated like anyone else. Good man, but it ain't happening.

Geffen Slams The Clintons

Big trouble in Tinseltown as Hollywood mogul David Geffen, once as thick as thieves with the Clintons, is now slamming the nation's worst couple for their lies and their gross behavior. This doesn't mean, however, that Geffen has gone the way of a David Zucker and seen the light. No, he's now an Obama booster, finding the empty suit from Illinois "inspirational."

Be that as it may, his attacks on the Clinton's couldn't be more on the mark:

She is overproduced and overscripted. “It’s not a very big thing to say, ‘I made a mistake’ on the war, and typical of Hillary Clinton that she can’t,” Mr. Geffen says. “She’s so advised by so many smart advisers who are covering every base. I think that America was better served when the candidates were chosen in smoke-filled rooms.”

“Marc Rich getting pardoned? An oil-profiteer expatriate who left the country rather than pay taxes or face justice?” Mr. Geffen says. “Yet another time when the Clintons were unwilling to stand for the things that they genuinely believe in. Everybody in politics lies, but they do it with such ease, it’s troubling.”


MORE: From the Hillary Clinton Campaign:

"If Senator Obama is indeed sincere about his repeated claims to change the tone of our politics, he should immediately denounce these remarks, remove Mr. Geffen from his campaign and return his money.

"While Democrats should engage in a vigorous debate on the issues, there is no place in our party or our politics for the kind of personal insults made by Senator Obama's principal fundraiser.

Yes, the hypocrisy is thick, but the real story here is that it's the first big test for Obama. If he wants to piss with the big boys (or girls) he needs to stand behind Geffen and more importantly, stand up to Hillary. Then, he might be able to fill that suit at least up to his ankles.

Keep bashing away guys...the more damage you do to each other before '08 the better.


Americans Still Want To Win In Iraq

Drudge has the latest poll numbers on the Iraq War and they don't bode well for the Democrats. There may still be hope for the electorate yet.

John Edwards: Israel Biggest Threat to Peace

Via Wizbang. It's not even 2008 yet and already he's shooting himself in the foot.

Media Hiccups

While a political party works to defeat the United States of America in a foreign war, the non-biased, impartial, don't questions their ethics or their patriotism mainstream media is falling all over themselves in order to get an interview with a girl that has had the hiccups for a month.

Journalism is dead.


McCain: Still Our Worst Senator

John McCain has begun his '08 pandering tour in South Carolina calling Donald Rumsfeld the worst Defense Secretary in history. If only, says the Arizona "Republican", Rumseld had sent more troops, we wouldn't be in this mess.

Time for a reality check, folks. There were mistakes made in Iraq, certainly. The main mistake being our fear of "putting too heavy a footprint on the country" or some such nonsense. But be that as it may, we won the war with Iraq in 2003. Since then we've been fighting a war with Iran. However, knowing this, we for some reason have refused to hit our enemy where they live, Iran.

McCain can have some fun playing Monday morning quarterback, but he's just showing himself to be the fraud that we've known him to be for 7 years. He also says he "doesn't hold a grudge" for his defeat in South Carolina in 2000. What an ass! He has no right to hold a grudge. If you can't piss with the big boys then shut the hell up.

British Gun Crime Raises Questions About Gun Control

My libertarian brethren in the U.K. are fighting the good fight in Britain, pointing out that with tighter gun-control laws, gun crime seems to be getting worse. You do the math.


The Half Hour News Hour: A Review

Well, after a couple of weeks of reading conservative blogs that were convinced this show was going to bomb, I finally got to see the long awaited, Joel Surnow produced, conservative-leaning Daily Show-esque news program The Half Hour News Hour. All in all, it was better than I expected it to be, but there are a few things that have to be done:

1) They seemed to have had a studio audience, but the laughter sounded like a laugh-track. It wasn't natural which makes me wonder about the editing and sound mixing.

2) They need to keep the editing at a minimum, the t-shirt segment looked really cut-up.

3) The anchors are not comedian hosts, they're actually playing anchors. This is okay, I guess. It makes the show more similar to The Colbert Report rather than the Daily Show, but it would be nice to have a connection with a host or hosts.

But, as "President" Limbaugh pointed out, it needs to get some good ratings so they can get the money to improve production values.

On the plus side, the jokes were pretty good. I thought the Ed Begley, Jr. thing was a little forced, but I really liked the Global Warming guy. And it was good to see one of my favorite comedians, Dom Irrera. He played the salesman selling t-shirts with dictators on them. I've always liked him and now that I know he's politically sane, I like him even more. His appearances on the cartoon "Dr. Katz" were classic television.

UPDATE: RedState makes a point:

Several of us have mentioned how annoying the laugh track is, etc. Well, a friend of RedState who is familiar with the show sends along a reminder that these are just pilots with tiny budgets shot weeks ago. There is no real topicality.

The shows were cut to see if Fox News might have an interest and, should Roger Ailes go with them, we'll see current event themed shows with a budget that can afford to get rid of the annoying laugh track.

Giuliani Should Run As Anti-Liberal

Pat Hynes over at the Ankle Biters says it would be a mistake for Rudy Giuliani to try and redefine Conservativism and instead he should stick to his beliefs and run on his strong record as an anti-liberal. I very much agree and think this approach (which he seems to be taking) will serve him well in the long run. Rush Limbaugh touched on this too. Bottom line, there's no Reagan Conservative in the race for president in '08. Romney is claiming to be, but his about-face on a lot of issues hearkens back to Joe Lieberman in 2000. It's gonna tough for him to fight off the criticism of being a Johnny-come-lately.

Giuliani isn't a Reagan Conservative either. He's a Libertarian Popinjay. He's strong on defense and foreign policy. He's a law and order guy and knows how to clean up big messes. However, he is "liberal" on social issues, but says he'll appoint strict-constructionist judges to the Supreme Court. Thus far he's played it smart. He's trying to convince the Conservative base of the Republican Party that while they have differences, there's a lot of common ground. The GOP has to say to themselves, there's no Ronald Reagan here, he was a once in a lifetime guy. Now, in the post-Reagan era, we need to pick the best guy that's out there even if he doesn't fit out text-book definition of what a conservative should be.

I agree with Rush that trying to redefine a candidate to fit definition of Conservatism is a fool's game and I certainly don't intend to do that with Giuliani. I'm a pro-war libertarian (i.e., I'm not a Ron Paul nutjob) and Giuliani is a great candidate for what I believe in (though I'd be content with Romney). I have some disagreements with him (immigration, global warming), but they're outweighed by bigger issues and my belief in his integrity.

But just for the record, I would like to point out this quote from Ronald Reagan:

"If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism."

Britney Spears Hair On eBay

You can also get the "Britney Buzz" at the same salon for $200. Is this all just a publicity stunt? Too much Anna Nicole in the news and something had to be done by the Britney camp?

Giuliani: We Pay Them To Decide

Yet another reason I love Rudy. He's none too happy with the House of Representatives over their "nonbinding" war resolution. The Texas Rainmaker has the transcript from Larry King Live:

GIULIANI: What I don’t like is the idea of a nonbinding resolution.

KING: Because?

GIULIANI: Because there’s no decision.

KING: But it’s a statement.

GIULIANI: Yes, but that’s what you do. That’s what Tim Russert does and that’s what Rush Limbaugh does. That’s what you guys do, you make comments. We pay them to make decisions, not just to make comments. We pay them to decide.


Brit Hume Slam Jack Murtha

Via Hot Air.


Michael Irvin Out At ESPN

From ProFootballTalk.com:

ESPN has formally announced that Michael Irvin won't be back for the 2007 season.

"Michael will not be with us this fall," ESPN spokesman Bill Hoffheimer said, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Hoffheimer reportedly stressed that Irvin had not violated any contractual morals clause, and that the decision was the product of the network's "annual review."

A year ago, Irvin's contract was up and ESPN opted to keep him around. The length of his new deal wasn't (to our knowledge) reported. Our guess is that the Irvin contract was for more than one season -- and that ESPN likely will be paying him not to work for the balance of it.

Thank G-d! ESPN has been going downhill fast the past few years, but this is at least a small step in the right direction. Howard Cosell was right...the jockocracy is bad news.

Mummified Body Found In Front Of Blaring TV

Eerie. A bit like looking into my future.

Britney Spears Goes Bald

Only in America can a celebrity's complete meltdown be televised from start to finish.


Thatcher Honored With Statue

Showing that there is some justice in the world, The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher will be honored with a installation of a statue in the House of Commons lobby. Lady Thatcher is now said to have her "good days" and "bad days" as she suffers from old age and the loss of her short term memory. It's also said she never quite got over the treachery of her own Tory Party that ended her run as Prime Minister. Eventually, the chickens always come home to roost and the Tory Party paid a heavy price for booting the Iron Lady and has been a minority party since 1997. Fools.

God bless her.


The NBA In Las Vegas? It's Looking Good

NBA Commissioner David Stern made it clear today during a speech in Las Vegas that the sports league is very open to moving a team to the gambling capital of the world as long as Mayor Goodman can work something out with the major sports books. It appears Stern wants something along the lines of the UNLV rule, which says that the sports books agree not to take bets on the Las Vegas based team. However, some sources tell Sports Illustrated it may not even come to that. We'll see, but it's looking good.

Busy Week And Who Cares

Blogging has been light as I've been knee-deep covering the NBA All-Star festivities in Las Vegas. However, as I look over the news, I'm not seeing a lot that interest me, it mostly bores me.

-Al Franken running for the Senate. If this were a sitcom, it would be axed after two episodes.

-The Democrats continue to work for America's defeat. Presidential candidate John Edwards is trying to become the next George McGovern by calling on Congress to cut war funding. Nice move, that's always a winner. Just ask McGovern if you don't believe me.

And of course there's enough Anna Nicole/Global Warming news to choke a horse. *yawn*


NFL: Chargers Fire Schottenheimer

In today's modern NFL, there aren't many surprises, but this jumped out at us like a deer on a highway.

San Diego Chargers President Joe Spanos changed his mind and decided that it was time to fire Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer due to what he called a "dysfunctional situation" between the coach and General Manager A.J. Smith. It also didn't help that Marty lost both his coordinators to head coaching positions.

So Marty will get to sit out a year and then take the next head coaching job that comes along. Yes, I know everyone talks about how he can't win the big ones and is too conservative. I think that's a load of crap if you look at his coaching career carefully, and like Bill Parcells, he leaves every team he coaches much, much better than when he first arrives. For hell's sake, San Diego was atrocious when he hit town, now they're one of the best teams in football. Chin up, Marty. You done good.

Obama Not Ready For International Stage

He doesn't have the brains or the balls, and insulting Australia is more proof.

Czech President Calls Man-Made Global Warming A Myth

As a man of Czech heritage, it gives me great pride to post this story. Czech President Vaclav Klaus is calling out the U.N. panel on global warming, calling it politics over science. In an interview with a Czech newspaper he calls man-made global warming a myth and even questions the sanity of Al Gore.

Q: If you look at all these things, even if you were right ...•

A: ...I am right...•

Q: Isn't there enough empirical evidence and facts we can see with our eyes that imply that Man is demolishing the planet and himself?•

A: It's such a nonsense that I have probably not heard a bigger nonsense yet.•

Q: Don't you believe that we're ruining our planet?•

A: I will pretend that I haven't heard you. Perhaps only Mr Al Gore may be saying something along these lines: a sane person can't. I don't see any ruining of the planet, I have never seen it, and I don't think that a reasonable and serious person could say such a thing. Look: you represent the economic media so I expect a certain economical erudition from you. My book will answer these questions. For example, we know that there exists a huge correlation between the care we give to the environment on one side and the wealth and technological prowess on the other side. It's clear that the poorer the society is, the more brutally it behaves with respect to Nature, and vice versa.• It's also true that there exist social systems that are damaging Nature - by eliminating private ownership and similar things - much more than the freer societies. These tendencies become important in the long run. They unambiguously imply that today, on February 8th, 2007, Nature is protected uncomparably more than on February 8th ten years ago or fifty years ago or one hundred years ago.• That's why I ask: how can you pronounce the sentence you said? Perhaps if you're unconscious? Or did you mean it as a provocation only? And maybe I am just too naive and I allowed you to provoke me to give you all these answers, am I not? It is more likely that you actually believe what you say.

That's good stuff.


ABC News in 2000: Osama And Saddam Linked

Obama Is Risen!

Well, it's official. Barack Obama is running for president, hoping to become our nation's second black Head of State. It's going to be interesting to see how the Clinton cabal deals with his candidacy and if he can avoid burning out the public on what will be a daily media barrage of Obama coverage. It'll also be interesting to see how a man with almost no resume, who is completely style over substance, does in the hard-knocks presidential primaries. Clinton was very much style over substance when he ran in 1992, but he at least had a lot of executive experience as the long-time governor of Arkansas. Obama makes the 1992 Clinton look like George H.W. Bush. as far as experience goes. However, Obama has the full support of the MSM, even more than Clinton had when he first ran. Should be interesting.

The Global Warming Con Continues

Reliapundit gives us the last word on the latest global warming con job by Richard Branson and Al Gore.


Report: Soviet Monument To Make Way For Reagan


Opponents of Poland's former communist regime reportedly want to pay a posthumous homage to US President Ronald Reagan by erecting his statue in the place of a Soviet-era monument.

In an open letter to the mayor of the southwestern city of Katowice, the former anti-regime activists said that the staunchly anti-communist Reagan had been a "symbol of liberty," the Polish news agency PAP reported.

As a result, they said, he deserved to become the centrepiece of the city's
Freedom Square, replacing a monument to the Soviet troops who drove out the
occupying Nazis in 1945.

They also said that they wanted the site to be rebaptised "Ronald Reagan Freedom Square."

City hall spokesman Waldemar Bojarun said that Katowice's councillors would consider the issue.

Bojarun said that he had "enormous respect" for Reagan.

However, he said, the proposal could cost an estimated 500,000 zlotys (128,000 euros, 168,000 dollars) and the city had "other pressing needs."

There are already separate plans to erect a statue in memory of Reagan in the centre of the Polish capital, Warsaw, which would be paid-for from private funds.

Reagan, who dubbed the Soviet Union an "evil empire," is widely credited by Poles with having driven communism to the wall.

The conservative Republican made fighting communism the cornerstone of his 1980-1988 presidency, and backed Poland's Solidarity trade union after it went underground when the regime declared martial law in 1981.

Reagan died in June 2004 at the age of 93.

Can't you just feel the cold chill that went through the newsroom at The Nation?


Anna Nicole Smith Dead

Somehow I just knew when I first saw the reports of her collapse on the Drudge Report that this was going to be the end. What a waste.

MORE: It's a sad world, and it looks even worse when you have uncanny foresight. I was just reading that a video of Smith's final moments (or the first few moments of death) were sold to an (as of yet) unknown media outlet for $500,000. I can see the future and it is ugly. This isn't a moral argument as much as it is a plea for sanity from one of the great minds of media theory.

What we can expect to see is a new cottage industry of conspiracy theories into the death of Anna Nicole. Websites and entertainment shows will investigate the players in this drama ad nauseam. We'll also see frame-b- frame analysis of this video that fetched half a million dollars (Zapruder redux!). Before long, everyone will be a believer in one theory or another.

And it'll go on and on and on.

UPDATE: Gross.

Jerry Jones Can't Survive The Salary Cap

The NFL has been buzzing this week following the search for a new Dallas Cowboys Head Coach. Jerry Jones went with Wade Phillips and many pundits believe that Jones will be able to essentially coach the team due Phillips alleged lack of a strong personality. ProFootballTalk reports:

Keeping with widespread scuttlebutt that owner Jerry Jones was looking primarily for a guy who would do his bidding, a league source told us: " Jones finally got his wish. He gets to coach the team. I know there are many people in the league who can't stop laughing.

"Dallas has relegated itself to the bottom of the NFC East for years to come," the source addedd. "They might even start competing with Detroit. Wade does not have a strong personality and he will be eaten up by Jones. Dave Campo will look like an all time great before this is over."

Mercy. Here's the bottom line with Jerry Jones. Many will point to the fact that he bought the team in the late '80s and with Jimmy Johnson quickly turned the team around and won two Super Bowls in 1992 and 93, and a third in 1995 with Barry Switzer, but in 1994 the seed that ruined the fun for Jones was planted, and it grew. That seed was the introduction of the salary cap.

Jones is the NFL's version of George Steinbrenner. He's a meddling jerk that wants to run every aspect of the team and expects a championship every year. Steinbrenner has an advantage over Jones, however, in that he can spend as much money on players as he wants. Jones had that luxury when he first bought the team, and with his deep pockets he was able to amass a team of Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin and other greats. The smaller market teams couldn't compete for these kinds of players, then the salary cap came along and with it league parity (and with league parity, enormous popularity for the league). Ever since the salary cap was put in place, Dallas has struggled. It didn't have to be this way. Teams have won championships in the years of the salary cap, why Dallas? Because with the league set up the way it is now, bad ownership equals bad teams. As long as Jones continues to mimic Steinbrenner, the Cowboys will never raise the Lombardi Trophy again.

MORE: The guy I really feel bad for in all of this is Wade Phillips. As this article shows, he's a really good guy with a lot of good people in his corner.

Giuliani: Not Since T.R.

Staunch Conservative R. Emmett Tyrrell has a piece in the New York Sun today in which he sings the praises of Rudy Giuliani, comparing him to Theodore Roosevelt.

One also knows a political leader by the action he takes. As mayor, Mr. Giuliani
took on the nanny state that city government had become, reducing the dependency
that had one in seven New Yorkers living off government support. As for New
York's huge welfare rolls, he more than halved them and had more than 100,000
welfare recipients finding work annually by 1999. He cleaned up the crime-ridden
streets, cutting crime by 64% and murder by 67%. By cutting spending and taxes,
he turned an economic basket case into an economic marvel. In eight years he
reduced or extinguished 23 taxes. Every year he was in office, New York
's economy grew faster than the nation's.

High praise for a man that many consider too moderate or liberal on the social issues to be a strong Republican contender. Tyrrell says delving into those issues is the next step for the conservative base, but he's definitely warmed up the crowd to the former New York City Mayor.

As I've said many times, Giuliani has a definitely "it" factor and a strong record that appeals to the conservative base. I would also remind people that Ronald Reagan had a strong libertarian streak himself (even if he didn't always act on it). Should be interesting to see how it all plays out.

MSNBC: Destroying Journalism One Story At A Time

CNN may have a leftist-bias, but as far as journalism goes, they'll always look good when compared to their "competitor" MSNBC. Ann Coulter gives us an excellent look at how this supposed news organization (which Mark Levin calls MSLSD) is destroying journalism (if it wasn't already destroyed) little by little, lie by lie.


Rudy Passes The Sleep Test

Wanted to get this down on the record first...I'll expand on it later. For me, Rudy Giuliani passes a very important presidential test: the sleep test. Ask yourself, seriously, how would you sleep at night knowing that Rudy Giuliani was the leader and protector of the country? Me, I'd sleep like a baby. I have some disagreements with Giuliani on some issues, but I believe him to be a decent, intelligent man with a tremendous track record of leadership. When it comes down to it, that's the key issue in any political race.


Inconvenient Kyoto Truths

A brilliant idea by George Will. Time to call the Democrats bluff and put the Kyoto Protocol up for another vote in the Senate.

Busy Week

Sorry for the light posting. I'm wicked busy at work and pretty shot by the time I get home. Bear with me.


Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani took another baby-step toward a run for the presidency today with an FEC filing:

WASHINGTON — Making the most of his front-runner status, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Monday moved closer to a 2008 campaign for president, adjusting his paperwork to file a "statement of candidacy" with the Federal Election Commission.

As a result, Giuliani remains in the "exploratory" stage, but the removal of words like "testing the waters" from his filings puts him in full swing to win the Republican nomination to be president.

Giuliani, who earned the title "America's mayor" for his response to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, now has more legal room to raise and spend money. The decision to go full throttle into the 2008 race comes earlier than he had planned and sends a signal to skeptics that he is serious about a candidacy.

In fact, Giuliani had wanted to hold off making an announcement for candidacy, but with the growing field of Republican candidates diverting attention far and wide, Giuliani was forced to make the most of the public relations move that accompanies an FEC filing.

It's obvious to me how Giuliani is playing this, yet no one seems to have caught on. Last week the press tried to make hay of the fact that he hadn't filed as a Republican, but the reality of the situation is that Giuliani is trying to find a way to run for president without giving the electorate severe burnout which is what they're going to get with most of the candidates by the time the New Hampshire primary rolls around. Of course, he doesn't want them to forget about him either, hence the news today. He's playing it smooth, just like I'd expect from a true leader.

UPDATE: Here's the video of Rudy on Hannity & Colmes. Of course some of his answers were nuanced and diplomatic, but ultimately I liked what he had to say. His views on gun control and immigration left a little to be desired philosophically, but what I like about Giuliani is that he's a results guy. If a gun law helps combat crime, let's use it. If it doesn't, we won't. I'm a libertarian, and to me, that's what libertarianism is all about: results; solutions. For 70-some years we've put up with the Democrat Party insisting on government programs that are proven failures. Giuliani is the last person on earth to put up with that kind of crap. Barring some unforeseen circumstances, Rudy's my guy.

Senate Resolution Translated

A nugget of brilliance from Don Surber:

The pro-war senators who are now anti-war fumbled around and could not get support for a non-binding resolution that was supposed to say 1.) we support the troops 2.) but not their mission 3.) which we gave them in October 2002 4.) because we are bored by it 5.) but we are too chicken-droppings to do anything about 6.) because the troops might actually win.

Or something like that.



Colts Win Super Bowl, Dungy Makes History

It's good to see the Colts, Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning win the Super Bowl. These guys really deserved it. Peyton will go down in history as one of the greats to play the position and Dungy will go down as not only a championship coach, but the first black Head Coach to win a Super Bowl. I always bristle when I hear so much made about a persons race, but I think Dungy handled it in the best way possible.

"I'm proud to be the first African-American coach to win this," Dungy said during the trophy ceremony. "But again, more than anything, Lovie Smith and I are not only African-American but also Christian coaches, showing you can do it the Lord's way. We're more proud of that."

I'm an Agnostic, but I greatly admire the way Dungy handles himself and lives his life. He knows that there are things bigger than himself or his race. We may disagree what those bigger things are, but Dungy knows there more to life than football and media adoration.

John Edwards Calls For Nationalized Health Care, Tax Hikes

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic U.S. presidential candidate John Edwards on Sunday said that he would raise taxes, chiefly on the wealthy, to pay for expanded healthcare coverage under a plan costing $90 billion to $120 billion a year to be unveiled on Monday.

"We'll have to raise taxes. The only way you can pay for a healthcare plan that cost anywhere from $90 to $120 billion is there has to be a revenue source," Edwards said on NBC's Meet the Press news program.

The 2004 vice presidential nominee and former North Carolina senator said his plan would "get rid of George Bush's tax cuts for people who make over $200,000 a year."

Hey, at least he's honest about it...just like Walter Mondale.

Super Bowl Sunday

On January 13, 2007, I wrote this:

There's an old saying: "backing into the playoffs" that's used when a team goes into the playoffs flat and just barely makes it. The Indianapolis Colts might just invent a new phrase "backing into the Super Bowl." Their two playoff games have been brutal. The game against the Chiefs was so bad it nearly gave me cancer, then against the Ravens, Manning throws 3 picks and they still win! And I'll tell you this: last year, Peyton Manning's last words of the season were "He missed it!" "He" being Mike Vanderjagt. Now with the signing of Adam Vinatieri, they're in the AFC Championship game. Probably the best off-season signing next to Drew Brees.

Man I'm tired of being right!

Global Warming Prediction

On July 6, 2006, I wrote this:

Here's the deal: Global Warming is to our current age what homelessness was in the 80s. Look for the MSM to run a global warming story every day from now until November 2008. If a Democrat wins the presidential election in '08, the GW stories will stop, if a Repub wins, they'll regroup and begin anew. And they're going to keep pounding and pounding until every American says at the very least, "Well, I guess we should do something about global warming. It's in the news all the time, so it must be a serious problem."

Tell me I'm wrong.


NFL Hall Of Fame

The latest Hall of Fame inductees into the Pro Football Hall of Fame have been named, and in a stroke of injustice, that ass-clown Michael Irvin is put in while Art Monk is left in the cold. I have to agree with the gang at ProFootballTalk, character should matter. In that regard, it's nice to see Thurman Thomas get in. He's a good guy.


Democrats Harrass FCC Over Ownership Rules

More nonsense from our new masters:

Senate Democrats pressed the Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission this week to slap tighter controls on media ownership, public-interest broadcasting and television violence. But after a sometimes contentious two-hour hearing Thursday, some lawmakers expressed little hope of meaningful change.

Several Democrats on the Senate Commerce Committee warned the agency not to try to relax limits on the number of media outlets one company can own, as the FCC did in 2003 only to have a federal court stay the action. Recent FCC policies on media ownership, said Sen. Byron L. Dorgan (D-N.D.), have been "a spectacular failure."

He railed against rules that allow one entity to own eight radio stations in a large city and against proposals to allow one owner to have three TV stations in a city. "More concentration means less competition," Dorgan said. "The public-interest standards have been nearly completely emasculated."

Since when have Democrats given a damn about free-market competition?

"The change of this last election," said Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV (D-W.Va.), "is that there's going to be a lot more attention on the FCC. . . . It has abandoned its core responsibility to the public interest."

In one sense, I agree. There haven't been nearly enough stories on Senator Rockefeller's trip to Syria before the Iraq War. In that sense, the public interest has not been met. However, we all know that's not what he's talking about. What he means is there are conservative viewpoints getting air time and that it must be stopped.

But that aside, I wish someone could give me a cogent, well-reasoned argument on how less concentration of media ownership would serve the public interest.

Hillary Clinton Targets Oil Profits (or "Who's Afraid Of Hugo Chavez?")

Marxism on the march. Via YouTube.

UPDATE: In a stroke of irony, The New Republic filed a story just this morning theorizing that YouTube could be a boon for Hillary. Turns out it can also catch her at her worst.

White House Rejects Mandatory CO2 Caps

WASHINGTON- Despite a strongly worded global warming report from the world's top climate scientists, the Bush administration expressed continued opposition Friday to mandatory reductions in heat-trapping "greenhouse" gases.

And that's a good thing, though the Administration is still looking at some of their own measures which they call "aggressive but practical." More like politically expedient.

I'm just constantly amazed at the sheer arrogance of man, the he should think he is any kind of match for "Mother Earth." We are like fleas on a dog. We may make the planet itch a little bit from time to time, but we're sure as hell not capable of anything worse than that.

FOX And CNN Go At It

There's quite an advertising war brewing between Fox News Channel and CNN. I think it's a good move by Fox to stay aggressive and not rest on their laurels of being number one. CNN needs to be careful not to show their hand. The obvious attack they'll want to make on Fox is that they're a conservative network. What would that make CNN then? Fair and balanced? That wouldn't pass the laugh test.


Are You "Down For The Struggle?"

That's the question that surrounds the whole controversy concerning Joe Biden's comments on Barack Obama. What a world.

UPDATE: The world waits for the verdict: Is Paris Hilton down for the struggle?