Fred Thompson Entering The Race?

Interesting news this week that Fred Thompson is looking to enter the presidential race. I like him and think he's a good man. I do have a few reservations, namely one of his votes on impeachment, how easily he was duped during the Clinton investigations and his backing of McCain for president (and in turn, McCain-Feingold,).

However, he has been working on his conservative bona fides, he has great name recognition (being an actor) and he is from a semi-Southern state (Tennessee). His appearance on Fox News Sunday this morning was a good one where he seemed to say all the right things (give or take), at least as far as the Conservative Base is concerned. I also like the way he directly answers the questions (a rarity these days). He didn't hedge on any of the answers and pretty much said yes or no when asked. He also has a nice, folksy way with words. My favorite: "[Armitage] evidently wasn't a designated bad-guy, so they passed right over that."

Allahpundit points out that despite how amazing the notion is, he is late to the game. I suspect he knows this and is setting himself up as the picture-perfect, ready-made Vice Presidential candidate. I have to say, I'm buying it. I think he might just have everything the GOP is looking for in a number two. He's Southern, well-known, experienced as hell, smart, witty, and Conservative. He and Giuliani would be a dream ticket in my book.

And hey, they would definitely win the bald vote!

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