NFL Draft Recap

Well, there was some good drama in this year's NFL Draft...and it began and ended with Brady Quinn. I actually feel sorry for the guy because you could make arguments for either side of the issue. We're told he's a talented young quarterback, but he got rattled in big games, he knows the pro-style of football, but he's overrated because he played for Notre Dame, etc., etc,. Ultimately, anyone who says they know for sure that picking him is a good move or not is just guessing. I always remind people, Tom Brady was a 6th round pick.

Anyway, I think the Cleveland Browns hit the jackpot. They got the best O-Lineman in the draft and what could be a really good quarterback. Yes, they traded next year's number one pick to Dallas to get Quinn, but it won't matter in the long run. If these two new guys along with Jamal Lewis can turn around that offense, they'll be sitting pretty. Quinn's gonna be pissed he was picked so low (though he really wanted to go to Cleveland), but from the Browns organization's standpoint, it couldn't have gone better.

I also really liked what Oakland did. They got a franchise quarterback and they got a veteran QB in Chad McNown and also WR Mike Williams from Detroit. Some say those two are washed up, but there is some talent there and the Raiders need new blood desperately. Plus, Williams is a USC guy who played well under Lane Kiffin. Meanwhile, McNown can hold the fort until JaMarcus Russell is ready to go. Now they just need to unload Randy Moss and they could win as many as 8 games (with luck).

The two interesting side-issues of the draft are 1) Miami not taking Quinn and taking BYU quarterback John Beck instead. Games between Miami and Cleveland will finally be interesting. 2) Philadelphia taking a quarterback, Kevin Kolb of Houston, in the second round, and getting that second round pick by trading their first round pick to division foe Dallas. It's gonna be ugly for quite a while in the city of Ben Franklin.