Burned Out

I'm really getting worn out by the political landscape in our country. It's like a TV sitcom that's run out of ideas and uses recycled story-lines. Our president is fighting terrorism, while the opposition party is working for the defeat of America. Does George W. Bush fight back? No, he just ignores it and all the while the conventional wisdom is infected with lies and slander. Then, a former cabinet member who was a holdover from the Clinton Administration comes out with a book laying blame on everyone but himself. Who didn't see that coming?

Meanwhile, we have nonstop efforts to silence any and all speech from conservatives and libertarians. These same people on the Left trying to censor anyone who disagrees with them seek to confuse the issue by saying that they are the ones being censored. Here's how Roseanne Barr explains that she could never be a host on "The View":

In reality, I could never host that show, or any network show, because I have opinions that are not sanctioned by the powers that be who refuse to allow even one dissenting voice over the airwaves of television(in this a "free" country).

What in the name of all that is holy is she talking about? Is she having us on, or does she really believe this? I don't even know anymore.

I'm burning out.