Giuliani Still Leads In The Poll

Weird. Despite all the hand-wringing over Rudy Giuliani's stand on abortion (and admittedly, he's flailing all over the place on the issue), he's still leading in all the major polls ranging from a 2% lead to a 14% lead over John McCain. What gives? Is it possible that despite his pro-choice leanings that there is a silent majority of Republicans that have said enough is enough, we need a bold leader in the White House? This has been my stand for a long time, and it's now stronger than ever since George W. Bush has apparently given up the fight. I'd be quite happy with Mitt or Fred! in the White House. I'd cut off my manhood before I'd vote for McCain (sorry John, some things just can't be forgiven), but I'd really like to see Rudy in the top job, and if these polls can be believed, there are a lot of other people that feel the same.

As far as this abortion thing goes, I've said many times that I understand where the pro-lifers are coming from and I don't expect them just to shove their beliefs to the side, but you've got to play the hand your dealt. Right now, we need a strong leader who will fight terrorism and socialism. Rudy may not score 100 on the Reagan checklist, but he's proven to everyone that he does have the will to fight for what he believes is right. McCain is a backstabber, Gingrich wants to be loved, Fred and Mitt, we just don't know for sure. With Rudy, we have plenty of empirical evidence.