Hillary Clinton's Socialist Rhetoric Continues

"I have nothing against rich people... but what made America great is the middle class."

*sigh* She's partially right. The American worker has made this the greatest country in the world, but that's not the connotation of what she's saying. Her implication is that the rich haven't done anything for the country but get rich. Those that can handle the truth know that while the middle class made this country great, it was also the so-called "rich" that made it great as well. Men like Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan and Bill Gates not only amassed great wealth but created great wealth for millions of Americans. Think about how many people have been employed the past 25 years because college drop-out Gates invented something that everyone in America would eventually need...a simple (though crash-prone) computer operating system. What if he had made his first million and then retired, where would we be? Even a liberal like Thomas Friedman understands this.

Yes, the middle class built this country but so did entrepreneurs with big dreams. Thanks to capitalism and political freedom, they were able to make these dreams reality and enrich us all.

Hillary knows this, but she wants power and you can't have the degree of power she craves when the populous is 'on their own.'