Inmates Take Over Asylum, Democrats Agenda Stalls

The inmates at, which I will remind you was founded in an effort to stop the impeachment of Bill Clinton (hence "moving on"), have an online poll asking whether George W. Bush should be impeached for, well, being George W. Bush (cutting taxes, fighting terrorism, not having sex with interns, etc.). W.C. Varones says we should encourage them in their efforts since, after all, "owns" the Democrat Party. If they shape the agenda, they keep the Democrats in Congress from passing harmful legislation. (Hat tip: Wizbang)

It may already be working, in fact. The Washington Post has a story today about the Congressional Democrats failure to pass any legislation of consequence. First David Broder strays off the reservation and now this article from WaPo? They'd better beef up security around the newsroom and get lawyered-up before another letter arrives.