James Dobson Says He Could Never Vote For Rudy Giuliani


Shouldn't the American people be able to expect a certain decorum and dignity from the man who occupies the White House? On this measure, as well, Giuliani fails miserably. Much has been written in the blogosphere about his three public appearances in drag. In each instance, he tried to be funny by dressing like a woman. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan, who loved a good joke, doing something so ignoble in pursuit of a cheap guffaw? Not on your life.

I'm also guessing that Mr. Dobson is not a fan of taking the Lord's name in vein or enjoying sexual innuendo either. With that in mind, here's a clip of Ronald Reagan courtesy our of friends at TVparty.com.

Nobody loves Ronald Reagan more than I, but I'm not so full of self-deception that I believe him to have been something he wasn't. Reagan was a real man, just like Rudy, and unlike James Dobson.