Move America Forward Holds Rally In Las Vegas

A handful of Las Vegans turned out for a rally outside Senator Harry Reid's Las Vegas office to protest his stand on the War in Iraq. Move America Forward sponsored the rally that featured patriotic Americans chanting to passing traffic "Support our troops! Support the mission!"

Here are some snapshots:

Debbie Lee is the mother of the late Marc Alan Lee, the first Navy Seal killed in Iraq. Despite what happened to her son, she still believes in America's mission.

MORE: Here's are two shots of about 7 pro-Harry Reid folks. They chanted to the passing traffic, "Support our troops! Support our Congress!"

UPDATE: The Raw Story is making hay of the fact that there weren't many people at the Las Vegas protest. It's not surprising. You don't get large numbers from Republicans at protests, they're almost always busy at their jobs making America work. Unlike ANSWER, we don't protest for a living.

MORE: The Carson City protest was quite successful.