The Nemesis Of Contrary Opinions

Really, really, really don't want to blog about Rosie O'Donnell, but I think this latest (daily) controversy on The View is very telling. Rose and token conservative Elizabeth Hasselbeck had an argument over the Iraq War. Now after years of Rosie being a bully...from yelling at Tom Selleck for supporting gun rights to her daily insults of everyone under the sun on The View, she is now "hurt" after getting a major beating from Hasselbeck for implying that the troops in Iraq are terrorists. It's classic bully syndrome (see Terrell Owens): you're mean, rude, nasty and belligerent to everyone that has a different opinion from you, then when someone hits back, it's the crime of the century.

Just look at one of the emails on her blog:

Donna writes:
Ro- my heart hurts for you right now. EH not much of a friend. Glad you have true friends & know the difference. Today she was mean spirited & that is saying something about her. Glad 4 U 2 B out

(Rosie's response) i am glad 2 b out 2

Yep, she's the victim. If only she could live in a world where there weren't these annoying contrary opinions and everyone lived together in peace with one mind, one thought.

Don't worry Ro...the Fairness Doctrine is on the way.