The Problem With Republicans

Robert Novak reports in his column this morning that attendees at the Lincoln Club dinner were not blown away by the keynote speech by Fred Thompson.

''It was not Reaganesque.'' ''No red meat.'' ''Too low key.'' That was the preponderant reaction I heard to Thompson's half-hour presentation (leavened by a few favorable comments, mostly by women, that he was more ''statesmanlike'' and ''presidential'' than the announced candidates). Lincoln Club members, like many conservative Republicans, had been unimpressed by the existing field of Republican hopefuls and envisioned Thompson as the second coming of Ronald Reagan. They did not get it Friday night.

I shouldn't be surprised by this. Republicans are never satisfied with anything, but there are reasons for it. First off, I watched the speech online and it was a good speech. On substance, it was dead-on. Was it a fiery speech? No, but that's not Fred Thompson. He's a slow talkin' Tennessean, folksy and loaded with common sense. If you're looking for Al Pacino, then rent one of his movies.

This, as I said, is typical of conservative Republicans. They suffer from a condition which psychologists call "hyper-vigilance." They are always on guard for something to go wrong, for the proverbial other shoe to drop. If things aren't going gang-busters than we're screwed. It's all or nothing, and besides we're always going to get the shaft so best not get our hopes up and be disappointed.

To quote Barry Goldwater, let's grow up Conservatives!

UPDATE: Geesh! What did I tell you?