Protest Brings Out The Angry Socialists

So yesterday I went to the anti-Harry Reid protest here in Las Vegas and snapped some pictures. I posted them on my website and gave the facts...a handful of people showed up for the rally. Well, this made some folks mad and they left some comments chastising me for saying I'm a libertarian and yet I support the war. Here's a bit of the back-and-forth:

I see a dozen protesters in at the most, and two of them seem to be from the press.Where are the "hundreds?"Somebody looks like a monkey today.I applaud your effort, but I can't abide your lack of reason.
Blue Patriot 05.17.07 - 4:44 pm #

I can only speak to the Las Vegas rally, which I said contained "a handful" of people. There were, however, two other protest in two other cities. You need to read more carefully.
Jim Rose Homepage 05.17.07 - 5:00 pm #

we up in Carson City reported for duty!Homepage 05.17.07 - 5:48 pm #

"making America work" eh?
bvac 05.17.07 - 9:27 pm #

Support the mission! I don't care how many troops come home in body bags, we're staying until America is victorious!
jr666r 05.18.07 - 2:08 am #

Hilarious! Really!Most healthy Americans realize that we can only genuinely support the troops by getting them out of a situation that they don't belong in.They did their jobs -- Hussein is gone, no wmds, an "elected" parliament. Granted our troops were deceived while Bush laughed at the idea of finding wmds during the White House press corp dinner a few years back, but what the heck, "bring 'em on!"The pathetic turnout says it all -- let's see, is that the 28% idiot base?It's hilarious -- you guys try to make up for the fact that a "handful" of folks showed up because Republicans work for a living. I guess that's why there are more vets in congress who are democrats than republicans --You screw ups care more for the money than what really matters -- like civic duty.Oh well, I'm sure that the few Republican soldiers who are as easily mislead as you will appreciate the "handful" who showed up who support the fact that their lives are in danger because of lies and incompetence.Truly hilarious if it wasn't so sad!
abdiel 05.18.07 - 4:32 am #

Ah!The Carson City Protest was "quite successful!"Not just a handful -- but two! And all the media -- some channel 4 cameraman!Oh! And they got a staff person to close the door because she didn't want a confrontation with a potentially overzealous ideologue!Way to show you're a man -- you sure intimidated that nice girl with the glasses!It's a good thing you weren't on the other side where Bush brownshirts would have very happily shoved you on your way!But hey! You gotta admit, closing a door in your face is really more profound -- it says, the door was open, you were invited in, you asked a stupid question, you got a stupid answer.Alls fair and even!"Quite" a "success!"
abdiel 05.18.07 - 5:06 am #

First of all, stop having the nerve to call yourself a libertarian. No libertarians are supporting this war. Libertarians do not take part in "wars of choice". We defend our country and leave alone those who leave us alone.Second, Melanie Morgan and MAF are just one Prozac short of Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist crazies. That's why there was no one there, not that they were all working. C'mon, lets cut the BS. Nobody is buying it.
Ed 05.18.07 - 9:59 am #

We defend our country and leave alone those who leave us alone.Exactly, but the terrorists didn't leave us alone, did they?(see 9/11) Isolationism is NOT libertarianism. You need to do your homework.
Jim Rose Homepage 05.18.07 - 11:10 am #

How did our website get populated with so many cheese eating defeatistist surrender monkeys Jim? Those guys suck. Iraq will pay for attacking us on 9/11 and if our troops have to massacre 100's of thousands more iraqi civilians to be victorious then so be it (there not even christians anyway).
jr666r 05.18.07 - 11:43 am #

Sorry Jim, I forgot the 9/11 attackers were Iraqi.Oh wait a second, according to EVERYONE, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Afghanistan did. I could have been convinced on Saudi Arabia's involvement. Maybe even Pakistan. But not Iraq. It not only had nothing to do with 9/11 but was dominated by secular Sunni's, the enemies of Shiite Al Queda.So how does that fit into libertarianism again?
Ed 05.18.07 - 12:55 pm #

Can you feel the love?

It looks like I'm going to have to write a treatise on my philosophy before libertarianism is totally usurped by Noam Chomsky and his band of zealots.