Sarkozy Wins!

Center-right candidate Nicolas Sarkozy has won the French presidency beating Socialist Segolene Royal with a projected 53% to 47%. France saw it's largest voter turnout in two decades with 85%.

Yes, Sarkozy is a believer in man-made global warming (he says) and against the Iraq War, but this is a vast, vast improvement from Jacques Chirac and he has made it a point to say that America can count on France as a friend. The best thing he can do for us is to get things straightened out at home; get unemployment down, cut taxes, get immigration under control and fight terrorism. If it's not in Iraq, fine, but fight it in your own country. Make France great again.

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MORE: Heh.

MORE: No revolution is complete without some hotties. I give you, Sarko's Babes!

Raise your glasses in a toast!