Truther Scum Corner Rudy Giuliani

I hate these 9/11 Truthers. I absolutely hate them. They're a combination of rubes and anti-American crack-pots. This whole Rosie O'Donnell thing with "it's the first time in history steel has been melted by fire," is so asinine it makes me cringe. First off, ever seen how they make swords? It's with fire!! That's how all steel is made!!

Anyway, these scumbags cornered Rudy today at an appearance asking a bunch of stupid questions and implying that he knew the buildings would collapse, etc. G-d I hate them. Rudy, being a presidential candidate, just smiled and answered as polite as he could, I'm sure fighting the urge to tell them to pound sand.

For those who need a primer in the physics of steel, go here.