CNN Moving To The Right?

The Clinton News Network? The network that covered up Saddam's crimes in order to keep a Baghdad bureau? What's going on in Atlanta?

In the past week or so, CNN has done 3 hard-hitting stories on the poor ethics of Congressional Democrats. They even did a story on the al-Qaeda torture manual that the rest of the MSM won't touch. (I only know this from reading the blogs for I have refused to watch CNN since the Eason Jordan scandal.) What gives?

Could it be that finally, at long last, they're looking at their ratings and Fox News' ratings and finally, at long last, coming to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe Fox News is on to something with their platform of a more conservative-friendly news operation?

Seems a long shot, but even if they are moving to the Right, they've got a long way to go before they can even think about redemption.