Finally! Hagel To Be Challenged For Senate Seat

Finally someone in my home state of Nebraska is stepping up to the plate in an effort to get rid of the nation's worst Senator, Chuck Hagel. Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning let the folks at the New York Sun know that he will announce tomorrow his intention to challenge Senator Hagel in the Republican Senatorial primary next spring. Bruning is a two-term AG who is disturbed by Hagel's anti-war and anti-Israel stances.

Mr. Bruning also mentioned New York Sun editorials documenting the weakness of Mr. Hagel's record on Israel, including a recent speech by Mr. Hagel before an Arab American group in which Mr. Hagel said that support for Israel shouldn't be automatic. Mr. Bruning, 38, has been to Israel three times and is seeking backing from the pro- Israel community for his challenge to Mr. Hagel. It'll be interesting to see how Mr. Hagel's weakness on foreign policy plays in the American heartland when challenged by a strong candidate such as Mr. Bruning. There's been talk of Mr. Hagel mounting a Republican presidential campaign or joining with Mayor Bloomberg on an independent presidential ticket, but it looks to us as if the senator from the cornhusker state may be lucky if he even manages to hold on to his Senate seat. It'll be a race on which to keep a close eye.

G-d speed, Jon!