John Kerry Pushing For Fairness Doctrine

Hardly a surprise. Courtesy Matt Drudge via YouTube, here's the failed presidential candidate calling for a correction to the "imbalance."

Squeeze down opposing views? What the hell is he talking about? Is there anyone out there that really isn't hearing a liberal/socialist point of view? He's either demented or just a liar.

It goes to the heart of the argument, however, and shows us just what the proponents of the Fairness Doctrine believe in, or in this case don't believe in, and that's the marketplace of ideas. Just yesterday, Rush had audio from a recent Larry Kudlow show on CNBC where he talked to some economic wonk who said the recent Center for American Progress report on talk radio shows that there's a "market failure." Just think about those two words for a minute...market failure. "The market" doesn't fail...people fail, and there are consequences for failure.


MORE: Michelle Malkin has full coverage of this story as well as an update on former radio talk-show host Congressman Mike Pence, who is on the front lines trying to beat back this form of censorship with the Broadcaster Freedom Act.