The Nuge Slames Paul McCartney

I went to see a Roger Waters concert this past weekend. I always knew the former front-man for Pink Floyd was very much to the Left, but I guess going in I was in denial about him flaunting the fact. Practically every song was turned into an anti-Bush screed, and you'd think a legendary control freak like Waters (who used to criticize David Gilmour for having session musicians do most of the work at Pink Floyd concerts) would at least sing more than a couple of songs during the Dark Side of the Moon set. That tends to be the problem with these old rockers; once they get into their 50s and sometimes 60s, they become tribute bands to themselves. The Rolling Stones are probably the best example of this.

Anywho, I said to my friend as we left the concert that we should go see Ted Nugent to get some balance. Then today I see a link on Drudge to a column written by The Nuge where he goes off on Paul McCartney's anti-meat hiring and firing practices, communist actor Danny Glover and the Left in general. Music to my ears.