Reid Continues His Reign Of Ignorance

Nevada's own Harry Reid continues to embarrass himself as he criticizes Joe Lieberman's call for a military strike on Iran.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid rejected on Monday another prominent senator's call for a military strike against Iran, saying a U.S. attack would destabilize the Middle East.

That's the freakin' point! Did anyone complain when we "destabilized" all of Europe after D-Day? You can disagree with the notion of attacking Iran with a sound argument or two, but this isn't one of them. It also cuts to the heart of what American socialists believe. Nothing is better than stability, especially when it means one dictator holding a country together through terror and oppression. Remember how some of the Left were saying Iraq was better off under Saddam? Same reasoning here with Senator Reid. Yes, it's no picnic when you're trying to rebuild a country or a region, but Harry Reid and his ilk believe that it's better for millions of people to live under tyranny than face "destabilization."