Rudy's New Health Care Plan

Disclaimer up front: I am a Giuliani man, so I may be biased, but I just think Rudy is running a really smart campaign. Yes, he's flailing a bit on abortion (check another site for hand-wringing on that, you won't find it here) but he's strong on the war on terror and many other pressing issues. Now he's offering an answer to the Democrats plans for socialized medicine (from Newsmax):

Republican presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani is preparing to lay out a health-care plan that would mark a significant change in how health insurance is paid for in the United States, the Wall Street Journal reported in its online edition on Wednesday.

The proposal would also move the former New York City mayor's campaign beyond its signature security issue, the Journal said.

Giuliani, currently leading opinion polls for the 2008 Republican nomination, wants to move tens of millions of people from employer-based health insurance to the individual market as a way of giving people more coverage choices, the Journal said, citing an interview with the candidate.

Giuliani said Washington needs a "paradigm shift" toward an individual insurance marketplace covering perhaps three times as many people as it does now. But Giuliani would not scrap employer-based coverage, according to the report.

I think it's a brilliant move. There is a risk of becoming one-note, even when said note is the most important issue in the country. Regardless, offering a health care plan that empowers individuals and presents an alternative to Hillary/Obama socialism gives him a leg up.

Ronald Reagan had it right. Don't try and be all things to all people. He stuck to themes: Cut taxes, slow government growth, beat the Commies. (He managed to accomplish two out of three). Giuliani would be wise to follow Reagan's lead: stick to three basic themes and hammer them home. Fighting terror and empowering people to have more choices in health care is a good start. If he can do that, he'll win over the conservative/libertarian base.