Rudy Speaks Truth To Power And Blast Democrats

My main man! Rudy is getting a little more forceful with his rhetoric and letting the Democrats have it. In a speech in the People's Republic of San Francisco, Rudy let it fly. This is why I love the guy. (By the way, read the whole article by Carla Marinucci in the San Francisco Chronicle...she makes it painfully obvious she doesn't care for Giuliani)

On the Democrats running for President:

"They do not understand a capitalist economy. They think it's bad. They think it's bad to make money. They think it's bad to be rich," Giuliani said. "I'm a little kid that grew up in Brooklyn. I think it's great to be rich."

Thanks you! Finally someone telling it like it is. Being rich is not a sin (I don't care what the bible says about the Camel and the eye of the needle). I would, however, have refined his statement a little bit and said "They think it's bad for other people to make money."

"At no time during these debates have (Democrats) ever uttered the words, 'Islamic terrorist,' '' Giuliani said. But "if they do, I'll take credit for it."

Tell it, preacher!

Giuliani also charged that the Democrats are "certainly are not good about reducing the size of government."

"The only thing they're good about is reducing the military," he said.


Regarding the effort to confront terrorists, Giuliani said, "the Democrats want to take us back on defense."

He said that "in order to lead, you have to face reality. No matter how much wishing you do, no matter how much you put your head in the sand, (terrorism) is not going to go away."

Rudy/Fred '08