Vick Can't Find A Hotshot Lawyer

This is interesting. (the best NFL website in the land) has this little nugget on their Rumor Mill page:

An industry source tells us that Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is encountering difficulty in identifying big-name lawyers who are interested in representing him.

Said the source, "They don't want their offices picketed by PETA."

O.J. Simpson had the best (if not sleaziest) lawyers in the country, Johnny Cochran, F. Lee Bailey, Alan Dershowitz, all working to get him off on charges of butchering two innocent human beings. Now you have a guy accused of dog-fighting and treating dogs in a manner that would make even O.J. winch, yet no one wants to represent him?

I'm not being a moralist here or saying that this is wrong or right, I just find it damned interesting that there are lawyers out there who would defend murders all day but find that their reputations would suffer too much if they defended an alleged dog killer.

It adds credence to my theory that this whole Michael Vick affair is going to be looked back on as a watershed moment for the animal rights movement. Most people love animals and this story has really put the issue of animal abuse on the front-burner. Very interesting.

UPDATE: Got one! It's not hard to find the type of lawyer he needs in Washington, D.C.